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  1. As an ex director and a soldier who has been on active service my name was on the board that was in the passage way at the Freddie Miller entrance. Where is the board now?
  2. Sorry 2013!!.
  3. Also paid in 21013 Paff. My brick is in Robert Smith's name as groundsman at that time. Will look out for it. Cheers.
  4. Cheers.
  5. Have our bricks that we paid £50 for been cemented in yet? Think somebody said they had but haven't seen mine yet.
  6. Read it. Now we have a straight edge. Best of luck to him.
  7. One or two points. So long as the directors haven't committed any actions like paying themselves dividends or spending money the company hasn't got when it becomes insolvent then they will go away without owing anything even if the assets of the company are insufficient to pay the debts off. Shareholders would rank behind the creditors if they were hopin g for a hand out. If the directors have committed any misdemeanours after the insolvency then they are responsible personally for that particular debt. The only other time they would be liable would be by personal guarantee to any creditor, Then they would be personally responsible under that guarantee. As said this is a new company and the past is the past. There are other variations but basically that is the position. .
  8. Announced tonight that he has signed a two year contract. Good luck to the lad.
  9. So I reckon on that information we will be signing him on April the first.
  10. So why is he on the list looking for sponsors?
  11. Any answers to my question ? Is he a Fev player or not?
  12. Could you ARTICulate that statement a little more clearly please.
  13. So has he signed or not? Steve says 'if he does sign' but others are suggesting he has signed. Which is it?
  14. Think Turner looked class. Has great potential.
  15. Wildie Turner Duckworth