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  1. BISSA...

    BISSA new products

    BISSA have some new products available to buy /order this sunday at our stall , against toronto INSULATED COFFEE BEAKERS @ £10 as pics Cups @ £6 , can be personalised
  2. BISSA...

    Xmas Present

    Xmas idea We have a few copies of Underdogs left , signed by the author , at a special Bissa price of £16 (Rrp £18.99) , just contact a committee member and we will get one to you .
  3. BISSA...

    Shirt Sponsorship

    Without sticking my nose in as I wasn't involved in last season's shirt. Distant dog is attending the BISSA social evening on 16th November please feel free to have the draw during that evening if you wish. Colin....BISSA.
  4. BISSA...

    BISSA Social Evening & AGM

    On the 16th November BISSA will be holding their AGM. This will be open to ALL BISSA members starting at 7.15pm in the Ron Earnshaw lounge. For any members attending balance sheets will be available and a complimentary drink will be also available. Following the AGM at 8pm there will be a social evening for ALL supporters to attend. Entrance fee will be £5 to include hot food, comprising of choices between Meat and Potato pie and peas, Chicken Curry and rice or a vegetarian option. On the evening John Miller will be master of the microphone, Matt Diskin will be discussing his thoughts on last season and his plans for next season, there will be a Quiz based around Rugby League kindly set by John Virr, and Craig Lingard will be attending to talk about The Heritage project. ( Cougars training permitting ), Also attending will be Tony Hannon, author of The Underdogs book. Books will be available to purchase on the nIght and can be signed by the author who will also be happy to discuss anything Rugby and particularly his time during his year with the Bulldogs. There will be items to purchase on the evening with goods supplied by Ravensport from some of last season's products. BISSA would like to thank the supporters club for allowing BISSA to sell these items , also the Supporters club themselves will have items for sale on the evening. So for a great all round evening of Rugby with like minded people, come along and SUPPORT BISSA and SUPPORT THE CLUB. Please contact any BISSA committee member or myself direct on 07864878999 to confirm your booking and place your food order for what will be a great evening of all that's Batley Bulldogs. Thanks for your support this far. Colin Bottomley...BISSA .
  5. BISSA...

    BISSA Pledge

    Become a BISSA member by pledging a monthly donation Your chance to help the Bulldogs recruitment drive YOUR CLUB , YOUR CHOICE
  6. BISSA...

    Johnny Campbell

    BISSA are delighted to confirm that Johnny Campbell has returned home and rejoined the Bulldogs officially today. "I's" were dotted and "t's" were crossed to confirm what possibly has been the worst kept secret in recent weeks. We are delighted to have played our part in this tremendous signing and welcome Johnny back . It goes without saying how important all the BISSA members and supporters are in helping the club build the squad for next season. So massive thanks to all existing ,and hopefully, potentially new members. You really do / can make a difference. If anyone wishes to help via BISSA please visit Bissa. or contact any Bissa committee member. Welcome home Johnny Campbell.
  7. BISSA...

    Championship shield semi final match thread

    We all have our own views Tony including the BISSA committee who don't always agree personally with signings. BUT regards BISSA the constitution states that if monies are requested and the amount requested is available in our account we HAVE to approve it regardless of of our own personal views on said player. Colin...BISSA.
  8. BISSA...

    Championship shield semi final match thread

    BISSA actually passed over £10,000 not 20 grand Tony and when the 2 Cas players didn't play many games monies from the staggered payments were redirected towards the re-signing of Patch Walker. This was announced/explained when Patch's signing was announced. Hope this helps clarify. Colin....BISSA.
  9. BISSA...

    Underdog Bissa

    BISSA will be selling copies of Tony Hannan,s new book at our match day stall , we would like to thank Tony and the Publishers Penguin for allowing us to do this at a special fan price of £16 and also allowing Bissa to make funds as well, the first ones will be signed by the author. , , it will be available at the Toulouse game and all our remaining home games , if any one would like to reserve a copy please let Bissa know , either thro this post or by contacting a committee member
  10. BISSA...

    sundays squad

    Leak apparently picked up a leg injury according to earlier post on this thread. Apologies for posting under BISSA it's Colinb. Didn't log out.
  11. BISSA...

    Website again

    To clarify. BISSA have communicated with Kevin and have been assured that John Miller is actively correcting this omission. Early days and teething problems but definitely a step in the right direction. Well done everybody. Colin.....BISSA.
  12. BISSA...

    BISSA Fixture Cards.

    This season's fixture cards will be available on Sunday. They will be available from the BISSA stall and from any of the bars. This year's players shown are Dom Brambani. ...Mr 300 games this Sunday and James Harrison , one for the future. They are foldable to sit nicely in your wallet or purse. They are also FOC. Pease continue to support BISSA and keep us competitive on the field. Membership forms available from Bissa. co. uk.
  13. BISSA...

    NEW signings....BISSA.

    Just confirmed with Paul Harrison, they are season long loans. He is now aware the club website heading is slightly midleading.Hope this answers the question Doggystyle. Colin...BISSA. ps The original text has been adjusted accordingly. Many thanks.
  14. BISSA...

    NEW signings....BISSA.

    BISSA ARE delighted to announce the Season long loans signings of Tom Holmes and Will Mayer from Castleford Tigers. Tom is an elusive quick half back and Will a mobile aggressive forward. Both have Super League experience and have a long bright future ahead. Darryl Powell is delighted with the connection with Batley as was proved last season with Greg Minnikin and Frankie Mariano. BISSA would like to thank ALL members for your contributions. Many thanks Colin. ...BISSA. Please got to uk for further details.