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  1. Simon Hall

    Bradford Sunday

    We took about 400 to Dewsbury, so could be similar. Or not.
  2. Barrow Raiders 16 v Dewsbury Rams 4 Batley Bulldogs 26 v Rochdale Hornets 6 Bradford Bulls 0 v York City Knights 145 Featherstone Rovers 10 v Halifax 38 Leigh Centurions 4 v Toronto Wolfpack 64 Swinton Lions 8 v Toulouse Olympique 28 Widnes Vikings 36 v Sheffield Eagles 16
  3. Simon Hall

    Bradford Sunday

    Could always park in Dewsbury, 3 hour walk though.
  4. Simon Hall

    Bradford Sunday

  5. Simon Hall

    Bradford Sunday

    6k crowds at £25 each and you've got no props? I'd be having a word if I were you.
  6. Simon Hall

    Bradford Sunday

    He was banned for 2 games before that for dangerous contact, so he'd have been banned this week regardless. He'll be looking at a long ban I reckon for the elbow against Sheffield.
  7. Simon Hall


    I though Barrow's hooker yesterday was absolutely gash. His distribution was so slow and telegraphed our lads had moved up about 8 metres before he'd even released the ball. No way on earth they were going to be able to build anything attack wise and it meant they were all knackered after about 30 minutes of playing one man rugby. Not many teams outside of SL would have lived with us yesterday, if we can be consistently as good in defence then we'll do very well indeed. Great stuff indeed.
  8. Simon Hall

    Barrow home.

    I hope we charged him £25 to get in.
  9. Simon Hall

    If money was no object...

    York. One of the best cities to visit in the world with an RL club. Going great guns at the moment as it is, the sky's the limit if money was no object I reckon.
  10. Simon Hall

    Toulouse Away

    Yep. Although if you book a train early enough, you can get a return to Kings Cross for about £50. Helps having a mate live in London where you can stay the night before as well!
  11. Simon Hall

    Toulouse Away

    3 of us booked from Luton to Toulouse, in Saturday AM, coming home Sunday. Some bargains to be had if you fancy staying Sunday PM as well:
  12. Simon Hall

    Crowd for barrow

    I know it's not the Bradford fans charging it, I'd still do them no favours though as their club isn't doing our fans any. I hope the Knights charge Bradford fans £28 for a seat when you visit our new stadium in July too. Maybe then the people who run your club might get the message that they are taking the ######. Also, It's £23 in advance if you book online, plus 58p booking fee. Saving £1.42, barely worth the hassle and time it takes to go through the buying process really.
  13. Simon Hall


    It's great to have highlights available but I'd prefer to hear crowd noise myself, as it is when the match is live. I wouldn't mind much if the music wasn't so bad, although I know you can't just use any song you like 'cos YouTube will take it down for copyright infringement. I don't think we'd be having this discussion if the music wasn't so dreadful.
  14. Simon Hall

    York Game

    While I agree that both teams looked average on Sunday, one of those teams did offer quite "a lot of resistance to the big misters in our league" just seven days earlier.
  15. Simon Hall

    Crowd for barrow

    I'd be pretty cheesed off if we offered Bradford fans any sort of discount for anything seeing as though they are charging £25 for us to go there when we play them, in fact I'd be furious. Amazed other clubs are doing anything too. I'd wager there'll be virtually no Sheffield, Bradford or SL supporters at the Dewsbury game. The club would be better trying to tap into their own fanbase to bring a friend rather than other clubs supporters for the odd game.