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  1. 2018 Player Stats - Updated R6

    Top work. That's a stunning success rate with the boot for Connor Robinson so far.
  2. South v North

    If most Donny fans have season tickets (why wouldn't they, they were only about 40p each), the only people getting tickets will be York fans and they won't all turn up at once. Queues will be minimal I'd bet.
  3. South v North

    If I remember correctly, last time I went to Doncaster they did the same with tickets. 2 minute wait at the most to buy a ticket from the ticket office then walked straight through the turnstile after walking about 100 yards. No drama at all.
  4. York comfortably beat a championship side in Swinton in the cup game with no DR players. HTH.
  5. Keighley

    It's on Freeview channel 95.
  6. Keighley

    Don't forget Acorn v Dudley Hill on Saturday. It's being shown live on Freesports as well.
  7. York City Knights Ladies

    There's only one set of changing rooms so I imagine that's a non-starter. One of the many reasons Bootham Crescent isn't suitable for 21st century sporting events sadly.
  8. Swinton sunday

    Press had it down as 750
  9. Challenge Cup 5th Round Draw

    It certainly is, and after what we've been through with our old regime ruining the club it's all the more sweet. I knew we could do it if we had someone worthy in charge. Just to have people talking about the club in a positive light is worth the entrance fee on a Sunday, nevermind the quality of RL we are putting on. I'm loving it!
  10. The lad lived in Leeds and when Hunslet needed a player he obviously preferred that option to playing down in Coventry. I imagine the decision was his rather than York's.
  11. Oldham away.

    Cos you're only allowed 13 on the pitch and 4 subs.
  12. I think you'll find York as a club are doing their utmost to assist the local grassroots of the sport now, something they were guilty of ignoring for years. Numbers are up in the amateur game in York, can't just be coincidence that's happened since the Knights started their revival free of it's old owner. If one or two players help us as a club improve the standing in the city by winning games and improving the environment that local player play in, how can that be a bad thing? As for "no consideration for the RL supporters who helped them survive"? What you on about? Do you think we should lose every week to make other clubs supporters happier with their club or something?
  13. Oldham away.

    He's on loan.
  14. Oldham away.

    2. Matty Marsh & James Donaldson.
  15. I hate DR as much as the next man, but 2 players on DR and 1 on loan from Hull KR yesterday does not a junior side make. Those players are all training with us as well, not just dropped into the team on a Sunday afternoon. DR is actually working as it was intended for both clubs. York get quality players who want to play for us and know the other players and systems, Hull KR get fringe players playing and training in a quality environment. If this arrangement helps get us out of this league I'll take it all day long.