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  1. This young team looked outstanding at times in both defence (first 20 minutes of constant pressure and no points against!) and attack and with a tiny bit of game management we'd have won that game so I don't think anyone is being particularly critical of the team to be honest, we all know where we are. I thoroughly enjoyed the game on Sunday, so did my 2 kids, and we were there because the club is now worth supporting and putting money into. We'll be there this Sunday too and I'm sure we'll see even more improvement on the pitch as we've seen throughout the club so far.
  2. I imagine that's pretty true, seems very similar to what happened when the York City FC owner wanted to take over the Knights. The RFL never even entertained his proposal, despite the club nearing death. They are terrified of someone with a Football or RU management background coming in and showing them up for the amateurish mess that they are.
  3. York to revert back to Amber & Black:
  4. Article in today's Press:
  5. There's a fans forum on Thursday night at Huntington Sports Club, apparently the new owner will be giving an update on the ground situation.
  6. It will be I'm sure.
  7. Even when everything was going pear shaped they still tried to avoid the negatives. Fair play to them for that, but they could have helped by telling more home truths. They should try to be a bit more encouraging and positive about the new stadium in my opinion, constantly talking it down doesn't help in any way. Still, can't complain with the amount of daily coverage, most team outside of SL are lucky to get a few lines a week at best.
  8. Can't see what your issue is at all?
  9. Aye, there's quite a few lads who were sent to Coventry coming back...
  10. That'll soon change when we beat you 4 times in a season again.
  11. Ace.
  12. Good. You pay peanuts you get monkeys n all that. I'm looking forward to every other team hating York again not pitying us.
  13. One of the main reasons for the stadium delay (and now the builder pulling out because of the delays) has been the "old" owner of YCK constantly throwing spanners in the works & legal threats. The latest hurdle adding to delays is a judicial review put forward by Vue cinemas, which was prompted by Guildford and his councillor mate. He's effectively killed the club and wants to continue doing so. The bloke is still doing all he can to cause problems and people in York are suspicious of the "new ownership" as they haven't officially said who is actually involved in the consortium behind Jon Flatman, added to the fact Guildford is still in charge of the Knights Foundation it just smells too fishy to be honest. We had basically the same thing with 3 new directors in early 2015 and that was shown to be a front, so until they come out and prove he's not involved and say who is, not many are getting too excited.
  14. Not being negative but I'd like an official announcement of who the new consortium is behind Jon Flatman before I get too excited. Baldwin, Jennings & Knowles were supposed to be the saviours back in early 2015 and we were told Guildford wasn't in charge anymore. Until then my season ticket money is staying in my pocket.
  15. So if they've done nowt to help the club, how will they be quids in if the club folds?