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  1. 2018 Squad

    This time last year we didn't even have a club never mind some fast wingers and we still managed to finish 4th and within a drop goal of the play-off final. I wouldn't fret just yet.
  2. Exits.

    We finally get to the stage where we can wind up the Hunslet fans again and you come out with something fair, reasoned and rational like that. Spoilsport.
  3. Exits.

    Nah, that's Cain Southernwood.
  4. Exits.

    Personally, HTW didn't do a lot for me, not fast or quick enough to play in a side like ours, not a good enough kicker and didn't really organise much. Decent enough for league 1 but we need quality Championship standard players as a minimum if we want to get out of this league.
  5. Exits.

    Shame that, really rated him, a proper entertaining player. I'm sure we'll have as good if not better lined up.
  6. James Ford

    I'm sorry but a bloke with 9 posts on an internet forum has stated he's off to London so that's that.
  7. James Ford

    So he's going to leave a decent teaching job, uproot his family to move down south, jump ship from a club he's helping build into a proper force after putting up with an absolute shambles for years cos he knows the potential to go to a Championship club who have about as much chance of SL in the next 5 years as we do? Hope they're paying him well then, it's the least he deserves.
  8. Player for next season

  9. Player for next season

    Imagine having both Danny Brough and Liam Harris though. How good would that be?
  10. 2018

    1. York to win League 1 2. The new community stadium to be at least started. Although the way it's gone with the stadium so far we're more likely to win the SL Grand Final, FA Cup and Baseball World Series in the same year.
  11. 2018 Squad

    Oh I don't know. That lad that went to Cas and that hooker who went to Salford would be alright.
  12. 2018 Squad

    That's probably all he'd accept. He's easily Championship standard so I reckon he wants to keep his options open for 2019 year if we don't go up.
  13. Haven game

    Can't see them going back to the French league as there'd be no way back into SL for them then. 1 season in the Championship isn't the end of the world, it's done Hull KR no harm at all.
  14. Season Review.

    For me, the only lows have been me not being able to go to as many games as I'd have liked to due to holiday plans. I would honestly have taken last place in the league and getting beaten every week for a season to be free of the "shackles that held us back" for so long. Highs? Being free of the "shackles that held us back"! Anything else has been a bonus, although that performance against Toronto was something special. Massive praise for everyone involved with the club for giving us back a club to be proud of, I can't wait for next season.
  15. No. 80% increase in crowds and we've finished in the same position as last year. I'd say it's the "not having a lunatic running the club anymore" effect.