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  1. After all that mucking about, finally, it's happening.
  2. J.B.F.

    They've probably got players lined up from the World Cup who'll take the quota places. Quota places at SL clubs should really only be used for players who've played for their country really.
  3. J.B.F.

    Too good for this division. When fit he’s easily top championship standard if not lower SL.
  4. My starting 17

    Me too, but he’d have taken a massive part of our playing budget. Why do that when we can have better from Hull KR and spend the money on several players like Horne, Cockayne, Scott etc.
  5. My starting 17

    Considering a coach like Tim Sheens let Harris go and retained the others, I expect whoever they send our way will go OK for us.
  6. My starting 17

    We've signed some great players so far and there's still 3 months until the season starts, some being potentially the best in that position that we've ever had. One of our best performers last year wasn't even heard about until about a quarter of the way in. Players get injured, drop form, fall out with other clubs etc etc. The team you end the season with normally has at least 5 players you didn't start the season with, so anyone concerned with the make up of the playing squad now is worrying about nothing. As for dual reg players worsening the situation? We won't have players coming from Hull KR if we've got our own in that position playing well, if we need a half-back, they've got at least 4 who are better than we had last year from them. They can't all play for their parent club so we'll have a top quality half-back from them playing for us most weeks.
  7. Zach Dockar -Clay

    Nevermind. We'll have one of Chris Atkin, Matty Marsh or Thibault Franck to choose from instead.
  8. 2018 Squad

    Every club signs players who've had bad injuries. I'd be worried if we spunked thousands on them ala Jason Golden, but I imagine someone like Mike Kelly has come pretty cheap. Look at Hunslet, they've decided they're going to win the league and their main signing is a player who is made of biscuits, but if he comes good they might get about 6 games out of him.
  9. Bradford ?

    We'll win the league.
  10. New Signing.

    I didn't even notice it had been announced. Cracking signing that, England academy, played SL, brilliant name. Ticks all the boxes for me.
  11. Dipped out again

    We're going to have a right side next year.
  12. Ed Smith

    The cost of insuring the players for injury and private operations is probably about the same cost as the entire playing budget. I'd be surprised if any club that isn't full-time insures all its players. Personally, if I was playing part-time RL I'd insure myself, but I imaging even the cost of doing it personally would be quite prohibitive. The RFL, players and agents should set up some sort of players union that also assists with private medical care, but they won't.
  13. Dipped out again

    Who’s next? Steve Pryce?
  14. Dipped out again

    Said in the Press you might be getting Dee Foggin-Johnson. Started the season slowly but became one of the most entertaining wingers I've seen at this level. Shame his work commitments means he can't train like Fordy wants. It'd be a belting signing for you lads, good to see Hunslet putting together a decent team for next year.
  15. Dipped out again