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  1. Swinson should be made to play with the same amount of players Workington have available.
  2. Were Workington one of the clubs that voted for this?
  3. Simon Hall

    Shopping List

    Sign them all except Clavering.
  4. Simon Hall

    2019 squad

  5. Simon Hall

    Favourite player?

    Garry Atkins is next to Wigglesworth.
  6. Simon Hall

    So it’s Bradford v Worky !

    As much fun as it would be seeing John Kear's face if Bradford failed to gain promotion, I think it would be better for us if Bradford come up with us. Those 2000+ away fans are a fair old chunk of cash through the turnstiles. We've built a nice bit of "local" rivalry there too so it would be great to face them again next year.
  7. Simon Hall

    Shopping List

    I remember in 2014 when we came top, about 750 odd there to see it. Don't let anyone tell you it's just success on the pitch that brings crowds in.
  8. Bet it works faultlessly this week.
  9. Simon Hall

    Attendances - Updated R19

    It'll be interesting to see if they still take as many away next season in League 1.
  10. Simon Hall

    Shopping List

    Just NRL ones...
  11. Simon Hall

    Shopping List

    Ben Johnston & Ben Kaye from Fax
  12. Simon Hall

    2019 squad

    He was when that article was posted.
  13. Simon Hall

    Championship 1 odds

    That’s the problem with gambling. Even when you win, you wish you’d done it differently.
  14. Simon Hall


    Glad to hear they all sold out as we printed double the usual amount. Any ideas for the programme going forward, just give Gav a nudge.