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  1. Simon Hall


    Careful you don’t get the viagra stuck in your throat, you’ll get a stiff neck.
  2. Simon Hall


    Is Liam Kay still playing for your lot? It was great seeing him cupping his hand to his ear trying to goad the crowd early doors in the game at BC. Then we stuffed you.
  3. Simon Hall

    Duffy - I'm so sh*t I joined a sinking ship.

    Ground has cost about £50m to build. Some going if he's bought that off the council.
  4. Simon Hall

    New Grounds.

    To the former owners credit, there were no financial problems. He just fell out with everyone.
  5. Where are the York fans laughing? Simply said James Ford won’t leave York for Fev, that’s all. Not because we suddenly think we’re better than you but more because he’s literally just agreed a full time contract with us.
  6. Simon Hall

    New challenge cup format

    We’d just have to play one game after the other.
  7. More chance of Henry Ford being your new coach I reckon.
  8. Simon Hall


    Profile pictures on social media accounts have been changed...
  9. Simon Hall

    Shopping List

    I’d rather have Rusty Lee.
  10. Simon Hall

    Shopping List

    Only ex-hookers of ours who are still good enough are Kris Brining & Andy Ellis, and Ellis has retired.
  11. Simon Hall

    Shopping List

    Lee Jackson?
  12. Simon Hall

    2019 squad

    Great that we’ve retained everyone we wanted to, days a lot about the culture at the club now that players want to stay. Continuity is always a good thing too, nothing worse than an entire new squad every season, the squad we had last year would have competed in the Championship and it’s only got stronger. Bring on 2019 and beyond!
  13. Simon Hall

    Welsh winger?

    That's why I couldn't find any info on him online then. Just kept coming up with recipe ideas to have with large amounts of rice.
  14. Simon Hall

    Welsh winger?

    Max Rice was his name.
  15. Simon Hall

    Championship odds

    Which we will.