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  1. Bradford Bulls 12 v 18 Workington Town Hemel Stags 6 v 42 North Wales Crusaders  Newcastle Thunder 10 v 28 Oldham West Wales Raiders 0 v 36 Coventry Bears Whitehaven 4 v 26 Doncaster York City Knights 145 v 0 Hunslet
  2. Simon Hall

    Game day.

    The ungrateful get...
  3. Simon Hall

    Game day.

    Old two skulls is babbing himself.
  4. Simon Hall

    R19 Coventry Bears

    Still a 20ish% increase in the same fixture last season though. Not to be sniffed at.
  5. Simon Hall

    R19 Coventry Bears

    Special mention for Ronan Dixon yesterday, hard running, really strong tackling and a decent try. Had he been the new Aussie we've all been getting excited about I'd have been more than happy with his display, nevermind a 21 y/o forward who seems to go under the radar most weeks, hasn't really put a foot wrong when he's played and a proper asset to the team. This lad will go far I reckon, hopefully it's with the Knights.
  6. Simon Hall


    I agree there's definitely room for improvement, problem is the system is rubbish and old so it's either loud if you're in line with it or quiet if you're not. No-one's going to do anything to improve it now I'm afraid. You can always tell when the team are doing well cos people have a moan about the PA system as there's nothing else to moan about, I remember back in 2005 the grief my old man used to get! 😂😂😂
  7. Simon Hall

    Fordy facing ban.

    I've got a song... ♪♫♬ He's here, he's not stood there, cos he's shouldn't ******* swear, James Ford, James Ford" ♪♫♬
  8. Simon Hall

    Dual Registration

    Pretty sure I saw Matt Chilton training with the Knights on Tuesday at KnightsFest.
  9. Simon Hall

    Dual Registration

    And if he doesn't, what would the stats be?
  10. Simon Hall

    R19 Coventry Bears

    Missed out Ronan Dixon n all there. One of the most improved players we've got and still a young kid for a forward.
  11. Simon Hall

    R19 Coventry Bears

    Me too. Biggest overseas player we’ve signed since Nikau, he’s should be a world beater in this division.
  12. Simon Hall

    R19 Coventry Bears

    We’ve got 5 forwards who missed out on Sunday who’d get in most teams in this division and one who would walk into SL no bother at all. Dan Hawksworth, Mike Kelly, Adam Robinson, Josh Jordan-Roberts & Joel Edwards. I’d say missing out on any Hull KR forwards will be no issue whatsoever.
  13. Simon Hall

    R19 Coventry Bears

    He signed for Sheffield didn't he? Went on DR to Hemel from them.
  14. Nowhere near offside, he just ran really fast.