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  2. It's free entry for Under 16s.
  3. The RFL need to get someone proper on the job I reckon.
  4. By the time it's opened, it'll be mid 2019 season so we might be playing the likes of those three in the middle 8's by then If we're moving into a new stadium on the back of needing a 4k crowd to pay off some debts this (new) club will have failed massively from what it's intentions are and I'd be hugely disappointed.
  5. It just gets better all the time. All we need now is a big signing and I think I'll wet myself.
  6. Normally at this time of year we'd have seen our coach or best players get sacked/get evicted from the ground/owner fall out with everyone etc, so I think everyone should get a bit carried away with it all!
  7. Yes. We've been fantastic and had some great result but still not played the full 80 minutes at our best.
  8. Best bit is we haven't really even started succeeding yet, A decent York RL club has the potential to be at least one of the biggest clubs outside SL as a minimum. I really thought that was going to happen when we got promoted in 2005 but the people in charge weren't astute or decent enough to make that happen. Now it finally feels like we've people at the helm who really want to go for it and include everyones ideas and work in the quest for success rather than insist they know better than everyone. Proper team work, everyone from the ballboys to people like Neil & Adam at the foundation to Gav doing the social media appear to be in their element. No matter how far we go this season things are going to get even better.
  9. But for Toronto and the Magic weekend we'd be highest in the League. Top work. Almost a 50% increase in crowds, massive increase in amateur participation, kids running around in Knights shirts, loads of new sponsors, huge increase in the clubs profile locally, nationally and internationally through the superb work done on social media, great relationship with the landlords, top 4 in the league, genuine chance of promotion and staying there if we did, etc etc etc. Ace.
  10. I can't go this Sunday, so can someone take a friend or three to make up for my absence please. Thanks.
  11. Was saying yesterday that the improvement I've seen since the start of the season is nothing short of incredible. From a standing start with some unknown players to some very mediocre performances against South Wales & North Wales to the standard of Rugby we are seeing now. I can honestly say it's some of the most entertaining stuff I've ever seen from a York side in 30 odd years. Half the fun is knowing we are getting better every week and we've still got a handful of top Championship standard players to come into the side. Massive, massive respect to all the coaching staff and everyone involved in the club. On a side note, it's great to see so many kids going to games now, I took 3 with me yesterday and I didn't even have to bribe them to go. The kids for free thing was a masterstroke and it should be done game wide.
  12. I reckon there'll be a much larger following when we play Toronto next year in the Championship.
  13. I'd have them all back. It'd be a cracking reserve side.
  14. I don't think the score flatters us at all to be honest, we should have nilled them. 20 points scored flattered Hunslet based on their performance I'd say. I think we held them up 7 times over the line, shows some outstanding grit to do that. It's a proper team, one of the best I've seen from the Knights, also bear in mind we have 3 players who won this league in 2014 not even playing at the moment, plus top player like Ellis, Samir, Porter, BTW & HTW to add the team from Sunday. Massive pat on the back to those involved in putting the club back together in such a short time, I'd have taken getting stuffed 80-nil every week just to be back on an even footing and under decent ownership, never mind sitting 4th in the league after tonking our old rivals by 50 odd points. It's briliant this.
  15. I think we'll finish in the top 3.