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  1. fatboystu

    BARLA in NCL player embargo

    Hmmmmmm I seem to remember this year's final being between 2 NCL clubs....hardly yorkshire pub teams.
  2. fatboystu

    Scoring system wrong?

    How about bonus points, like the rugby union system but a bit more. 2 points for a win. 1 point for draw Score 5 tries = 1 attacking bonus point Score 8 tries = 1 extra attacking bonus point Finish the game within 3 tries of opponent = 1 defensive bonus point Keeping opponent tryless (is that a word?) = 1 defensive bonus point It keeps the emphasis on scoring tries rather than kicks, rewards defence and the bonus point for finishing within 3 tries gives teams getting beat something to aim at rather than just give up. It could also give the final table a bit of a twist?
  3. fatboystu

    Top Gear

    I like that the reasonably priced car is no longer so reasonably priced
  4. fatboystu

    The Greatest Ever RL Shirts

    The British Coal GB shirt with the red/blue/white diamonds. I also liked the puma John smiths GB shirt.
  5. fatboystu

    Best man's speech

    Plan the stag do, organise the stag do, kidnap him, wrap him in pallet wrap on a broom handle crucifix, put roller skates on him and a dog lead round his neck and drag him along! Wussiness of this kind should NOT be tolerated! Thinking on, maybe this is why I never get invited on stage do's.
  6. Yup, the best forward in the game retired and was replaced by mediocre aussie imports. The best game manager retired and people assumed that danny maguire could step up and replace him. Dont get me wrong, maguire is a great support player but hes no game management expert like sinfield. To replace sinfield would take a big, BIG money signing, and we all know leeds dont like to pay big. Tbf rhe club knew that both these retirements were coming 2 years ago and have done nothing about them. Also, you're now seeing how good a coach brian mac really is, is he that good? Or did the team really need coaching or did the senior players lead the team? If leeds don't spend and if BM ain't that good a coach could be a few loooooong seasons for leeds..........just my opinion like.
  7. fatboystu

    BARLA National Cup

    Fryston were winning 34-6 last i heard
  8. fatboystu

    BARLA National Cup

    Thornhill have beaten Egremont 26-28
  9. fatboystu

    Todays Games

    Thornhill beat Dewsbury Celtic 26-6 with 12 men.
  10. fatboystu

    dual reg

    Part of the deal is a place in the NCL? How so? The member clubs vote on who's allowed in not the RFL.
  11. fatboystu

    YML 2016

    Thornhill A don't have a programme, don't know if it's different for teams in the premier division. It won't cost you anything to watch us either, nor the first team.
  12. fatboystu

    YML 2016

    Don't know. They requested moving up to get more regular fixtures as far as I'm aware.
  13. fatboystu

    batley boys

    I've got to admit after playing winter rugby from the age of 7 to 37 I can't see the attraction of it any more. I can't even get enjoyment out of watching winter rugby now.
  14. fatboystu

    YML 2016

    Thornhill A have been moved up to division 4 as far as I am aware.
  15. I want cas to win obviously, however if wakey win their cup final like they did last year and we still go on to finish in the top 5 I'll be happy. But I'll go cas by 12.