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  1. Leigh gone from 3rd back to 6th in the space of a few hours. Like snakes and bloomin’ ladders, this league.
  2. Leyther_Matt

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Also not wishing to take this in to cross code territory but they’ve just shown a caption that the stadium has a 22,000 capacity and there are a LOT of empty seats.
  3. Leyther_Matt

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Currently watching USA v Scotland RU (late night at work and trying to get to sleep...) on BBC Scotland. Shows what great timing next week’s game is to have it prime time rather than the early hours and even more so if it’s not regionalised coverage.
  4. As the nature of the offer was as a post-GDPR data grab then presumably the emphasis was on customers being proactive to get hold of the tickets and as such - speaking from direct experience - they are far more likely to turn up rather than scattering them round like confetti.
  5. What a game. 80 minutes to restore your faith in RL and well worth missing large chunks of the football on the other side.
  6. You'd have thought GH would be keen on any way possible of avoiding the middle 8's again 😀
  7. Absolutely agree in terms of the Championship as I intimated in my initial post (and still not one bit bitter about Leigh winning the league by 9 points in 2001 and not going up....) but I do wonder if the Super League Grand Final is too big an event for us to give up. This could be where my suggested third cup competition (let's call it the Regal Trophy 😀) could come in handy in still offering us a big event.
  8. Great news for those people who actually like to know the season's fixtures during, well, the season. That was the biggest flaw/farce of the lot. Will be interesting to see whether promotion will be decided as first past the post or via play offs and Grand Final as previously the case (which IMO doesn't necessarily promote the side most likely to be competitive through a full SL season). Personally hoping for a straight home and away 22 fixture league season with a third cup competition to supplement the loss of any home games as in the early days of the Buddies/Arriva/Northern Rail Cup.
  9. The gantry used to be hanging from the roof of the West Stand but is now at the front of the upper tier, so it will look really good on TV if it's busy in East Lower.
  10. Leyther_Matt

    England Squad Announced

    Bit harsh putting 30 year old Hill alongside 35 year old O'Loughlin. Hill will still be in with a shout for the next World Cup given his level of fitness and the general lifespan of a prop. Only taking one hooker could be a mistake given the expected temperatures. Surprised to Daryl Clark miss out on that score.
  11. Leyther_Matt

    shaw lane fc

    I’ve been to every ground in the Championship, nine of the current League One and been involved in NPL ground gradings on more than occasion so yeah obviously I don’t know what I’m on about. Non-League football clubs attract these types of money men because by climbing the pyramid with maybe the odd cup run they think it’s an easy way of getting some attention and potentially a decent financial return, neither of which are especially likely in RL. Very few of them stick around, with Fylde and Fleetwood being notable exceptions amongst the countless non-league clubs who’ve been cast aside by these types, many of whom do start with the best of intentions but don’t realise how much time, money and effort is required to run a successful semi-pro sports club.
  12. Leyther_Matt

    shaw lane fc

    Shaw Lane had to move grounds just to pass the ground grading for the Northern Premier League so there’s no chance it would be suitable for League One. The money man had basically had a falling out with Barnsley FC so wanted to become the other show in town but their demise was predicted virtually as soon as they began to climb. I expect any RL followers in Barnsley already travel the short distance to Fev/Wakefield/Cas.
  13. Go on the 'More' tab at the bottom then membership and it will have your Membership ID at the top. If you're buying more than one ticket then you'll need to the other people to register as a member and repeat the same steps to get their membership ID as well.
  14. It's somewhat long winded but log in to the app, go on to your account and you can create a junior membership (including a password for them), though be sure to note down your own membership number while you're there. You then log out, log in using the 'nickname' created for the child along with the password you've just created and your email address, then go on account and it will tell you the juniors membership number. You can then select two seats - not that there seems to be many available - and assign the membership numbers and surnames on the next screen, getting the priority purchase and the discounted price. Of course, I don't want semi final tickets and instead want tickets for the New Zealand games in the autumn but the ouRLeague discount isn't being applied...