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  1. The top of that end is a walkway round between the turnstiles at that end round towards the seated stand so the toilets and turnstiles are likely to be open anyway.
  2. It's absolutely worth mentioning that the tickets for this game are actually (quite significantly) cheaper than what Bradford charge for league games. As for where Leeds fans will be accommodated, the nature of Odsal means they can essentially wait until the day of the game before committing to whether they need to open the terrace behind the sticks or not.
  3. In direct contrast to Good Friday, Easter Monday traditionally tends to be (one of) the lowest gates of the season for most clubs, both in terms of walk ups and non-attending season tickets.
  4. https://www.steedensports.com/balls/superleague-supporter-balls-2019
  5. Although not a replica of the balls used in games, you can buy club-specific Steeden balls from club shops.
  6. Watch the BBC News carefully on the rare occasion that it features RL (or when they announce the results on North West Tonight) and their graphic features a Puma ball.
  7. I think the reduction in traffic on club sites is largely due to the popularity of Facebook ‘banter’ pages. The home of the crank.
  8. Back in the day, RLFans was a real ‘movement’. Hundreds of posts a week on the forums of several clubs and it even spawned a whole host of tackle and tag RL sides for a few years. The lunatics only tended to visit during the school holidays, but they’ve long since taken over the asylum. There was always a place for trolling, but it was generally inter-club stuff in the lead up to games etc which probably helped the profile of the game in some ways, with the clubs taking a very keen interest in proceedings. Now it’s just an absolute mess and, although TotalRL isn’t perfect, there is at least a reasoned debate more often than not.
  9. Good job that’s where it’ll be, then.
  10. I’ll let someone else insert a joke about Wigan players and white strips.
  11. As far as differences between shirts tend to go, I think the new one has quite a few differences really with the different coloured trim, the stripes not continuing to the top etc.
  12. Blackpool (initially) and then Lytham
  13. Unfortunately most football grounds will be a no-go in June as that is prime season for pitches being relaid. Best hope would be mid-May immediately at the end of the football season before the pitch is ripped up.
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