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  1. Your Favourite Ever Rl Shirt

    Definitely one that splits the Leigh fanbase, but personally I loved the 1997 Leigh away shirt below. Also, for some reason, I had the foresight as an 11 year old to buy it in an adult size that was far too big for me at the time but can now be dragged out on occasion! In terms of Great Britain shirts, the 1994 one (below, left) is one that just conjures up images of that Jiffy try against the Aussies at Wembley and was my first real childhood memory of international RL, while the 2006 one (below, right) was a real favourite of mine. Puma did a great job with the fitting and material of it, and the design managed to look contemporary without betraying tradition.
  2. Favourite commentary

    And I swear I scanned the thread twice to make sure nobody had mentioned it yet! In my defence, I posted in the pre-70th minute period of the Leeds-Wigan game so my eyes were bleeding at the time.
  3. Favourite commentary

    No mention of “Wide to West”? I’m surprised. I know plenty of other non-Saints fans who can quote it from start to finish, possibly the iconic moment in the SL era for me. As a kid in the 90s (shame about Wigan winning everything while we seemed to lose every week), I just can’t help but smile at the thought of Ray French’s commentary, even though he’s largely infuriating in the radio these days. Special mention for that crane that the BBC used to take to games that provided no purpose other than a few random aerial shots way, way, WAY above the ground.
  4. Safe Standing

    This is a topic that could certainly have some relevance for RL clubs. Should the legislation change, I would think Huddersfield Town will be very keen to implement it given how accommodating they’ve been to the Cowshed fans group. Wigan Athletic probably wouldn’t see much return for the cost so wouldn’t bother but Hull City might be interested to get their fans onside.
  5. Is the Summer Bash destined to be a flop?

    It's unreserved seating, but you're restricted to either the northerly half or southerly half depending on which club you support/want to sit with.
  6. RLWC 2021 Venues

    Whereas we had great seats with tons of legroom (front row of Anfield Road Upper) and didn't find the public transport a problem, albeit it seemed a little long winded using the train & SoccerBus service and for the England game in the autumn will just use an ordinary bus or maybe a taxi from the city centre. All in all I thought Liverpool was a great host city and, well, it's better than Goodison.
  7. Will Leeds break SL attendance record?

    And who's to say that wasn't the case for the current record anyway....
  8. Sky Sports

    There was an offer on NowTV shortly before Christmas where we got all of the Sky Sports channels for £199.00 for the 12 months which is something of a bargain, in my mind at least. That said, it's hard to get out of the habit of checking social media during a game as NowTV's stream is roughly 30 seconds behind Sky's coverage.
  9. postponements

    LSV has hosted two football games in the past two nights (Man Utd v Villarreal and Liverpool v Porto), albeit with the latter behind closed doors at the request of the Premier League as per Twitter. Wouldn't expect any issues at all even with access to the stadium given it's forecast to be above freezing Saturday night and throughout Sunday.
  10. Stadium's.

    Hadn't realised that, though it sounds like there have been a lot of changes since we last visited.
  11. Stadium's.

    No mentions of the grass bank (now singular) at Dewsbury?!
  12. Going to Toulouse

    Can't go wrong with the Ibis Central. Direct bus from the airport to Jean d'Arc bus station which is a hundred yards away from the hotel which is also the bus station where you catch the bus to Blagnac for the stadium and is just a couple of minutes walk from the Melting Pot aka centre of the universe.
  13. More games for Wollongong?

    Destination Wollongong were also sponsors (possibly a subsidiary of the NSW goverment, I don't know, but clearly it was all done with Wollongong in mind) http://www.wiganwarriors.com/news/2017-07-27-nsw-tour-faqs
  14. Points Structure Change?

    Wasn't there an incident in a Thursday night televised Championship game (Sheffield spring to mind, apologies if wrong) where a team was losing by a couple of tries late on and opted either to kick at goal from a penalty or it might have even been a drop goal to get themselves within the 12 point margin?
  15. Belle Vue - Rangers break 63 year wait.

    Scott's older brother is Lee who coaches Leigh Miners Rangers A who were Manchester Rangers' opposition on Saturday as mentioned. Their dad Lloyd (RIP) was a legendary junior coach in the Leigh area, and Lloyd's brother Stuart played for Leigh in the early 1990's. Quite the RL family, to say the least.