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  1. Ibis Toulouse Centre is a good base, next door to the bus station where buses run virtually right to the stadium in Blagnac and all of 5 minutes stumbling from the Melting Pot. Stayed in 2009 and have tried a few others since (the Ibis opposite the station and the Novotel Caffarelli) but return to the Toulouse Centre for our Challenge Cup game there last year. Usually easy enough to get Ibis voucher codes online as well and cashback with Quidco etc.
  2. She also carried out the official opening of Leigh Sports Village.
  3. Nothing wrong with the rules for me, but both England and NZ would benefit from trying to 'out Aussie' the Aussies. For what it's worth, I thought the atmosphere at Coventry for the England-Scotland game was far superior to what would have been likely at a heartland ground where there would have been an expectation to sit and back and wait for England to rack up the points.
  4. Thumbs up for the Soccerbus from me as well. £5 return on the train from Newton-le-Willows to Lime Street, but for another 20p we were able to upgrade to a day pass that included the Central-Sandhills train plus the Soccerbus. Bargain.
  5. Loftus Road also hosted the Great Britain vs New Zealand game in the 2005 Tri-Nations.
  6. Thoroughly enjoyed it myself, despite the cold. Got parked up free of charge at the Longford Bridge pub 10 minutes walk down the canal with a chippy opposite that was handily still open after the second game. First time I've been to a game where there was a bigger queue for the men's toilets than the bar! Beer prices extortionate, but to be expected and kept on paying it anyway. Ground all very functional with helpful stewards and the like. Had some decent seats out wide behind the sticks, end of the row at the row in front of the vomitory so great for dashing to the bar and missing none of the game! Our group of 3 Leigh fans, a Wigan fan and a Saints fan had a great laugh with a group of Saints fans in front of us that included a Scot from Bellshill who was cheering for England; thanks for sharing your picnic! Pleasant surprise to see so many stay for the seco game although it did thin out a little as the weather got colder, though that gave the opportunity to chat with some Wasps fans nearby who were enjoying the whole thing. Enjoyable experience all round and I hope it's the springboard for the Bears to grow. Also good to get a parking spot in mind for when visiting the Ricoh in January when Bolton Wanderers play there!
  7. Bit trickier on that route for public transport on a weeknight but will be travelling NLW to Lime Street for the 4 Nations Final.
  8. Manchester Piccadilly to the LSV can be done in less than an hour now via the V1 bus service on the guided busway. Alternatively there are regular bus services from Wigan and Bolton, and local train services to Atherton and Daisy Hill which are both less than 3 miles away.
  9. RFL sales have now finished for this game so both halves of the West Stand are available via the LSV website HERE (and of course on the day).
  10. The RFL sales have now finished but tickets are still available online HERE via the LSV (for both halves of the West Stand now that the RFL have stopped selling).
  11. West Stand (North) is being sold through LSV - online HERE West Stand (South) through RFL website - online HERE
  12. 5 of us travelling down (3 Leigh fans, 1 Wigan, 1 Saints), got tickets in the North Stand.7 Dare say I'll be in a minority of Scotland fans!
  13. Tickets on sale online HERE
  14. That's a bit annoying as I bought 7 tickets the other night on row 31 in the Anfield Road Lower as that was all they had left - having sat there watching Bolton, it's like watching through a letterbox!
  15. Nothing wrong with the current points system, it has exactly the right emphasis on scoring tries rather than kicking for goal as they do in RU. To me, the most effective way to reduce the frequency of blow out scores is to revert back to how kick offs used to be, with the conceding team receiving the ball from the kick off after each try rather than the scoring team as it is at the moment.