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  1. Whatever happened to Mushy Peas?

    Pie, mushy peas and mint sauce is Yorkshire's single (only?) greatest export.
  2. Surely they'd expect much better than that with a return to Minimes given a 2,154 average in 2017 playing at Blagnac, which presumably puts off a few potential fans given it's a bus journey out of city centre rather than tram or subway?
  3. Toronto v Halifax fixture not taking place in Canada Nothing on the Toronto website yet but it's presumably due to the pitch works not being completed in time. Will be interesting to see if it affects any of the other games, but now that's only 9 regular season games scheduled to take place in Toronto?
  4. Playing in the snow

    Leigh played Swinton in a friendly at the LSV a few years ago that was amidst a blizzard. Only ended up playing about 70 minutes with the referee taking pity on all concerned and bringing it to an end. Nipped in the George & Dragon on the way home for a wee dram to warm up and ended up only walking through my front door about 5 hours later.
  5. Toulouse not in 2018 challenge cup

    Potentially gives them a big advantage if any of the Championship top four have a good run and end up having to play midweek games. Personally feel that Challenge Cup participation should be mandatory, if nothing else so that everyone gets a fair crack of the whip.
  6. World Cup 2021

    The Ricoh 'lacking a soccer tenant' other than Coventry City, you mean?!
  7. World Cup 2021

    It's the same point that I've been making throughout - we aren't in a position to issue such demands to stadiums or we'll end up with a very short shortlist indeed. We are massively reliant on soccer stadia and as such adhere to any reasonable requests - as has been the case on countless occasions in the past - given the World Cup will be taking place several months in to the soccer season.
  8. World Cup 2021

    Are the grounds in PNG borrowed from clubs who generate more money on a matchday than our league does in an entire season?
  9. World Cup 2021

    As mentioned several posts ago, the 'required field markings' within the field of play consist only of the 20m, 40m and halfway lines. Of the list of potential venues posted earlier in the thread, I can tell you for absolute certain that the vast majority would not allow on-field advertisements and only a few less than that would object to having the numbers painted for yardage (which I thought was something that would have passed in the mid 90's when we used to have the competing teams sprayed on to the in-goal area). Rule those grounds out of the bidding and all of a sudden there aren't many grounds to choose from.
  10. World Cup 2021

    Does that mean said stadium managers should expect a similar hire fee from RL games than what they'd get from the NFL?
  11. World Cup 2021

    I look forward to the World Cup Final being held at Wakefield, in that case.
  12. World Cup 2021

    A lot of the pitch markings and on-field advertisements were sub laminated for TV purposes during the World Cup (you could tell when the view was zoomed in on the tackle) which I think is far more daft as you're left with a situation of the pitch looking entirely different in person as it does on TV. Now that WOULD confuse first time fans. In reality, RL in the UK is very much reliant on the co-operation of shared stadiums for the big occasions and maintaining that relationship whilst trying to copy a gridiron field is quite simply a non starter. The only markings within the field of play required in the laws of the game are the 20m line, 40m line and halfway line. The rest are just unnecessary decoration.
  13. World Cup 2021

    It would however mean a change to the laws of the game, so quite a significant change for something that - to my mind, at least - doesn't seem especially necessary, nor is it something particularly likely given football stadiums want any extra markings to be kept to an absolute minimum. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the only lines that are absolutely necessary on the field - and are marked out as the exact distance accordingly - are the 20m line, 40m line and halfway line. In reality, the 10m and 30m lines are just for show and don't actually have any reason for existence within the laws of the game, whereas the 20m, 40m and halfway lines all serve a purpose in that regard. In soccer terms, every single marking on the field serves a purpose somewhere within the laws of the game, even the 'D' on the edge of the penalty area.
  14. If they're casual observers then presumably they won't have been watching RL all year round anyway? Sorry but it's a World Cup final and, having been one of the 75,000 at Old Trafford in 2013, no excuse is going to cut it as far as I'm concerned, even more so when the home nation is actually involved this time!
  15. While getting soaked, of course.