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  1. Leyther_Matt

    WCC Gold on Sky Sports

    I have a season ticket at Bolton and I remember the pitch being ruined for months on the back of that game. Would probably have been postponed under any other circumstances.
  2. There are no winners in a handicap draw.
  3. Leyther_Matt

    Credit where it’s due

    I’ve only ever used the mobile app (including yesterday while at the Bolton v Norwich game!) so I was asking for myself as well to be fair.
  4. Leyther_Matt

    Credit where it’s due

    Wondered the same thing myself. If it's available on the website then you could ChromeCast it, but it seems it's only available on the app?
  5. Leyther_Matt

    FEV's new ticket scheme

    The 10% commission is when the tickets are sold by the visiting club who would receive a pre-printed allocation whereas the e-tickets would only be available through a home club's website. So if any visiting fans wishing to use the e-ticket service at Fev would be buying directly through Fev and therefore see 100% of their money go to Fev with no commission to their own club. I presume that the scanner wasn't directly linked to a turnstile in that scenario as is the norm with any scanners at sports grounds and is where the greater costs come in to play, although such systems are sold on the basis of savings made against having to employ turnstile operators.
  6. Leyther_Matt

    FEV's new ticket scheme

    Leigh have had online sales for the last couple of years but are currently between systems. Will be back online in the next couple of weeks though. In relation to the original post, it will be interesting to see how it works as ticket scanners aren’t particularly cheap, although Fev will only need a finite number given the relatively low number of turnstiles with the nature of the ground set up rather than separate entrances for different stands etc.
  7. Leyther_Matt

    KR's South Terrace

    There did used to be a temporary stand at that end (that had previously been at the northerly end) while the new North Stand was being built. If memory serves me right, the plan was to re-erect it but the supports had pretty much rusted away.
  8. There is a sizable cost to renting the terminals so it's little surprise that clubs only tend to have card payment facilities in corporate facilities which are hired out during the week rather than the concourses which are only used x times a year.
  9. No wonder the game is struggling if people are just sitting in front of the TV instead of actually turning up πŸ˜‰
  10. Leyther_Matt

    Sky losing interest in Rugby League

    It says that Sky are getting free content. Exactly the same as they do on a Saturday with Catalans. When it suits Sky - Summer Bash for example - they are quite happy to pay the costs involved to show the Championship. Let’s not pretend it’s anything else.
  11. Leyther_Matt

    Toronto Trip

    There's the East & West Stand - we wondered why the East was cheaper....and then we found out when we were stood directly in the 30+ degree sun whereas the West had a nice bit of shade! Still, you don't even need to move from your seat to get a beer as there are vendors wandering about all over the place - $10 a can, but be careful as the cider is 6.0%!
  12. Leyther_Matt

    Sky losing interest in Rugby League

    Interesting to read that as is it seems all of the fixtures for the first month of the season are on Sky Sports Mix, but only Wigan vs Roosters is on Main Event as well. For what it's worth, I'm a 'new' Sky subscriber as last season I watched via NowTV, but got sick of the coverage being 30-60 seconds behind the Sky coverage and thus live score apps, Twitter etc telling me what's happened before it appears on my screen.
  13. $12 for a can of Bud Light when I went to a couple of Blue Jays games last year. Admittedly at 750ml it's larger than the cans over here and the Bud Light is over 4.0%ABV rather than the dishwater served in the UK. Craft lager (and 6.0% cider) cans were $10 at the Wolfpack game. But when you've spent so much getting over there, what's another few quid.
  14. Leyther_Matt

    World Cup venues announcement

    Great Britain vs New Zealand in 1998 was a sell out at Bolton (and was actually higher than any football crowds there for several years due to no segregation etc)
  15. When going to the Warrington-Leigh game at the HJ in 2018, my mate and I were both padded down at the turnstiles upon which the steward discovered we both had a chop suey roll in our pockets from Mike & Martha's chippy between the ground and Warrington Central station. Didn't half get some stick stood outside the turnstiles stuffing them down our necks, but we weren't going to throw them away!