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  1. Coventry away

    Ha ha ha..... I don't know why I wrote nutrition Ged. Maybe due to mud pies...
  2. Coventry away

    I watched the Whitehaven V Toronto game in what was a quagmire of a pitch. Biased as it sounds but I am quietly confident that Barrow will give Toronto a serious run for their money. Whitehaven stuck in well for the first 30 mins and with some very dubious forward passing from Toronto, they capitalised before the break. It was a pretty neck and neck throughout the break but conditions slowed the game down. Whitehaven did manage to get over the whitewash a couple of times in what was a war of nutrition.
  3. Coventry away

    Great result, well played Barrow.
  4. Siddall v Toronto

    No disrespect to Siddal and with all the hype, I would of expected a higher, better scoreline from Toronto. Fui Fui could be looking at a couple of match ban for a ridiculous high tackle.
  5. Coventry

    Not a bad game. I think Coventry will upset a few sides this year as they brought Barrow to their level. Slow play the balls killed Barrows attack and they had a pretty decent defence. Their attack was decent in areas but often knocked on in vital plays. But a win is a win. A youth lads are coming on well. Roll on Keighley!!
  6. Haven

    To be brutally honest the score could of been a lot worse. After half time, the Whitehaven coach must of give his charges a bollocking as they came out and played with a bit of fire in their bellies and were more entaining in the second half. Barrow took their foot off the peddle and fielded some of the youth players, who did Barrow some credit and played well. I think the score line was justifiable.
  7. super lotto development program

    Much appreciated.
  8. super lotto development program

    Can anyone let me know when the lotto development is on next for the 16s? Thanks in advance. Gaz
  9. I think its a great idea. Just gutted I found out about them after they'd sold out.
  10. New signings

    All these players are held in high regards if these signing are true, well done to the BOD.
  11. Challenge Cup draw
  12. Challenge Cup draw

    Barrow V Halifax.
  13. Long lost amateur clubs

    Abbey Vikings is another team that folded in the Barrow league. Mid 80s I think?
  14. Todays Championship playoffs

    Charitible enough!! You could be right because it did look like a mauling when you got tanked!!!
  15. Barrow Raiders vs Halifax RLFC

    At work in the North sea Mick with no tv and ###### tinternet connection, I think im glad I never watched it due to the result, although it sounded like a good game from a neutral point of view!