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  1. Still bitter Steve? It takes 2 to have a fight - Both set of fans at fault so give it a rest.
  2. I have changed my mind here - Watson managed the home game well and Gale was stifled by Flanagan & even though he is missing (along with Koppy, Brining, Sau, Mossop, Johnson, Warne etc) I feel the under rated Krasniqi may be assigned to do the same job. Lui, Dobson AND Carney may all feature here and if Big Ben is fit then the Devils could surprise - so I am being bold here & taking them to win by 6.
  3. & Salford 55,000
  4. Remember one match at Knowsley Rd and we were 30-0 down after 35 minutes then Andy Coley stretched over the line and the Reds fans chanted Easy Easy
  5. Tony - The start given TO Salford is now 8 - so add that 8 to the Final score - 18 points different to your thought. Be brave and have £1 on.
  6. Tony would get big odds for the Devils to win by 10 points as in the main the Bookies are giving the Reds 6 points start. I think a win via the Handicap +6 looks a fair bet or if you feel the Reds can win the outright its worth a fiver @ 9/5 via paddys.
  7. We have to enjoy this season after 40 years of utter tripe – other fans don’t realise what we`ve gone through and that is why support is down to a hard core of 2,500. If they can reach Wembley then if the club manage to gather 10,000 emails maybe we can grow. Fans hark back to the Watkins era but even then our average was about 7,000 at The Willows but we did get more for Wigan, Leeds etc. It’s a Soccer City sadly. However the most entertaining side we`ve had since the Sixties.
  8. Half Martini Red Willow. The Bookies have Salford 6 point favourites which surely is too big. Just feel after the last 2 matches that the team spirit wasn`t as big as over the past few months. Lets hope it was tiredness rather than spirit. 1-0 would do me on Thursday but I am backing Wakey plus 6 & really hope to lose the bet!!
  9. Human Pin Ball Machine - So true - Loves it doesn`t he?
  10. I guess you are throwing a dummy there Tre Cool but Cardiff of course play at the Arms Park & Gwent play at Rodney Parade & yes their average gates are smaller than Toronto`s.
  11. Salford still have Mossop, Griffin, possibly Jones (leg) , Johnson (limped off on Monday) & Brining (knee) unavailable. Think Dobbo & Welham were rested at Wire. Great open game in store - if you are a betting man maybe a buy of the points is the way to go - 26 each the score suggestion.
  12. Linzi - You forgot those ever tedious up and unders - for me any try resulting from an up & under should be granted TWO points. Its luck and the coach (Normally from Wigan or Australia) is just hoping for the best. Red Willow - even with your glass of Martini always half empty must be enjoying the Salford Style this year. Could Salford be the Leicester City of 2017.
  13. Being brutally honest Wire have some good players BUT the coaching is abysmal. Their ONLY idea of scoring - 5 drives and an up and under. Tedious to watch and if fans want to see the Rugby ball thrown about then come down to the AJB.
  14. Oh & we are now on - Drum Roll - 22 points