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  1. I think having watched Marwan pour £5 mill into Salford she has taken a step back. The Docs horse string numbered 100+ but now only 20 or so/
  2. Both Adey - Hope its a Happy 2017 for the club - I really feel it will be but far better to start with zero debt & a `Rugby` Chairman
  3. Thanks Adey - some good points - I have struggled too with the possible fraudulent preference re MG. Would love to see Pettits report.
  4. Excellent stuff again Adey. As stated previously I think the club needs a `friendly` liquidation where the RFL grant a new lease - maybe to the party turned down by the Administrator - and a new life for the fans with zero baggage to take on board - maybe a new squad if C1 - or as many of the existing players if in the same Division. Green may well yet come away with nothing out of this shambles but I feel there will be RL team from Bradford in the League next season but where they play? - who knows. Adey -Please Give me your idea of the best possible arrangement to come out of the Administration and also your grimmest forecast.
  5. Just like to thank Adey for his excellent, informative & rational posts on this thread. The current situation looks to be totally restrictive in that Green holds the Aces. I still view a clean slate is required with the debt free Phoenix Bulls & BPA to play on the same ground - Horsfall first & then the redeveloped Richard Dunn site in the not too distant future.
  6. The RFL statement basically is suggesting liquidation BUT with a new Limited Company being formed and playing at Odsal with a new lease - or have I read their wording incorrectly? If so the amount of unpaid Tax from the Bradford clubs over the past few years would have built a fair few cancer wards.
  7. Thats an excellent summary - Thanks Adey
  8. Adey - Re the £170k loan rep to Whincut - is he therefore a Creditor here? Or is he a creditor of Green`s?
  9. Mumby if you laid those odds then you would go bust very quickly. All Marc Green has to do is bet all four and whoever wins Mumby loses ( unless you include in the list a proviso on other contenders.)
  10. Wanted £275k and also sole Marquee Player title and his Agent was shown the door.
  11. Padge - They removed Trafford Borough Nottingham & Runcorn all in the same year I think.
  12. Because with their squad they will hammer all the clubs in League 1 - yes including yours
  13. The common sense approach would be to fast track Toronto.
  14. Well he (Green) certainly upset Dr Koukash and ultimately cost the club dearly. `Always be nice to people on the way might need them on the way down`