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  1. It seems doubtful that b365 are showing the Salford Cup Tie so I have enrolled on a 7 day trial with Keep Solid Inc. Only a fiver but I havent a clue how it works or whether I have sufficient IQ to sort so wish me luck.
  2. Thats a daft comment. If any side over here was backed by an Airline and Wealthy people you would see a change of focus. All boils down to money input HW.
  3. It was posted on Twitter earlier so hope that it is correct
  4. Also apparently bet365 are livestreaming
  5. Thanks Futtocks - I`m OK now thanks as have been told bet365 are streaming live.
  6. Futtocks could you do a little memo list on what to do to view in the UK. Be grateful for that
  7. So its easy to suggest in future that Cats play away on Good Friday and home on Easter Monday isn`t it? Has to be fair to BOTH teams. You could see that Salford were drained last night after the 10 hour Journey on Saturday/Sunday,
  8. Irrelevant as we are talking about the Easter schedule - in future.
  9. I, personally, have no objection for the Dragons to play at home on the Holiday Monday. However it is wrong to suggest that Catalan should have 2 extra days to recover from a SL match like they did last week. In the future I would feel that the Cats play on Good Friday in the UK and at home on the Monday. If that is not arrangeable then whoever they play on the Wednesday should be the Dragons Home fixture on the following Monday. Level playing field and all that............
  10. Think Griffin, Jones & BMM will be out
  11. O`Brien Johnson Welham Sau Carney J Carney T Dobson Tasi Wood Murray Lannon Flanagan Lui Is what I feel may be the 13 Subs Walne Krasniqi Koppy Tomkins That extra 2 day turnaround nullified to some extent so we could win by playing footie or be hammered if taking Cats on.
  12. Yes I think the change of coach and tactics will salvage the Saints season.
  13. Think the declared attendances are being massaged very well. The South stand had 2,400 The East stand 300 The North Stand (Leigh - very disappointing as they deserve more) 1700 The West stand OVER 2,300 at least 6,700 Perhaps we do not count Season Ticket holders