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  1. Keep The Faith

    Fev announce Harrison

    Some might say so... Good luck the kid but I wouldn't be surprised see him back at the mount... As the saying goes grass isn't always greener
  2. Keep The Faith

    Bulldog inbound Toby Everett

    Well done to all keep em coming
  3. Keep The Faith

    James Davey away

    kris Lythe is one of the best hooker i'v seen play at batley 2006 play off at Leigh, he won us that game by winding up Chris hill & the leigh pack plus the coach
  4. Keep The Faith

    Yorkshire men’s play offs

    Premier Division Batley Vs Bentley 1st Division Cutsyke vs Heworth 2nd Division Kings Cross vs West Hull
  5. Keep The Faith


    Has menzie yere been let out of smeaton or brambani's pocket yet i thought our defence was brilliant we played with the ball times class Galbraith and Jc could be a wonderful partnership with tries galore, I thought Dane Manning again was class with Brown and Gledhill also Jourfett takes the work off brambani which helps
  6. Keep The Faith

  7. Keep The Faith

    Bulldogs v Eagles MOM thread shield game

    Jc galbraith manning/smeaton
  8. Keep The Faith

    Yorkshire men’s play offs

    Batley did the business that’s what’s needed at this time of year not the scoring you just have to win as they did in the challenge cup first two rounds
  9. Keep The Faith

    Alex Rowe leaving

    Hope it works out for rowey got us the Grand final in 2013 and middle 8s but a new challenge awaits for him so it means a new prop coming in hopefully a hard old school prop who will do the hard graft
  10. Keep The Faith

    And another Bulldog inbound Danny Yates

    Heard bretherton is joining the coaching staff if he retires so wouldn’t be a bad choice if he did
  11. Keep The Faith

    And another Bulldog inbound Danny Yates

    Heinz is a good source... only thing I can close to describe the sauce 😉
  12. Premier Batley Boys vs Lindley Swifts Bentley vs East Hull Division 1 cutsyke vs Queensbury heworth vs Allerton Bywater final at Fev on 22nd of September
  13. Keep The Faith

    NCL Division 2

    NCL were happy when they visited even took the walk which I’m sure he enjoyed... it’s only like drig but it’s not what matter is it..
  14. Keep The Faith

    Batley v Rochdale

    That’s it the reason the certain folk don’t care about the bottom 8s for the players it’s a win bonus without injury, for the fans it’s a day out if they can be bothered, sponsors /clubs it helps the money base but for me bring back a play off system with £££... how good was the 2006 win at Leigh or 2002 play off run or 2013 run to the grand final which for me were deserved on merit in the season that we did make them! I don’t know about the performance as I followed on Twitter due to Holiday will catch up when back but a win’s a win
  15. Keep The Faith

    BISSA SIGNING ALERT Louis Le Bulldog 2019

    Correct also the wingers and Scotty at full back he could set up some wonderful tries