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  1. Keep The Faith


    Neil Cullen along with Simon Harrison and Garry Schofield all got ask to leave the club by the new board of directors which is seeing Schoey taking legal action on wages owned by the new owners neil and Simon had to run the club as directors up to the new owners came in and it wouldn't surprise me if Mike Smith had something lined up after the RFL investigation
  2. Keep The Faith

    Batley Bulldogs

    Heard he'd been released from Fev could be worth having on a pay as you play contract when fully recovered from injury maybe at 28/29 he's ready to play his best rugby again at Batley
  3. Keep The Faith

    Challenge cup and New 1895 cup

    Batley and Dewsbury schools played 3 times at Wembley against Widnes, Oldham and St Helens in 1983,92 and 1997 in which 3 ex Bulldogs played in with John Gallagher, Luke Stenchion and Patch Walker
  4. Keep The Faith


    False promises with the new owners not paying wages it builds up.. It's 4 months since players were last paid and the new owners only took over at the end of july
  5. Keep The Faith

    Challenge cup and New 1895 cup

    I think fev will struggle if they replace duffy with kilshaw.. duffy got unlucky last year with big injuries to key players but I think he wants to join leigh so who knows anyway let the little old batley got under the radar again it's always fun that way
  6. Keep The Faith

    Championship odds

    Plus using batley fringe players wouldn't be fair on the players who have been playing in the last three seasons to get there... It's a sense of dual reg 😉
  7. Keep The Faith

    Challenge cup and New 1895 cup

    Waste of time turning up then I hope kev is folding and shutting up I've seen Batley win promotion twice, the transpennine trophy, a northern rail cup along with a grand final appearance which if dom had put his slippers on we'd of won plus i'v never seen us relegated in 15 years since the leagues changed yes we have been close but the players have saved us. Things have changed at the mount over the years, 2002 was the best season before the 2010 NRC cup win players have come and gone also come back times change Why do Sheffield have a better chance they've signed players over the hill walker struggled to get in last year when Louis turned up, Farrell struggled in the two years he was here, Davey will be a big loss, crookes may struggle with Sam wood & Galbraith in the centres batley have the same chance as anybody
  8. Keep The Faith

    Pre-season Yorkshire Cup

    Hopefully we get a double header in the second week of the Yorkshire cup...
  9. Keep The Faith

    Why oh Why

    fev released players back to fev lions due to rhinos been selected but 2019 they will have a reserve side so that will help them develop players... For me if we didn't have injuries to Dom and patch at crucial times would sowerby got his chance? Maybe not but a reserves team playing our systems would help and he'd settle straight in hopefully in 2020 the RFL cut DR and make it 5 loans in the season 2-3 season long and the rest month by month and make reserves compulsory and if we need a academy for players to step up and play u18/19s then bring back the heavy woollen rookies it works for both hull sides.. Why not for Batley and dewsbury
  10. Keep The Faith

    Why oh Why

    I don't like it but if it helps with injuries when players ain't available on loan I know last year the club went for 4/5 players when the injuries kicked in and clubs wouldn't let them out on loan and they went else where on dual reg
  11. Keep The Faith

    New NCL Teams

    Anyone know the 8? I know Batley boys have applied again
  12. Batley will be alright next year with a top 6 finish signed decent with Danny Yates and Tyler Dickinson along with Johnny Campbell and Louis Jourfett who turned up in the last 7 games of the season plus Dane Manning hitting form will be class, also Scottish international full back Dave Scott, hopefully a link with Huddersfield will help when injuries do a happen and home form will be the key in 2019 along with beating teams around you plus a scalp against the top teams will help... who knows
  13. Keep The Faith

    Batley Bulldogs

    Clubs will offer deals during the season once budgets have been worked out tbh, clubs ain’t silly enough to let the their loyal players leave
  14. Keep The Faith

    Pre-season Yorkshire Cup

    Well I could imagine teams could agree to 20 players per game and 10-12 interchanges per game Hopefully it finds a decent sponsor and backed by the fans and stuff the teams will be: Batley Bradford Dewsbury Halifax Sheffield Doncaster keighley Featherstone York Hunslet another idea could be bring back the Lancashire/Cumbria cup and have both teams face off against each other before the challenge cup final at Wembley
  15. Keep The Faith

    Why oh Why

    Bradford will be mostly full time too, Fev have players who were full time in 2018 I dunno about 2019...