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  1. Keep The Faith

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    Maybe the last time he did that he got injured confidence maybe a issue but it’s all ifs & butts... our defence has improved wonderful we defended 30+ tackles on line yesterday and they couldn’t break it down and I think every 50:50 went Bradford’s way in the end..
  2. Keep The Faith

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    I thought the 40/20 call in the last minute was the wrong call as the Bradford player was in touch
  3. Keep The Faith

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    I thought We played wonderful today and gave a great account of themselves play that way every week and we won’t be far off cut the cheap penalties out and we won’t be far off
  4. Keep The Faith

    Paul Brearley signs

    He’s bigger enough I think only reason he’s not gone professional before is he was let down and lost within the game but hopefully he impresses and stays at Batley
  5. Keep The Faith

    Paul Brearley signs

    Until the end of 2019 great things to come from this guy
  6. Keep The Faith

    York’s cup match thread

    Really? I thought in the conditions we held the ball in long periods of pessure... we just couldn’t break a good defence from York our fitness and don’t not die attitude helped the cause along with our forwards in Dickinson and Ward and Brown who all stood out for me and we seem to down about a good win against a York side with great experience of super league players in!
  7. Keep The Faith

    York’s cup match thread

    We played well in the first despite no field position missed gledhill in defence & go forward... the try in the 1st came in our 5th attack close to the York line 2nd half Matt changed the attack and it showed for awhile no scotty in the 2nd half stand outs wood, Campbell Dickinson & downs manning smeaton wouldn’t be first choice centre for me but I don’t select the side
  8. Keep The Faith

    Jo Taira

    Both got sending off sufficient
  9. Keep The Faith


    They could play out of cougar park and the co op can throw the owner out now and let the new owners/club in
  10. Keep The Faith

    The day Jonathan Davies joined Widnes

    No chance he should be!!! There’s players who have played 500+ games and will never be in the Rugby league hall of fame
  11. Keep The Faith

    Where he left off....

    Wow that’s a big statement as i’d say Lawford and Tomlinson of the 2002 season were the best half backs at the clubs since booth and Tomlinson first stint
  12. Keep The Faith

    Match thread versus Dewsbury Yorkshire cup

    I’ve never seen Ryan Boyle in a batley shirt... must of missed that i know he was suppose to train once but never turned up as he went to the shay instead
  13. Keep The Faith

    York’s cup match thread

    I’d say my top 3 are Wolfpack, Toulouse and Widnes 4-5th between the rest... all on form, injuries and god’s luck
  14. Keep The Faith

    York’s cup match thread

    How is the top 5 nailed on i’d Say 2 places up for grabs all comes down down to form and injuries
  15. Keep The Faith

    Barrow Raiders - Kids Go Free

    Batley have been doing this since 2016... letting kids in free