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  1. Fev away

    Our away record at fev is much better than our home I think we have a good chance if we turn up like we did against Toulouse
  2. old Match reports

  3. Mariano Released

    Doubt we will bring anyone in
  4. Team for Saturday

    You’d be lucky to find out who was playing 20 minutes before kick off at one point.. the rfl have moved the game on but I agree move on and support the club/lads and put the negative energy into the positive energy! Hopefully we go and get stuck into today shame i’m missing it with been a Saturday as amateur rugby is been played at the same time
  5. RIDAY 13th APRIL Rochdale Hornets v London Broncos London by 14 SATURDAY 14th APRIL Batley Bulldogs v Toulouse Olympique Batley by 4 SUNDAY 15th APRIL Barrow Raiders v Featherstone Rovers Barrow by 2 Dewsbury Rams v Toronto Wolfpack Wolfpack by 28 Halifax v Swinton Lions Fax by 4 Sheffield Eagles v Leigh Centurions leigh by 30
  6. One Club Men

    Paul storey Mark Scott. Mark Toohey kris lythes at batley
  7. old Match reports

  8. Batley v Toronto

    The old long stand
  9. Toronto v Swinton - Relocated

    Well it is and will be hopefully for another 135 years... Because if it one day isn’t then the game will lose its identity same with Featherstone and Hunslet and Widnes and London who for me have something in common with Batley there pitches ain’t up to the Toronto way of life.. we’v seen plenty of teams come and go to our English grounds it’s getting boring with all this moaning I know folk who spend a lot of time at 3 of them grounds making sure their up stratch every weekend so I can get entertainment when I go to Hunslet Featherstone and Batley.
  10. Toronto v Swinton - Relocated

    What’s the field been level got to do with anything? Batley’s field has been like that for 135 years...
  11. Batley v Toronto

    You mean Matthew shaw who works with Toronto on match days ...
  12. How's Mick Ward doing?

    If you watch he comes running on the ball hard and strong and strong in the tackle Holland is improving week by week too
  13. How's Mick Ward doing?

    He’s second spell yes Fred.. he came off around the 50-55 minute mark
  14. Batley v Toronto

    Only going on what Matthew shaw has said on twitter 1151 there according to Andy hunt on twitter shame we are talking about the numpty who wants all the headlines shame the club can’t fine him if they get fined by the rfl
  15. Batley v Toronto

    Diskin will be lucky not be fined for his actions and interviews but you should be able to give an honest opinion the referee made his made mind up first tackle when sims dropped the ball in the tackle and he gives a penalty... our defence is improving and we didn’t implode when they scored off the penalty penalty try sets but we just need to stay composed and we will be fine... as for Rowley it isn’t the first time he’s caused a scene at Batley it doesn’t mean you can go round hit folk.. I can see the club getting a fine hopefully not