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  1. Heworth friday 26th may
  2. Premier has started 2/2 100 points in 2 games 60-0 vs toll bar yesterday
  3. Another win for the boys in a mud bath at halifax RU against Queensbury 18-12
  4. Dry field helped us to 58-16 win at york acorn we also welcomed back 3 of the missing players from the week before
  5. Batley went down to 12 men after 5 minutes plus had 5-6 first teamers missing so.. we shall see if they'll be same come the league season
  6. Get them up
  7. should hopefully be a tough league hopefully.. outlaws unknown north hull played fryston a few times will speak to a few of them lads shame mirfield have dropped down a division after mouthing off all last year
  8. Closing date for entries has passed we shall hopefully know who's in & out .. Promoted & relegated hopefully in the coming weeks
  9. Unless they decided to stay i know they didn't get into the NCL
  10. Sharlston have pulled out of premier
  11. It deserved a try from davey after that break
  12. Great support last night Great effort 3. Rowe 2.Lillycrop 1. Leak
  13. why do you think JK is joining him to help stop the slide... He'll need a good clean out of average players which are side fillers but good full time players
  14. Leeds at full strength No moon or mcguire though
  15. sam smeaton pass for winning try