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  1. If we hit Murrell early then who knows we let him wear a dinner jacket then no chance we could be in for a long afternoon but they can’t play at the high intensity as last weekend
  2. The championship between 2009-2014 was a close league between every club despite certain clubs struggling the play offs were between different clubs every season same with the grand final results even though sheffield did play fev twice on the bounce.. the old nfp could come into play with a strong 16-18 big league for the championship
  3. Should be a good game... I think if we do our homework we’ll be fine i don’t think they back up the intensity from a massive game last weekend plus they play in the cup quarter final next weekend I think if we get a few bodies back we’ll be fine
  4. Gledhill never been 18/19th man this year he was named in the squad vs Swinton but was replaced
  5. Matt I agree 100% with what you said but what about using the August bank holiday now the cup final has moved the games would be more intense & interesting with the play offs & relegation battle with it been a few weeks before the end of the season
  6. Of course we were the points gained from the Widnes, dewsbury x2 and Swinton have helped take away them points we are in the bottom 2 but the points have helped when Widnes didn’t pick points up against us or you.. anyway let’s hope we get the 2 points against fax
  7. Correct shame we haven’t the same 17 out in every game so far this season... yesterday we had a 18 year old on debut who got the mom after his first game in the 1st team but we have a game in hand so hopefully we carry on our good form and try win promotion
  8. He’s spouting off cost us the last try.. good job the game was over by then and I agree hit the man and how can you compare ainscough and smeaton ones a centre and ones a winger... ainscough was a pleasure to watch and he got the send off he deserved
  9. We played well I just think we had the better style of rugby to win the game... our forwards were on top for long period of time... sammy K for the rams won’t be there long as he’ll be back at Wigan as there best player again I thought ward, Brearley & Scott were class I hope smeaton lets knowles & Ryder out of the pockets tonight fax will be another tough test but can be beaten hopefully we kick on now
  10. The chairman must agree on all all this... if they didn’t then we’d not get any tv coverage... at least we have that which helps sponsorship and fans etc... but then again what’s the point! I don’t agree with midweek matches as players will be working etc but the bash would work was marked correctly and deals were in place, same with Wembley and etc we’d be not far behind certain sports but folk moaning about old Trafford, Wembley and Elland road etc can’t of been recently as they’ve been part of the big game experience for the last 30 years No point using Huddersfield or York or Leigh as we’d lose a lot of money to council owed stadiums blackpool might be different when a few thousand Leigh & Widnes fans enter early for there game rather a poor heavy woollen Derby been last... the standard of the Derby in Blackpool hasn’t been great since 2016! I’m hoping it is.. maybe moving the Wembley to July in 2020 might help Blackpool if moved to august bank Holiday and the business end of the season with the play offs and relegation spots up for grabs
  11. Best off asking Terry Swift or Craig lingard on the heritage group they’ll know
  12. Leeds by plenty the standard they play in miles better than the championship so i’ll Go Leeds by 30
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