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  1. Keep The Faith

    Crikey, Giants down to 18

    Russell will play for us, players in his position are fit same with woody don’t worry about that yet
  2. Keep The Faith

    Toronto Wolfpack V Batley Bulldogs MOM thread

    Manning joufrett lillycrop
  3. Keep The Faith

    I don’t believe it

    Four interception of the season..
  4. Keep The Faith

    I don’t believe it

    Our centres need to stop shooting in when we are defending the last tackle
  5. Keep The Faith

    New 7

    Not under this coach I wouldn’t no as I’ve said under the previous 2 coaches I would of yes... we seemed to have a good record against Widnes at our place.. Always were close games too 2006 we should of won goal kicker was awful 🙈 2008 they scored on the hooter 2009 we beat them in the last 5 minute with a try 2010 we drew lost & beat them twice 2011 we hammered them the same week they got a super league license toulouse we beat them in 2018 but who knows anything can happen maybe I was optimistic at one stage but not anymore.. we are in a dog fight for survival at this early stage
  6. Keep The Faith

    New 7

    Under 2 of the former coaches i’d of said 4 out of 6! With today been a close but disappointing loss we always seem to play better against the better sides maybe because the players were motivated and got the respect they deserved.. I can only seeing our next win being in the cup.. Dewsbury we haven’t won their since 2016 in the league which is very poor... Swinton always seems to be a tricky tie
  7. Keep The Faith

    Interesting Article by the Barrow Chairmen Steve Neale

    Games on it ###### it’s a joke... rugby league since Richard Lewis was in charge has gone backwards massively i’m not really surprised unless you’re staying over at the cup final you’re not gonna stay for both finals and that the RFL needed to put the 1895 final before the main cup final
  8. Keep The Faith

    Diskin out!

    1.1 million % not gaz Moore more chance of kris Lythe glen Tomlinson and dean lawford getting boots back on than gaz Moore playing for us this season
  9. SATURDAY 16th MARCH Toulouse Olympique v Barrow Raiders Toulouse by 30 Dewsbury Rams v Sheffield Eagles sheffield by 14 Leigh Centurions v Rochdale Hornets Leigh by 18 Swinton Lions v Featherstone Rovers Fev by 4 Toronto Wolfpack v Batley Bulldogs Tornoto by 36 Widnes Vikings v Bradford Bulls Widnes by 8 York City Knights v Halifax York by 4
  10. Keep The Faith

    Challenge cup Draw Tonight

    Oldham st Annes was 2000, we were awful that year, Myson beat us too... last time we played lock lane was 1999 40-10 win at the mount
  11. Keep The Faith

    Toronto Prediction

    When have things been worse? It’s like being under a certain coach again a decade ago.. We will fear the backlash of the Toulouse defeat but it won’t change a thing
  12. Keep The Faith

    Dogs v Bulls - relegation dog fight

    We’ve got one playing at 6... in Yates just needs to play with Louie and given time I bet it would work Yates at 6 is wasted 😳 last few seasons he’s killed us when he’s faced us at scrum half not stand off
  13. Keep The Faith

    Dogs v Bulls - relegation dog fight

    Still injured 🤔
  14. Keep The Faith

    Dogs v Bulls - relegation dog fight

    100% correct
  15. Keep The Faith

    Dogs v Bulls - relegation dog fight

    I thought we had one piece of unluck yesterday when browny ran at wildie bumped him off and had the ball stolen and Keenan scored in the corner we got a penalty but no advantage shame really as browny gave away the needless penalty the following set