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  1. Barla National Cup

    1st round this weekend Ellenbrough vs Wigan St Cuthberts Doncaster Toll bar vs Oldham St Annes Seaton vs Orrell St James A Orrell St James vs Upton Hensingham vs West Hull Ossett Trinity vs Thatto Heath Queens Vs Haydock Wyke vs Queensbury West Bank vs Batley Boys Byes: East Leeds Thornhill Glasson Eastern Rhinos Hunslet Old Boys and Sharlston my winners in bold
  2. James Harrison will break into his own this year at batley
  3. Playing in the snow

    Batley have played a few cup games in the snow against oldham in the regal trophy and against french side limoux in the challenge cup
  4. YML Premier Play Offs

    Fixture are Batley vs Beverley and Siddal vs east hull final held at Batley 1pm kick off on 23rd of September
  5. Hull League

    Because they'v folded from the Yorkshire men's league
  6. Fryston Disband

    Cutsyke most have played there in summer
  7. 24/6/2017 Which game this weekend

    This week we travel to East Hull
  8. 24/6/2017 Which game this weekend

    I'm asking for teams who don't turn up to either be kicked out or fined time for a proper premier league with the North West Countries like the NCL and make it strict if teams don't play then fine or kick them out , top 4 or 6 of each Yorkshire men's and NWC
  9. 24/6/2017 Which game this weekend

    As I said RFL should step in.. our club is losing out on investment due to not playing at home and it's not like we'd not have folk watching..
  10. 24/6/2017 Which game this weekend

    I dunno what's worst this years premier or the old Yorkshire winter league The RFL/ Yorkshire men's should make harsher punishments for clubs who fail to play after the second time it's been organised for a different date!
  11. 24/6/2017 Which game this weekend

    Queensbury Donny toll bar NHK rang up last time at 1pm so this week is a catch up game we still need to play Bentley east hull and NHK again along with Siddal
  12. 24/6/2017 Which game this weekend

    Both just frustrating we name a side on Thursday and come 7pm Friday game is called off
  13. 24/6/2017 Which game this weekend

    Question is will anyone play batley boys before they welcome Siddal if they don't play this weekend it's been a month without a game sounds brilliant for a premier league
  14. Sharlston folded

    Could toll bar be next? Given game against Queensbury
  15. Sharlston folded

    Sharlston have folded from the YML premier for the 2017 season all results vold due to not playing over 50% of games