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  1. Keep The Faith

    Bissa signing

    Great signing I'm sure JK tried to get the kid in 2016 but he choose to stay in France which was a shame glad he's here now... Hopefully he impress for a deal in 2019 as he's a Young talent
  2. Keep The Faith

    Outlaws Open Letter

    Batley Boys would be okay in NCL 3 and above hopefully we are accepted this year as we finished top last year and on course to this year and had wonderful run in the cup we are been watched by NCL in a few weeks and our club is booming from tots to open age
  3. Keep The Faith

    Dewsbury v Batley part 3

    Yes Rochdale at home was our last win...
  4. Keep The Faith

    Dewsbury v Batley part 3

    Hopefully we win our first game in two months if not something has to change....
  5. Keep The Faith

    Toronto V Batley Bulldogs MOM thread

    Manning Ward Davey
  6. Keep The Faith

    Toronto match thread

    Yes it is... Which was typed up before the trip which if Rowe would of been allowed in then he'd of played I don't know how we only had 14 players.. When 16 started the game before crookes took a head knock
  7. Keep The Faith

    New signing alert

    Effort was there on a poor penalty count which I thought we were unlucky to defend long minutes but once we went set to set with them we look good with the ball.. Dane manning again ran his blood to water with ward.. But certain other players got found out in style with and without the ball,
  8. Keep The Faith

    Toronto match thread

    16 players have gone
  9. Keep The Faith

    New signing alert

    Might as well starting playing masters if bring anyone else out of retirement
  10. Keep The Faith

    New signing alert

    If they have a criminal record they will be denied... But I don't understand how we haven't tried to get either trial loan or dual reg we are down to bare bones roger I know they haven't because I know the batley boys lads and not one has been asked
  11. Keep The Faith

    14-15 Jul: The Betfred Championship Match Thread

    Wolfpack by 68 leigh by 40 sheffield by 8 Fev by 12 draw Toulouse by 8
  12. Keep The Faith

    New signing alert

    september 2015 was his last professional game, I saw him play last Wednesday against batley boys, I don't see/know why we didn't offer both of their centres a trial offer both have just come back off a tour to Serbia
  13. Keep The Faith

    Batley v Leigh

    First half wonderful again nice to see JC back he looked good despite not playing we concide a try and our heads drop once we lose a lead, no confidence in the ranks? Winning is a habit but losing is too hopefully we get players back for dewsbury in 2 weeks to have a crack at them and get the W and turn it around before the shield..
  14. Keep The Faith

    All quiet over a certain incident

    A player wouldn’t go down and stay down if not contact to the head Acton is up there with Craig miles today with a poor cheap shot on a half back without the ball it’s the elbow to head hopefully everything is okay with Tom and he makes a speedy recovery MD said on Radio Leeds it’s a career threatening injury if so Acton should be banned for 12 games or more like terry newton was when he did Gilly and Long in 2005, it was a coward act anyone who defends him needs to stop!! The games tough without sh**houses like him