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  1. Rick Astley: Never goin to give you up, never goin to let you down, never goin to run around and desert you Never goin to make you cry, never goin to say goodbye, never goin to tell a lie and hurt you. Ha Ha, maybe CH should do a solo before the game with this.
  2. I'm a W*nk*r
  3. Ha haaa, that's what I like to see...a bit of niggle already. We are getting back to normal LOL.
  4. The RFL are a little boys Sunday afternoon club. They have a very tight hold on the reins and will never let go, it's their toy, it's their hobby. All they ever do is stand around in suits looking important and drawing a fat salary for f.uck all.
  5. They will reform with no debts but will have a 12 point deduction. I feel sorry for Haven and their fans but we really need the gate money that Bradford provide and so does every other club in the Championship.
  6. Check out Love Rugby League on-line. They have put Hornets beating Toulouse in thier top three moments of Rugby League 2016 Happy New Year to you all.
  7. Did you get your money ???????, was it late or on time ????
  8. Ha ha ha haaaa ha ha ha haaaa ha ha ha, that's the best laugh I've had all 2016, thank you R34. I wish you a happy new year, with no winding up orders.
  9. Yes we did, and it's been a winner all the way.......
  10. They were happy days.
  11. A Very Merry Christmas to all at Rochdale Hornets. A Very Merry Christmas to all fans of Rochdale Hornets. 2017 Season, BRING IT ON..........
  12. I've just looked at a blown up picture on Twitter and got to say the more I see the shirts the more I am liking them especially the home shirt. The away shirt is also growing on me, but I'm still not a big fan of dark shirts for the team. Think the lights in the Flying Horse must have dimmed my vision, certainly dimmed my ###### ears. ha ha ha.
  13. Nawwww not that one Ha Ha.
  14. Don't think it's as good as last seasons kit, the colours looked odd, maybe it was the stage lighting. As for the away kit, we had a dark away kit before, and we didn't win many games in it, like Man United when they played in grey, they changed it half way through the season citing they could not distinguish other members of the team from the background, they blended in. In a fast paced game like ours you need bright colours. grey is to drab.
  15. All the best Woz, you always gave 100% to Hornets and we are all sorry to see you go.