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  1. The Baron Mk11

    Mark Wynn to Stand Down

    Well we know the position regarding Spotland, we have the remainder of a 25 year lease. The position regarding the coaching staff is an unknown, we don't know what is in Alan Kilshaws mind. The position regarding governance, when the exiting CEO made his statement he said "all rent is paid, all tax is paid". I suggest you go to the AGM on July 7th and ask the questions.
  2. The Baron Mk11

    Chris Hamilton going into hospital for heart surgery

    Had a lot of surgery myself over the past couple of years, it's no joke when they cancel your op, you get yourself all keyed up only to be let down usually at the last minute. He will just have to stay strong and hope it gets done on Monday. I agree with you R34, health is more important than anything, even Rugby, ha ha. If you read the forums Chris, Good Luck, and hope you are feeling better soon.
  3. The Baron Mk11

    Chris Hamilton going into hospital for heart surgery

    Any news on your chairman Mr H. yet?
  4. The Baron Mk11

    Roughyeds pile on the points

    That looks like a very nice ground they have there. I'm sure they will turn the corner at some point but these batterings they are suffering must be destroying their morale. Nice coat that hat is (in a welsh accent|)
  5. The Baron Mk11

    Encouraging performance

    Yes Roger...eventually. We only lost one, and that was before the game, we did however find a basketball, a souvenir of our trip. Our lost soul eventually turned up back in Rochdale (bad pennies always do ha ha) . With all the disruption through cancellations we arrived back around tennish, not to bad really. Just hope the Summer Bash isn't to disrupted due to the rail strike on the Saturday, glad we are playing Sunday. Good Luck for the rest of the season Roger.
  6. The Baron Mk11

    Encouraging performance

    Hornets worked hard and played some good football, very encouraging, it was graft in a blazing sun that sapped my strength (and I was only watching) never mind the players. I think we let ourselves down a little by not playing the hill as well as Batley, I know they are used to it but we seemed to be receiving the ball stood still when we were playing down the slope, we should have been more like our hosts and be receiving the ball in full gallop down the hill. Thanks to the Batley fans, nice people, good atmosphere, nice ale and good food, what more can you ask for on a sunny afternoon, oh yes, a win, never mind......
  7. The Baron Mk11

    Chris Hamilton going into hospital for heart surgery

    If it's thick skin, grit and determination Chris needs to overcome his operation, then he will be back at work in a fortnight, but seriously, could I take this opportunity to wish Mr. H a quick and speedy recovery from his health issues, and a rapid return to the helm of Oldham Roughyeds.
  8. The Baron Mk11

    Mark Wynn to Stand Down

    Yes, I played him in "It's In The Blood"
  9. The Baron Mk11

    Mark Wynn to Stand Down

    Mark Wynn is to stand down as Chairman of Rochdale Hornets at the AGM next month according to a statement on the clubs official website. I for one would personaly like to thank Mark for the sterling work he has put into the club over the period of his tenure and am sorry to see him leave. His tenure covered the most successful period in the clubs history. Thank You Mark.
  10. The Baron Mk11

    Whats with the Mid Season Tour?

    Reading the Hornets Twitter account we are advertising the forth coming fixture with Batley before embarking on "Our Mid Season Tour" we shouldn't need a mid season tour, the pitch is practically brand new, it shouldn't need any rest and recuperation, it looked fine the last time I saw it a couple of weeks ago, and according to the fixture list published on the Hornets official website there is no "Mid Season Tour". What gives?
  11. The Baron Mk11

    Hornets Win

    Hornets have beaten The Rams 27 - 32 thanks to a last minute try by Dec Kay and the sure foot of Whittiker. Well done to all.
  12. The Baron Mk11

    Dale staying up! Oldham going down!

    That's magic Arthur, and indeed a fairy tale ending, Joe Thompson is such a nice guy, well done Joe and well done Dale, lets hope we can emulate your efforts.
  13. The Baron Mk11

    Dewsbury Sun. 6/05/2018. Wendy's Fun Train.

    And the Referee is.....Mr S. Mikalauskas A proud Yorkshire name if ever I heard one, Good Luck Sir.
  14. The Baron Mk11

    Kid For Free (Sunday)

    Been telling them for years to set up a pie and peas at half time in the bar, wouldn't listen, now one of our sponsors is doing it and making a mint. There's non so blind as them that will not see.
  15. The Baron Mk11

    Dennis Turner

    Dennis is picking his games this season, mainly away games. I'm going out with Dennis tonight, I'll tell him you were asking after him.