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  1. Hear you are back home now Cookie, take it easy pal and get well soon.
  2. It should have said "we've signed" not "they've signed". I know it's easy, but you are confusing me DD. LOL Gloom lifted. Ha Ha.
  3. Who is they DD?
  4. So? That was a fan not an independent, and 65/100 is only marginally below average.
  5. League Weekly scored the Referee Mr J. Straw 35/100. Now that is an independent view of the officials performance. I don't think I have ever seen a score so low. He should be sent back to reffing schoolboys if that's the best he can do. People that know me know I never ever criticise referees, and I'm not changing the habit of a lifetime for that pr*ck
  6. Whats wrong with Palfrey? he was kicking in the warm up, but didn't take any of the kicks on offer, didn't play well at all,
  7. No complaints about the French?Aussies, they gave us a lesson in fast skillful Rugby League. Our right defensively is awful, York went down that side to humiliate us. It would appear everyone we play are watching the video and seeing the weaknesses on our right. Needs sorting quick.
  8. Well done for the win against Bradford, absolutely brilliant try by Gill to snatch the game. Hope you have better luck against the French/Aussies when you go to Toulouse, they smashed us, fast, clinical rugby by full-timers, Johnathan Ford ran the game we managed to give him a dig to slow him down in the last 10 minutes, should have done it in the first 10. Good Luck.
  9. I'm sure we will do our best.
  10. Thought you would be on Toxics site saying "give it to Hornets tomorrow" Moorside LOL.
  11. Sorry to see Dave Cookson is leaving the club. Problems with his shoulder not healing as fast as it should have done is just one of the reasons he is leaving. Alan Kilshaw has said he will leave the door open for him if he ever wants to return. Thanks for your efforts Dave, you were brilliant for us in the promotion season and you will be missed. On another note check out the article in the Sportsman, "The Grudge Match" Can't get the link to work on my steam driven computer (one of the valves has gone) but you can find the link on the Hornets Twitter.
  12. Somewhere to throw yourself when you've lost LOL.
  13. He'd miss.
  14. We've been there once Clifford, seem to remember we won. The best team drew...........
  15. And the best team Drew.