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    Yes we loved him as well, he might have got a tad slower but that rugby brain is still functioning well, a very astute kicker as well as being a very nice guy. well done to your lot although I think the amount of interchanges we made had a big effect on our performance, Oldham didn't seem to make that many changes so were more fluent in their play. Ah well, unless fate throws us together in the cup, that was our last meeting this season, good luck to your lads, hope we are in the same division next season (whichever that will be). Oh and the lad wearing the 21 shirt, is it Hughes? will be a thorn in the side of a lot of your opposition this coming season.
  2. Law cup week 😁

    You won't need a tin hat Clifford....bring a bunker ha ha.
  3. Money Trouble?

    If that's true, it's a sickener, top player Galbraith I was looking forward to seeing him run out for Hornets again this season. way things are going we are going to be relegation favorites before a ball is kicked.
  4. Money Trouble?

    We are all supposed to be pi**in in the same pot, unfortunately my pot's got a leak Ha Ha .
  5. Money Trouble?

    I'm not from Saudi, more's the pity. LOL.
  6. Dual Reg.

    Wonder what Monkey Lover feels about that, has he been paid yet???
  7. Merry Christmas!

    Wishing all you "Roughyeds" a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year, hope you have a successful year at Sh*tebank (sorry, the name will stick forever) and we will both be in the Championship come 2019. On paper you appear to have a good team in the making hope they do well for you. It would be good to come over to Whitebank, even if it's only to visit my hub caps LOL.
  8. Law cup

    Now, now R34, calm down or you will be accused of being enthusiastic, and we don't want that now do we ha ha, good luck for the season mate (except in the Law Cup of course) you should go well with Crooky leading you around the meadow, he's a crafty kicker is the lad, and a bit of a points machine.
  9. Pre Season Friendly

    Sorry, thought I'd posted it, yes deffo gone to Barra, great player as we all know, will miss him.
  10. Pre Season Friendly

    Jono's definitely gone to Barrow by the looks of things, good signing for them if they can keep him on the field, likes his suspensions does Jono. See you in January and bring your snow shoes ha ha.
  11. Pre Season Friendly

    Jono's still in Oz, he is due back around the 11th December I think. there are rumours (as there always are) that he has signed for Barrah, but nothing has been confirmed by them, but he definitely has not re-signed for us. See you in January if the weather holds. LOL.
  12. New CEO?

    Adam left the club a short time ago, family still living in the midlands and wife just had a baby, think commute got to much for him and family life. Wish him all the best for the future.
  13. Pre Season Friendly

    Been announced by Hornets, pre season friendly against your lot, Sunday 21st January. Looking forward to it, you have signed some of my favorite players, Ryan Smith, Ste Roper, Bloomers, Woz Thompson and James Dandy. It should be a cracker, with us having signed a few from your club. Looking forward to your visit, and best of luck for the season. Kind Regards The Baron.

    Big Joe has signed Beat you to it Mick ha ha.
  15. First game-Whitehaven away.

    Oh no it won't, ask not for whom the bell toll's, it toll's for thee.