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  1. The Baron Mk11

    2019 season tickets

    Well the customer service representative (Doris) has confirmed to me by telephone today that the fixture list for Championship and Championship One will be out on the 25th with the caveat " unless something else happens between now and then" (her words). She then had to dash off, the tea was getting cold and one of the tea trolly wheels had developed a squeak.
  2. The Baron Mk11

    2019 season tickets

    I'm looking foolish here, I actually believed the customer service representative when she told me the 19th, of course the RFL are not known for moving the goal post's are they. think I will ring again and give them the benefit of my very sharp tounge, quick wit and repartee. They may be waiting on what is happening at Keighley or lack of happening nearer the truth.
  3. The Baron Mk11

    2019 squad.

    Not at all Steve, just questioning the logic of how an expression of concern undermines the club or work done for the club. Feel free and speak out my son.
  4. The Baron Mk11

    2019 squad.

    Hi Steve, got to take you to task over that one. I can't see what is wrong in a guy showing concern over his clubs spending. All Rugby League fans have concerns about the finances of their club, and a fan showing concern over wether or not his club is overspending in my opinion is ok. What happened to free speech, can't see how his opinion undermines the efforts of the last 16 months at your club. Don't know Gandalf, can't particularly remember any of his posts.
  5. The Baron Mk11

    2019 Squad and signings

    What relationship is Calland to Matt Calland, is it his son?
  6. The Baron Mk11

    Swinton squad news for 2019 season

    You've signed Mike Ratu as well.
  7. The Baron Mk11

    Mike Ratu

    Mike Ratu has signed for Swinton. The arn't half rubbing our noses in it this year.
  8. The Baron Mk11

    2019 squad.

    To say they are supposed to not have a pot to pi** in, they are signing some quality players.
  9. The Baron Mk11

    2019 season tickets

    Because Doris deserves her holiday, she's been pushing that tea trolly round red hall for the best part of 12 months without a days sickness or holiday, come on....she deserves the break.
  10. The Baron Mk11

    2019 season tickets

    Just spoke to a customer service representative at Red Hall, the 2019 fixture list for Championship (thats us) and Championship 1 (thats you) will be published on the 19th of November 2018 Good Luck Owdumb.
  11. The Baron Mk11

    2019 squad.

    Lewis Hatton signed for Swinton, someone from Swinton said "We haven't got a pot to wee in" mmmmmm.
  12. The Baron Mk11

    Jake Connor

    The first time Tommy Makinson played for us a couple of seasons ago on duel reg, it was against Owdumb at Sh*tebank, I remember clearly saying who's this effin winger, he's a liability. What I realise now is that he was to fast for our lads so it looked disjointed. But I will give the lad his due, the next weekend he volunteered to come and play for us saying he owed us a game, scored two great tries in that game, played for us a good few times that season, the guy is briliant. (eh, what do I know).
  13. The Baron Mk11

    2019 Squad and signings

    Not sure about the turning us down bit, but what I would say is Crookey is a hell of a nice guy, and hedoes have a good boot.
  14. The Baron Mk11

    2019 Squad and signings

    Crusaders appear to be building a good squad this term
  15. The Baron Mk11

    2019 squad.

    Hope they can fix his knee, he was still limping on Sunday when I saw him.