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  1. Wow, that's a full team plus one on the bench. Sing along with me (you know the tune) Hey Big Spender,,,, are Bower Fold going to get the rent this week, do dah do do do do.
  2. Thank you MR. I fear for your coach tonight, I was stood at the gate he came through to get to his seat in the stand behind us, he wasn't very complimentary coming down at half time, and he was even less complimentary going back up after half time. He wasn't talking about Hornets though, he was talking about the Oldham performance. He remained in his lofty seat at the back of the stand a good ten minutes after the teams had gone off the pitch at full time, deep in thought so it seemed, would not be surprised if there wasn't an announcement overnight. Hope he stays for your sake's.
  3. Hope so.
  4. Wear your plus fours and a monocle, no one will bat an eye lid.
  5. D.R

    Got a neck injury.
  6. There is a con club just a few yards down the road from the ground, set back with a car park, ale was quite good when we played Sheffield there. We couldn't find a traditional pub, all closed then turned into curry houses.
  7. Sammy Gee's to.
  8. Trigger's eight match ban has been overturned on appeal, I for one am very happy to hear this. He will be available against the Bronco's. Don't yet know the in's and out's but, hey, who cares, Trigger is back.
  9. Yes your right it is a soccer ground, can smoke when they play football apparently.
  10. I unfortunately have to admit I always find the stewards at your place a little over the top. They are not very polite, and some, verge on the aggressive. Might I respectfully suggest they take a trip over to Dewsbury and see how stewarding is done to perfection, polite, informative, professional and respectful. I don't understand why, when practically every other ground have made arrangements to cater for those who smoke, Oldham flatly refuse to make any concession for them.
  11. Even though we were soundly thrashed at your place yesterday I would just like to comment on your Stewards. Now stewarding is a thankless task, but yesterday I found your Stewards to be polite, informative and helpful. Well done. They deserve a pat on the back. As always the Ram's fans were terrific, lots of great banter and songs, just a shame we lost. Good luck for the rest of the season (except against us of course). Hornet Supporter.
  12. That wall is to close for football never mind Rugby League, I can't see you ever playing there again.
  13. Scored a 30/100 then a 35/100 and then 70/100 for your game. He has obviously had the proverbial boot up the backside that was very much needed.
  14. The members meeting scheduled for tonight has been re-arranged for the 29th at the same venue (Flying Horse) with a 7.00pm start.
  15. Brilliant...I've not seen Alan Kilshaw look as happy for a long time. The whole team deserved man of the match awards, and a special mention for Jo, what a try mate, absolutely fantastic. One of the best games I've watched all season. Come on the Nets.