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  1. has anyone got a job for steve mcnamara?

    I believe his position with his band is still open (Mcnamara's Band) oom pap pah oom pap pah that's how it goes, oom pap pah oom pap pah everyone knows. He couldn't coach a team of 5 year olds.
  2. Normanton at Featherstone

    It was a miracle anyone could catch or throw the ball in those conditions, I had long johns (tucked into socks) long sleeved t-shirt, shirt, fleece lined thick zip up cardigan, parka, scarf, hat and gloves, I couldn't hold my bovril at half time, never mind catch a rugby ball. Second half I couldn't feel my face or talk, just mumbled. So well done to the lads from both sides, the weather was a good leveller for Normanton and gave the fans something to shout about. I agree the language from the Normanton fans was abysmal, would you use that language in front of your own kids, well yes you did, morons.
  3. Normanton at Featherstone

    Weather is taking a turn for the worse, wonder if we will be on for tomorrow.
  4. Halifax in the Cup

    What a great little boozer it is to R34, great real ales on offer.
  5. Barrow win.

    We are all in shock DD.
  6. Codebrakers - BBC documentary

    What channel was it on, i would like to find and watch it on catch-up
  7. Members Meeting Rescheduled

    Thanks for that BH.
  8. Members Meeting Rescheduled

    If you have anything specific you want talking about you need to email the club to get it included on the agenda. We also usually get an email or tweet reminder, after all the time period between meetings is long and never consistent.
  9. Jack Johnson

    Best wishes go to Jack Johnson who will miss the rest of the season due to breaking his tibia and fibula in training. Thats real tough for the lad, hope your on the mend soon Jack.
  10. Members Meeting Rescheduled

    Apparently the members meeting for this Wednesday has been rescheduled for the 22nd March, 6.30pm for 7.00pm start at the Crown Oil Arena. That's good, I didn't know there was a members meeting this Wednesday.
  11. Ken Oldham

    Very sad news indeed HN. Kenny also ran the academy for a while, 100% a Hornets man. Deepest condolences to his wife Joan and family. RIP Kenny.
  12. Dewsbury

    Not yet Roger, but we live in hope.
  13. Rochdale Hornets Away

    Well we are on Sandy Lane........ Did you watch Barrow Vs Toronto.... ten minutes in couldn't tell who played for who. Against you on the 19th at 7.45pm PS We have 3 or 4 cm of snow this morning, I live about a half mile from the stadium.
  14. Dewsbury

    Dewsbury game pushed back to Monday 19th K.O. 7.45pm The lads will get a game at last. (watch it snow)
  15. Challenge Cup 2018 First Round

    Great win for the Mayfield boys, well done some great rugby played and deserved the 28 nil scoreline. Good Luck in the next round.