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  1. The Baron Mk11

    Gerbil RIP

    Any news of when the funeral is?
  2. The Baron Mk11

    Gerbil RIP

    R.I.P. Gerbil, many happy memories of away games with you, always last on the bus and first to sleep. Condolences to Pat and family.
  3. The Baron Mk11

    Killer to Leave.

    I would think it's back to Australia, he has a young family. and according to press reports has been approached by Aussie clubs. Pity really, If we had had the money I think he could have taken us a long way.
  4. The Baron Mk11

    Killer to Leave.

    Alan Kilshaw will be leaving the club by mutual consent at the end of the current campaign. Joint statement on the club website. Thank you for all your efforts Alan, we have had some great times over your tenure creating lots of memories. Thanks again and good luck for the future wherever this great game might take you. Brent Rawstron
  5. The Baron Mk11

    Danny Bridge - disciplinary

    Lets watch the video and see how much I'm hurting.
  6. The Baron Mk11

    Danny Bridge - disciplinary

    That high horse your on keeps getting higher.
  7. The Baron Mk11

    Danny Bridge - disciplinary

    You know what he means....players taken out off the ball is a regular occurence in all RL games, and if you havn't seen it...your facing the wrong way. Danny Bridge had a cracking disciplinary record ...up until this brain fart. End of. I'd call you sanctimonious if I could spell it.
  8. The Baron Mk11

    Danny Bridge

    Well I thought I did Dave, not being a tech wizard like your good self I don't know what I did LOL, but I got it here. Think you are doing a great job for the Roughyeds Dave, keep it up.
  9. The Baron Mk11

    Danny Bridge

    The lad's got a 9 month ban after pleading guilty to assaulting the referee. Pinched the clip from the Oldham site. If he had been a Super League player he would have had a Barrister and got off with 6 matches I'm sure.
  10. The Baron Mk11

    Sunday's Fun Train to Halifax.

    Cos there's to much up....and not enough down.
  11. The Baron Mk11

    New Board Member ?

    Have you ever seen any of our directors in the directors box? Yes Doug, I've seen him at a few of our home matches.
  12. The Baron Mk11

    Leigh fixture

    If England are in the final the fixture will be moved.
  13. The Baron Mk11

    New Board Member ?

    Andrew Kelly has put himself forward for the board, he no longer has anything to do with the board of the football club. Personally Doug, I think he can only be good for the club, intelligent guy with bags of business experience.
  14. The Baron Mk11

    Mark Wynn to Stand Down

    Well we know the position regarding Spotland, we have the remainder of a 25 year lease. The position regarding the coaching staff is an unknown, we don't know what is in Alan Kilshaws mind. The position regarding governance, when the exiting CEO made his statement he said "all rent is paid, all tax is paid". I suggest you go to the AGM on July 7th and ask the questions.
  15. The Baron Mk11

    Chris Hamilton going into hospital for heart surgery

    Had a lot of surgery myself over the past couple of years, it's no joke when they cancel your op, you get yourself all keyed up only to be let down usually at the last minute. He will just have to stay strong and hope it gets done on Monday. I agree with you R34, health is more important than anything, even Rugby, ha ha. If you read the forums Chris, Good Luck, and hope you are feeling better soon.