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  1. Membership is still open if any of you want to join. The statement that membership had closed was an error.
  2. Does anyone know when and where the funeral is going to be?
  3. Then if you are not a member, you have no right to know....simples.
  4. If you want, go on....knock yourself out LOL.
  5. I don't know whats happening with the duel reg players, but Forster doesn't seem able to communicate with our squad so talking to the men that make the decisions at Warrington is a loser straight away.
  6. Naw, it was a must win game....against Sheffield we haven't got a cat in hells chance with this team and coach. Did we have any duel Reg players on Friday?
  7. Time he went. I worried at the beginning of the season about all the players he was bringing from Whitehaven, they didn't do anything in league 1, so what made him think they could all step up and do it in the Championship. Think I have wasted my money on a season ticket. He plays himself far to often, he does not seem to have the ability to communicate with the team when he's on the pitch and when he is on the sideline he just stands there with his hands on his hips like an oversized teapot. Do us all a favour, do the honourable thing, fall on your sword. If he told me to F.Off, I would be banging on the clubs front door demanding an apology.
  8. Don't forget the meeting at The Flying Horse tonight 6.30 for 7.00pm start.
  9. Unusual for Leigh Sports Village, but the stewards were uncommonly polite on Sunday.
  10. How many of the Leigh team are full time?
  11. What...me personally, you better prove that big ears.
  12. Forcing supporters to pay over inflated prices, yes Leigh, that's the way to go, but not for me.
  13. Don't matter Mick, according to League Weekly we are away at Thatto Heath, I'm sticking to league Express from now on.
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