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  1. It really is wonderful stuff. It doesn’t seem quite real yet. My first games were as a small child in the nineties at Sheddings, followed by the Super League days at Boundary Park, all core memory stuff. I’ve not been able to go to lots of games in the years since, especially since moving out of the borough, but I've managed a handful a season in the last few years. The change of ownership and the move back to BP is huge for the club and sport in the town. It’s a world away from where it was just 10 months ago. If attendances can nudge above 1000 consistently (which is very achievable IMO) there’s no reason we can’t be a solid Championship team within 3 years or so.
  2. £25k grant for the Melrose training ground. A groundshare at Boundary Park with a new £1m hybrid pitch, starting next season. New ownership with Mike Ford leading. Quite the month! Up the ‘yeds!!!
  3. “No chance” Fantastic news. Sport in Oldham moving into the 21st century.
  4. A hybrid pitch like York’s would be the obvious choice, I’d have thought.
  5. OL14.yeds


    New pitch going down at BP this summer.
  6. More good work from the club off the field. Hopefully is a success. How it can be seen as a negative is beyond me.
  7. Yep, sold out before the day. Wish I hadn’t have bothered like..
  8. We were masters of our own downfall with too many handling errors in attacking positions. Restall and Hewitt stood out, but our defence looked far too weak, especially on that left edge again. And after Rochdale went down to 12 men it only looked like one side were going to win it. Very frustrating.
  9. Looking forward to Rochdale vs Oldham, and a lot of people are predicting a close one. Admission limited to 920 due to ‘operating issues’ at Spotland, but hopefully plenty of yeds will be making the short trip.
  10. Buying tickets is easy enough online. And you get an E-ticket you can either show at the turnstile on your phone or print off at home.
  11. It’s a really strange situation, however, do you think it’s a case of Hornets not wanting publicly disclose an on going disagreement with the football club (and “washing their dirty laundry in public”, if you like), to prevent any further discourse between the two clubs?
  12. What’s the reasoning for the capacity limited? A issue with Rochdale FC?
  13. A definite improvement from the season opener, however it felt a bit like a loss after throwing away an 18 point lead. First half we capitalised on Hunslet’s errors and Ridyard’s kicking in the windy conditions caused them real issues. The lads ran hard and linked up nicely at times, Hewitt taking his try well after a nice move. Second half we defended our edges poorly and made life easy for their backs, especially down their right side. We could have lost the game if it wasn’t for their missed conversions, however by the same measure we could have won it with two late field goal attempts, the strong head-wind made these even more difficult. Plenty of Yeds in attendance and some good noise from the travelling fans. Andrade missed out due to a concussion from the previous week.
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