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  1. Class players could do even when they could steal the ball, and do you mean finding the floor quicker than they already do, FFS what ball players did in the past was stay on their feet so they could promote the ball.
  2. Again with the defensive structures in today's game how does Conner do it ? the only reason it's been coached out of the game is the obsession and fear of losing possession.
  3. Coaches bought them because they could, every team had a couple.
  4. Ask Big Jim Mills and his kind what they would.
  5. Would today's player last 80 minutes back in those days and wouldn't be today's players with the strength and conditioning playing against today's players with the same strength and conditioning.
  6. Why do the NRL players like the British style when they come here to play.
  7. I beg to differ, I find the game today more biff bash and stereotype than it was.
  8. I'm sure back in the day we had more forwards capable of throwing the ball around in the tackle, James Graham has made a living out of it in the NRL
  9. So ball stealing would enhance players ability to off load under pressure and in turn would bring more excitement into the game. Do you remember when and why they changed the law on ball stealing.
  10. One way is boring the other gets the crowds on their toes in anticipation.
  11. Just a thought, how comes Jake Conner seems to be getting the ball out reminiscent of the three I mentioned
  12. Not all changes have been for the better of the game.
  13. Defensive techniques would have to change yet again to subdue the change and the defensive part of our game can be as pleasing as the attacking part in fact the attacking part of the game today has become to predictable and so sterile.
  14. I'm sure the players would adapt and the skills of Knocker Norton, Harry Pinner and Mal Reilly may just reappear.
  15. I've seen Cutsyke a few times because they have a couple who turn out for us in the winter, they've always seemed to have the numbers, I wonder if they have had a function on.
  16. I thought Cutsyke was in a good position regarding Player numbers.
  17. Shame Goole couldn't get young Tink Taylor from the Union club, he is a cracking League player.
  18. The teams at every game I've been to this season have had a full compliment of players.
  19. I played in a team full of them including his cousin and against many, Including his dad, both could play a bit as well, as professionals go the game was full of them before it got sterile.
  20. He'd make the top 20 in the grubbiest players
  21. How did the Lock Lane number 11 (Alex Palmer) go he was our Captain 2 years ago.
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