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  1. Who's next to join our ranks?

    I think Bristol are lined up for next season, I do not see the benefit in a Manchester team when you have Salford, Oldham, Rochdale, Swindon and Leigh on their doorstep?? When I win the Euromillions tomorrow, I am taking my chequebook to Bootham Crescent and unleashing York's potential
  2. Hope you enjoy your day, it is cracking the flags up here (in between the smog)
  3. I'll just have to stay in Vegas that little bit longer if it gets cancelled 😛
  4. I have heard they have specialist medical shops that may assist
  5. After the dross that my club is serving up this year, this will be some very light relief (albeit at altitude ;-) )
  6. My flights and tickets booked for this game, canny wait
  7. Bradford Bulls.

    As a former junior bull under the stewardship on Mr Noble and a young pottsy, I hope this is the year Bradford finally get back on their feet and back where they belong
  8. Taking a team of U'15's to Czech Republic to play Beroun Black Panthers XIII back in 2008
  9. Well I get a free ticket to the pie dome for the return fixture, all is forgiven
  10. Got to love it

    Register him and let him play, the guy is box office and we have very few players currently in League who can entertain like him
  11. Today in Europe

    Loving the smoke bombs at the Bulgarian game
  12. Academy league set to unravel

    But surely it is the job of these "small clubs" to find the revenue streams to compete with the "big clubs", my own club included. If you can't afford to spend the full cap and an academy set-up then make way for someone who can
  13. Widnes are in trouble

    But if Castleford can attract higher quality players, why can't Widnes?
  14. They don't like outsiders round fryston way, mongrels.