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  1. Viking Ste


    Inu has signed for 2019
  2. Have heard that Andrew Henderson is to be the next Widnes head coach this week. Pleased if this is true
  3. Viking Ste

    Manly owners looking at New York

    They should probably have a look at sorting Manly out before thinking of NYC
  4. Viking Ste

    Jon Wilkin leaving Saints

    Player/coach at Widnes
  5. What an amazing experience, I am quite hoarse from explaining the rules to all those around me. It was a surreal experience and one which we should start building on immediately to keep the interest alive. You’re lucky to be back in your motel, I have another 2 hours to wait for my flight to Vegas
  6. Viking Ste

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales Sorry, I can’t insert the image from my phone
  7. Viking Ste

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Although I have just seen a billboard for the game and got overly excited
  8. Viking Ste

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Just touched down in Denver, not much of a buzz so far 😎
  9. Viking Ste


    I'm glad I backed West Wales +146 on my accumulator!!
  10. Viking Ste

    Who's next to join our ranks?

    I think Bristol are lined up for next season, I do not see the benefit in a Manchester team when you have Salford, Oldham, Rochdale, Swindon and Leigh on their doorstep?? When I win the Euromillions tomorrow, I am taking my chequebook to Bootham Crescent and unleashing York's potential
  11. Hope you enjoy your day, it is cracking the flags up here (in between the smog)
  12. I'll just have to stay in Vegas that little bit longer if it gets cancelled 😛
  13. I have heard they have specialist medical shops that may assist
  14. After the dross that my club is serving up this year, this will be some very light relief (albeit at altitude ;-) )
  15. My flights and tickets booked for this game, canny wait