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  1. Well I get a free ticket to the pie dome for the return fixture, all is forgiven
  2. Register him and let him play, the guy is box office and we have very few players currently in League who can entertain like him
  3. Loving the smoke bombs at the Bulgarian game
  4. How good is this? It is so refreshing to hear views on domestic and international matters, opinions of a variety of knowledgeable, well spoken personalities. I'd pay to watch this every week, more so than the claptrap we are served up by SKY
  5. But surely it is the job of these "small clubs" to find the revenue streams to compete with the "big clubs", my own club included. If you can't afford to spend the full cap and an academy set-up then make way for someone who can
  6. But if Castleford can attract higher quality players, why can't Widnes?
  7. They don't like outsiders round fryston way, mongrels.
  8. Widnes v Warrington today @ 3pm. I seriously cannot galvanise myself to go.
  9. Fev will do well to top the Championship
  10. Why oh why does Dr. Brookes insist on wearing the shorts and socks of the team he is with? It's always puzzled me.
  11. One for my pie eating friends, Wigan Warrior running in the 3:10 @ Doncaster this afternoon You're welcome
  12. One would assume that they are still on a bonus for at least reaching the final, with extra incentives to win it.
  13. I believe she is in charge of the production (graphics etc), they look incredible cheap and 90's compared to the football, cricket, golf shown on SKY
  14. Imagine being the head of a marketing department with practically zero budget to market events? Poor guy!
  15. Can honestly say, I've always admired him as a player, definitely in the top 10 Super League era centres