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  1. No, not at all. I do understand it. They're Australian-Samoan. Congratulations to them, they live in a great country and have an interesting cultural background. They are entirely free to play for Samoa, or Australia, I do not have any problem with that in the slightest (albeit I'd prefer a 1 nation policy for life like other sports use). And, yes, McQueen is Anglo-Australian. But that doesn't seem to have meant anything to him in the past. Not in 2009 when making his professional debut, nor 2014 when playing for Queensland, nor even 2015 when playing for the Australian PMs XIII. I find it distasteful that he suddenly wants to play for England now, after all this time, and simply because he can't get a game for Australia. He clearly sees himself as an Australian, I don't want him to pretend to represent me and my national team.
  2. It's really not that complicated. The sport has decided to use heritage/residency qualifications - just like almost every sport does - so these players are eligible to play. If Ireland / Samoa / ANOther decide to pick an entire 17 of Australians then that's their decision. As long as they meet the criteria, and the people of those countries are fine with the team's composition, then I have no problem with it whatsoever. But that doesn't mean I want to see England picking those players. It might be different if the player involved was 20 years old and committing his entire international career to England, but that clearly isn't the case. McQueen and Heighington are both old men, only interested because they can't get a game for the Aussies. It's possible to recognise that those are the rules and other teams are free to follow them, and at the same time not want your own country to go down that route.
  3. You do realise both the Tories and LibDems are looking for at least a hundred candidates each, don't you? Of course you do, because you're following this story closely. Not just reading bits and pieces from Guido.
  4. This is the point that John Curtice keeps coming back to re a potential Tory landslide. Apparently there are more safe seats than ever before, suggesting Labour could be smashed to smithereens in lots of swing seats but still emerge with a sizeable number of MPs (likewise if the shoe was on the Tory foot) because of that solid base. The massive poll lead is national but doesn't reflect the local situations.
  5. A very tight constituency for me, Rupa Huq has a majority of 274. She's a decent MP but I think she's going to get caught up in the mess that Corbyn has created. The Tories won't pick up many Ukip votes, 'cos there weren't many anyway, but they might well get some floaters who are scared by Corbyn. If the Lib Dems and Greens go for Huq she has a chance to hang on, but if they don't she's in trouble. Her best shot is probably to go all out on opposing Brexit and saving the local hospital which is being closed.
  6. I like that the EU continually announce new conditions on our potential exit deal, it shows an experienced negotiating team with an agreed starting point and a list of things they can keep or trade away as and when they need to. Just days after insisting, again, that EU clearing will have to leave London (taking thousands of jobs with it) they then leak that they want the UK to pay for the relocation expenses, just to add another point to the negotiations. It'll be dropped eventually, no doubt, but only in exchange for something of ours. Seeing as we don't have an awful lot to negotiate away to begin with....
  7. More likely she wants to keep getting her name, and the SNP, in the papers down here in order to bring attention to the myth of a Labour/SNP coalition which both she and the Tories push. It scares the hell out of a certain type of English voter and leads to them electing a Tory government, which suits both Tories and SNP. Even with Labour categorically denying it on the very first day of campaigning it's just going to run and run for the next 7 weeks.
  8. I have a horrible feeling this could be the reason Unite have suspended Gerard Coyne. Keeping Len in office, even for just a day or two longer, means his reps continue to sit on the NEC until the candidates are selected.
  9. Even Jezza couldn't be that stupid. Could he?
  10. As if by magic....Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson has stepped forward to stand in Liverpool Walton, where Steve Rotheram is leaving to stand for election as the newly created Mayor of Liverpool City Region. There won't be much room for Momentum-ites to get Labour nominations - it'll largely be solid, dependable local figures taking one for the team - although undoubtedly the odd one or two blowhards will find a way to cause a scene.
  11. Unfortunately it's already been overshadowed by conflicting answers to questions over a second EU referendum.
  12. He might not be able to, but I am....
  13. They also need to find candidates for the constituencies they don't hold. First dibs was offered to candidates from 2015, apparently with a 3-way split between those accepting, those considering, and those rejecting the opportunity to be sacrificial lambs. Deadline of 6pm today for them (and sitting MPs) to decide. The most like scenario is that replacement candidates will come from the ranks of councillors & MEPs. I think the aim is to have it sorted by the weekend and the NEC, via regional committees, will be leading the process rather than the constituency parties. Pretty sure in most cases this will lessen the chance of gobsworth Momentum types getting a shot.
  14. Go on then, explain how I've been abusive.
  15. No-one forces you to sign up to this forum, time after time, ban after ban, wittering on and on with your usual thread-derailing nonsense and RU propaganda. There are other sites you can choose to frequent, if this one is so beneath you.