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  1. Only got Smith and Abdul - and one of those is out with concussion (despite the RFL insisting there was no contact with the head) - and so we've got our best hooker playing at half back. We've had nothing from the schoolboy referees all season, but we should be used to that because it's always been the same for London. For me, it's too many silly mistakes. Knocking on at the first tackle, getting pushed out of play, silly things that gift our opponents the ball. We do all the hard work to get into a position to win a game and then throw it away. That's what's annoying me, not the losing bit.
  2. It's reminding me when I hardly ever listen to the local commentaries.
  3. https://twitter.com/maiders11/status/1118980982059749376 The hit on Abdull
  4. The size difference was remarkable, and that was before Kasiano entered the field. Every set Catalans made big metres, just wearing the Broncos down. The Broncos always go wide because they simply don't have the size to go down the middle. The result seemed inevitable, even in the first half when both teams had chances, London need every single player to be playing at the top of his game to stand a chance against even the weakest SL teams. If Hughes wants anything other than relegation then he needs to add some size to this team. As to the incident on Abdull - it was right in front of me, I had a perfect view of it. The hit from Moa was late, it was deliberately aimed at the head, and it was against a defenceless man. A cowardly attack. What's worse is that the ref wasn't going to do anything about it at all, he only got involved because Pelissier went after Moa and he was forced to stop the game. None of the touchies did anything, as usual, they seem to exist simply to run up and down the wing. And when the ref was forced to get involved he bottled it, giving a yellow card each way. Even then Bird and Tomkins were in his ear. Moa needs to be banned, but that doesn't help London who really missed Abdull last night and will probably continue to for a few weeks yet.
  5. London desperately need a win here, it's been a poor few weeks results-wise. I must admit I'm worried about the sheer size of Catalans driving them through, but this Broncos team has heart and guts.
  6. Broncos numbers will dip this week unfortunately. Getting to Ealing on a Thursday night is impossible for some of the more remote fans. And the club, as usual, have done nothing to tell the world the game is taking place. I'll be surprised if it exceeds 1,200 tomorrow night.
  7. Lebanon would really benefit from hosting an international tournament. With such a strong foundation already in place it could really propel the game forward there.
  8. On the main question of moving a game to a big stadium... I'd just point out that the Broncos are still operating as a Championship club. They have five full time non-football staff - a CEO, Football Admin, Player Welfare, Media Manager, and a Ticketing, Retail and Hospitality Manager. Throw in some part-timers (Mrs Ward runs the club shop on a match day) and that's your lot. Everything else comes via the staff at Trailfinders. To organise a game away from Trailfinders would require the kind of investment the club simply can't afford at this point in time. We're five continuous years of SL away from reaching the kind of structure that established clubs enjoy. Talk of moving games is great, but it would require an outside agency to do it and the risk is probably too great for the club to bear at this point.
  9. Seriously, every post you make about the Broncos is wrong. That's not meant as a pop at you, but you just don't know the club and its history - and I wouldn't expect you to, not living here or supporting the club. The club has never been a big draw for expat ANZACS and northerners. The start of the SL era was a big deal. The press (particularly Murdoch-owned) got behind it and promoted it. There were things going on at games, the build up was on the sports pages, it looked and smelled like an event. Going to games felt like a big deal. And people attended games. But the club couldn't find a settled home and kept moving, losing support each time and effectively starting from scratch with each relocation. Then the ownership changed from the hardworking Barry Maranta who searched high and low for ways to promote the club, to the distant showmanship of Richard Branson. The latter, as I told you on a recent thread, was only involved to promote his new Australian airline but thereafter rarely turned up, thought all he had to do was stick a team on the pitch and signal his own involvement and people would flock to games. Didn't work. Above all else, the Broncos need a settled home. Everything else can be built on top of that.
  10. I'm serious. I'd love to know what marketing activities the club has been engaged in.
  11. ? Go on then, hit me with it, what have they been doing? I could do with a good laugh.
  12. Actually, no. Branson only got involved in the first place because he was launching an airline in Australia and it coincided with the old World Club Championship. It gained his new airline a lot of publicity, much much more than he could have bought for a similar sum spent on conventional advertising. Once that tournament (which was something of a disaster anyway) died, when the Aussie game re-united and had other things to focus on, he lost interest almost completely. Stuck around for another couple of years but never turned up to games outside of the Challenge Cup final. Either way, it turned out he didn't know how to run a sports club, or show much interest in learning either. It was simply "put a team on the field, do a few interviews for Sky, and people will roll in" - which is essentially what the club has done ever since. Didn't work then, doesn't work now.
  13. England won't be playing a game until 2020.
  14. Hull were deserved winners - too big and too strong for us. Not a huge amount of skill on display from them but a very powerful team with a lot of damaging runners. And a couple of horrible tries conceded by London in the second half - the Kelly one in particular was awful in several ways - made it very difficult for us. But...this Broncos team never, ever gives in and fights to the end. We also move the ball very well in attacking positions and despite being outplayed overall we still could have nicked it at the end. Big game next week, unfortunately one I'm going to miss.
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