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  1. Yeah, those insidious Jews. Forming conspiracies, controlling the media.
  2. The future of RL's TV rights

    At this point in every TV contract cycle this forum is inundated with posters who are absolutely certain that Sky are going to offer us peanuts for the next contract and the sport is going bust as a result. They always have comments from an unnamed RL club chairman to back it up, and he's always a good bloke who never usually gossips. And yet, like John Bateman playing at centre, it never comes to pass.
  3. For many on the right Muslims have replaced blacks and Jews as the threat that needs to be dealt with.
  4. I believe the RLPA gets the bulk of its funding from the NRL - something like $100,000 per team towards the RLPA's admin costs. The RLPA also runs the NRL-funded player retirement fund. That might have something to do with it.
  5. Our new position in the EU

    Me too. I'm re-training as we speak. Back up plans and all that.
  6. Mueller has subpoenaed the Trump Organisation demanding any and all documents relating to dealings with Russia. A big step, and one he wouldn't be taking if he didn't already have evidence in hand. And Don Jr has been served with divorce papers, meaning his soon to be ex-wife will be fair game for any investigation and could be forced to testify once spousal privilege has gone. We're approaching the end game, folks.
  7. The TWP Effect

    Londoner born and bred, seen many people fall in - and then out - of love with the Broncos, and this really isn't an issue. Or, it's way down the list if it is. There are far more pressing things to do with the way the club has historically been run.
  8. The TWP Effect

    They've won - and then lost - so many fans over the years it's ridiculous. Being in SL would obviously help, but the only chance of winning some of those people back is if, and only if, they can demonstrate a genuine and permanent change in attitude and performance off the field. I've started going again after a few years away, mainly because they play up the road form me and I was missing live RL. There have been some minor improvements off the field, but in truth the same old failings are largely still there.
  9. Gareth O’Brien off to Toronto

    Stop trolling the Canadians.
  10. Gareth O’Brien off to Toronto

    It's very rare in North American sport for players to play for the city they grew up in, or the team they supported. As a Leafs fan I've had 18 months of hearing people talk about John Tavares coming off contract and maybe moving home to play for Toronto. Before that it was Stamkos, before that it was someone else. It's a talking point because it's so rare.
  11. Gareth O’Brien off to Toronto

    Really? From the outside all Koukash seemed to do was sign aging players on ridiculous contracts, fall out with almost everyone who interacted with him, throw around lots of promises, insult anyone who didn't kowtow to him, and then leave the club with an uncertain ownership structure and a huge debt. That doesn't sound like a "valiant effort" to me. And now we're supposed to walk away from the City of Salford, and surrounding areas, and what, just leave it to the likes of Sale Sharks? Is it any wonder that RL has become so completely ghettoised when people who profess to love the game give up on it so easily?
  12. Auckland RL Going Semi-Pro

    From memory - and it's a long time since I read any of this - I think the ARL still own the site, or at least retain a share in it, so have an ongoing income from the development.
  13. Eddie Hearn ' Monitoring RL'

    Jesus, I'd just leave a channel like that running continually in the background. My Mrs would have a fit.
  14. The Hearns would absolutely take Rimmer to the cleaners.
  15. Really? I thought the sin binning was a little harsh, but more than compensated by the leniency shown towards their laying on at the play the ball and the continual offsides. Excellent performance from London today, right across the pitch, and a good atmosphere (especially considering the open nature of the ground). Toronto looked better last season in the cup tbh, disjointed and lacking leadership today.