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  1. I had heard BT were looking at the NRL rights, but that was only a rumour tbh.
  2. Good God I hope not! Where on earth do the RFL think they're going to find the players of a suitable standard to make a 16 team league workable? The gap in standards between top and bottom would be horrific.
  3. The cost of cancelling Student Loans is actually pretty small - the government recoups about £1.8Billion p/a in re-payments, so that's what they'd be forgoing. It's not like they'd be suddenly writing out a cheque for £100B the day after cancelling those debts.
  4. For many years Hemel were the flagship for community clubs outside the heartlands. A couple of open age teams, age groups, local schools playing RL, plus feeder teams within the town that fed directly into the parent club. Little of that remains, presumably because of loss of RFL development staff and Heme's own focus switching to maintaining the L1 side. Got to feel for Bob Brown, who's been the driving force behind that club since the get go.
  5. Been said before but every rule change is aimed at elite sportsmen, and enticing paying spectators. Expecting working men and women to do the same on their days off work is just silly tbh. The NCL, as the elite end of the community game, could continue with the same rules as the pros if they really wanted to, but I don't see any reason to expect teams below that level to do likewise. 5 metres seems like a logical change. How about unlimited interchanges? Or 4x20 minute quarters?
  6. Nice kit. It's a god colour combo to work with, for a start, and a chevron always goes down nicely.
  7. Good pace out wide, some size up front, a couple of decent hookers, good mix of youth and experience...the only thing that stands out is the lack of real top flight halves. They've got a wily old coach too. I hope they do well. Assuming the Jahrome Hughes situation comes down to him being able to prove the link, otherwise he'd certainly be on this list.
  8. But it is a "little garden shed" just like the ones found at Homebase. And they'll absolutely need more turnstiles for bigger crowds. The dugouts can easily be moved to the other side, with the loss of 20 or so seats at the front of the main stand, and the scoreboard to a corner position. The obstruction to a new small stand, as I said very clearly first time round, is the 2nd pitch.
  9. Cushing I can understand, but Hurt bugs me no end. He was quite clearly a fully fledged incarnation of The Dr, at a vital time for the character - pretty much every storyline since the re-boot has reflected in some way the events of John Hurt's Dr. The Day of The Dr, a huge story in the entire catalogue of Dr Who, was all about The Dr coming to terms with his 9th incarnation. The numbering needs to be changed.
  10. Yeah, they've got a little garden shed for ticket collections /purchases, and two turnstiles next to it. There's always a queue s they'd have to double that if promotion came calling. A club Broncos size could, at a real pinch, get away with using Trailfinders in SL with the addition of a smallish terraced stand running the length of the pitch opposite the clubhouse/main stand. However, the recently laid 2nd pitch tapers towards the main pitch so any new stand there would only run 2/3 of the length. A new stand behind the eastern goal line would be possible I suppose but it wouldn't hold many.
  11. We're not including John Hurt (or Peter Cushing for that matter) in the list then?
  12. Cheerful soul, aren't you?
  13. Well, yes, obviously. But that wasn't the point, I was asking about the money the council had previously offered towards the stadium.
  14. Isn't there also £2million from the council to add to the pot?
  15. The same has happened to every team sport in the country.