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  1. I wouldn't worry, this year's tour is going to lose so much money they'll drop the whole thing forever.
  2. I don't think anyone believes there were 3,600 at the union game.
  3. The heartland clubs will do everything to save themselves at the expense of those from other areas. And then a few months later, when one of them is in financial trouble again, we'll hear some nonsense about "the RL family" as they pass the begging bowl.
  4. I was hoping it would be a bear in a duffle coat.
  5. Broncos to run rampant and demolish Sts aura of invincibility.
  6. The Duke of Kent and the Drayton Court are good pubs, with big gardens. The former is closer, but both are within walking distance of the ground.
  7. No, it wasn't. The Millennium Stadium approached the RFL and suggested the event and (I think alongside the Welsh Government) paid a hosting fee. After a couple of years fans started complaining about the price of hotels, etc and the RFL decided to relocate it.
  8. Agree with your last point, but that's the format the clubs have insisted on for whatever reasons. But I do think the window opens far too early. Even just a month's delay would improve things, and not impact the players' options because all the clubs would still be starting from the same date.
  9. Danny Ward and Ian Watson have now asked for the date of this to change, to give their clubs a better chance of retaining players. As it stands, London have already lost players for next season and had others turn down contract offers - and who can blame the players? They've worked for years to get to SL and have now been able to show they have something to offer at that level. Now, with Broncos position for next season still uncertain, they're being given the opportunity to secure their futures and their incomes - something London cannot offer them just yet. And so, after all that effort to reach SL, London are now guaranteed to lose some of their best players and face two possibilities in 2020 - rebuilding their team in SL, or rebuilding it in the Championship. Doing the former means the club will be guaranteed to be in a relegation fight again, doing the latter means it will be very late in the day to recruit a team capable of winning promotion. Either way, the club is disadvantaged by its own success. I just can't see any justification for having the window open so early. We seem determined to put obstacles in the way of teams being able to build and develop.
  10. I was about to post the same. Everyone I know seems to be knocking out kids at the minute, and none of the baptisms have been like the OP describes. They do tend to have 2 or 3 families taking part at the same mass, that's true, but that mainly seems to be an efficiency measure. As to a wider trend, I'm not a regular church-goer so can't say for certain but others that do go report full churches. Partly that's down to immigration, partly a desire to get kids into Catholic schools, and partly that a Catholic mass is a cool place to hang out*. At a baptism recently I was told that particular south London church has mass 5 times on a weekend - all standing room only. Obviously that's not the same everywhere. *one of these may not be true.
  11. The last time Labour won a sustainable majority without Blair (and co) was 1966. Damn that electorate!
  12. Maybe someone should ask Corbyn who he voted for in the 2000 London Mayoral election - Frank Dobson or Ken Livingstone?
  13. Interesting you feel that way about Campbell. How do you feel about the likes of Seamus Milne and Andrew Murray holding positions of power within the party?
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