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  1. Toronto

    Toronto have been given the standard welcome from some northern RL fans. London had it for 30 years, it's only now they're no threat, and there's another target, that the animosity has died down. When Toronto fans speak up for themselves they're told to shut up, keep their heads down and be thankful they're being allowed to play the game in the first place. Some sections of RL are genuinely antagonistic to outsiders. It's like a cult at times, and there's good chance they'll end up with what they desire - a game played and watched only by the pure.
  2. Toronto

    I'm not a Toronto fan mate. I'm a Rugby League fan who's sick and tired of watching the game regress year after year. This isn't your sport, btw, it's for everyone. But that attitude you've so perfectly encapsulated is the sole reason the game is in a dead end and facing irrelevance. Enjoy it when you achieve it though, and don't come complaining that the game is ignored and belittled.
  3. Toronto

    Every single post of yours on this forum is some bitchy comment about Toronto or the people involved with the club - and they almost invariably end up proven to be false. Either someone is feeding you BS or you're just making it up yourself. Either way, I feel a bit sorry for you. Actually, editing this to say I don't feel sorry for you. Toronto have been a breath of fresh air in a stale sport that is being dragged backwards into a dead end by people like yourself. You've got an axe to grind, I get that, but without new clubs and new investors and new fans and new players RL in England is on a path to sporting irrelevance. A feeder for the NRL and union, and a cosy little game played in a handful of towns. Admired, after a fashion, but ultimately ignored and ignorable. It seems to me that the likes of Toronto and Toulouse are our last best hope of preventing that.
  4. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    I love Cornwall, went many times as kid and I was in Truro last year, but it's just not a strategic location for us. AFAIK the plan is to play only 6 games outside of the heartlands. We need at least 2 of those in London, we're doing lots of work in Newcastle so that's a shout, got to have the midlands somewhere. Add the promises made re attendances and the profits we need to generate, and I just don't see the justification for Cornwall. And if France gets to host 3 group games then all bets are off for the remaining 3 non-heartland games.
  5. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    Agree with this. No offence to the Cornish but, if we're only playing a handful of games outside the north, we can't afford to waste one in Cornwall.
  6. You've outlined the problem neatly enough. The dozen or so smaller SL and bigger Championship clubs would form a cracking and very competitive league, but they're outgunned by the bigger SL clubs and too big for the smaller Ch/L1 clubs. If I'm being honest I think the only hope we have of creating a genuinely elite competition, where a dozen big clubs can push the game forward at the very top end, is that teams like Toronto and Toulouse (and one or two others - most likely from France or North America) can make their way into SL and mix it with with the big boys. The alternative - franchising / P&R / Middle 8s - with the current clubs is just fiddling without solving the main problem. I love RL but I'm concerned that too many within the game are content to see it drift into mediocrity or, worse, a sporting irrelevance.
  7. God knows how some of the leavers are going to feel in 10-15 years time when we re-join the EU but lose out opt-outs and have to accept the Euro as part of the package.
  8. It is extraordinarily difficult to remove a President, deliberately so. But in truth the Democrats don't actually need to remove him. Win the midterms, take both houses, and he's neutered. Do exactly what the Republicans did to Obama and continually block him for the next 3 years, and he'll be outraged in a way very few other people would. Add to that the very real possibility of prison time for people around him - including some family members. Soon enough he'll get bored and walk away. Then do the same to his replacement until 2020.
  9. Hold a second referendum now and it's a close-run thing, hold it 5 years from now and it's a dead cert Remain win. That's why it's being discussed now.
  10. Michael Carter / TV deal etc (Merged threads)

    IIRC this was a point of some annoyance to some of the clubs when the new Sky contract was announced - that the RFL wasn't keen on explaining the sums in detail. Of course, some of the clubs just saw the down payment and agreed to the deal there and then.
  11. Reserve and Academy teams

    Well, lots of the players currently playing Championship / League 1 have been released by SL Academies. If SL clubs kept them on instead, where would the CH/L1 clubs recruit from? They'd dip into the community clubs. Or would the SL clubs only keep 4-5 additional players, and then pad the reserve team out with lads from community clubs? In which case the standard won't be too high and the ones they want to keep and develop would be better off playing Ch/L1. It's a question of resources. Are those players aged 19-21 better off playing reserves or championship rugby?
  12. Reserve and Academy teams

    I see the development value in retaining players once they've graduated from the Academy, and keeping them in-house too, but the question I'd ask is if there is the quality (and quantity) to sustain reserve teams, as well as championship and league 1 teams? Don't we run the risk of simply diluting the playing pool even further, and even taking players out of the community game?
  13. Leigh fans, like their owner, really don't do themselves any favours.
  14. Really? And her successes over the years would be?
  15. League Restructure 2019

    London received a 10% uplift in the salary cap, when in SL, to go someway to reflect the cost of living differences. I don't think they still do, mind you I don't think they pay the full cap anymore.