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  1. Trump gave the speech of a fascist. Quite chilling tbh.
  2. The latter, temporarily. Given the slightest opportunity they'll be back, and as loud as ever.
  3. Corbyn's morons have spent 2 years calling for Hunt to be de-selected, today they're slagging him off for resigning. There are areas on which Hunt and I would disagree, but he's a fearsomely intelligent man and genuinely entered politics to do good. Let's look at the situation he faces: he's got many options out in the real world, he's got a young family, he's got a seat that is being abolished, he's got a party being driven into the ground by the cabal of f*ckwits currently in charge, and it's blindingly obvious that the Tories are going to be in power for at least another decade. It's a crying shame for Labour (and IMO the country at large) but I can't blame Hunt in the slightest for wanting to leave. I doubt he'll be the last, either.
  4. It's a new club, it should start off in Championship 1.
  5. I agree with your posts on this issue. Instead of drawing in hundreds of kids who everyone knows will never make the grade, take in the ones most likely and put them in an environment where they are playing with the best, coached by the best, using the best facilities and hot house them. You'll get better results. Leave the other kids to just play the game they enjoy. I'd add an academy based in London, with players drawn from across the RLEF. Run along the same lines as you've previously outlined. The problem, obviously, is the clubs who already produce players won't want to lose control of that. You can understand their point of view, because at the moment they cherry pick the best youngsters from across the game, but the changes would (IMO) be in the wider interests of the game.
  6. Well he spent a season playing for Coventry Bears a few years back...
  7. Clueless and condescending at the same time. Go take a look at the article on Tyrone Rowe. The guy works a couple of days a week in a funeral parlour and lives in a ghetto. Pretty sure he'd take a contract, even a part-time one, playing RL in England. As would lots of those players, even for the outside shot that another club would come in for them at a later date.
  8. Trump's just nominated David Friedman as the new ambassador to Israel. He opposes a two state solution, wants the whole of Jerusalem for Israel, has funded illegal settlements and wants to build more. He also just happens to be another fan of Putin. This is not going to end well. For any of us.
  9. That's what makes it all so awful. This government is strictly B Team, some of them barely that, and yet Labour is just a mess. So many open goals, from the EU to NHS, to social care to prisons to even halfway decent opposition would be a comfortable 20 points ahead in the polls by now.
  10. Honest to god, he couldn't be doing a better job of destroying the Labour Party if he was a Tory plant.
  11. The idea that we need to protect our negotiating position is ludicrous. We simply don't have one. Once the serious discussions start we'll agree to whatever the EU throws at us, you know why? Because they have all the aces. We need them far more than they need us, and everyone (bar the brexiteers) knows it. If I hear one more person say "German sells us lots of cars, they'll want a good deal" I'll scream. If Germany gets its way, which is likely, a good percentage of the companies currently based in London will be off to Frankfurt. Do you honestly think anyone in the EU will accept their financial centre being in a country outside their borders? If just a fraction of those financial firms move the ability to sell German cars becomes irrelevant. Think it won't happen? Firms are already making plans for it. Never mind going out to play with broken bats, we don't even have a team.
  12. Different topic, as you're well aware.
  13. I think Walker's an idiot but she didn't "falsely blame Jews for the slave trade" she made the point that financiers of that trade included Jews. And she's right, they were involved. It wasn't Christian plantation managers who built synagogues in the West Indies. As to the rest of it, like I said, she's an idiot.
  14. The queue was for people collecting pre-ordered tickets, and it was crazily long and slow moving. There was a very short queue for people buying tickets. Perhaps a third of the ticket office windows were open.