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  1. nadera78

    Fitness Thread

    Boxing this morning, and then my first ever vinyasa yoga session tonight. Full of women and hippies, the yoga not the boxing, but it was actually a nice way to wind the day down.
  2. nadera78

    Fitness Thread

    I haven't been to the gym for over 3 months, mainly due to taking on new studies alongside work, but was convinced by the Mrs to join one of her spin classes last night. That was not fun! I hadn't really appreciated how much of damage 3 months without exercise had done. Anyway, I've got a few weeks away from the studies so will be getting back into the gym properly in the meantime. See how much of an improvement I can make in that time.
  3. No, not at all. You said Ealing RU own the ground but they don't. The site is owned by a charity connected to Mike Gooley, who made his money via Trailfinders and owns Ealing RU. Ealing Trailfinders RU play there, as do London Broncos. Here's another post for you to reply to as you inch your way to 100 and the promised land.
  4. No they are not. It's owned by a charity connected to Mike Gooley, who also owns Trailfinders. BTW I can't wait for you to reach 100 posts. The anticipation's almost too much to bear.
  5. nadera78

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    This tour, if it goes ahead, will lose a lot of money.
  6. nadera78

    London Broncos open day

    The club has a terrible track record re marketing, and we've all discussed it many times over, but even I'm shocked by the complete silence ahead of the season's start. The club's marketing plan seems to consist of sending out a few tweets. There is nothing, and I do mean nothing, in Ealing to suggest the club even exists, never mind they play here or that the season is just over 2 weeks away. It's abysmal, even by Broncos' standards, and the club will get the poor attendances it deserves. I had hoped we'd see a relatively decent uplift from last season's 900+ average, somewhere towards 2,500 but it seems as if the club is content to continue with the current fan base, adding some travelling fans, and perhaps hoping someone hears the club exists and happens to take a stroll down Vallis Way on a match day at kick off time. And, yes, it is taking the shine off the upcoming season. For me at least.
  7. I don't know about the sponsors, but I do know that the CCF used to be a much bigger event in London. It had a build up, it was discussed by general sports fans, it had an importance to it, it was promoted(!). Now, nobody in this city even knows it's taking place until the day itself.
  8. It used to be all of those, now it's very difficult to quantify. I agree with you on that. The RFL needs to invest in the CCF if it wants to get any of those benefits, and that is not something they've done for a long time now. It's just a game that takes place and is then put in a box for another 12 months.
  9. It really shouldn't be one or the other. London should host both the Challenge Cup Final and an England international every year.
  10. The Challenge Cup Final used to be promoted in London in the build up to the event, and that word is important because it was an event. Casual RL fans and general sports fans would be made aware of the event taking place and would by tickets for the event and would go and tale part in the event. But not anymore. Now it's an anonymous game that appears out of nowhere, is played, and then forgotten about. And that's the way the game as a whole has gone. When faced with a decision about the cup final , the semi-finals, or England games, the RFL look at option 1 which involves spending time, effort and money or option 2 which is easy, cheap and relies on the same old fans turning up. And they always take option 2. Moving the Challenge Cup Final away from Wembley would simply be another example of the damaging mindset that has made our sport almost anonymous outside of the already-committed.
  11. nadera78

    Have we given up on Russia

    I have some Russian ancestry so I kept a close eye on what was gong on in that country. It was hugely exciting, and a great opportunity for our sport, but as usual small-mindedness and petty fiefdom-building destroyed it. Always seems the same in our sport. There's a long list of RL nations where splits have caused untold damage - mainly because we have such weak international governance. Eugene Klebanov was the guy who really killed RL in Russia. He'd been the man in charge for a long time - coach of the national team as well as the all-powerful Locomotiv team, as well as running both of those organisations. He was majorly upset when Khmaldinov arrived on the scene and used his casino money to fund a rival club to challenge Locomotiv and put resources into the wider game. When a foreign coach arrived to take over the Bears Klebanov spit his dummy. He stitched the guy up and re-took control of the governing body. The clubs were irrevocably split over the issue, with some switching to union and others staying in RL. A couple of years later, when it became obvious the game was up, Klebanov moved his Locomotiv club over to union. The IOC 7s decision was badly timed - from our point of view - coming on the back of a major disruption in a small but reasonably established sport. RU has tried to take advantage of the situation because they can see the potential in having Russia involved in their sport, and you can't blame them for that.
  12. nadera78

    Nigerian Players past and present?

    I know. That's why I said he was Kenyan.
  13. nadera78

    Nigerian Players past and present?

    Eddie Rombo? Kenyan
  14. nadera78

    Rugby League in the summer

    There was already a strong movement to switch to summer anyway. IIRC Gary Hetherington (then at Sheffield) was a vocal advocate.
  15. nadera78

    London Broncos/Ealing new stand

    London Irish have formally announced they are moving to Brentford's new stadium for the 2020/21 season. Won't have much of a direct impact on the Broncos, besides being another pro sports club in London and there are already plenty of those. And the Broncos will always be a niche offering anyway. It will have a huge impact on Ealing Trailfinders though. It was also going to be very difficult for them to grow their fanbase beyond current levels, this move will make that next to impossible. And that could have a knock-on effect on any future expansion at TSC.