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  1. London played very controlled rugby, particularly in the first half, and took their chances well. Defensively excellent all afternoon, particularly during the 10 minutes with 12 men. Only downer really was the 5/6 times they completely lost the tackle count and ran the ball on the last. They really missed Cunningham, I hope he re-signs for next season. Pellisier just doesn't do it for me. Salford lacked a leader, I guess the Hastings role in recent weeks. They also made too many mistakes, especially dropped balls. And, despite their physical advantage up front, were unable to dominate a tenacious and well-drilled London defence. The referee was, to be polite, poor. About halfway through the first half he changed the way he officiated the game, particularly at the ruck, and suddenly started pinging London for lying on when he'd previously been very relaxed in that area. London didn't catch onto this unforeseeable change quickly enough and Ted got his marching orders. And he made a few weird calls in the second half too. Can't say I was impressed. All in all, a very enjoyable afternoon in Ealing. Whatever happens next weekend it's been a very good season.
  2. nadera78

    Our new position in the EU

    This is why Corbyn's media outriders - Owen Jones, Aaron Bastani, etc - have spent the last year+ repeating the line that democracy demands the referendum result be respected and that the opposition don't have the power to force change. Drum it into enough heads that it will stick with a few of them, they hope. How often have you seen the phrase "this is a Tory Brexit" being used? It's constant.
  3. Well, seeing as you don't know my opinion on the subject it doesn't mean either of those things. But that's beside the point. We were talking about the utterly ludicrous notion that Jeremy Corbyn was in any way, shape or form at the forefront - let alone the leader - of the campaign against the invasion of Iraq. You can continue to distract from that if you wish, it's a favoured game of the hard left.
  4. The perfect example of a Corbynista response. Criticise something, anything, about the man and you must be a warmonger. Well done.
  5. Cunningham misses out for London, through injury. That's a real blow.
  6. "...millions of people headed by Corbyn who were right on Iraq..." I mean, there's re-writing history and then there's this! No-one outside of Islington and a handful of self-selecting left wing campaign groups had ever heard of Corbyn before he blagged his way onto the leadership ballot in 2015.
  7. In 1995 Michael Foot was declared to be a Soviet spy. It was a ludicrous suggestion, you might even say offensive really given his history. He won a court case over it, but it didn't stop the same editor of the same newspaper running the same BS story last week, did it? It was a disgusting attack on Foot, a man unsuited to being leader but a hugely and impressively intelligent individual and a genuine colossus of the Labour movement. But no, poor old Jeremy Corbyn - who isn't that sharp, isn't particularly gifted and has achieved precisely F All in his lifetime as a politician - has had it tougher than any other leader of the Labour Party. Of course he has.
  8. Matching that number, in the normal run of things, would be a disappointment. For once, the Broncos have actually done a little bit (emphasis on little) of promotional activity. Changing the date at such short notice will undoubtedly knock a few off.
  9. I don't know whether Salford requested the move or not, but the Broncos say they were informed of the change at 10am Monday morning. Being told you're playing a game in only 5 days time is pathetic. It's not only difficult for Salford fans but London too because the club draws people from all over the city and even the south east. To make matters worse, the RFL told inconvenienced fans the change was made at Broncos' request... And then, a few hours later, we're told the Halifax game the following week is being changed. I now can't make that one, but I suppose we should be thankful they've at least bothered to inform us in advance. The RFL really just doesn't give a monkey's about anyone.
  10. An oversimplification, of course, but the £75,000 central funding Raiders receive each year could fund 3 development officers in Wales. That would be a much more productive use of resources.
  11. nadera78

    Are we in a recession?

    Funnily enough when we bought our washing machine from John Lewis a a few years back the delivery guys, both in their 20s, refused to carry it up 3 flights of stairs. This was despite us having told them explicitly when ordering it that there was no lift in our building. The two young guys point blank refused. So we let them take it back with a warning that we would complain about it, which we did. It was delivered a second time, the very next day, and the two considerably older delivery guys carried it up no problem, and were very apologetic about the previous day's events. I always thought the marked difference in attitudes was that the older guys understood that a business like John Lewis lived or died by its reputation, and that as a workers co-op it was in their interests to maintain the standards the company is known for.
  12. The dog with not teeth is a miserable old ###### living on mis-remembered memories of past glories that never were and expecting other dogs to do his hunting for him, all the while complaining about the strongest members of the pack hogging the majority of the catch.
  13. nadera78

    New league structure revealed

    20 years ago they had the Association of Premiership Clubs. They had control over their broadcast and sponsorship deals and moved their season to a Boxing Day kick off (which some old timers on this thread are once again advocating). Northern Ford came into sponsor the competition, but that was about it, and within a couple of years they'd moved back to a summer season. Eventually the APC was wound up and RFL took over all its responsibilities once again. By all means try it again, but it runs the risk of simply being a waste of their meagre revenues. The semi-pro comps are so small that they really ought to be run alongside the England, community, women and schools comps - i.e. by the RFL.
  14. nadera78

    New league structure revealed

    They did this 20 years ago. It worked so well they moved back to summer within a couple of years.
  15. nadera78

    New league structure revealed

    It might not happen today, but certainly will come 2021.