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  1. Jamaica have some strong, fast players but lack game time together and (like most countries) strong halves. I'm assuming Isaac Farrell is eligible for Jamaica, so that would strengthen them there. They'd be a great addition to the RLWC - could really get some public support behind them if it's done right.
  2. nadera78

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    You spend a lot of time on here, in dual-national discussions, telling people they shouldn't tell others what nationality they should feel. So...perhaps stay out of the England/GB thing and don't tell us what it should be or how it should be fielded or how we should feel about it?
  3. nadera78

    Great Britain squad

    Anyone who gets picked from Scotland and one of Wales/Ireland will go on this tour and leave their countrymen behind to try and qualify for the RLWC without them. Nice work.
  4. nadera78

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    Tonga I mentioned earlier as selling well in recent games. But their recent test v Australia only went ahead because the Kangaroos forfeited 3/4 of their salaries. That's how much money the game made! Where and when have Samoa ever had a full house? Why do you think NZ play the vast majority of their fixtures on foreign shores? They attracted 12,000 people for a RLWC 1/4 final last season. PNG turned up at a 4 Nations competition with only 22 players instead of the standard 24 because they needed to spend that money on off-field staff. That's some mighty fine government funding / sponsorship. Fiji haven't played a home international since....? Attendances at their games in Australia/NZ average below 10,000. Way below 10,000. Just think about the costs involved in a 5 week tour for 40 players and staff. Compare that with the likely attendances and commercial income for a tour that clashes with the Oceania Cup. And then tell me how this tour can possibly break even.
  5. nadera78

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    I made that point on another thread. The tour they're suggesting is going to cost a fortune, and what income will be generated? Crowds in NZ are always poor (a couple of recent Tongan games excepted) which is why NZ play so rarely at home, so that won't raise anything. Going to PNG? It's a third world nation, despite its love for RL, so no money there. Similar for the other pacific nations. And all of this while the main focus of attention in the region is the Oceania Cup? This GB tour is going to lose a heap of cash. To add to that, England now look likely to go 2 years without a game. Meanwhile, Scotland and either Wales or Ireland are gong to play RLWC qualifiers next year without their best players. And are Ireland even part of this tour? Will their players be forced to sing GSTQ? Are the dual nationals available for selection? I'm sure there will be universal delight when Euan Aitken and Lachlan Coote run onto the field wearing a GB shirt. And, perhaps most importantly of all, is there really any demand to see the return of GB? To what end? What is the aim of this? What benefit is there in mothballing England for 2 years? None of these have been addressed. And all for a tour that's going to lose money!
  6. So, are the RLIF saying that either Wales or Ireland (assuming they've agreed to have anything to do with this GB nonsense) will have to play their RLWC qualifiers next season without their best players? Or is the GB team not picking players from those nations?
  7. That GB (or is it GB&I???) tour next season is going to lose a bucket full of cash. Anyone remember the 1996 tour of NZ? And this one will also be impacted by clashing with the Oceania Cup taking up all the media, fan, commercial awareness. No way on earth does this tour come close to covering its costs. Add to that England disappearing from sight for 2 whole years. It's got disaster written all over it.
  8. nadera78

    Rugby League World Cup Goes Missing...

    It's a cracking trophy, and the returned cockerel just adds to it. Nicely done.
  9. It says something about Britain, though, that the only people who've ever been arrested in connection to Grenfell are a bunch of tw**s who filmed a burning replica of it. How about the scumbags who thought it was perfectly acceptable to house 200 people in a building encased in solidified lighter fuel? Still walking the streets, still making money.
  10. nadera78

    2019 kits

    Absolutely. And the clubs do have a say in the kit design, they aren't simply lumbered with whatever the manufacturer sends them. They should be held accountable if the kit they choose is a stinker.
  11. nadera78

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    The only way to reverse this is, at the next Magic Weekend / England internationals / Challenge Cup Final, for the RFL to come out and publicly state that the ticket prices announced are the ticket prices they're charging. Address the issue directly and say outright that there won't be any last minute price drops. And then stick to it! It will take a few years for that message to sink in, and the RFL will have to wear it in the meantime, but eventually people will realise they mean it. The RFL have created this cheap culture, and it's taken 10 years to get here, but they're the only ones who can reverse it. And it'll be painful doing so.
  12. I agree with the first point, but I can't accept the second.
  13. Grace and Knowles are a big miss, but both were assessed by the Welsh staff and given the time off. But the others? How many of them want to play for Wales? White is often injured, so I'll cut him some slack. Rhys Evans, however, has only every played for Wales in the 2013 RLWC, not once before or since. Flower hasn't played for Wales since that tournament, while Dudson has only played once since then, in 2016. I don't get it, I just don't. If I had any kind of sporting ability at that level I'd crawl over broken glass to play for my country. I genuinely can't think of a greater honour. And when you see guys like Ralph and Olds (and Lennon, Seamark, etc in the past) making a huge effort to come over and be involved it really makes some of the others look bad.
  14. Only saw the second half, but that was good one for the Welsh. Glad to see them get some success. Could be a very interesting game at Wrexham next week.
  15. nadera78

    2019 kits

    Sticking the sponsor's logo on the front like that is just lazy. It ruins the whole shirt.