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  1. Media Watch World Cup

    For the first time in many years an RL game got a mention on the BBC World Service headlines.
  2. very arguable about Wales.
  3. If I recall in 2003 RU managed to sell out Townsville for a Japan match.Clearly most were Cowboys fans encouraged/enthused by the occasion. It beggars belief the organisers of the RLWC came no where close.It probably helped that that game kicked off sensibly in the evening.
  4. The "creeping barrage" approach gradually became more of a p[roblem during the early 60s as coaching became more professionalised-the Aussies going to learn off Vince Lombardi etc.
  5. Every sport that allows Scotland,Wales & Northern Ireland to compete as nations is allowing sub national entities equal status!
  6. Super League all time table

    The Premiership never carried the same value as the old Championship or the SL GF.Moving to a straight league system made it a standalone knockout competion that wascan afterthought with the League n CC already decided. Through until SL the Challenge Cup was the most important trophy.
  7. which SL clubs are close to maximum potential? Cas- possibly but as pointed out it can be the leading team in a large rugby focused area. Leeds- its a huge city.If Leicester Tigers can pull in 20k plus why not Leeds? Hull- they had bigger gates in their early 80s boom.You'd think 15 to 20k should be achievable. Wakefield- 10K plus surely possible- even if you'll never likely see the This Sporting Life sized crowds again. Saints- the new stadium first year and history says 14-15K. Wigan- again 15 to 20k doable Salford- again not so ancient history says 10k doable never mind if they ever got a winning multi season team. Huddersfield- more acient history and the soccer club says why not something 10K plus. Warrington-history says can match Saints so 15K type. Widnes- the good sides of the 80s averaged 8k or 9k in a period of lower gates overall.So again you'd have to say 10k . Leigh- a period of decent sucess and 10k not outrageous. A problem RL seems to have relative to Soccer and top level RU is the massive premium on a winning team ie gates drop off much more sharply if trophies not being won and people less willing to turn out to watch their currently mediocre team . So Nottingham Forest for instance can be in the wilderness for 20 years but keep a core 15K and with a bit of success are right back .
  8. Slightly off topic but how have Bradford City managed to get to sustainable gates of 20,000 playing in the old 3rd division?
  9. It was Bradford becoming Bradford Park Avenue in 1906 who were grandfathered into the Foitball League
  10. League Leaders Shield

    When we switched to divisions in 73/74 the Premiership trophy struggled to build as a really major event n never recaptured the place of the old Championship final.Reverting to a Premiership type trophy would undermine.
  11. Swinton in trouble...?

    I was too young.First one I went to was Saints v Leeds in 1970.
  12. Swinton in trouble...?

    I just read the 150 years book- fantastic piece of work but also in a way sad to compare the size of crowds,trophies won and quality of players from the late 1800s until the early '70s with the last 40 years. The first game I can remember attending was Saints v Swinton on an Easter Monday in 1965 and very fond memories of Saints Championship Semi and and Premiership appearances at Station Rd in the late 60s through late 70s especially the back to back premiership wins in 1976 n 1977 when it was already beginning to run to ruin. Soccer has plenty of fallen great clubs- the two Sheffields,Notts Forest,Preston NE etc- but none that have collapsed support wise ala Swinton,Oldham and Hunslet.
  13. Bring back the Northern rail cup

    which was the only floodlit trphy played in daylight because of the 3 day week.I was at Widnes that afternoon.