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  1. Jim from Oz

    Lord Derby Cup

    Great to see Apt and Cahors with rugby a XIII teams. I have visited both these places on my travels in recent years and love them! But I had no idea rugby league was played there! Saw no evidence of rugby a XIII when I was there, although in Cahors I did speak to a man in my bad French who demonstrated the play the ball for me in the street!
  2. Jim from Oz

    Rugby League World - Big in Albania!

    Translation please? Thanks!!
  3. It’s high time UK RL fans went on strike!
  4. Only one word to describe this. The same word I have been using for UK RL’s structure/decisions/administration for some years now: LUDICROUS
  5. Jim from Oz

    Elite Results

    Why January?? Why not before? Cheers
  6. Jim from Oz

    2025 World Cup - Not in US

    That’s the thing about being a rugby league fan, it is never boring! But seriously, this is no great surprise. The next question is: where the hell is the 2025 World Cup going to be held now?
  7. Jim from Oz

    Elite 1 live streams

    Excellent. And I notice not only French rugby league Elite one scores but also the table! if they add French rugby league Elite 2 scores and table I will be tres happy!
  8. Jim from Oz

    Elite 1 live streams

    App now on phone, so thanks Monsieur Deluded Pom !
  9. I’ve got no problem with that !
  10. Jim from Oz

    Elite 1 live streams

    Ok thanks! Bad result for Toulouse!!
  11. Jim from Oz

    Elite 1 live streams

    Final score? Thanks
  12. Precisely!! The idiotic loop fixtures will do nothing to increase game day attendances.
  13. Jim from Oz

    Elite 1 live streams

    Tell us more please Audois!
  14. Jim from Oz

    The RLIF and Steve Mascord?

    Brilliant Stuff, Steve. Good luck to you. But I am missing your columns in the Sydney morning Herald! Cheers from a fellow Fairfax journalist!