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  1. League one should be split into two conferences, a northern conference and a something conference, eight teams in each. Each conference team plays the other teams in their own conference twice, that is 14 games. They then play the teams from the other conference once that is eight games, making 22 games in total. The benefit of this is that, with the southern conference teams playing each other twice, they don't have to travel so much, and don't have to play the powerful northern teams as much.
  2. So possibly NO Federation Cup in 2023 (but a Nines World Cup instead)??? WTF??!!
  3. Yep, that was the report on the ABC
  4. So today in Sydney I am at work … as I work in a newspaper office there are TVs all over the place … around early afternoon today I look up at one of the tellys, which is switched on to ABC TV News 24 (the Australian ABC's 24-hour news channel) and what do I see??!! A report on Skolars v Wolfpack/Eric Perez being interviewed/Paul Rowley being interviewed/ highlights etc!!!! .the sound was down so not sure exactly was said but in my decades of living in Oz I have rarely if EVER seen a report on British RL on the ABC ! so EP and the TW are certainly having an impact !!!
  5. Hardly way east. One can walk from Sydney's CBD to the SFS in about 20 minutes!
  6. The crowd? And what happened to conference south?
  7. Just before the huge Federer-Nadal Australian Open tennis final started, channel 7 had an interview with Cameron Smith and were heavily promoting their coverage (not due to start for 10 months!!) of the 2017 RLWC. Great stuff by Ch7, especially when a huge TV audience would have been watching!!
  8. Great, sounds good!!!
  9. What is "red button "???
  10. What do you mean? Is he out injured??
  11. Where was this played?
  12. What would that bring total capacity to?
  13. I would qualify to play for Turin as it's where I was born (to Australian-born parents)!! although at 52 I'm getting a little bit long in the tooth for competitive RL!!
  14. Brilliant article.... the writer is the same person behind the Latin Heat concept, I think ... a true RL legend
  15. What are They actually doing ?