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  1. Here’s an idea to help. Catalan dragons should be exempt from relegation! We need to have a strong France and only something like this can help!
  2. Jim from Oz

    2021 World Cup Format

    Exactly my point! It is about packaging and promoting the rugby league World Cup as an event not to be missed! You can’t simply put on a tournament and then do nothing to get people excited about it, this is what happened with the rugby league World Cup in Australia in 2017! The promotion, marketing and packaging of this event was appalling.
  3. Jim from Oz

    2021 World Cup Format

    It’s a round.shaped container into which things are deposited.
  4. Jim from Oz

    2021 World Cup Format

    Yep, The score was something like 128-0 and it was played in front of a massive sellout crowd in Adelaide, which isn’t even a rugby playing city! Yes, it was all about the event, and that’s what RLWC 2021 should be all about!
  5. Final score? And much of a crowd? Thanks
  6. Precisely. And instead they are all growing up hearing and learning that State of origin is the ultimate in rugby league!
  7. Beattie is just as bad! A bloody ex politician who was always all style, zero substance. He’s not pro internationals; he’s got no frickin idea about sports administration or RL administration. He makes John Grant look good!!!
  8. But aren’t the World Cup organisers saying the kangaroos must tour England in 2020, to get people psyched up for the World Cup in 2021?
  9. What a frickin' mess. My head hurts when I read that Brad Walter story, trying to make sense of it. So bloody depressing.
  10. Jim from Oz

    England v New Zealand on line

    Any online feed information for someone in Sydney would be gratefully received! I know it is on pay TV here but I don’t have it as I refuse to give a cent of my money to Rupert Murdoch!
  11. Cheers. Any idea of the crowd?
  12. Where was it played? Cheers
  13. Jim from Oz

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Any updates on actual sales?
  14. If Todd Greenburg really wants more events like this, then why doesn’t he bloody well organise it / a proper, locked in international rugby league calendar with the clubs and the RLIF ??!!
  15. Jim from Oz

    International RL program proposal

    Yes … true … but we have to start somewhere. If this was a consistent European Cup comp every 4 years AND the UK RL actually ran the game properly, it COULD make a profit, I reckon!