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  1. What would that bring total capacity to?
  2. I would qualify to play for Turin as it's where I was born (to Australian-born parents)!! although at 52 I'm getting a little bit long in the tooth for competitive RL!!
  3. Brilliant article.... the writer is the same person behind the Latin Heat concept, I think ... a true RL legend
  4. What are They actually doing ?
  5. I grew up in Kingsford and Maroubra in south-east Sydney, the heart of South Sydney Rabbitohs territory. My primary school colours at Maroubra were even red and green! But despite all this – and actually playing league for that same Maroubra primary school – I grew up with pretty much no awareness of the game. I had no father (he had been killed in a traffic accident when I was a baby) and a wonderful mother who had zero interest in sport. All that changed in early 1975, aged 10-and-a-half. I was selected to go to another primary school (for supposedly bright kids) for years 5 and 6 in another part of Sydney's east, and it was there that I mixed with a new bunch of kids who were MAD about cricket and RL. Within weeks of arriving I was aware of both cricket and RL, let me tell you!! I quickly became an Eastern Suburbs Roosters fan (they had a BRILLIANT side in 1975) and also became totally obsessed with cricket. In that same year I went to my first RL game, a World Cup match between Australia v England at the SCG; result, a 10-all draw. I LOVED it. Have been a keen fan of international and WC RL ever since. By 1976 my RL fandom morphed into a life-long love affair with the North Sydney Bears. They had a journeyman winger (my position) with the same surname as me (no relation), so I started following his progress; plus I loved their colours (red and black), so I ditched Easts and started following Norths, much to my classmates' disgust! (They were all Easts and Souths fans). I then went to a state high school in the shadow of the SCG where I met many more great blokes who were all mad keen cricket and RL fans; many remain my friends today and we still talk endlessly about cricket and RL (although all of us have lost a lot of interest in cricket these days as it morphs into 20/20 basharama). At high school I also played RU (there was no RL at this school); I thoroughly enjoyed playing rugby union. By the 1980s as I went to uni, started working and, in 1987, I began travelling overseas, my interest in RL dropped off a bit – as I started to get other interests in life, etc. Everything then changed in January 1990. I'd been travelling 3 years by the time I landed in the UK and got a 2-year work permit (available to all young Aussie backpackers). I was hoping to take in some RL matches while in London; well, imagine my shock when the only RL team, (then) Fulham, played to audiences in the bare hundreds, and I started to first get the full RU-induced HATRED of RL from many (but not all) Southern toffs! At the same time, I watched many Five Nations games of RU (a game I had greatly enjoyed watching and playing in Australia) and gradually became sick of its excruciatingly boring play, while getting increasingly angry at all the RU bullsheet being levelled at RL in the UK at the time (Ady Spencer, Steve Pilgrim, appalling press coverage, condescending BBC presenters, the Vichy banning of RL in France, etc!). I knew NONE of this in Australia; most RL fans in Australia still know none of this. By the time I left the UK in 1993, I disliked RU greatly but at the same time I had become obsessed with UK RL (particularly how badly it was run!) – a fascination that remains with me 23 years later! I have been back home in Sydney since 1997 but still follow UK/French/Euro/world RL with much greater interest than anything in Australia (the SOO now bores me to tears, while the NRL without the North Sydney Bears is awful!). OK so I'm a bit weird but I just love the history, culture, grounds, crowds, towns, clubs and fans of UK (and French) RL ! I even hope England (or even France) will win the 2017 RLWC !! Allez rugby a XIII !
  6. Horray! I may actually get to see some rugby league World Cup games of some sort in 2017!
  7. quote] Playing a ridiculous 30-game regular season wouldn't have anything to do with that, would it?
  8. Who do they play for?
  9. So, with Australian rugby league more flush with money than ever, we have arguments about money! Funny old world, innit?
  10. Yep, I reckon this is the root of our problem!
  11. Okay so let's assume the date is wrong. I still want to know, when are they going to release the international rugby league program for 2018 to 2025? Yours Impatient
  12. I thought 2019 was going to be for the first confederations cup? What on earth is going on? When are we ever going to see the full international rugby league program from 2018 to 2025? Will they ever release it?
  13. Good to hear ... Hopefully that will bump up the crowd a bit.