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  1. goldcoaster

    New Grounds.

    Will the North Stand be open for Round 1 in 2019?
  2. goldcoaster

    Josh Drinkwater signs for....

    Every player you have named there is a nobody. Either way, all SL clubs have one or two average imports in their squad, but HKR have consistently had a significant amount of imports (sometimes over 10) for over 10 years. What has it achieved them? They have never been close to challenging for a trophy. Maybe they should try a different approach to become more competitive.
  3. goldcoaster

    Josh Drinkwater signs for....

    Hull KR signing another second-rate Aussie? What else is new
  4. goldcoaster

    New Grounds.

    If a basic flat-pack stadium cost the same in Aus to build as in the UK, then clubs would all buy one. Instead no NRL club owns their own grounds and all pay rent to play at these overpriced, oversized Government stadiums
  5. goldcoaster

    Shane Flanagan to coach in Super League?

    The man is a drug cheat. His ban should apply across the sport, as it does in other sports like cycling, athletics etc. i really dislike this man. He should have been thrown out of the game years ago, but he gets favourable press from the sports editor of Sydney’s biggest newspaper who frames him as a likeable Aussie bloke called ‘Flanno’. I doubt he would garner the same sympathy from the Sydney press if he was a Russian gymnastics coach or German cycling coach.
  6. goldcoaster

    New Grounds.

    What I find fascinating (as an Aussie) is how cheap all the new RL stadiums are in the UK. Saints cost £25m, Headingley £40m, Salford £26m, Leigh £17.5m, Cas £15m Contrast that to the new Townsville stadium £170m, Parramatta £170m, Melbourne £152m, Gold Coast £91m and new Sydney Football Stadium a whopping £415m! how is it so much cheaper to build stadiums in the UK?
  7. goldcoaster

    New Grounds.

    It will be interesting to see if Headingley becomes the Test match RL venue for West Yorkshire. For the past 20 years all test matches in the RL hotbed of West Yorkshire have been in Huddersfield (as they have the regions only modern RL stadium), but will the new Headingley replace it?
  8. goldcoaster

    Fans standing behind posts

    😂 Dad joke
  9. goldcoaster

    London Broncos/Ealing new stand

    Finance permitting, would it be worth David Hughes buying a 50% stake in Trailfinders Sports Ground? That way it secures them equity in the ground and a solid home (and asset) to cement the club’s place and permanent home in the capital.
  10. Random question, but why are the diehard fan areas of many Rugby clubs in the UK situated behind the posts, rather than along the sidelines? I understand why they do it in football, but for Rugby the view from behind the posts isn’t great. I understand it can be related to the stadium designs, but surely having the main home fans area along the side like the South Stand at Leeds would make more sense for viewing our sport.
  11. goldcoaster

    Old grounds

    Some fantastic grounds with lots of character. I understand they are not ideal for top-level Rugby these days, but at Championship / League 1 level, I hope those that remain (Batley, Dewsbury, Keighley, Fev and the Cumbrian clubs) are conserved.
  12. goldcoaster

    Old grounds

    What is built on the site of Clarence St these days?
  13. goldcoaster

    War of the Roses coming back?

    War of the roses? Will they have Edward IV playing scrum-half and Richard III at stand-off for the Yorkists, with Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick as their battering ram front-rower? For the Lancastrians how will Henry VI perform at fullback when he is completely senile? All the while Lancasters coach Margaret Beaufort is off-side with her own fans for selecting her little boy Henry Tudor to be captain and star scrum half.
  14. goldcoaster

    Most picturesque Rugby grounds?

    Had a look at this. Very nice
  15. goldcoaster

    Most picturesque Rugby grounds?

    This one? Very nice