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  1. Is there a reason why? From the outside looking in, he is their most succesful coach in 50 years. Why wouldn't he be welcome back?
  2. How long will it be before he gets the chop? Was rubbish in his two stints at Newcastle and is rubbish at the Giants. Surely they can do better than him. I mean, look at his recruitment. Mamo - he is the definition of Z-grade Aussie. IMO, the club should of never let Anderson go. He was the clubs most succesful coach in 50 years. Surely he deserved an opportunity to ride out the bad times and rebuild the roster after losing some key players. Hudds could do worse than bring back Baloo
  3. McQueen is a good player, however he shouldn't have been selected over Sarginson and Greenwood
  4. I find it amazing that you can build a decent stadium in England for £20-40m, yet in Australia, an equivalent stadium (I.e. Parramatta, Townsville) costs over $300m. Why is it so much cheaper to build new stadiums in England?
  5. Super League needs a team like Cas or Salford to win at Old Trafford. I'm sure no-one needs reminding that only 4 clubs have won SL in over 20 years. While it's exciting to see these teams doing well now, if it's another Wigan, Saints or Leeds win at OT, it will all be for nowt.
  6. The gap between have's and have-nots in SL is the biggest issue facing the game in England IMO. It creates a predictable league that lacks intensity. Every player and commentator in Aus that speaks about Super League points to the same root cause of this - there are too many teams in SL. Certainly more than the game can afford. are clubs like Wakefield, Leigh or Widnes ever going to realistically win the league? If the answer is no, why have them? We need a league where every club is a chance of winning the Grand Final. At the moment, SL effectively has 16 pro-clubs (once the middle 8's are counted) when the game can only really afford about 8.
  7. Agree. If clubs like Wakefield can't keep up, they should drop to Championship level
  8. Not at all. But weave a situation where 6-7 clubs can afford the cap and others aren't spending anywhere near it. It makes the competition uneven and predictable. IMO, the fact some clubs can't afford the current cap is evidence SL should have a reduction in the number of clubs.
  9. We already have a salary cap that doesn't work. Wigan, Saints and Leeds are all still winning everything and the best talent keeps going there, so it isn't equalising the talent as it does in the NRL. Either those 3 clubs are cheating the cap, or other clubs aren't spending the full cap. IMO, if it's the latter, they need to introduce a minimum cap spend. If clubs can't afford that spend (I'm looking at you Widnes), then they shouldn't be allowed in SL.
  10. This is the problem with Kelly, bags of talent but a basket-case off the field. We had the same issues with him at the Titans. He is probably just homesick, just like Sandow and Segeyaro were. Allot of Aussies in SL need to realise that if they sign a contract with a SL club, they need to honour it, not just rack off home when they get a better offer or feel homesick. Be professional guys. Hull should put an ultimatum to him early - either your with us, or you're not. If he is not committed, then cut him loose and recruit someone else.
  11. Can understand the pessimism, however as I understand it, the developer (Lateral) have already spent £13m on the Five Towns project. I doubt they would spend that much for it all to come to nowt.
  12. It's interesting that despite all of the doom and gloom around the game, we have progressed in 20 years. Back in 2000 Wigan's new stadium had just opened and Huddersfields was the only other modern stadium. Fast forward to 2020 and the Super League venues could include nearly all post-2000-built stadiums. Look at what Super League 2020 could look like in terms of venues: DW, McAlpine, LSV, Halton, Halliwell-Jones, Langtree Park, 'New' Headingley, Five Towns park, Barton, KC, Lamport and Gilbert Brutus. unthinkable back at the turn of the century. We've come along way.
  13. A fair question, but unlike other developments, I see no reason why this one won't go ahead. Every report in the press, from the club and various fan forums indicates that it will go ahead, it's just a matter of time. Very few people doubt it will go ahead. i really think this one will happen (for once)
  14. I think if Toronto were to buy Wakey's licence and become a SL club next year it would make sense. Instead of Toronto's owner pouring in millions flying over clubs who won't draw a crowd or bring travelling fans and with the risk of not winning promotion, he could spend £2m and launch his club straight into SL in 2018, with big clubs travelling over and access to decent TV money. For Wakey, it would give them money to potentially buy back Belle Vue (and perhaps do some ground improvements) and regroup in League One with a cheaper part-time squad. Then at least they can build some capital with a key asset.
  15. It's pleasing to see updates from both clubs on their respective stadiums. For Leeds it's obviously exciting that funding has been secured and we will see a 'new' Headingly in 2019. As for Cas, while it may seem disappointing that the stadium won't open until 2020, it is only 6-12 months behind the previously expected opening. 2019 isn't that far away as far as stadiums go and do any delay is likely to push it back to 2020. either way, I am convinced both projects will go ahead and deliver quality stadiums to both clubs and to West Yorkshire - which is way behind Lancs in terms of quality RL stadiums.