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  1. Source I can only assume these 2 will be coming to Aus for the World Club Series. As a Super League fan living in Aus though, this is wonderful news. I'll fly from Qld down there for this match. Very exciting.
  2. Would this 8k stadium meet SL standards if they were promoted?
  3. I read allot about the financial situations of many Championship clubs and when you see their crowd figures (one of the main sources of income) are numbered in the hundreds, it's no wonder why. I had a look to see how much it costs to go to Championship match and IMO, it is far too expensive for what you are getting. To pay £15-17 to watch a club like Hunslet, Swinton or Dewsbury play is exorbitant when you consider (with the greatest of respect): (a) they have virtually no chance of ever being promoted; and (b) there are several Super League clubs within spitting distance of them. These clubs only charge around £25 for top class rugby. IMO, £7-10 is the max they should charge. This should entice some SL fans to check out some lower-league rugby on a Sunday and grow the supporter base Do you guys think Championship tickets are too expensive?
  4. As previously identified, Cronk's fiance is Football (Soccer) presenter Tara Rushton who presents the A-League each week on Fox Sports TV. Now unless Tara gets a gig hosting Soccer AM with Max Rushden (not beyond the realms of possibility - given Max and Tara already appear on shows together over here), I dont think they will be headed to the UK. As for Tyrone Roberts, I think he would eb a good pick-up. Has been a good player for us, but want's to be a starting half and the Titans have put all of their eggs with Ash Taylor and KAne Elgey oving forward, so it makes sense for Tyrone to move.
  5. Mate, can Cas's stadium hold much more than 9k? It always looks pretty full on TV
  6. I'm not a Cas fan, but if they are not the champions at OT at season's end, it will be an absolute travesty of justice. This Cas team is the feel good story of the year in this sport and they deserve to be the champions. The game in the UK, stifled by the predictability of the same 3 clubs winning the title each year NEEDS Cas to win it. It would be awful (from a neutral perspective), if a Leeds, Wigan or Saints win the title this year. Surely they are every neutral's 2nd favourite team and it just wouldn't be fair if they were not crowned champions at season's end.
  7. I'm stuggling to see why this Rodney Walker fellow is so adamant that only he can deliver the stadium. From the outside looking in, the trust under Michael Carter seem to be moving forward at a good pace, whereas nothing had been done for years about Newmarket. Perhaps Mr Walker wants to effectively be the owner of the stadium and lease it to Wakefield so he can collect all rent and other income.
  8. Thanks for the replies. From what I'm reading, the overall feeling is there isn't enough local players to sustain 12 clubs (16 if you count the 4 that get added in the middle 8's), without having to have half a dozen or more Aussies / Kiwis per club. If that is the case, then surely we need to look at reducing the amount of clubs in Super League. If the game can only afford 8-10 clubs, then so be it. Looking at crowds as well, they also aren't much to write home about. Perhaps SL is just too big at the moment in comparison to the size of the sport in the UK.
  9. This isn't about having a crack at Leigh, more seeing if there still is an overseas quota. If what you are saying is correct (about these 3 bring exempt), does that mean the overseas quota in SL is presently 7 per club?
  10. In general, my observations are that the overall number of Aussies and Kiwis has reduced significantly from what it was 5 or so years ago. Much of that has to do with the wage disparity between the NRL and Super League. But with Mortimer joining Leigh next week, it takes their number of antipodeans to 10. It got me thinking if they still have an overseas quota for SL, of have the RFL just chosen to ignore it? I find it concerning Leigh have so many imports when they are a club with supposedly good junior development.
  11. I don't see why the club would leave the AJ Bell. They spent years trying to get that stadium happening. Sure, the fans haven't been coming in great numbers, but crowds were just as small at The Willows.
  12. IMO, Jason Demetriou is the best coach in Australia that isn't coaching in NRL currently. Has great pedigree working under both Bennett and Green and has won both the Qld & NSW Cups in successive years with different clubs. Was also NQ assistant when they won the league. Jason has spent a long time in England and would be a great target for any SL club. However he is probably next cab off the rank for an NRL coaching gig so he may stick around to see if that yields fruit.
  13. I'm all for any new pro clubs. If this makes League 1 too big (in terms of clubs), then create League 2
  14. Encouraging news. I definitely think this stadium will be operational by the start of 2020 (one year after Leeds). It will be good to see some modern stadiums in West Yorkshire, with Huddersfield the only one capable of hosting Test matches currently.
  15. I've thought recently French RL's max potential in the short-medium term is 4 Super League clubs: Catalans, Toulouse, Avignon and Carcassonne. Have those 4 in SL and you have a real European League and France capable of threatening at international level. woukd love to see it happen as it's clear the Elite 1 model isn't working.