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  1. Catalans were brought into SL to boost French RL and make the national team competitive. Under Potter and Robinson this was on the right track, but under Frayssinous the club has become a dumping ground for 2nd rate Aussies.
  2. The way to go is: - a 24 round, 8 team SL (3 teams from Yorks, 3 from Lancs, 2 from France) with no P&R. - Salary cap set at £4.5m each, which is paid for by the TV rights. The cap is strictly policed by an Ian Schubert-type person - smaller clubs feeder and development teams for the 8 SL clubs - maximum 3 overseas players (is do-able after Brexit)
  3. I know the OP may seem OTT, but this is a forum and that's my opinion. That game was just the straw the broke the camels back for me. I know there are two more games for England - we'll beat Scotland and lose to Aus (we all know that will happen). So I'm just getting in early as we needed to beat NZ. I'm out of options, ideas and excuses. If we can't win with Bennett, we should just pack it in.
  4. With England's loss today effectively ending their hopes of a 4N title again this year (44 years and.counting since a major series win), I'm prepared to say unless there is MAJOR change at Red Hall, we may as well give up. We have a national team that even with a full-strength team, at home and with the best coach in the world, they still can't make a major final. We have a domestic league where a more-or-less 2nd-string Wigan outfit can win the title for yet another season. IMO, the system is irreparably broken. IMO, Super League as a concept has failed and the RFL have failed in their duty to manage the sport in the UK. For me, there are only 2 solutions: a. the NRL takes over management of the game in the UK. Super League effectively becomes NRL Europe. OR (if neither party wants to do this) b. we dissolve the RFL and the game is integrated into the RFU. This may seem drastic, but after today I have given up on the game in this country in its current state. Things can't keep going on the way they are going and unless a major change occurs its over.
  5. How the hell has Niue even got an international Rugby League team? It has a population of less than 2000 people with little-to-no Rugby infrastructure. The fact they have found 17 people and afforded to send them to South Africa is remarkable. But even with South Africa's poor RL record, they should score 100 against them. Niue isn't even a country - it's just an island territory of NZ.
  6. Perhaps a potential Valencia RL club could use CF Valencia goalkeeper Mat Ryan (former junior RL player) to promote the club.
  7. Pro's: a very strong squad, home advantage and of course, Wayne Bennett Con's: the lack of a neutral ref. Bloody ARL will do their darnedest to ensure an Aussie ref for the AusEng test - like the bloody Kangaroos need an advantage!
  8. Is France V England televised? If so, what channel is it on?
  9. If England come to Aus in the international break, it will be to play v Australia itself. England is a bigger draw than NZ, who we've seen too many times in this mid-season test for not much success (one win in 20 years). NZ constantly have players pulling out of this fixture and them using it to blood new players, rather than make a contest. I think if England come mid-year next year, the Kangaroos will want to play against them.
  10. Would be great to see him back in the game. Was a tragedy to see him leave for the other code - blame Brian Noble's love obsession with Aussies for losing him to the game when he made the boneheaded decision to sign Michael Withers. In saying that, would rather see him go to a different club as Wigan don't need him. If they do sign him, I have to ask serious questions about them cheating the salary cap.
  11. Roby, Hardaker, Joe Burgess and Matty Smith the big omissions for me, but in general I think it is s very good squad. The key for me is the creative players being able to lay on tries against the big 2. In the past England has been in good attacking positions, but failed to turn that into points. They need to have the right creative men if we're going to win.
  12. How typical of Hull KR. Bring over a retired 37 year old Aussie to play for them. No wonder they got relegated.
  13. I think the point you are missing is that the overall promotional vehicle is not Saints or Leeds or Wigan, the Super League is the product we are trying to market to the public. And we need to make that product more attractive by equalizing the talent and creating a more unpredictable comp. It's done through a well-enforced salary cap. Is that a form of sporting socialism? yes it is. But it allows the game as a whole to be more competitive and return more profits to the stakeholders (i.e. the clubs). Someone earlier mentioned the US sports market, which is a great example. US sports are by-and-large all equalized through a salary cap. How is it that the most capitalist country in the world can have a socialist-style sports environment? Easy, because they realize that clubs are not competing against one another financially- the sports themselves (i.e. baseball, football, hockey etc.) are the ones competing against each other in a free market and they need their league's to produce the best quality product to attract customers. The same applies in the UK. Rugby League is competing against much bigger and broader sports such as Football, Cricket and Rugby Union. What can we offer the sporting public that other sports can't? How about a competitive league that any club is capable of winning? How can that be realistically achieved - with a well-enforced salary cap. Which brings me back to the opening post, the most successful enforcer and manager of a salary cap within the game is Ian Schubert. The RFL would do well to bring him on board and level out this competition.
  14. Two great results. Makes up for the rather lacklustre Grand Final next week.
  15. I'm seeing a whole bunch of Salford fans elated their team won and celebrating on the pitch. I'm then seeing a handful of bitter Hull KR fans causing fights. Good riddance to them in SL.