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  1. Gildart will last 12 months if he is lucky, then come running back to Wigan with his tail between his legs citing ‘homesickness’
  2. Appalling comments by him about the victim of convicted rapist Jarryd Hayne. I saw Tony Williams has been sacked by his club. Salford should follow suit.
  3. Absolutely, can’t disagree with you. But the Aussies in Super League don’t play for the Kangaroos. They are generally guys whose rep careers are over, or others who aren’t really at that level. we (as a game) see English players in the NRL as a way to strengthen the national team, but the lack of mental strength by so many of them - I’d wager more than 80% of English players who come to the NRL run home before their contract is out. This isn’t targeting Williams individually either - he is just one of many.
  4. No. Cas had their chance in 2017 and thanks to Zak Hardaker, they blew it.
  5. The bigger issue here is the mental fortitude of English players not sticking it out and fulfilling their NRL contracts. In the last few years we’ve seen dozens of players come and go without making an impact, all seeking an early release to return to the comfort of the Super League and not fighting their way in the NRL. They know if the going gets tough in the NRL, they will always have a cushy gig in Super League. To me it is a mental weakness that you also see present in the England national team. Similarly, when the going gets tough at test level, the players give up, knowing they wi
  6. I’ve heard fellow Titans fans say how can he have a heart issue when he is heartless seriously though, sad for the guy. but he won’t be missed by many. Not a very good official at all and constantly had it in for us
  7. I like the 18 teams, like the way the fixtures are structured. But I think you need to do finals on the best 8 clubs on cumulative points. Leave the finals as they are
  8. I’m pleased to hear it. Hooker is a position we have struggled with.
  9. The talk of which comp is better (NRL or SL) is not worth having as it not a fair comparison. The NRL salary cap for each club is more than 3 times that of SL - money talks and if you can effectively triple your income you will go to the NRL. There are some great players and strong clubs in SL, but they just can’t compete with the NRL money. We’ll see more and more players come to the NRL from England, just as in football great players come to England from all over the world - it’s the richest league
  10. According to the press over here we are trying to sign Warrington hooker Clarke to fill our difficult no.9 spot. what do Wire fans think of him? Will he be a success in the NRL like Hodgson? I am cautious as every player we’ve signed from England (Mathers, Watkins, Sarginson and Greenwood) have been god-awful.
  11. Hopefully he can do the business for Leigh. He was awful for us, but so we’re many players during the disastrous Garth Brennan era. He was good at Parra and hopefully he can find some form for Leigh
  12. I appreciate the responses. I was curious when I read the recent article on Fui Fui Moi Moi and he said he was training one night a week at Workington. that seems so little - my local amateur football team in Brisbane trains two nights a week and nobody is paid anything. I would have thought 3 times a week minimum. It just shows what a gap there is between part-time and FT professionalism. I am curious as to what players in the NSW and Qld cup get paid and how often they train.
  13. I’m curious as to how things work in semi-pro Rugby League (I.e. Championship/ League One). for example, how often would teams train? Do they train at night or day? Do players hold down a FT job outside of Rugby? Does the coach? how much roughly would an average semi-pro player earn a year? sorry if these questions seem silly, I’m just genuinely curious what it’s like to play amd coach in the semi-pro divisions
  14. I hope this does come off for the club, but even with this build Belle Vue still would struggle to be one of the top 20 RL grounds in the 3 tiers of RL. That's pretty bad for a SL club. However it isn't their fault - their only crime was perhaps making some ill-advised announcements on plans when they didn't really have anything concrete. After all, some of the strongest clubs in the NRL play in absolute dumps - Manly and the Wests Tigers for starters. It doesn't make them bad clubs.
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