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  1. As someone who actually LIVES in the city and grew up here, I disagree. Sure there are some undesirable people, but no more than any other cities. Lots of families here who are crying out for a successful team to get behind
  2. Titans draw bigger crowds than most Super League clubs. With a winning team, hopefully with a strong Qld identity, I am confident we can get back to averaging 20k+ crowds Rugby League is by far the biggest sport in the city. The Suns struggle nobody in the city follows AFL. I’ve no doubt a winning Titans team will be well-supported
  3. Good riddance to Brennan. Spoke for a long time about bring local juniors through, but in his 18 months here he 9nly brought one through (Arthurs) and he just announced he has signed for the Broncos. Brennan had a free reign in recruitment and signed a series of big money failures, such as Peachey, Cartwright, Latu, Boyd and Rein. He also failed to get the best of prodigious young talent Ash Taylor. In my view we need a Queenslander as coach and Walters would be my preferred option. We need to have a Qlders-only recruitment policy. This will help us attract bigger crowds and a bigger following and help us compete with our Qld rivals. Walters can help us do that with his connections through his time as Origin coach. The club has potential - we just need success. Nobody wants to follow a losing team. When we were successful in 2007-10, our crowds were very good and we were heading in the right direction. Then a series of bad management decisions sent us spiralling downwards on all levels. fingers crossed the club get it right this time
  4. I’d be willing to stake a small fortune he ends up at RC Toulon
  5. In building a new stadium, if they can use this now enlarged site and tack on some other things to the outside of the stadium like a hotel, food outlets, pub etc. then it will go a decent way towards covering the cost. I remember going to Selhurst Park which has a Sainsbury’s build underneath it. That would have covered a decent amount of the build cost.
  6. Why should Sydney have 9 teams and south east Qld only 2? NZ only one? Perth none? Personally I think expansion would be the best model, but existing clubs argue there aren’t enough good players available. So why should then expansion be held off because of this? If the league can only sustain 16 clubs, then relocation is the best option to ensure a broader league
  7. Or perhaps Gillett has a UK or EU passport
  8. That is because Parra are not the only tenant. The football club Western Sydney Wanderers (which draw bigger crowds than Parra) are also tenants and their colours are red and black. interestingly, this new stadium is fitted with safe standing in the ‘home end’. It will be the first major stadium over here with that in place.
  9. Because our stadiums cost hundreds of millions of $$$ and they want to give it a nice finish. This stadium cost £190m. In comparison St Helens cost only £25m for only slightly less capacity. I still don’t know how you guys in the UK can build stadiums for so much less than we can. The prospect of clubs owning their own grounds here is remote at best
  10. I see your point, but how much RL is played in Northern Ireland? Has their ever been a SL player from Northern Ireland? Does anyone in NI care? I don’t think the RFL loses anything by calling the team GB and not mentioning Ireland.
  11. On the Ireland thing, why does GB have to include Ireland at all? Ireland is a seperate nation with its own national team (despite producing hardly any Irish-born pro players). Why can’t this GB team just be representative of England, Scotland and Wales? Just because the RU team includes the Irish, doesn’t mean ours has to.
  12. Having done EBA negotiations myself, this is what is called a ‘concession’. RLPA have come with a claim for $20k per test and NRL’s thinking is we’ll give them this one- but just schedule hardly any tests so it doesn’t cost us much. Smart business, terrible for the game.
  13. What is the point of having a Toronto team if they keep playing fixtures outside of Toronto? i know flying back and forth is expensive, but that’s what they signed up for
  14. Remember when we had licensing and people whinged (mainly salty Fev and Leigh fans) that the game was stagnant and needed P&R? Fast forward to now and the game is even more stagnant, P&R has done nothing to improve the appeal of the sport and now we have clubs going bust as a direct result. Bring back licensing.
  15. I’d buy York, rename them simply York RLFC (much prefer traditional names and badges - especially for a club in an ancient city like York). I’d buy the land that the old Clarence St ground is on and rebuild into a modern stadium, close to the city centre. Affiliate the club with the University and build the Archbishop his own box at the stadium.
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