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  1. And give teams not named Wigan, Saints or Leeds even less chance to win a trophy?
  2. I think its a nothing story, but it would be good if we can get a couple of Saints players to make the move accross int he coming years.
  3. I was gonna ask about Shaun Ainscough. Another who seemed destined for greatness and dropped away
  4. A few years ago this guy was a gun winger, won a Grand Final and seemed destined to be a mainstay for England. I see now he is playing at lowly Workington Town. How did he end up there? Was it injuries, poor club choices, loss of form? Amazing how far a guy has fallen who could have done anything.
  5. Maguire would have to give up being coach. Perhaps replaced by Robbie Hunter-Paul
  6. I’ve worked out you can name an entire NZ test 17 with hyphenated names: Dallin Watene-Zelezniak Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad Malakai Watene-Zelezniak Michael Chee-Kam Shaun Kenny-Dowall Roger Tuivasa-Sheck Chanel Harris-Tevita Nelson Asofa-Solomona Jeremy Marshall-King Jared Warea-Hargreaves Corey Harawira-Naera Raymond Faitala-Mariner James Fisher-Harris Henry Lealuga-Puhotau Adding Fonua-Blake Braden Hamlin-Uele
  7. Yes, because King Arthur was real......
  8. In the 90’s, most clubs departed from a traditional coat of arms style badge and went for the American-style mascot badge. But it seems nowadays more clubs are reverting back to traditional style badges. We’ve seen Wigan, Hull FC, Wakefield and Salford revert back to an old-style badge (and Hull KR always kept theirs as is). While in the lower tiers the likes of Halifax, Fev, Oldham, Hunslet, Workington Town and Doncaster have moved back to a classic badge after briefly having a ‘modern badge’. i think this is a great move and I hope more clubs adopt this. Most of our traditional Northern clubs are 120+ years old. The history in the badge should be enough of a selling point. Why trade that in for a cheap cartoon Rhino or Tiger? Sure, the expansion clubs can’t invent history, so I’ve no issue with them having American-style moniker. But I think our traditional clubs should market themselves on their history.
  9. they would - except there was no P&R in that period.
  10. Until recently, I've always been of the belief that finals are the best way to decide who the champions are. My rationale had been the NRL has so many different winners, compared to the EPL which had so few. My thought had been finals give more chance of an upset winner. Now i've changed my tune, I think you have more chance of different teams winning in a first-past-the-post system. SL would have had seven sifferent champions if that was the case, rather than 4. It doesn't reward success from being the best over a (very long) home and away season. Which brings us to this Toronto game. Toronto have clearly been the best team in the championship for the last two years. It would be a crime if they weren't promoted. They shouldn't even have to go through a final to get promoted. With all due respect to Fev, they don't deserve to be promoted on the basis they strung 4 wins together in September.
  11. Any reason why the crowd so low? Wire usually average about 10k crowds. You think it would be bigger for a final. No wonder they lost tonight, why would the Wire players lift if so few of their fans care
  12. As a Titans fan, there have been few positives in 2019, the only players that can hold their heads high are Brimson, Sami, Arrow, Wallace and Jacks. The rest can find employment elsewhere as far as I’m concerned. On Watkins, I expected when we bought an international centre who showed great class and skill in the 2017 WC that he would give our backline a real boost. But he has been as bad as the rest of the team.
  13. Both Watkins and Hall will have to go down as flops in 2019. I hope though they both stick at it and put in good pre-seasons and give the NRL a red-hot crack in 2020. Too many English players give the NRL a half-assed go and when they struggle, they run home with their tails between their legs. Hall went to the wrong club in my view - would be better served at a club with a thinner roster. I think both guys can succeed in the NRL if they have the right attitude and persevere
  14. No, you reduce number of clubs so the TV/Sponsor money is cut into larger shares
  15. If we keep Magic Weekend it should make up one of the 26 rounds, not be a bonus round. My gut feeling though is an increase in teams may not be the way to go. The talent isn’t there, and it cuts the pie too many ways. if it were up to me, it would be reduce the league to 10 teams, play 18 rounds, plus the cup, plus finals. Pie cut only 10 ways
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