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  1. That was a good read, I totally get the commercial considerations from an organising committee perspective. My only thing is if the tournament goes ahead, it will likely do do featuring a watered down Australian team made up of volunteer players, while teams from NZ and the pacific nations will be so watered-down they will be near uncompetitive. I think the one positive out of this is England will be unbackable favourites to win the tournament. But assuming they win, their win will hold limited credibility due to no other real contenders. It will be a 'clayton's world cup'. It may still draw a good crowd and be financially succesful, but it won't really be a World Cup - more of a glorified European championships.
  2. I just don't see the point in bringing over these average imports. Surely there are better players playing in England that clubs could recruit - then they don't have to deal with bringing them over, visas, accommodation - plus the risk of them getting homesick and bunking off home. This is not a Wigan-only issue by the way, it seems to be trending across the league.
  3. Shows how far Super League has fallen when the competitions biggest club is signing reserve grade rubbish from Australia. Indeed the only time SL clubs sign an NRL player of note is when they are either about 35 years old or have run into legal / disciplinary problems.
  4. How many halves do Leeds need? They already have Gale, Sutcliffe, Myler, Lui, McLelland and Leeming. I would presume they must be cutting a fair few of them
  5. I don't mean to play devils advocate here, but you have to understand what the Covid situation is like over here. Players have spent large amount of times in bubbles to ensure the game goes ahead here. NZ Warriors players will have spent almost two years away from their homes due to COVID. And with no end in sight to the quarantine restrictions and an appallingly slow vaccination rollout by our Government, I can completely understand why 500 players and officials from here would not want to travel to the UK for 2 months at the end of the season. It would put huge pressure on our incoming hotel quarantine facilities at the end of the tournament - and that's if players are granted an inwards travel exemption to return in the first place - otherwise they risk been stranded in the UK for months and months. Someone also raised the Olympic example. The Government gave an exemption for Olympic athletes representing Australia. I think the public can accept that because they are representing Australia on the biggest stage. However a majority of the players going to the RLWC will be representing nations other than Australia, so the Government will find it more difficult to justify. It is quite political issue presently with disagreements between various levels of Government on how many travellers should come to Australia - given all our cases of COVID have come from returning travellers. I love the RLWC - I've attended the last 3 of them. But given the current COVID situation, and the fact that more than half the players at the WC live in Australia, I really think 2021 is has come too soon during the pandemic. Postponing 12 months is the best solution in my view.
  6. I don't think Australians are unenthusiastic about it, crowds in the last two events hosted here show that the international game is on the rise here. the main issue stems from a general apathy towards the national team itself, the Kangaroos. It's hard for the population to get excited about a team who always win - especially when our national psyche is a nation of underdogs. People like me who enjoy the international game find ourselves cheering for whoever is playing AGANST Australia - but many others lose interest. To be honest, its the multiculturalism of Australia, particularly our Pacific Island population that help the international game grow. I do think though that this years world cup should be postponed for 12 months. I fully understand players, officials and fans alike not wanting the event to go ahead with Australia's border situation being as tight as it is.
  7. The difference is, Austin is off-contract. FWIW, I don’t endorse any player breaking contract. Australian or English. I just see it happens so often for English players coming here. I’d wager at least 75% of Englishmen that come to the NRL quit mid-contract
  8. No thanks. I’d rather the club invest in Tanah Boyd and Jamal Fogarty. I think we are better investing in a top no.9, given Ash Taylor is seemingly on the way out
  9. The Raiders paid a six figure transfer fee for him and to come over here, signed him to a long term deal and invested in them as their playmaker. George has basically said, it’s too hard and run back to the UK. Mid season. It has effectively derailed their season and has major ramifications for their roster plans. why are people sympathetic to him? why would NRL clubs continue to invest in English players (which the England national team needs in order to actually try and win a series v Australia for the first time in 50 years)? I certainly don’t want my club investing in more English players when the half a dozen English players we have brought in have all done exactly the same as Williams and flaked out mid-contract
  10. He asked for a release, he’s got it now. See you later. Yet another England player who can’t hack it in Australia and flakes out mid-contract
  11. Gildart will last 12 months if he is lucky, then come running back to Wigan with his tail between his legs citing ‘homesickness’
  12. Appalling comments by him about the victim of convicted rapist Jarryd Hayne. I saw Tony Williams has been sacked by his club. Salford should follow suit.
  13. Absolutely, can’t disagree with you. But the Aussies in Super League don’t play for the Kangaroos. They are generally guys whose rep careers are over, or others who aren’t really at that level. we (as a game) see English players in the NRL as a way to strengthen the national team, but the lack of mental strength by so many of them - I’d wager more than 80% of English players who come to the NRL run home before their contract is out. This isn’t targeting Williams individually either - he is just one of many.
  14. No. Cas had their chance in 2017 and thanks to Zak Hardaker, they blew it.
  15. The bigger issue here is the mental fortitude of English players not sticking it out and fulfilling their NRL contracts. In the last few years we’ve seen dozens of players come and go without making an impact, all seeking an early release to return to the comfort of the Super League and not fighting their way in the NRL. They know if the going gets tough in the NRL, they will always have a cushy gig in Super League. To me it is a mental weakness that you also see present in the England national team. Similarly, when the going gets tough at test level, the players give up, knowing they will still have a cushy gig in Super League. No wonder England/GB haven’t won a series v Australia in almost 50 years.
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