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  1. Article in daily Torygraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/rugby-union/2016/12/07/king-billy-finally-getting-adulation-deserved-hometown-city/?WT.mc_id=tmg_share_tw
  2. Great to see some long overdue recognition of Billy in wales!
  3. Cut it out with the celtc team ######, no one in wales cares about that nonsense
  4. true by playing games during international weekends. Would sl fans accept that?
  5. Bite the bullet: annual tri nations - england, wales and france, home and away so guaranteed 2 home games per year. Patience with early blowouts, mid summer to stand out and bloody stick at it.
  6. I agree. And proper home and away, not 3 weeks without a bloody home game!
  7. I think we need to get away from the australia v england first up game malarkey. I think the public is ready to accept games against samoa, fiji, png etc as legitimate and tough games allowing all teams too develop towards the knock out stages. A few one sided games from proper groups is a tolerable cost to a. give the tournament a proper feel, instead of this super group nonsense and b.stops england having to be up against it straight away, deflating the whole thing
  8. Wonder how many canadians are in the raptors or bluejays teams?
  9. they just said every game
  10. Shouldve been a yellow begore though. Pathetic reffing, meaningless warnings
  11. Bit more go forward from the forwards. 40k crowd, biggest four nations final crowd in england?