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  1. 40-8 at full time, Wales qualify for the 2021 world cup.
  2. Bit of fight from the irish, cliche but if they cut out the sloppy errors would be a bit closer. Wales in again, great score from the no.7, 38-8
  3. 26-4 Wales bullying Ireland
  4. 20-04 2nd half just started
  5. very decent game, bit of bite, good to see a neutral ref, anybodys game, stop feeding the trolls
  6. 14-0 wales! Really decent bbc online feed - very professional.
  7. I saw 2 empty seats, so i’ve switched off 🧐
  8. Havent watched much of the Ireland team, but if wales start as they finished the last game it could get interesting. Wales slight favourites