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  1. Mainly green at the moment https://www.raidersrugbyleague.co.uk/ i think i read that they would be renaming their amateur side which implies that the professional side will adopt the raiders identity.
  2. http://www.totalrl.com/south-wales-ironmen-taken-west-wales-raiders-immediate-effect/
  3. With immediate effect. the positive i suppose is that the raiders seem to have control of their ground so provide a real base but we'll see
  4. Great game, absolutely loved and i agree with GaryO, the greater intensity created more errors so produced a different game to game 1. Technical perfection is overated anyway, loved the drama!
  5. Agree though i do with a lot of what you say, as a resident of Pontypridd, indeed a newly elected town Councillor, Ponty is very defintely not in the Rhondda! Rhonnda and cynon valley types are happy to come to ponty to support Pontypridd rfc so it is a pretty good location, 20 mins by train from a lot of cardiff. Full of rough types like me though.
  6. Cracking game, proper origin! Would have been a penalty every ptb in the nrl! Nsw by far the better team
  7. Worked well for me and thoroughly enjoyed the game. Some of the NRL bias was hilarious - it went from "England wont be used to the speed and wrestling" of the nrl, to "of course the england pack all play in the nrl" within two mins. The ref didn't seem to quite get the held rule applies to both sides
  8. Well living in Pontypridd i have a team! I think the outlaws will have a tough time but half decent stadium to play from (has 4g pitch) so will get to a few games
  9. Wasnt suggesting this one thing would break the bbc but if you allow your product to be cheapened you either make a stand and try to turn that round or just give up.
  10. Just bought my pass, the RFL are right to tell broadcasters to ###### off for trying to get it on the cheap. Hopefully its a success and can be used as leverage in future negotiations
  11. to be fair an extra 1000 from a population of 15 million
  12. um how do they know this? when i subscribed i didn't tell anyone that it was for the NRL
  13. Article in daily Torygraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/rugby-union/2016/12/07/king-billy-finally-getting-adulation-deserved-hometown-city/?WT.mc_id=tmg_share_tw
  14. Great to see some long overdue recognition of Billy in wales!
  15. Cut it out with the celtc team ######, no one in wales cares about that nonsense