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  1. It surprised me to be reminded of how many good players played for Carlisle, one that I think was missing though was Mick Morgan
  2. I would imagine the vast majority of them, if fit, would make it to the final World Cup squad
  3. JJB?
  4. Not only that but conceivably could be picked in 3 different positions too
  5. It's great to see Wakefield do so well but I think it may be just beyond them, they seem to fall just a little bit short in the really important games. Wouldn't mind a Wakefield v Castleford final but at this stage think it will be Leeds v Castleford, as I also would like to see a new name on the trophy I am hoping for Castleford v anyone who hasn't won it yet
  6. I think I'd go for Williams at 6 and Gale at 7 though I think Bennett will go with the pairing you suggest. Assuming Hardaker is fullback then I would agree with you that Widdop should be on the bench, however it appears that Bennett like ball playing fullbacks rather than running fullbacks so we may yet see Widdop revert there. There seems to be a flexibility about the players we have now that we haven't had for a long time, as you say nice problem to have.
  7. I stand corrected, thanks. I agree with you that it was by far the best system
  8. From memory, the original top 5 play off was: Week 1: 4 v 5 Loser out Week 2 : Winner 4/5 v 3 Loser out 1 v 2 Winner to GF Week 3: Loser 1/2 v Winner 3/4/5 Winner to GF Week 4: Grand Final This is heavily weighted to a 1 v 2 GF and they are the only teams that get a second chance, this gives between 28 and 30 game season to the GF (29-31 if Magic is returned) and while the winner of 1 v 2 would get 2 weeks off they would be split not consecutive.
  9. This is pretty much my preference with the exception of a top 5 play off as per the original superleague
  10. I think Hanley could pretty much have got to the top of any sport he chose, he just seems to be one of those great sporting naturals, we are blessed that he chose our game
  11. I always thought the original superleague top 5 play off was ideal, everything weighted towards the team that came top getting to the final with only them and second place getting a second chance. Not likely to revert back to that with the current super eights
  12. Can't see past Whitehaven V Barrow unless one, or both of them heave injuries to crucial players.
  13. When I played the ref's would often just shout the tackle numbers out, you still occasionally here it in the National conference
  14. Seriously? and the RFL don't advertise the Challenge Cup Final, The Grand Final and the 4 Nations to what are obviously sports fans even at this price