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  1. Funny enough this got brought up at the 4N final when we bumped into a friend who, though originally from St Helens, lives in Gloucester and is a season ticket holder at the All Golds. Both of them were adamant that moving to Gloucester would be better for crowds as they say it is a rugby town, at lot of them enjoying League as well as union whereas Cheltenham is not
  2. A mate of mine used to coach at Gloucestershire Warriors in their early days and he's always maintained that the area could produce some good rugby league players and be successful. He says that Gloucester been a rugby town there a lots of players, some better suited to League than union, for the same reason he thinks to fulfil potential they need to play in Gloucester rather than Chelteham
  3. I believe Josh Hodgson crashing through the door was after the 2014 4 nations when he was waiting to join Canberra ahead of the 2015 season, so no I don't think he was ever sent home, I think it was Canberra that disciplined him
  4. Great idea, glad to see the clubs working together for the benefit of each of them. I know it will be a few years before it begins to bear fruit at open age level but I genuinely hope this works out well
  5. Quite like this thread as it's made me think about the places I always meant to go to but haven't managed yet. Current grounds: DW Stadium (Wigan), Headingly (Leeds), Leigh Sports Village, John Smith Stadium (Huddersfield), Totally Wicked Stadium (St Helens),Select Security Stadium (Widnes), Halliwell Jones (Warrington), The Shay (Halifax), Mount Pleasant (Batley), Stalybridge (Oldham), Craven Park (Barrow), Derwent Park (Workington), The Recreation Ground (Whitehaven), New River Stadium (London Skolars) Former grounds: Central Park (Wigan), The Willows (Salford), Hilton Park (Leigh), Knowsley Road (St Helens), The Racecourse Ground (North Wales Crusaders). Hope to add at least a couple to that list this season
  6. As someone who was at the game I've been following the thread with interest but have been struggling to articulate my thoughts, I don't agree with a lot that has been said and I think the above probably comes closest to my views. The day before the Whitehaven v Toronto game Egremont played Wath Brow, and while I didn't count them, I believe the crowd there was bigger, and that was with Kells having an home game at the same time. This Saturday Wath Brow play Kells with Egremont away, so the crowd could be even bigger. This tends to support the view that there is an appetite for watching the game but Whitehaven and Workington don't seem to be able to capitalise on this. After the Egremont v Wath Brow game the Egremont club was jammed with supporters of both teams, while a lot of the players of the 2 teams are friends, as indeed are many of the supporters, which may have increased the people there, what really struck me was that most of the people have a close affinity to their respective clubs. In the not too distant past Whitehaven had this and probably Workington as well. Then many of the players were signed from Wath Brow, Kells or probably to a lesser extent Egremont and were supplemented by New Zealanders or Aussies, some of whom became locals. People from the Whitehaven area would often be watching their mates. This seems to have been lost, many of the West Cumbrians playing for Whitehaven have come via Superleague academy sides and in recent years there seem to have been more Lancastrians and Yorkshire men playing, the affinity with the club seems to have been lost. While both Whitehaven an especially Workington seems to be trying to revert back to a mainly local playing base, supplemented with a few travelling players, it's probably going to take a while to lull the spectators back, and of course, a successful side helps
  7. Like this idea, we attend the final every year and on occasions have done one or both semi finals and have often mused about being able to go to a S/F double header. Never thought about the Q/F or Round 6 being at one venue but think it really could work, it would also give a Championship team a real shot at making a biggish event
  8. That's how the Etihad got built, Manchester city council built for the 2002 commonwealth games with a view to turning into a football ground afterwards with Man City as tenants
  9. Daryl Powell seems to see things in players others don't, he also improves already good players - Jamie Peacock on the Superleague show last week said that at the recent England training session Zac Hardaker was performing better than he had ever seen him play
  10. The extra mentions seems to have coincided with Dave Woods being appointed the BBC Rugby League correspondant
  11. There's a couple rugby pitches in a park just off the National Mall in Washington DC where they play touch rugby every Saturday Morning and Wednesday evening, anyone can turn up and get a game. Several times on holiday I have taken old rugby tops and given them to the locals, I quite like the idea of people in different parts of the world wearing England or Whitehaven tops
  12. Andy Lynch played against Leeds last weekend didn't he? When did Ben Westwood make his debut?
  13. On the Sport Accord Website membership link it says that they are currently reorganising the membership process and that new information will soon be available. It will be interesting to see what happens, have they blocked RL while still reorganising? surely they should have deferred any application until the process is clear. Also I wonder what the Department for Culture, Media and Sport are doing about this, surely the RL parliamentary group should be asking them
  14. Good effort, hope they get some regulars out of that. Only been to The New River once, for the Friday game before the Challenge cup final when they played Whitehaven, apart from getting beat I quite enjoyed the evening
  15. What did the crowd turn out to be?