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  1. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Shaun Edwards

    Maybe they're going to issue another bond to pay Edwards' wages?
  2. Cumbrian Fanatic

    England RL Shirt

    If they got them on sale a bit earlier they'd probably sell a few more, on the run up to the autumn tests it was just about impossible to buy one and now they have finally announced the details of The Lions tests there is no shirt to buy, it'll probably come on sale in late October
  3. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

    Exactly the point I was trying to make earlier but worded so much better
  4. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Christchurch Mosque - mass shooting

    Great article on the BBC website on Jacinda Ardern on how she has conducted herself since the events in Christchurch I think she has been outstanding and demonstrates a few lessons that other leaders should learn, including Trump and Theresa May
  5. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

    I thought he was all for talking to those you disagree with
  6. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Danny Ward reveals beliefs behind London.

    I don't think that series of results is anywhere as nearly as unlikely as we all would have thought a few weeks ago. The way all the teams are playing I can see London beating Hull at home and Leeds and Wigan losing away to Catalan and Salford respectively.
  7. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Danny Ward reveals beliefs behind London.

    Good read that. When they gave the job to Danny Ward I thought it might be a bit too early, that shows what I know, whatever happens he is showing himself to be a very good coach.
  8. I actually thought about this the other week, for Rugby League we are realistically looking at using it for the Challenge Cup S/F (either separately or as a double header) the championship play off final, the summer bash and an England game. It's too small for Magic unless it became 3 double headers in 3 locations and you wouldn't use it for the Challenge Cup or Grand Final. So the key I believe would be having an anchor tenant to ensure the facility is used plenty, other events such as concerts could probably be investigated. One thing that worries me is that Bolton used it 20+ times per year and the financials never stacked up - I know the wages at even Championship level are eye watering, but its got to be worth some investigating
  9. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Shaun Edwards

    I mentioned this before on other threads but I once read an interview with Martin O'Neil, his theory was that great players often didn't make great coaches because, having great natural talent they didn't need to work or think about the game as hard as others. Players like himself had to really think about what they needed to do and work hard on it to be successful this then helped them become better coaches. This theory supports why props like Wane and McDermott have been successful and more naturally gifted players like Gregory and Schofield were less so. While Edwards can polarise opinion I think all but the meanest would admit that Edwards thought about and worked extremely hard at his game, this would have enhanced his chances of becoming a very good Rugby League coach.
  10. I don't think the rule about Catholic Monarchs has actually changed, in fact I don't believe the monarch can actually marry a catholic. I believe in recent years there have been private members bills which have been brought but blocked due to them raising serious constitutional issues, after all the Queen is head of the Church of England. I believe it was the being allowed to be a catholic Prime Minister that was changed in this generation and I don't think we've actually had one yet - I think Tony Blairs government changed the law and Blair became a catholic after standing down as Prime Minister. This link on the Act of Settlement mentions about the monarch not being able to be a Catholic in the United Kingdom section Don't know how reliable this source is but mentions Blair not taking a chance on becoming a Catholic before stepping down as PM
  11. Cumbrian Fanatic

    3 Players

    I thought Andy Lynch but he didn't play enough games at Hull
  12. In the words of Steve McNamara when he was England coach and my mate said similar - I've got your number, don't wait by the phone
  13. Cumbrian Fanatic

    So, New Zealand. October. Who's off?

    I'd 2nd that, quite a few years since I was there but I have every intention of making it again one day
  14. Wayne Bennett won't pick him because there's probably about 10 props better than him that would be picked first
  15. Cumbrian Fanatic

    SL Attendances So Far In 2019

    Just seen this article on Warrington's marketing