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  1. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Drinkwater leaves Catalans

    This is actually where I think the new players union could help players, unlike some agents the players union should have the players' best interests at heart, I think it was Jamie Redknapp in football who used this reasoning, I believe he never had an agent and always used the PFA in contract negociations.
  2. Cumbrian Fanatic

    End of season play offs

    Todays results Thatto Heath 14 - 24 Underbank Egremont 28 - 12 Wath Brow Bit of a surprise at Thatto Heath there, I would imagine most would have expected the home team to prevail there
  3. Cumbrian Fanatic

    South Sydney in strife

    Well the article states "verified social media accounts belonging to star forward Sam Burgess are at the centre of the saga" and "There was no suggestion that Burgess was involved" If both those statements are true then it would indicate that the players involved used Burgess' account, possibly his phone, either with or without Burgess' knowledge. I'd hazard a guess that they lifted the phone and thought it a big joke albeit an ill advised one Yes you do wonder about players getting involved in this sort of thing but I would suggest it is the players involved that have the real issues
  4. Cumbrian Fanatic


    If you use Facebook try 'Trust in Haven' fans post on there
  5. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Premier League Predictions

    Thought that for a few seasons now
  6. That's a really disappointing approach from Liverpool city council, I'm sure the pubs, hotels and restaurants in addition to Liverpool FC appreciate the council turning away business on their behalf. I agree with others on here, Liverpool should be removed as a future venue for World Cup games and internationals, we should take the business to places that appreciate the customer
  7. Cumbrian Fanatic

    New team-Goole

    Best of luck with the venture, I really hope it works out for you and the town
  8. Cumbrian Fanatic

    The Forbidden Game by Mike Rylance

    After Saturday he could add another chapter to any reprint and call it 101 Days That Shook Rugby League. BTW I would recommend both books to anyone looking for a good Rugby League read
  9. This applies to me too, working away from home a lot means Saturday is always a better day and given the distance to Hull and that the Leeds game is on a Sunday meant that this was the best game for me, I'd even started drumming up support at the challenge cup final last weekend
  10. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Tougher than Les

    Interesting yes, but I'm confident if he had played in those times he'd have been tough enough to take and more than capable of dishing it out. Just as I'm a great believer that a truly great player would be great in any era a truly tough player would have been tough in any era
  11. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Time to move Challenge Cup away from Wembley

    Was sent a survey yesterday by the RFL, very similar to how it is most years e.g. where would you like to cup final to be/When would you like the cup final to be, but a couple of questions stood out. One was asking whether I or my party were more likely to go if it was on the August Bank holiday weekend or the weekend before. The second was a more open question, it asked what could be done to make it more likely that me or my party would go to the final
  12. Cumbrian Fanatic

    RL at the Cenotaph

    Thanks for that, I didn't know this happened but will be there on Friday now I am aware of it
  13. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Im worried...

    Look on the bright side, our women's game will be much stronger - assuming they put their hand up for England rather than Australia
  14. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Barrow arl

    I don't know when it started but the amateur cup was for player that had only ever been amateur i.e. no ex-professionals who had returned to their amateur roots, or, as I understand happened for a while, played back at amateur clubs "under licence' from their professional club. Ex-pros could play in the Cumberland cup
  15. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Barrow arl

    Generally in the 80's/90's for the Cumberland league there was the league, the top 4 play off, the Amateur Cup and the Cumberland Cup, I think the Amateur Cup and the Cumberland Cups were the ones that were generally sponsored. In addition there was the County cup (or Cumbria Cup) which included the Barrow teams. The 2nd division had the league, top 4 and 2nd division cup, also known as the Dale Campbell-Savours cup, teams in the 2nd division that weren't A teams usually played in the Amateur and Cumberland Cups. There was also a 3rd division for a few seasons, they also usually played in the Dale Campbell-Savours cup