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  1. Cumbrian Fanatic

    An ultimate Magic Weekend

    I think that is an excellent idea. I have attended both the Summer Bash and the Magic Weekend on more than one occasion each but never both in the same year due to their close proximity and working away from home I have to get back sometimes, this would solve the issue for me personally and may boost attendances at both events
  2. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Mont v Mayfield

    One big blow up that kicked off again while the officials were trying to sort it before the game got going again. 2 off from Mayfield plus a sin binning, 1 off from Egremont plus the coach. A few minutes later another Mayfield player had a go after a tackle, probably not a sending off but I think the ref was really clamping down then. Not sure what kicked it off but an Egremont sub was left groggy on the ground when the balloon went up, I think, and I emphasise that I am filling in gaps here, that it was one off each for the fighting then one off each, including Egremont coach, went it started again. Not sure about the sin binning, maybe dissent? After all that Mayfield were superb, especially the No 7 who really did not deserve to be on a losing side. Egremont may have been guilty of putting the cue back in the rack but that should not detract from how well Mayfield played
  3. Cumbrian Fanatic


    According to Egremont Rangers' FB page their match against Mayfield kicks off at 13:00
  4. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Mike Ford interested in Wigan job?

    I'm interested in the Wigan job too. My chances? about the same as Mike Ford's
  5. Yes never thought of Campbelltown - and stop calling me Shirley
  6. You're probably right, but if they'd organised it, it would most likely be in Paramatta or Wollongong rather than Denver
  7. http://read: Gareth Widdop reckons the Denver Test can become origin for England and New Zealand players, maybe that's what concerns the NRL
  8. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Sutton off to Canberra

    Came off injured
  9. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Challenge Cup Semi Finals Double Header (Merged Threads)

    12:30 and 14:45 according to the BBC. Not sure which game is on first but I'd put the St Helens V Catalan game on at 12:30, the stadium could be rocking as that game comes to a close and the Leeds and Warrington fans are in ready for their game
  10. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    I noticed that but if you follow the link to the game it doesn't mention a double header, so maybe this has been on the site for a while and hasn't been updated
  11. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Well it's on the Visit Denver Website.
  12. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Challenge Cup Semi Finals Double Header (Merged Threads)

    I think so too - you beat me to posting it by 1 minute
  13. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Challenge Cup Semi Finals Double Header (Merged Threads)

    Just had a message on the Our League App about pre-sale and discounts for the Ladbrokes Challenge Cup Semi-finals Double Header to be Held at The Macron Stadium Bolton on 5th Aug. Whilst I have long advocated a double header for the Semi-finals and would like to go and attend as a neutral I can't this year due to a prior engagement. I am glad though that they are trying it and hope it is a resounding success and is held in following years and builds to a bigger event.
  14. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    I wish the BBC would show action like this from domestic RL as an opener to Challenge Cup games and The Superleague Show rather than those stupid cartoons
  15. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Magic Venue Poll

    Whilst Glasgow is a great city Hampden Park is an awful place to watch football, every Scot I know and I know a lot, hates it. Neither Celtic Park or Ibrox are in good locations for the event which is a bit of a pity as the city itself would be a great host