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  1. I've always been of the opinion that a truly great player would have been a great player in any era. Sorenson and Crooks would probably be terrific players today, probably different to what they were because the game's changed. Likewise Burgess would have been a top player in the 80's and 90's because he would have grew up learning that style of game and would be good enough to cope with it
  2. I liked Eorl Crabtree when he's been on the BBC, now he's not playing I wonder if he's worth a part time gig. Alternatively how about using different people guesting each week, we'll get some that aren't particularly good but we could unearth some gems
  3. A very impressive person, here's hoping he is right
  4. Good clip that. Dave Woods seems to be writing a lot more on the BBC website now as well, which I think is a good thing. I've always liked him as a commentator and when he speaks on the radio or writes he always seems to be enthusiastic about the game
  5. I would agree with you there, it would be great to see one or two of PNG, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga or the Cook Islands come to Europe each year to play 3 or 4 games against Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France, England/England Knights and possibly Serbia as they step up in level. Finances may be tight and may not initially be covered by gate takings but until these fixtures become established I don't see why profits from the World cup can't be used to subsidise such games.
  6. I think you've nailed it there. The obvious clubs to ask would be Town and Whitehaven as the relegated clubs and Barrow as the club that missed out, I'd be surprised if any of them took up any offer, but as you say, it would nice to have been asked
  7. I have done as you asked and realise that I have taken you out of context, reading previous posts on here suggesting that the police may have stepped outside of their lawful remit then seeing you mention capital punishment lead me to decide to look up actual facts rather than opinions, for misrepresenting your post I apologise unreservedly. I have seen the documentary on Mark Duggan and I am aware of problems that arise, of course that police, like anyone else, make mistakes, but I think the figure I quote shows how often they get it right in extremely difficult circumstances. I also hope it never becomes like the USA As an aside, after seeing the BBC documentary on Sellafield, much of which I know to have given a totally inaccurate picture, I am much less likely to believe 'facts' presented by BBC documentaries, which is a real shame but I guess that is for another thread.
  8. The report I saw said the Police were not wearing body cams, on another forum it was posted, by a policeman I know, that body cams are not worn by armed officers because the current models used by street PC's interfere with the gun models used i.e. their placing, apparently new cams are being trialled by some forces. The footage from any car camera will have probably been seized by the ongoing investigation, for obvious reasons they would not make it public until investigations are complete and any trial finished. Those programmes showing police footage are usually months after the event, hence why they can usually tell you the final out come and, to my knowledge, have never shown a shooting
  9. There have never been more than 6 fatal shootings by the police in any one year since 1990 and that happened only once, the average is less than 3 per year, I don't think our police are trigger happy and they certainly do not carry out capital punishment.
  10. University of Hull v Rochdale Mayfield West Bowling v Kells Featherstone Lions v Distington London Chargers v Bridgend Blue Bulls Leigh Miners Rangers v Wigan St Patricks Royal Air Force v York Acorn Wath Brow Hornets v Haydock Fryston Warriors v Normanton Knights Royal Navy v Myton Warriors Siddal v Milford Marlins Egremont Rangers v The Army Wests Warriors v Great Britain Police Thatto Heath Crusaders v Skirlaugh West Hull v Hull Dockers Thornhill Trojans v Lock Lane Aberdeen Warriors v Pilkington Recs - See more at:
  11. Interestingly, according to this Whitehaven don't say whether they would take up a place in the Championship if it was offered, I suppose it's hypothetical but if they did it may only for 1 season before relegation whereas staying in Championship 1 allows them to build towards, hopefully, promotion and a chance of planning for and staying in the Championship. It would have been nice to have at least been consulted even if the same decision was made. Anyone know if Barrow was spoken to?
  12. I could be wrong but that's my understanding. I went to the US with work a couple of times and while some of the people I met there had spent time in the UK most hadn't and when we got talking many were surprised to find that you could find an organised league to play football, rugby, cricket etc pretty much at any level and in many cases whatever your age
  13. I meant that as well, but reading my post back I haven't worded it very well
  14. Probably an obvious fit once it has been pointed out. The way I understand it once an American Football player has left the college system, if he ever makes it that far, there is nowhere to go if they don't make the NFL. Could be a huge resource to tap into for Rugby League