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  1. Good article on the BBC website https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/48327428
  2. I've enjoyed Magic whenever I've been to it but have often wondered if 3 double headers in different cities may work better, this gives a bit of what Magic does with multiple fans and also a bit of one-the road games. If each of them was on a different Saturday the combined attendance may be higher too.
  3. That's actually a great point and possibly more important than breaking the SL record
  4. Yes, that's one of the reasons on why I thought the crowd would be lower at Espanyol rather than Camp Nou, the other being that I know several people who went specifically because of where the match was held. To clarify my original post I meant book the Camp Nou again to play the Champions next season
  5. Except it probably wouldn't have been 26241 in the Espanyol ground. Be great if they could book it now to play the SL champions this time next year and break 30,000 to get some momentum going for the occasion.
  6. If I remember correctly Offiah scored 2 (or 3) tries in the game that followed and Oderyun didn't get anywhere near him when chasing
  7. I don't think anyone was tipping any of the present top 3, names that seemed to be getting mentioned at the start of the season were Newcastle, Oldham and Workington
  8. I'm expecting them to get Allerdale seeing as they loved Workington so much when they were there last time
  9. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/training-base-hosts-for-2021-world-cup-confirmed/?fbclid=IwAR2TaVVIk5RVjx3UHMUhlHez-Zv5dc_OhkJHBifyVuJHQfGIzmTrIqVZvBk No real surprises and which teams going where has not been announced yet. The one in the Tees Valley got the World Cup on to BBC Look North again
  10. Yes I know it is ran by the NDA as is the LLWR, Copeland receive £1.5 M/year from the NDA for the Copeland Community Fund for hosting it, this is invested to provide an income. The contracts I mentioned in my first post Details here have now been signed, as I said earlier I'm speculating but this may result in a boost to that scheme. Additionally, Sellafield as I understand it, is the 2nd largest business rate payer in the country after Heathrow airport, all that money currently goes to the government but last year the local mayor tried to make Copland a part of a pilot scheme where a portion of the business rates from large businesses stay in the area, he didn't manage to pull it off but if he's re-elected tomorrow I wouldn't be surprised to see him try again. I have no idea if I am anywhere near accurate but it is the only source of money I can think of and maybe Whitehaven are making an early play for a slice of it
  11. I'm speculating here so I could be miles off, but recently there have been some very big contracts signed at Sellafield and there's a fair chance that there will be some sort of community fund - in recent years there has been a bigger push for the wider community to benefit from the nuclear industry, and the elected Mayor seems to be a bit more commercially savvy than past administrations so maybe there is more money available and this is Whitehaven's first play for a slice of it
  12. Looks very prejudicial, what have they got against even numbers? I thought rugby of both codes was supposed to be inclusive
  13. No its owned by the Miners Welfare Association, that was one of the stumbling blocks last time there was a proposal to develop the ground
  14. Pretty sure I've read, probably in The Oval World, that when Murphy played RU for the RAF during his national service he came up against the then current England scrum half and totally outplayed him scoring and hatrick, will check when I get home tonight
  15. Ever since attending a gig at The Emirates stadium I've wanted to go there to see a rugby game, and finally in 2021 I'll get to do it. I'll then have to think of a replacment
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