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  1. WRL Annual Report 2014/15

    I cannot confirm for definite, but the drop in paid staff was allied to a drop in funding from Sport Wales of nearly six figures if what I have been told is correct due to the WRL taking over the Scorpions, this was despite the improvements in grading by Sport Wales in regard to Governance since C Thair took over. That in itself makes this report great reading.
  2. The game still has enormous potential in Wales

    The management from the WRL board over the last two years has been excellent. Brian Juliff and Chris Thair have had some really tough decisions to make and as unpopular as they may have been, the game is on a level footing in Wales now, whereas in 2013 it really was potentially about to disappear at any meaningful level due to previous administrations, certainly in South Wales. The appointment of John Kear was a master stroke as well. The difference in the team's body language between the World Cup and this Euro campaign is amazing,
  3. Gwendraeth Valley Raiders

    The mainstays of the side are the Maesteg Academy players from last year - Morgan and Alex as mentioned, Harry Boots, Shane Lee, so yes some are purely RL players
  4. Little stars
  6. England Youth name squad to face Wales Under-16s

    Just had some excellent news regarding the futures of two Welsh players from last night. If its true then WRL has a really brighter future than 24 hours ago!
  7. England Youth name squad to face Wales Under-16s

    Teams can work fantastically well together, but to be fair the lads on show for England were better and bigger than the other sides I've seen this year -Wigan, Broncos, Wakefield and Huddersfield. The score (and the performance) was pretty similar to when the majority of the Welsh side played Wigan the other week so I doubt very much if this was not most if not all of England's top picks in their positions.
  8. England Youth name squad to face Wales Under-16s

    Wigan certainly looked at couple of the players the other week, but even they only have so many spaces within their set up and as I've stated most if not all of our boys are physically undeveloped compared to their opposition atm...perhaps that may change into next 12 months .....
  9. England Youth name squad to face Wales Under-16s

    They certainly should be, and not just the ones I mentioned above (Matt Owen excepted as he's with the Broncos).
  10. England Youth name squad to face Wales Under-16s has the report.England won 18-25 after going 10 -0 up very early on. What the match report doesn't mention is the sheer physical difference between the sides. Wales to a man would have given away around a stone/stone and a half in lean muscle to the English lads. Once this Welsh side develop physically, England will have real trouble coping with them as it was clear that the additional size of the English was a factor in sucking in Welsh defenders to stop the initial drives in the two early tries. In saying that, as ever, this team gave their all and there were some excellent performances -Ben Jones at FB, the Davies twins at 7 and 13, Matt Owen from the Broncos and second row Jordan Liney in particular for me.
  11. Jordan James adds to Wigan's Welsh connection

    Fantastic appointment.
  12. Or more people will turn up for the games on the basis of supply and demand - limited supply, more demand. Bigger crowds, better atmosphere......
  13. Only if people turn up for the extra games at a time when many aren't flush with cash....
  14. Legends to conduct Tetley’s Challenge Cup draw

    Toulouse ? Plenty of flight opportunities for London fans and neutrals.