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  1. That last TO try was a beauty. Which ground was this played at?
  2. Stop with this. He plays for Scotland and that's that. All this county swapping needs to stop if RL is to be a serious international sport.
  3. Great post, Yosser. Pity Sam couldn't have said, look I am here to talk about the England game not RU. I seem to think the much maligned Mr McNamara did this in one interview last year when asked about RU.
  4. Any local press coverage or links?
  5. More to the point, how on earth did you find this?
  6. Saw a tweet yesterday that said ex-XV international, Mirco Bergamasco was going to be playing for Italy. Sure it was on the Italia RL Twitter account.
  7. Really? I find the prospect of Brexit a tenuous reason for low attendances in the Championship.
  8. Not sure I really follow all this. I think that it is a positive thing for the Warriors. Henry has coached and won at the highest level, albeit in the XV man game. That type of experience is invaluable.
  9. No case to answer for me. I am all for player safety/welfare but that clip shows nothing of concern to me.
  10. I (think I) played in the 2003 comp as well. I played for Carlisle that weekend. Was a good experience.
  11. I'm just disappointed that the Absolute 80s re-tune will mean that I won't be able to receive it in the car any more.
  12. Two match reports from the era:
  13. Why Aspatria Hornets went to NU:
  14. I'm sure that is the CC1 teams had roundly thrashed the NCL clubs then the same posters on this forum would be lamenting the poor quality of the top end of the NCL and then this would be the end of the world as well. Typical RL mentality; like a previous reply mentioned, football would celebrate upsets and another reply quite rightly noted that there was none of this hysteria and hyperbole when Egremont and Thornhill beat Town in years past.
  15. Awful news.