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  1. Everyone's entitled to an opinion, wont always please everyone. Great result today, can only play what's in front of you.
  2. I think Amean is wasted on the wing personally. Now he's fit I'd like to see him get a proper run at fullback, when you watch his highlights on YouTube he's a devastating runner of the ball.
  3. Wellington Albert maybe? Think he's only on trial at Leeds.
  4. Ryan Brierley isn't getting much game time at Toronto, good attacking half.


    It's not an easy one for sure, even with injurys we're still putting a decent team out yet getting hammered most weeks. People seem to think a new 7 and a prop will fix everything yet I personally cant see it improving the defence which is abysmal at times. The things that are in place simply aren't working.


    Time for a big change unfortunately, think Cresta has taken things as far as he can now. Carry on like this and its definite relegation. Richard Marshall and Paul Rowley both out of work, bring one of them in till the end of the season.
  7. Was pleased when he first signed, but then came the "injury" in the stupid boxing exhibition and ever since he has taken the pi$$ and probably quite a lot of money. Look forward to the welcome he'll receive if he turns up at CP with another club! Liam Finn would have been exactly the signing needed.
  8. Think Marwan Kouckash is involved in this.


    Cresta says in the Mail that a lack of composure cost Barrow the win yesterday, everyone else seems to think it's the shocking discipline that's been there for last couple of years. He also says Fev were stacked with DR players, yet there were only 2 in the 17! Things need to change and quick.
  10. Sure I read in the Mail that Hulme could be back next week.
  11. 12 nil up and looking really comfortable then press the self destruct button and give stupid penalties away again. Cut that out and the game would have been closer. Toronto looked class at times. Time for Amean to go fullback now, looks a dangerous runner of the ball, just doesn't get it enough.
  12. Cando FM tend to stream it through Facebook.
  13. Really good draw that.
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