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  1. It's Newcastle

    Excellent performance today, 1st half was good and softened Newcastle up, 2nd half was awesome at times. Tom Walker was very good and Dallimore was outstanding in the 2nd half.
  2. Barrow Raiders v Doncaster Rovers

    First game I've been to this season, tough game and ground out the win in at times poor conditions. I think Barrow fans need to take their blue tinted glasses off regarding referees, both teams were constantly offside and both teams were putting high tackles in which he seemed happy to let go. Barrows short kicking game was abysmal and why Mossop and Ashall are both in the 17 I don't know, both very similar players, would be better with Abram on the bench.
  3. Barrow V Town

    Without the idiot with the whistle there wouldn't be a game to watch!
  4. Liam Harrison

    Broke his leg playing for Barrow Island at Askam yesterday, heard he's being operated on today.
  5. Brett Carter

    Only 11 signed on so far, not a strong team yet.
  6. Squad for 2016

    I've heard Heaton is playing for Askam next season and Tyson is considering returning to Askam too. There is a lack of props in the squad so far, at least another 2 are needed.
  7. Hes back

    One of the best refs outside of Super League, give him the slightest reason to blow his whistle and he will, simple solution is don't give him the opportunity. Too many people seem happy to blame refs for too much these days, they're only human and will always make the odd mistake.
  8. Floodlights work......

    Thanks for the reply.
  9. Floodlights work......

    Why? The article is about the floodlights but also mentions the Raiders Bar being redecorated.
  10. Floodlights work......

    Will be good to see the new floodlights up and running. Are all the shirts that were donated still on display in the Raiders bar? If not what's happened to them?
  11. Game On ?

    It's given the weather to start getting warmer on Friday, supposed to be 8 degrees and wet on Sunday.
  12. This Weeks Ref

    I think all refs would like the game to flow, unfortunately though players break the rules!
  13. great win

    You cant argue with a performance like that!! Some Barrow fans were'nt happy with the ref's performance myself included at times, however the ref doesnt miss tackles or drop balls!! One team wanted it more and that was Featherstone. Well done again and good luck for the rest of the season.
  14. great win

    Well done Fev, that soreline flattered Barrow, very impressive defence and kicking game from you, talk about a wake up call!! Fev pretty much dominated for the full 80, very impressive.