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  1. Some things don't change. I remember standing on the Stretford End for the GB-Aus game in 1986, with the most electric and incredible atmosphere I had ever experienced, when someone at my side said without a hint of irony: 'We should have played this at Odsal.'
  2. 6668 apparently, including season ticket holders who get in for the Anglo Welsh cup games..
  3. A high profile piece in The Guardian, which we don't often get: Donald McRae Sam Burgess: ‘The bottom line is that my heart didn’t lie in union’
  4. If I remember correctly the two Hull clubs were way ahead of the pack averaging 13000 for FC and 9000 for Rovers. No other team averaged over 6000 with Leigh averaging about 5800. I might be wrong, but the second division sides had okay crowds as clubs like Swinton, Keighley, Oldham and York had much better attendances than now. The 80-81 season had Fulham, York, Wigan and a well supported Whitehaven promoted with healthy attendances.
  5. The BBC removed Rugby League from the header of the international version of their website on the same day as the RLWC final between Australia and NZ in 2013. I complained and received a reply a few weeks later: The reason Rugby League has been moved to the second level of navigation outside the UK is as a result of analysing almost two years' worth of audience data. For example, our Rugby League page is not in the top 10 most visited BBC Sport pages outside the UK. And in a global survey in which our audience were asked which sports they most liked to read about on theBBC Sport website, Rugby League was 13th. Rugby League is also the sport most removed by users in our customised mobile app navigation. That same research tells us that Cycling is the sport our international audience are most interested in after Football, Cricket, Tennis, Formula 1, Rugby Union, Golf and Athletics. For that reason, Cycling has been added to the top navigation.
  6. It does seem that the RFL guidelines are not very clear on the issue. However, the reason given for the Salford decision was that both players were involved in tackles in the last three minutes when they had 14 players on the pitch in a tight game: The sanction relates to the closing stages of their match against the Tigers on 27 April when Salford's Darrell Griffin and the player who was replacing him, Vic Mauro, became involved in tackles while the club had 14 players on the field of play. Salford successfully defended their line for the last three minutes and went on to win the game 34-30. Widnes were leading 46-6 when the two incidents occurred, both in the last ten minutes. This probably happens more than it should and it is unclear why this took two months to be highlighted.
  7. Funny how the IRB, now World Rugby, was not the slightest bit concerned that the French RU admitted a semi-professional club into 'amateur' union.
  8. You're one of the few people to point out that licensing was not a great way to grow crowds. It does seem that this has had an impact up to this season, when a team playing good football, as well as winning games, has seen very mediocre attendances. 5000 was poor yesterday considering the following from Cas.
  9. Great to see that you enjoyed it. Sometimes though, when you grow up in an area where league is strong, you don't realise that the game is relatively unknown outside of that area. I grew up in Widnes in the 70s and 80s and it surprised me then, as it does now, that simply moving a couple of miles towards Liverpool or past Runcorn into Cheshire, the game was as alien to them as Baseball.
  10. It is surprising how the game managed to recede, there were more sides then than now.
  11. Yes, and the RFL seems to have cut a lot of development officers recently. The RFU has a vast budget for development, so it seems like a good option for them to fous on league areas. Great pity for us though.
  12. A bit of a surprise in Warrington. Do Warrington Wolves do much about promoting league in schools?
  13. Maybe they could play at the Estadio Malvinas Argentinas, where they sometimes stage RU internationals.
  14. If Gilmore leaves, how many Widnesians would be left in the squad?