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  1. Wasn't defending them. I was pointing out why they might have been so angry. Their behaviour was way beyond the 'normal' abuse of the ref. Personally I think they should have been, at the very least, ejected and, possibly, arrested (depending on the nature of it). Let's not kid ourselves that this is either new or getting worse though. Been going on since I first started watching in 1975.
  2. Rugby League's reputation for respecting the ref. disappeared long ago (as did feigning injury). That's if it ever really existed. I remember lots of disputing back in the 70s. It was quite common to see teams marched 10 yards, so they were obviously doing it then too. As were the crowd. I saw those Wigan idiots at the time and thought they should have been ejected from the ground. Bear in mind though that a perfectly fair try for them had just been disallowed by the VR (when Leuluai was judged to have knocked on in the tackle), so you can understand, though not excuse, their anger. It cost them the match, ultimately.
  3. Yes. Lees clearly gets ahead of Naiqama but then has to run around Ta'ai, by which time Naiqama has got to the ball. Much as I didn't want this to be a try, it was. Let it go mate. Move on.
  4. Lees' kick puts Naiqama offside, but Lees then runs forwards chasing after his own kick and at one point gets ahead of Naiqama, thus playing Naiqama onside. Naiqama then sprints ahead of Lees and touches down.
  5. I stand corrected. Thought they had to keep 10 yards away, regardless.
  6. You don't play people onside in rugby league. If you're in front of the kicker, then you must stay 10 yards away.
  7. For as long as penalties are worth far too much (which they are) players will look to milk them. Need to put a stop to it quickly. One way would be to reduce the incentive by reducing their value. Should not be a kick to touch followed by 6 more tackles. Should be either a kick to touch and continue the set at whatever tackle you were on or reset the tackle count where the player was fouled, I.e no kick.
  8. Note that Huddersfield”s last try came from another fairly dubious penalty with O^Brien throwing himself down.
  9. ‘Milked’ yes. We need to clamp down on this stuff, Brought threw himself Neymar-like to the ground there.
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