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  1. Any chance you could embed the video? Some of us don't do faceache.
  2. Being updated tomorrow (Tuesday) according to PS.
  3. As a young player, played at Fryston once in the late 80s. Our winger was totally in the clear and going over but got a stiff arm tackle from a spectator. Referree just waved play on. Couldn't believe it.
  4. Thanks. Didn't think to look there.
  5. Just about to subscribe to this but noticed that no NRL fixtures are currently showing on the planner for next week. Anybody know why? Am I missing something? If not I'll ring Premier tomorrow and post their reply. Thanks
  6. It's the Northern Union for me.
  7. What does that mean? That England played particularly poorly, or that when they played worse previously you didn't happen to see it? England played pretty well. Everyone has said that the score line wasn't a true reflection of the game. England's completion rate was good, they made few errors, missed few tackles and scored 3 tries. After 35 minutes they were ahead 6-2 and on top. A lost ball close to Australia's line followed by a sloppy penalty on half way and we were punished. A solo try shortly after half time by a freak player and suddenly we were 6-16 down and it was uphill from there. The reality is that we were playing a team with a 'spine' (1,6,7 and 9) who prior to yesterday's game have 132 caps between them, compared with 36 for England. They're not only exceptional players but highly experienced with it. They also play weekly in a far higher standard of domestic competition and then have SOO, of course. The fact that we get anywhere near them should be celebrated. Maybe when George Williams, Gareth Widdop and Josh Hodgson have 130 caps then we might see a difference. FWIW I think Williams has the potential to be our Johnathan Thurston. He's already a terrific player at 22 and he's still improving. By 32 he could well be even better than Thurston.
  8. I can only assume that you're not a regular at county cricket? Try sitting among the members watching Notts at Trent Bridge. You'll be suicidal.
  9. You really are going mad. No one mentioned it because it clearly went through well inside the post.
  10. Another one gone far too early. Plus another reminder, should anyone need one, just what risks the players take every week to provide us with The Greatest Game.
  11. Fortunately there are plenty of British players in the NRL for Bennett to pick from. Many of these errors are simply from poor basic technique, e.g holding the ball in one hand in a 3 man tackle.
  12. 108. Team-sheets given out at turnstiles 109. Results read out on telly at tea time. 110. Buying a quarter of wine gums from the sweet shop on the way to the ground 111. Scout band playing at half-time
  13. The thing is October school half term coincides with this tournament. I would normally have booked this by now, so am desperate for these dates as I really want to support the tournament but also want the break with the family. If they're not out within a week or so then I'll have to just go ahead with the holiday booking.