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  1. Bradford Rumors

    Apologies for editing for accuracy!
  2. Bradford Rumors

  3. Bradford Rumors

    That's as may be, but John Kear said on Thursday night the objective was to earn a place back in SL in five or six years time. So I'd not hold your breath!
  4. Bradford Rumors

    Just when you thought as a Bradford supporter it was safe to go back in the water... We know there is a signing to be announced. One hopes that they have not fallen into the Bulls 3.0 "Richie Mathers" trap of getting people's hopes and expectations raised unduly. Those of us who had the Bullbuilder tour of the Tong Centre on Thursday may have seen a name on a peg that was not a current player, which may or may not be the signing in question. Would be really nice to be pleasantly surprised, I'll admit! Although whether Bulls fans could take more good news, so soon after the Kear appointment, is perhaps a moot point! As for the Doc, well the rumours about him and/or Wood buying in - and maybe Chalmers being the interim caretaker - keep cropping up from time to time. As does speculation about the future of the great elephant in the room aka the big hole in the ground. As Amber says, though, I'll believe any of it only if or when we see it with our own eyes.
  5. Why do RL clubs fold?

    In which case, they would all receive (and have to approve) the accounts anyway?
  6. Why do RL clubs fold?

    I see and very much sympathise with what you are trying to achieve. But how many readers would know how to read those accounts though, and be able to appreciate what they were telling you? Especially where the board added its own "explanations". I know the trouble I had trying to get across to people what the Bulls accounts were really saying, year on year. Often very much at variance with (understandably) the club PR line. I was routinely derided, especially on RL Fans, and was told I had no idea what I was talking about. Another practical impediment is that clubs' financial year ends are usually 30 November. For pretty well all clubs, getting the accounts prepared and (where required) audited and published before the start of the season would be an impossibility. Add to that, many smaller clubs will not require an annual audit, so the accounts will be unaudited. And most clubs will be able to file abbreviated accounts (sometimes so abbreviated as to be virtually worthless), and rarely having to include a profit and loss account. And most clubs will anyway surely NOT want anything more than the absolute minimum about their finances to be anywhere in the public domain? And they could hardly issue more information to supporters than they are required to legally disclose? As an example, loo at Castleford's accounts? I am deliberately using a club I very much respect, that has been very succesful on-field of late, and has set a superb (and all too rare) example of how it IS possible to achieve success seemingly without living beyond your means (and very well done to all concerned!) Made up to 30 November 2016, signed off June 2017, filed on public record August 2017. Abbreviated accounts (so no P&L) but you can see (if you know where to look) that they probably made a useful profit. There are several other very relevant features, again if you know what to look for. One is in the Audit Report and in the Accounting Policies. Another is in Fixed Assets. But published accounts are aimed at shareholders and professional investors and lenders and suppliers and the like. Maybe the RFL could insist on a very simple, standardised statement of key information? I'm sure I could draw up a one-page summary which should inform the lay reader. But can the RFL insist on anything? Especially given the seeming increasing dominance of the SL clubs? And would the clubs - other than ones like Leeds - be willing to disclose things that in many cases they would probably wish - and maybe need - to keep confidential?
  7. Why do RL clubs fold?

    Indeed. Must inevitably end in tears. The problem is, of course, where anyone - individual, club, company, country - finds it necessary (or, perhaps more to the point, believes it necessary) to spend more than you earn. Something, indeed, many households and indeed the country has been doing for many years. Then, the only way to plug the gap is by more borrowing (formalised, e.g. from owners, or otherwise e.g from suppliers and HMRC.). Until the time comes when you start defaulting, your credit rating crashes, and you can't borrow any more. Then it all goes badly wrong very quickly. For everyone, not just RL clubs. The real question, I think, is why anyone - individual, club, company, country - finds it necessary to spend beyond its means on an ongoing basis? Most times, I guess it is to try and maintain a standard of performance or living in excess of what your income justifies or can support? Sometimes the reason may be because of a desire to have what other people have, without actually earning the right to have it? Other times, it may be through necessity - peceived or real. What do you do if you are an RL club owner, and you are struggling to maintain your position and status on the field? And you know, all too well, the consequences for your club once on-field success - or, for most clubs, performance deemed OK by supporters - fades? And you realise you do not have the funds yourself to maintain the success? And especially if you are struggling (or are not prepared) to find someone with deeper pockets to take over? Do you accept and manage the inevitable slow decline? Do you convince yourself that you CAN nevertheless sort it, and - with a blind eye to commercial realities obvious to others, plough on regardess? Do do you blow everything on a massive final throw of the dice? Continuing the Bulls example, Bulls 1.1 under Hood appeared to be following the first route and then the second. Totally hamstrung by the stadium, where he was landed with all the ongoing costs but much of the money meant to pay for those costs had been spent by Bulls 1.0. Bulls 2.0 under Khan the second. And Bulls 3.1 under Green the third. And none of those approaches worked. In each case, the approach ended in the club failing and going bust. Whether Bulls 1.1 might have survived, had it not been for the Great Recession, who knows? That certainly was the last brick in the wall, and is an example of unexpected economic events being another contributory factor to weaker (financially) clubs failing? Easy to see why things went wrong. Always is, in hindsight.
  8. Why do RL clubs fold?

    What Caisley seemingly failed to see - and he was far from alone in the game in this - was that, once you get past the hard-core fans, most incremental support goes to matches because they want to be entertained. Once the offering starts to become a bit stale, once the team is not quite so successful, and especially once loads of new calls on people’s leisure time and money arise, you have to keep refreshing the offering just to stand still. Let alone grow. Which never happened at Bradford. tbh, whilst Caisley did his usual with that highly-counterproductive statement in the 2003 Annual Report, yes he was dead right in that it needed growing not shrinking attendances. Where he went wrong was by stating the board had “done it’s bit” and it was now up to the people of Bradford. Wrong. Most of the incremental supporters were customers, and what business blames its customers for its failure to progress? In fact, I saw first-hand how worried Caisley was. He knew. And on one level had every sympathy. The tragedy was that, instead of carrying people with him on the mission, he instead alienated far too many. And not just in Bradford. And effectively undid much of the massive amount he had achieved over the previous decade and more. Once cost-cutting starts, and once you have cut any fat and have to start cutting flesh and bone, it becomes a vicious circle. Could not agree more. And indeed, the decline and fall of the Bulls is very much a textbook example of that. Most fans could not understand things that happened, and decisions that were taken, especially around 2005 / 2006. They thought the club must be in rude health financially. The accounts told a very different story, and the direction of travel was all too obvious to those who can read a set of accounts. For that and other reasons, I was very concerned for the Club financially then, although I ploughed a very lonely furrow, regularly derided, when I tried to explain to others. What perhaps could have arrested and reversed the decline was an injection of new blood and funding. I know the club continually sought new investors. For whatever reason, nothing of significance ever materialised. Caisley, who himself stood down, coined the much-derided term “The People’s Team”, but how many folk understood why? It was meant to signify that - unlike other successful clubs of the era, Bradford had no wealthy owner. And so depended much more on the people of the city and followers elsewhere for its continued financial security and on-field success. When the people started to fall away, so did the club. The history books of the future will doubtless judge whose fault that was - or if, indeed, it was inevitable regardless?
  9. Why do RL clubs fold?

    Nah, can’t possibly be that. As Caisley told the people of Bradford in October 2004, they had to keep turning up in ever-increasing numbers, if they wanted to have a successful RL club. And, because they did not, the club had to start making cutbacks. So, there you have it. It was all the fault of the fans, AND of people who were not fans refusing to become fans. Nothing to do with management. And definitely nothing at all to do with management over-expectations and optimism and failure to update the offering after an all-conquering year, following which a number of star players retired or moved on. And nothing either to do with signing a player on silly money, who had contractual obligations to return another club, thoroughly hacking off various remaining key players (not to mention owner of said other club) in the process. And nothing to do with spending the Odsal Settlement money far far more quickly than it was ever intended to be spent, landing Bulls 1.1 with the ongoing extra costs without most of the compensation meant to cover those costs. Oh no. Nothing to do with that. It was the fans wot dun for it.
  10. Why do RL clubs fold?

    None of the above are fundamental reasons IMO, although your third comes closest. Instead, I give you: - Not enough money to fund the club owner's aspirations. - Not enough bodies through the turnstiles. - Poor management - especially where you get an owner who thinks because he has done OK at owning and running a modest commercial business, he will be just fine running a RL club. That does not follow at all, as too many learn to their cost - often because they refuse to listen to, and employ, people who DO know what they are doing, but who may tell the owner to butt out and leave them to get on with it. And these are often all connected. Your own points, especially the third, are IMO functions of these, especially my third. Gate receipts alone can never sustain a club, as far as I can see. You need as many different income streams as possible. But most of those streams depend directly or indirectly on attendances. The challenge for all but a handful of of clubs and for the game, is to get far more bodies through the turnstiles than they currently are - in the face of so many other competing calls on peoples' time and money. TBH, I am not at all sure there are any easy answers, no matter how brilliant a club's administration. IMO the last guy who found a real answer was Peter Deakin, but much has moved on since then.
  11. That’s interesting...because I used to audit one of the telephone regions for several years not long before privatisation. Must admit, I had no conception before then just “accounting” was to the commercial world! Unbelievable tales I could tell. As for those other least give Bulls supporters a few days to ignore that elephant in the room first...? 😎
  12. Why are you asking me? I merely repeat what he said.
  13. He was referring to the top 6 training facilities.
  14. Incidentally, and regarding moving on. John Kear came and addressed the Bullbuilder AGM last night. I am sure all those who were there will confirm, he is one hell of a motivational guy. Probably the most uplifting talk I can remember in over 20 years of close engagement with senior Bulls personnel. You very much feel the corner HAS been turned - stadium issues notwithstanding. The meeting was at the excellent Tong training centre, and I defy anyone going there not to be impressed. Kear reckons it is on a par with the top 6 in SL. What struck me the most was the general mood and attitude of the players (all grades) there. Came across as more positive and upbeat than I can remember, certainly in recent times. Very uplifting. Kear said that he believed in "5 or 6 years" the club would be back in SL. He added (I paraphrase) "Not where we belong - that would be conceited and very wrong to suggest that - but by earning our place there". I don't think Bulls supporters could ask for more?
  15. I think it is pretty clear from the wording of the announcement that a settlement must have been reached with the Claimants? Something is bound to leak round the edges, but if the inevitable confidentiality clauses are well-structured and enforced, any claimant opening his mouth will surely be an idiot? As for whether the RFL accounts will disclose the amount of the settlement, speaking as an accountant I very much suspect that it will not require (or will escape) separate disclosure, to be honest. I hope I am right, since I doubt any good would be done by disclosure. Those who need to know will doubtless know or will be informed. Whether Wood's departure is in an way connected, and how it reflects on Rimmer, are again things I doubt those beyond those who need to know will ever find out? And very much for the best, I think, since the last thing the game needed or needs is all this in the public domain, for the game's enemies to target! The timing? Exactly the timing I would have expected for an OOC settlement, given the date of the hearing, tbh, and so not really anything underhand or sinister.