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  1. Can't see how anyone could see the comment as tongue in cheek? Just looked like another post implying Bradford fans blame the RFL, which is a false charge that DOES make Bradford fans touchy. We would anyway be extremely surprised to hear anything but praise from the winning bidders for the RFL, with whom they will have to work. Especially when they are also pals anyway of the RFL CEO. So, as I say, how could it be tongue in cheek?
  2. Would you care to explain just what you mean by that false and unwarranted statement?
  3. ...and drain the Red Hall swamp?
  4. What a sodding tangled web we weave...
  5. Report in the T&A, albeit couched in lots of "maybe" and "believed to", suggesting: 1 - New owners ARE Chalmers & Co, and arrived yesterday and met remaining players 2 - Press conference today 3 - it was their bid the the administrators rejected at New Year 4 - The original bid included waste management business the Leo Group, although unclear if they are still involved. If all this is correct - and the report allows plenty of scope either way - then some conclusions MIGHT be: A - They could not realistically have arrived from NZ any sooner, if they were waiting to first hear if bid accepted? B - Meeting the people most affected first, and explaining to them, would be the most humane and right thing to do? C - Equally, ditto, the most sensible thing if they had not finalised a deal - see what is left of the club first? D - If Leo WERE still to be involved (was one of the rumours before Xmas) then a move from and a redesignation of Odsal MAY seem a very distinct possibility? And suggest the RFL MAY have a way out of the Lease? Yet more speculation to throw into the mix, to add to the overt (Lamb) and measured (Thorne) attacks on the RFL from unsuccessful parties. What perhaps gives substance to the T&A report is that they have guarded comments from the politicians. Although one is from Gerry Sutcliffe, who was there to take the glory when Khan bought the club, but went totally totally missing when it went wrong. And so, we'll see what today brings?
  6. Pretty well every sensible Bulls fan I have seen comment, has said they would much prefer that option to a season of being whipped in the Championship with near-certain relegation at the end of it, and with the academy already wrecked. Which, absent a lot of emergency spending that may but more likely may not be forthcoming, would seem to be the substance of the RFL plan. My only issue with that, is that no way could the new - brand new - club afford to play at Odsal, certainly on anything like the present basis. Some alternative would have to be found. Although, even then, I fear the die-hard anti-Bradford contingent would contend that the new Bradford club should cut their cloth in the Postlethwaite and Heckythump local league first...
  7. Oh for heaven's sake don't get HIM involved! He'll be building a bloody wall on the opposition 20m line, and charging them 35% of a point for every ball in their possession that crosses over it, and saying RL is obsolete and we should all be friends with the Dark Forces from Twickers...
  8. Any idea why I deliberately used the words "...we are told of"? Maybe because I was doing the same thing as the novelists who use that particular illustration? Using something, that may or may not be an urban legend, to illustrate a point? Anyway, last time I saw that particular illustration used - can't remember immediately which book, but it might have been The Fist of God - I think it had grown to eleven miles!
  9. I understand that this press conference that might equally not be a press conference is being chaired by a Mr. Schroedinger. His cat will be in attendance. Or not. This surely has similarities with those SAS training exercises in the Brecon Beacons, we are told of? You do a massive great yomp for about a million miles, with a huge pack, and are absolutely beyond shattered. You don't even have enough energy left to belt the barsteward who made you do it. And you finally see the end in sight, a truck a few hundred yards in front, on the road, with the squaddies brewing up and frying the bacon butties and shouting you. Then, when you are a few feet from the truck, it sets off down the road. With you following. And them enjoying the butties in the back. For at least another ten miles. That bloody truck is still moving, and isn't getting any nearer.
  10. If someone makes a patch of ground round there anything like the LSV, I would be more than ecstatic!
  11. Well, just as I cautioned stevereed100 not to cast his opinion in stone while the situation remains fluid, so I think likewise we need to recognise that, with what the RFL said and did not say, the situation still has to be seen as fluid? Until we see something concrete confirmed - and indeed, till we see a team take to the park at HKR, regardless of its composition, stevereed100's opinion could yet be proved right? If he IS proved wrong, then we would have the next discussion, about whether whatever plans have been shared with us make sense? But the place for the cart is behind, not before the horse, so one thing at a time I think?
  12. Indeed. The RFL statement was worded such that it did not actually say an agreement had been signed, just reached. Still scope for a deal we all understood to have been done to sort of not actually have been done at all? Although, that would be a first for us Bulls fans, would it not? I can't recall such a thing ever having happened, say, two years ago, after all? For newco to want to keep itself secret for now, and for it not to have said anything at all yet, you might well conclude pen might still yet to be put to paper? Whether learning of that eventually happening (or having happened already) would be a massive relief would I guess depend heavily on what the Men of Mystery's plans and intentions were? When they finally get round to telling people? We still seem a bit light on certainty until we hear from the MOM? if the MOM ARE coming from NZ, in all fairness they may need some time to finalise paperwork etc here? So I guess it may be premature to read anything too much in the seeming lack of action, especially given the RFL statement did say they would unveil themselves early this week, suggesting the RFL fully expected no immediate statement? Fat lady may not have left the stage yet, but at this stage no evidence to suggest she did not actually sing?
  13. So we all agree then? These so-called parachute payments never actually existed?
  14. Sorry Parky, I think you must be confusing me with someone who said any of the things you seem to be suggesting? But, to be clear then, whatever may have been called "parachute payments" were really no such thing at all, but just something like the ongoing amounts for Championship first place anyway? Except London got the same, bar the shouting, first time round. What will HKR receive for 2017? Don't want to spend ages trawling round to find out, if someone has the number to hand?