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  1. Couple of good tweets from two of our Hollywood stars was nice. Liam Garrigan and Robert Aramayo. Reece Shearsmith didnt bother though which is a shame.
  2. You lot in Leeds still wearing them.
  3. Never take any part of your family for granted. They can be taken from you in a blink of an eye.Hold them close and tell them you love them as often as you can. Never be too tired and never be too busy. We have had a lovely family day today and to us our daughter was present. She will always be. I wish i could like and each and every post today but far too many.So i will simply say thankyou to you all and god bless you all.
  4. I have been a member of this site many years now. I very rarely post but i do know that the members of the site are genuinely very good people. For all you that have suffered in anyway this year i wish a better 2017.
  5. She was incredble fought a brain tumour for 7 years. Diagnosed at 23 and never moaned about it once.Through years of treatment. Shes left a massive hole in our lives when she passed and we ache daily for her. She left us with a beautiful grandaughter and we are her guardians. Thankyou all for rhe kind words and thoughts. Made a very difgicult day a little bit easier.
  6. My daughter who seriously ill and only days left still managed to smile. Her last words was she loved us. Bracest person i have ever known.
  7. Obviously, i hope she recovers but the situation is extremely serious. If you think its inappropraite for this thread i will delete.I have removed it dont want to offend anyone
  8. I heard on TV that they found no DNA of his in or on the vehicle. That is why he was released.
  9. The woman who described Michele Obama has an ape in in heels in a tweet is being reinstated on the 23rd December.
  10. Open prezzies make bacon butties and coffee.Get shower and put on jumper,socks and undies kids bought me for xmas. Get Mrs to drop me and son at the pub to meet nephews,father in law and brothers in law for our traditional xmas day meet up. Big family dinner around 3pm..soup, chicken,stuffing and all the veg with a yorkie pud and xmas pud to finish.
  11. The basics..grip,carry,catch n pass..plenty of small sided games and tag or touch games. Emphasis on fun but look at the individuals basics and when appropriate fault correct. In the touch/tag develop team work through passing the ball rather than one out rugby. Rotate the players and dont let individuals hog the positions.
  12. I think so the fans were happy..it was the singing and excitement and buzz of the fans that hooked me. I came from a non sport family.I was about 10 i think so it was 1975.Every home match from then on i would wait with my mates at the Gordon st end for the gates to be opened..if we didnt manage to sneak in ;-)
  13. Born on St Georges Rd.One day as a young lad i followed all the supporters going to the Boulevard..that was it!