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  1. I am looking forward reading his expose on this group.
  2. The TV Thread

    About blooming time too.
  3. This is Beverley and not Kingston upon Hull ckn. In fact they think they are superior to KUH and its tory. ;-p
  4. The TV Thread

    Anyone got around to watching Mindhunters yet? It is a marvellous series and i highly recommend it. I will also add that Vikings is well worth a watch too.
  5. The TV Thread

    Agreed Rogue and Empire are top of my list. Cannot watch the prequels and the newest additions are only a bit better.
  6. The TV Thread

    I tried BR to like it and i desperately wanted to.
  7. The TV Thread

    I could hardly stay awake. I love Star Wars and all things sci fi/fantasy related. However, this movie just didnt do anything for me. Maybe after Rogue One i was expecting something more.
  8. The TV Thread

    Not TV but movie related. Star Wars TLJ is awful.
  9. Mortality

    As you all know my daughter passed away in 2016 from a GBM and last week my mother with cancer. Life is good but boy it can also be painful
  10. 2018 Predictions

    Don't think we will finish top of the pile, unless we alter our style slightly and improve discipline. Another CC win would be nice though.
  11. Is that what i think it is? Lol
  12. Should Bennett Stay?

    At least two of them may not be around the International scene in 2018. . I'm not sure we should jettison Bennett. However, as a SUPERCOACH he needs to come up with a better attacking plan and structures than we saw Saturday. I have never seen an aussie team so knackered and clinging for dear life. Yet we failed to destroy them due im my opinion to poor selections and poor strategy.