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  1. bentleyman

    iFax at home, Sunday.

    How about The Burton Stone Inn ?
  2. bentleyman

    iFax at home, Sunday.

    Do they sell "Real Ale" in the Pitchside Bar ?
  3. bentleyman

    iFax at home, Sunday.

    Probably quite a few but im an exiled supporter living in Doncaster
  4. bentleyman

    iFax at home, Sunday.

    Great Stuff can you save me one !!
  5. bentleyman

    iFax at home, Sunday.

    Looking fwd to coming over do you do a Match Programme ?
  6. Yes his Contract is up. At the moment Fax are erratic to say the least I will be there without any great expectations of a win
  7. bentleyman

    York’s cup match thread

    Go the Dogs !!
  8. bentleyman

    Great PR by Featherstone

    Wet Wipe Fax Fans explain in normal English ?
  9. The RFL set themselves abysmally low standards and consistently fail to reach them
  10. bentleyman

    Yorkshire cup tickets

    Or 24 pds Concession
  11. bentleyman

    Travelling to Toulouse ... How?

    So how do you find Flights ?
  12. bentleyman

    Which NRL team will you follow in 2019?

    Canterbury Bulldogs everytime
  13. Totally agree start Season end of March Finish end of October
  14. Ralph Rimmer & Theresa May a Marriage made in Heaven
  15. bentleyman

    Duffy - I'm so sh*t I joined a sinking ship.

    I agree smoke & Mirrors