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  1. Couldnt agree more. And the number of times it is his quick yards from our own defensive line that get us on the front foot again. Don't understand why he has been in and out of the team this year but I'm not the coach and the one making these calls for very good reasons
  2. Into each life a little rain must fall and we knew there would be days like these when we came up into this division. But we are in a great position still - arguably better than any of us thought - and if we are going to pick off a few more wins in the second half of the season then we need to come together as supporters and a club. I have no doubt that the players will still commit 100% to the shirt everytime they pull it on, and so must us fans. Still loving it and still proud to be a Knight!
  3. Consider my flabber well and truly gasted
  4. Just listened to Fordy on Radio York. Don't think i have ever heard him so cheesed off with his players
  5. Leigh v Workington York v Newcastle Barrow v Bradford Batley v Rochdale H Widnes v Featherstone R Dewsbury v Swinton Halifax v Sheffield Eagles Oldham v Doncaster
  6. Loss of two men for a good deal of the match and very tired bodies from last week meant it was always going to be tough going into the final quarter. The guys did a great job to hold on.
  7. Many thanks for putting the post up
  8. Trememdous effort yesterday. We'll get 'em back at our place!
  9. Was i the only one thinking, as Connor was lining up the final penalty, "What if this hits the post and it goes to a Widnes man.... Just kick it to touch!!" ?
  10. Not sure they were abject against Fev but certainly below par. But definitely sublime today!! Look up bouncebackability in the dictionary and there is just a picture of York City Knights
  11. The magic of the cup has been destroyed by the RFL with their seeding system which is all about protecting their precious superleague teams.
  12. And one more thing..... restarts!! We were iffy last year and havent been any better this.
  13. Agree 100% there AB. It wasnt lost in the forwards but rather in the three-quarters. We just weren't big enough or strong enough in the back line. Eagles were exceptionally well drilled and did a processional job on us. Better team won IMO. For mine, I'd rather have seen Batchelor in the centres, as he was for much of last year, and Peterson turning out for us in the pack instead of going down to Coventry. Ah well, on we go to next week and hopefully a return to winning ways.
  14. Just think of the possible attendance if the two Barrow clubs meged ?
  15. Don't think for one second that anyone thought otherwise. The objection by York was to ensure a proper investigation took place and that it couldnt just be shrugged off by the RFL and the Hornets.
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