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  1. JonT

    Any team news

    Thought it looked like you had a bit of extra baggage with you....under the eyes! πŸ˜„ Hope you had a good holiday.....and what a win to come back to eh?! :-)
  2. JonT

    Any team news

    I think Gav is still stuck in a Greek airport 🀣
  3. JonT


    Subject for discussion on this mornings Wright Stuff on channel 5. Good to see we're hitting the national media for all the right reasons again.....sigh.
  4. JonT

    Why are the RFL Clueless

    Yet the weekend just gone, most of us in the lower leagues didn't have a game. I want to support the game at large but the RFL just seem to struggle to coordinate their calendar to allow folks to do that. Big games constantly clash with other events.....or we go for weeks without a game. Frustrating to say the least .
  5. JonT

    Are the RFL clueless

    Agree 100%. You should post this on the General forum Silver fox. See if any of the Superleague following head-in-the-sand bunch can see our point of view!
  6. JonT

    Haven sunday

    Couple of months, i believe. So back for the business end of the season....fingers crossed!
  7. JonT

    Haven sunday

    As of 5 minutes into the Whitehaven match.... he isn't πŸ™ Being serious, he's been playing really well and will be a big loss until fit again. It's been nice to have the luxury of playing a recognised centre in the actual position.
  8. JonT

    Team for Saturday

    Couldn't agree more. Big sigh of relief from me when I saw the squad!
  9. JonT

    R8 Hunslet

    Certainly does as we're starting to get a little bit thin for mobility around the park. For our sake, if not his, let's hope we see Moss back in a Knights shirt soon.
  10. JonT

    R8 Hunslet

    Club Twitter posted this just before kick off. Let's wait and see.
  11. JonT

    R8 Hunslet

    Pulled up during the warm up. Hope it's nothing serious.
  12. JonT


    The Fordy Fivers handed out at the Catalans game must have contributed to the Knights getting over a thousand through the gate yesterday. Hats off to Gav Wilson and the rest of the marketing team.
  13. 32 up after 20 mins. York scored every set so far.
  14. Or you could credit two well run lines.
  15. JonT

    It’s arrived!

    Thanks mn. I asked on Twitter several hours ago but no reply. It's gonna be tight for me to make the ground in time. Knowing my luck my flight out of Bangalore will be late 😐