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  1. JonT

    2019 squad

    Matty Marsh!!! Get in!! :-) :-) :-)
  2. JonT

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    What's the matter? Did the bigger boys not let you have a turn in the sandpit today?
  3. JonT

    Shopping List

    By doing what we are doing and becoming that bigger club.
  4. Are clubs not allowed to do things under their own initiative? Or does everything have to be through the RFL? #confused
  5. News Flash for Konkrete - games have been streamed in League 1 before the Bulls arrived.
  6. I was gonna say "Yes, good post and plenty I can agree with". But then I got to this bit and just thought "WTF are you on about?".
  7. Bears win 14-4. Fantastic finish to the season for them.
  8. JonT

    Cup final on Sunday.

    Download a VPN app and access through that. It's how I keep up with things when out the country.
  9. Try here.
  10. JonT

    What is left to play for?

    Winner of the playoff final goes up along with league leader. Loser plays bottom of championship.
  11. JonT

    Cup final on Sunday.

    Congratulations on the new job AB 🙂 Hope we are congratulating each other for another reason come Sunday afternoon 😀 I'm hoping to have 4 extra coming along that have never been before. Let's pack the place and sing the Knights to the Championship!
  12. JonT

    Cup final on Sunday.

    But on the other hand I would quite like to have some fingernails left for once so can we have the game put to bed by half-time please lads? 😁
  13. JonT

    Cup final on Sunday.

    I'd love it if that were the case just to watch the livestream of pained fans faces from the Bulls match 😄
  14. Yawn. Don't forget to add on 34 for the two squads. Something you may be unused to.
  15. JonT

    Hemel Away

    Bloody good effort from what I saw. I won't comment on the ref 😶