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  1. Does the club receive any payment from Premier Sports for this?
  2. And now you expect me to be able to sleep tonight?!!?
  3. Any plans to open more than just the main stand, Gav? Ironically, I'm flying to Toronto the next day. I'm looking forward to wearing my Knights shirt with the pride of victory!
  4. Brendan White and Paul McDermott were the two players I absolutely hero worshiped at the age of 10. And I thought Bill Kirkbride was some kind of super hero what with being both player and coach!!
  5. My first full season of following York. I thought it would always feel like that.... :-D I still think some of the players from that year are the best I've ever seen in York shirt!
  6. And what a great day it was Gary. But the key difference here is that the final was played on neutral territory. I believe the structure of this year's play offs, and the way that home advantage is consistently given to the team finishing higher up the table, will be our undoing sadly.
  7. Thanks Gav. Hope it raised a decent amount of dosh.
  8. Anyone know what happened with the draw for the signed shirt? Paid me monies but then didn't hear anymore.
  9. A great recruit as we've been missing some wiser, older heads once or twice this year. The last couple of years we seem to have had a bit of trouble seeing games out at the business end of the season. But this year....bring on the play offs as we have nothing to fear if we play to our potential!
  10. Think James Ford said that we won't be seeing Samir until the play-offs as he's having an operation on his thumb this week.
  11. That sums up perfectly everything I hate about these dual reg systems and inter-club arrangements. Yes, Nick is a Hull FC player and we always knew he would be back there eventually - the guy is obviously talented. But to suddenly have him turn up in another League 1 squad and then potentially playing against us is a bloody farce. Paying fans who cheer these players on and form allegiances deserve better.
  12. Pretty sure Ford said something about a knee injury, I think. Poor lad looked gutted to be on the sidelines.
  13. No guarantee that he would have caught and grounded it i suppose. But it was so cynical and reckless that it was worthy of a red. What was more shocking though was how that first try was given. Clearly bounced it. Even the Thunder fans round us couldn't understand how it was given.
  14. What are the odds of a repeat of last year when York took a squad of 12 to Toulouse because players either couldn't get, or couldn't afford, time off work?
  15. Many thanks HolmeKnight.