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  1. JonT

    West Wales Raiders

    I'd forgotten about the pink kit 😁 It was the only thing to have a laugh about in those dark dark times 😔
  2. JonT

    And now onto Hunslet.

    How very dare we ?! 😂😂😂
  3. JonT

    West Wales Raiders

    Moving the goalposts much? 🙄 We're lucky to have such extensive coverage of RL in our local no wonder it appears more than once. If you could please point out where I've made a drama out of it or had a dig that would be much appreciated. As opposed to the support I've previously expressed here and elsewhere. I won't expect an apology mind. God forbid a club try to do some marketing. If it had been any other club they would have done just the same. And if they didn't then what a missed opportunity. It happened to be York because they became the holders of the record. But if you would like to accuse Gav Wilson of disrespectful marketing then you're barking up completely the wrong tree.
  4. JonT

    West Wales Raiders

    A two second Google search reveals that the local press of at least 4 other teams referred to WWR as being the League 1 'whipping boys'...... but you carry on this paranoid fixation with the Knights.
  5. JonT

    West Wales Raiders

    Absolutely spot on. But certainly his development that started at the Bears has continued under the Knights to stage where several SL clubs were after his signature.
  6. JonT

    West Wales Raiders

    Haven't seen any bragging so a link would be appreciated. Otherwise it's sounds like the usual line of commenting. To answer your question try, off the top of my head, Kris Brining, Greg Minikin and, at Saints as of next season, Joe Batchelor. There will be other that more knowledgeable Knights fans will be able to add I am sure. And of the team that travelled down to play Raiders Matt Chilton and Joe Porter are also local lads signed from the amateur ranks this season and last.
  7. JonT

    West Wales Raiders

    And no animosity from me either. Just get a little exasperated of reading sweeping generalisations of supporters of teams. Be that the one I follow or any other. As I have said many times before, here and in direct messages to your club - good luck for the rest of the season. I hope you stick around and that you have plenty to cheer about in the future.
  8. JonT

    West Wales Raiders

    Why the bitterness with this and the earlier reply? Genuine question.
  9. JonT

    Game day.

    It shows how far we have come as a club when we're feeling a bit flat coming out of a 30 nil win. Missed Horne massively today. For a big fella he has amazing footwork, always seems to find great lines in the opposition's 10 and appears to have a steadying influence on the rest of the team - something that was missing yesterday. But still, it was a another case of job well done and 2 points in the bag. Onwards and upwards! And for those who want to watch it again....
  10. JonT

    play off dates & knights tv

    Thanks Gav. Absolutely no disrespect or lack or gratitude intended.
  11. JonT

    play off dates & knights tv

    I am genuinely appreciative of the highlights packages that Dawn and Dave put together. But, and I have said this many times, I think it is disrespectful to not include opposition scores. I've lost count of the number of times I've watched the tries from the Bradford game.... I'd be pretty cheesed off if I couldn't have Judah's match winner on repeat because only the Bulls score was in their highlights package on YouTube.
  12. JonT

    R19 Coventry Bears

    1104 according to Twitter.
  13. JonT

    Dual Registration

    Gone to Leigh and their magic money tree, as far as I can tell. Matty Marsh would have been great to secure for the rest of the season. The other 2 I think we are well covered.
  14. I think the ref got it about right. As always, he missed things both ways, but he kept the game flowing. Some of the penalties were marginal, IMO, but I could see how all were given. Bulls had their chances.... York scrambled exceptionally well. He certainly wasn't out of his depth and is probably the best I've seen in League 1 this season. Don't forget he was the one who gave the debatable penalty that gave Bulls the win in the 1st game of the season. Everything evens out and hopeful they will both go up.
  15. That's plenty of ball to not score from. Sorry York didn't roll over 🙄