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  1. Many thanks HolmeKnight.
  2. Does the club still have an arrangement with the hospital regarding use of their car park? Been having to use buses and it's been a close run thing once or twice! Had a look on the club website but that's still telling me there's plenty of free parking on Heworth. And that'll leave me with a bit of a walk :-D
  3. As a season ticket holder for a Championship 1 club, can I also avail myself of this offer if I fancied an extra RL fix? Or is my fiver not as welcome?
  4. I very rarely post on here - more of a long time lurker. But I just had to say that that is a great piece of writing, Gav. Having watched York for over 30 years I've seen by fair share of ups and downs but never thought that we would be able to return from those dark, dark days. However, all the credit in the world must go to the people mentioned in the article, and so many more, who had greater faith, energy and passion than I ever thought there was for RL in York. It is they who have given us a club to follow, to share the joy and the pain with those on the pitch and those in the stands. I love my rugby and, though it is impossible for me to get to as many games as I used to, can't imagine not having a club to follow. Walk tall fellas, you have done the city of York and the sport of Rugby League proud.
  5. blimey.... don't do that... you just took about 8 years off me life