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  1. Fev will beat Toronto in the final BUT the rfl will change the ruling to ensure that the rovers are not allowed to join the super league. And that's from a York knights fan......There'll never be an F in Calder.....
  2. Players like JJR might not score a hat trick but he put in a shift. He deserves to be on the team sheet every week. Harris got stuck in, as well as Scottie and Stock. Bodes well for the future. UTK...Perry was my MOM
  3. Agree Deano, Fordy is an asset to the YCK. Dont like to talk about "what ifs" as owt could happen. Would be a great stepping stone for both of these players; joint coaches maybe?
  4. Any team but the Rovers.....
  5. No coasting at the kneets!!!!! Not in the mindset. Kaizen if anything....
  6. Could well be. Was told at Blackpool he might be off. It would be a step upwards and I would wish him well. Was only a matter of time before SL snapped him up. Onwards and upwards. Looking forward to this Saturday tho....but wish I was supping in the Toucan rather than the Bootham Tavern...
  7. Sadly that's so true.....
  8. Fev will beat Toronto in the grand final.....You heard it here first lol!
  9. Has the club any plans to reintroduce the lottery? This could be a money spinner?
  10. It's miles out of town, with no real pubs nearby. Looks ok inside but I've seen better warehouses in whitwood from the outside. It's a trek from the railway station and centre of town. The rovers have been the best team by far to play the kneets and are my tip for superleague next year.
  11. No...No and no.....leave Rangi to play for Cutsyke and Donny .....
  12. Matt would fight his own shadow when he used to play at Fev...he'll get Rochdale fired up but hope it's after 12th of May.
  13. Enjoy the vlog...keep them coming...great atmosphere in the Toucan
  14. Chisholm Render Davies From a kneets fan!
  15. We lost....but Fev played out of their skins today; Chisom had something to prove to John Kear, which he did without a shadow of a doubt. Rest up for Monday. Best of luck to YCK Ladies who play the Dutch ladies (they were well oiled in the stand). Wish Connor hadn't thrown the Fev lads boot 20 yards away....seemed a bit churlish and tarnished his halo for me....
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