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  1. Chisholm Render Davies From a kneets fan!
  2. We lost....but Fev played out of their skins today; Chisom had something to prove to John Kear, which he did without a shadow of a doubt. Rest up for Monday. Best of luck to YCK Ladies who play the Dutch ladies (they were well oiled in the stand). Wish Connor hadn't thrown the Fev lads boot 20 yards away....seemed a bit churlish and tarnished his halo for me....
  3. Take the tram from the airport and walk down to the ground; costs only a few euros. Didn't see any bars near the ground last time but you can get a drink inside.
  4. Thanks for the advice Maureen, we shall search them out when we're there. Cheers
  5. We are due to visit Toulouse at the end of this month to watch York City Knights and wondered if any Rovers fans found a good bar to meet up in for after the game? Cheers
  6. You can pay on the gate no probs white knight. You will need to exchange euros for tokens for your drinks at the bar by the side of the pitch. 6€ for 500 ml beer last season. You'll need to buy a plastic glass at the bar...nice momento tho.
  7. Last time we visited Toulouse, we used the tram to get from the city up to the ground. They're fairly regular, quick and easy to use. There's a stop at the airport that takes you up to nearby the stadium, tickets cost €1.70 each way. You have to walk about 3/4 of a mile from the stop. You buy the tickets from a machine at the tram stop and put them into a machineonce you're on the tram.
  8. Booked flight from Stansted and airbnb in Toulouse. Game on. Many thanks once again for your advice bridknight.
  9. Thanks for this bridknight. Will look into this flight.
  10. Are the kneets running a trip to Toulouse? Priced up flights to Carcassonne with Ryanair £132 for two, setting off from Manchester on Friday, returning on monday, train fare about €20 each way to Toulouse...just got to price up an airbnb. Can't afford to go to Toronto tho! Can't wait til Feb
  11. John Davies from Fev.....grafter, hard as nails....
  12. Cannot find anything about when the world cup came to Post Office Road. I was there one chilly evening, in a capacity crowd, watching the little Cook Islands take on the mighty USA. I'm sure Russia played the kumuls but not sure about thus one. Could any kind soul tell me when it was or am I going doolally. Thanks for your help
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