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  1. Jack B John D Craig H A much better game than the one that came after it.
  2. This was our talking point on the way home after the match. York has a great history of rugby and there were many popular local leagues in the past. Don't know the answer. Would love to see the LNER packed to the rafters. Need to think outside the box. Bring a mate, bring a date can only work once; need additional ideas and attractions. I'm sure the kneets would be open to suggestions as to how to increase footfall. UTK
  3. Agree wholeheartedly. Scratchy in parts- a win's a win. Hope the Haven fan who abused young Ogden gets his cummupence. Tough game next up at Barrow but feel the kneets will pinch it. Who got MOM Today? Jordan played his heart out YET AGAIN. Chris Clarkson played like an 18 year old. Could have gone to a few.
  4. Love this. You've made my Easter. UTR
  5. Played well. Got stuck in as did others. Wish he was with the knights full time
  6. Poor lad was clear away and in his rush to score fumbled it; he was livid but smiled a moment later! I would like to know why he was so angry with his opposite number - he was chuntering a bucketful at him and finger pointing. Levi had to be told a few times to calm down. do love a bit of youthful fire in a player...
  7. I've a feeling it would have been around 2004? Young Peter Fox would have been on the other wing?
  8. 1983 was a good year...
  9. Sadly only 4 people booked the bus for Sunday. Bus now cancelled. Any ideas of how we could encourage travelling fans?
  10. Totally agree. Is this a 5 towns verb? Haven't heard anywhere else. Akin to faffing. "Stop faffing and gerritdun." Agree f anny was never used in a derogative fashion.
  11. But no match for the Rovers. Having seen Fev play 3 times the season, the only team to beat em is themselves
  12. Wouldn't have minded seeing two of them against leythers.
  13. Just got told off by the missus for shouting at the tele for Dewsbury! You should be very proud of them, as I'm sure you are.
  14. From what I'm watching, he looks like he's up for it, unlike a big name at York City kneets...
  15. Eyup what a game. Fev had a defence that was impenetrable, albeit with one assist from the bloke in the middle. Was on the edge of my seat shouting my head of all game. 10 minutes extra on the first half too! Leuloo looks a handful! Hope the kneets give the same performance in a few weeks time.
  16. Pickersgill fullback Bussey J Davies But could have given it to all players.
  17. Anyone know the winning number? Didn't hear any announcement over the tannoy. TIA
  18. Onwards and upwards. Lots of positives to look at. Anyone notice a lot of passes above the head instead of the breadbasket, making it difficult to get momentum?
  19. Enjoyed last night and felt that there's going to be a great season ahead. PP and Mase looked like onlookers; both wingers taking the ball on when those two should be ripping in.
  20. Bussey Lockwood Wildie From a knights fan. Best of luck on Monday; gerrum stuffed
  21. It'll be close at half time. Fev will win by 12. Looking forward to getting to see some rugby.
  22. Yup. Moved to York many years ago and got involved in the local rugby scene. Went to the games and never thought that the team that I grew up watching and my forefathers watched and supported, would ever play in the same league as York. 1983 is a special year for me; that's your clue. Think of me on Monday night. Half of me shouting for York and the other half shouting for the mighty Rovers.
  23. Victor Hugo market is a must. 5 or 6 "restaurants" upstairs serve a variety of food from the market below. Get there at 12 to ensure a seat as it's popular with locals as well as tourists. Have a glass of wine at the market before eating to soak up the atmosphere. Use the tram from the airport instead of a taxi. The trams are on time, clean and cheap. Lots of small restaurants off the centre which serve good food but you'll need a full wallet! Visit the Algerian market on Sunday if you've time. Stroll down the river at night and sit out with the locals. Jealous that can't see Fev or the Knights playing there this year.
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