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  1. I actually think that you may be missing the point. All this talk of jersey sponsorship is short sighted by the UK clubs, and a similar thing is true of the NRL clubs. the presence of North American teams opens up the North American broadcast network to showing games. The value is in the production. all major sport in the US makes huge amounts by sellling 'sponsorship' or brand exposure through the broadcast itself. By doing this, you can have season long partners like the 'Toyota half time report' on one network, with another showing a different brand that has more relevance to their broadcast. it doesn't matter how many people are at the games, to a degree, because the tv audience is far bigger, and sponsors want to get their message across in a positive way, thus the brand association with a sport. if Toronto gets Leigh into wide broadcast media in North America, then Leigh can be smart in who they approach to partner them, sure. But moving forwards, the league are testing the water on how they can cut a better broadcast deal. i can watch Superleague from New Zealand, and I'm not going to care about the 50 sponsor logos on a jersey, in fact, I no longer buy them because of how it devalues the club brand. That said, if they splice a cheeky $2.50 KFC deal, I might just take that.
  2. WRL re-brand

    All good mate, I have a rare talent for spotting humour in text format My first idea was actually to have Broncos as the text for the logo on all home jerseys, and London for all away. My thinking Is to bring the old Broncos logo as an evolution, so the red/white shield as the original broncos logo, but with the current colours. Anyway, I digress, probably another thread, for this stuff, thanks for the feedback. On this thread, Chris is far too kind with his praise of how the WRL logo came about, it was just an idea, and plenty of us on forums like this have them. I do think its grea that the Wales guys were open to ideas as opposed to paying some soulless consultancy to do the re-brand. I think that we often forget that we have people who are willing to lend a hand to everything that we do, its a unique thing for rugby league , and we should embrace it more.
  3. WRL re-brand

    Fair point.
  4. WRL re-brand

    I have a few ideas for the broncos, but they really need to decide on a colour scheme. Either way, I think they need to move from the Americanised identity, and push themselves as something staunchly British.
  5. Hi mate, 


    i saw your post on the boards. My name is Martin and I help the Swedish guys out with branding and stuff. Im also involved with Ponsonby United rugby league here in Auckland and I used to do a bit of stuff with Chorley Lynx.


    I also run a software development company.

    Im from the UK, but based in Auckland, NZ.

    Im happy to help in any way I can, just send me a message if i can be of use

  6. Just saw the guys twitter feed, seems like he is the new head honcho there!
  7. Genuine question here. Is there actually an emerging nations world cup? Has it been announced by any official body? I know the lad behind the Scandinavian concept, top fella, but im pretty sure that it was Australian based Malta who proposed this, and that it hasn't actually been announced yet? Can anyone shed any light on this?
  8. A letter from Mexico

    Absolutely brilliant! Well done to all involved, and a tip of my hat to the author. Most enjoyable thing I've read on here in ages
  9. I think a lot of it is that, in the late 90s, European footy started to copy what the ANZACs were doing, so the new generation are trying to learn how to play football in a different way. Left and right halves is an example, the skill set if a half has changed.
  10. Time to enforce jus sanguinis and Jus soli

    I think that there is a much simpler solution to all of this. Players choose who they play for internationally. So let them choose all of the nations that they qualify for. But once they play at senior level for one nation, that is them. This way, if you are half arsed about it, you won't play for Fiji until Oz select you. But if you have the heart of Fiji, like the Sims boys, then these boys inspire the next generation. We are simply too soft on the matter. You can't have the best of all worlds, as men, they need to make decisions. They can keep their options open, but eventually they must choose. It's international football. The players need to be accountable for its integrity. If they are chasing dollars at that level, then they aren't the type of internationals that do the game Amy good in my opinion. It really is that simple, you can make a choice, but once you play, you can't make another. The result is either stronger international games, or a bunch of Ozzies and Kiwis left in the sidelines in October and November. Let's be honest, that's what the whole thing comes down to.
  11. It's a pretty vague statement. For me, you can play for any nation that you are eligible for, but once you play senior football there, that's it. We're too ready as a society to let people have the best of both worlds, it ruins the international game. I respect heritage, or electing another nation because you can't be a kangaroo, but make that the final decision and you will have a competitive international game. Our club game is governed by who can pay you the most, the idea of internationals is who can produce the best players. If we did it right, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa would be competing with England. Wales, Scotland and France would be second tier. That the reality of where our game is at
  12. Good question, the geek kicked in, 53000 people in Leigh, what does the stadium hold? Are there closet alright hers in Wigan? Haha The bit that has me thinking really, is how big can each club be? Realistically, Wigan and Leigh will be forced to fight for the indifferent fan, is that good for the game? Toronto has 2.5 million people, so if they do it right, could they realistically dominate professional rugby league ?
  13. To give an example, Cas have about 10% of their town turn out, but Salford who have just as much history can't get anywhere near. Is it a Brisith sports fan psyche? Are we unable to follow more than one spot take one club?
  14. I don't post a lot these days, but I've been mulling over a few things lately. I believe that rugby league in the UK is becoming more and more insular, especially as they are unable to run an exciting top level comp. That said, being a fan of franchising or licensing, whatever you want to call it, we still seem to lean on the safe option. Leigh in Superleague as an example of our ever decreasing circle of influence. So why isn't rugby league a popular sport in the public domain? I think that we have the 'product' on field, but we struggle for attention in the media. I started doing a bit or research, mainly based on me buying the Crusaders (right after I win the lottery), and noticed a few things. Whilst we have some of the best sport viewing figures on TV, we don't I've the crowds, and the RFL don't have the ability to bring in the corporate sponsors. I wondered why, and this posts my question. If we could get 1% of the local population to turn up and support out clubs, what would the game look like? And secondly, why can't our clubs get that 1%?
  15. Im not looking for investment here mate, I don't need luck. We do need those types of people in many places, I agree. I think we are in fact talking about investment here, the investment of people with the skills and resources to drive the club forward, in return for this investment, the person would be a stakeholder in a more valuable brand. Subsidy implies that the subsidised party has reached its maturity and potential, and is unsustainable. I could lend your viewpoint to Uber, you buy a stake in Uber, what do you own? basically you own some of the code held in a database to a computer program. Which pays a bunch of mercenary taxi operators and takes money from people who are willing to pay for the services that it provides. Our game is not a bricks and mortar enterprise, its a service in the entertainment industry, a show if you will. NWC are asking someone to invest in the spectacle and help them to build a new show to bring more people to watch. I do agree completely though about your earlier point and the RFL, who have repeatedly been happy to make promises in return for money. The RFL are a much bigger problem. NWC to me, are doing what they can to improve what they have, and should be applauded for it.