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  1. gnidir

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Not sure if you are after SLE or NRL, but these guys are good. Based over here in Auckland, but im pretty sure they post worldwide.
  2. If you are interested, there is going to be a limited run of Jamaica World Cup Qualifiers jerseys:
  3. If you have a contact for these guys, advise them to contact World Bank. Its not hard to do that, and accusations of corruption (If thats what he is doing) do get through to them. The place is only kept afloat through the government being funded, and whilst it won't single handedly change anything, if this bloke, or any officials are dodgy, the people who change that are the ones who fund them.\
  4. gnidir

    Golden Point

    I will start by saying that ive never seen a boring draw in rugby league, not ever. That said, Golden point adds another dimension, but unfortunately in the NRL has produced a Drop goal shoot out. I was wondering if there was a better way, so... What if there were no points on offer for a draw. We would still get the exciting end to games as teams strive for the win, but being cut throat in its approach, it could cost teams rather than 'gaining' a point. All within the allocated tv time, so keeping them happy. SuperLeague with only points for winners, would it appeal?
  5. gnidir


    We should either give Steeden a 100 years contract, or at least have the technical specs for suppliers. I remember the Rhino ones being light and flying wrong, before that, there were the KuKri ones that were really round and light, then the Gilbert 8 panel ones, proper heavy and really skinny with a large hole in the end. White Steeden, worldwide deal at all levels, done! I actually never understood why NRL or RLIF didn't just buy them out from Gray Nicholls. Where else will they sell league balls?
  6. gnidir


    It makes sense to me if they are footing the bill. I would be cutting costs whoever I could, its unlikely that Air Transat have got the number of travellers they were aiming for with Toronto not making SL next year, so I think its probably sensible.
  7. gnidir

    Anyone else excited about the Jamaica game?

    Yeah man, They have 8 teams playing Division 2, 6 in Division 1. Under that they have 8 colleges, under 19s, under 15s They have a State of origin type set up too and cup tournaments that bring in teams that can't sustain full seasons. Its amazing what they have done on a nothing budget. They need help with improving quality of play and facilities, but its feasible that you could run a Semi Pro team there for 50 grand a year. The potential is scary actually.
  8. gnidir

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    I dont agree. Logos on jerseys is a small part of a corporate partnership these days. Media exposure through social channels and community engagement goes far further. The value of the Sky exposure actually devalues the jersey sponsor. (You aren't on tv for 80 minutes each week) The logo placement is about exposure. There is no value in fans walking around Warrington for instance for any multinational. As I said, I understand Superleague clubs dont know how to attract larger companies, but your brand perception raises your value as a club. That mock up actually gives more exposure to the same companies. Chest sponsor is designed to be captured in TV interviews. Main chest is traditional , but badly placed in rugby because the ball is always in the way for still media. Manufacturer doesn't actually gain by having a big logo beyond people knowing they make the kit (Example, look at minimal Nike branding in the NFL), and the sleeve sponsors actually get most still media exposure. My whole issue is that Superleague , as far as I know, doesn't even look at these things, instead they sell as much real estate as they can, but that sacrifices the clubs own brand perception. If you look cheap, people think that you are. So, by just sorting out the clutter, clubs could at least make something less noisey, without sacrificing the number of sponsors, or the exposure given to them. By doing that, you would probably raise sales of merchandise as a revenue stream .
  9. gnidir

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Call me cynical. But I just don't understand the need for the sponsor placement of jerseys lately. I understand the need for many sponsors because they can't attract good ones at the right value, but does it have to look so much like a race driver? Surely its not that hard for the clubs to sort it out?
  10. I love the NFL system. Its the best business model in sports. The NRL copy them, we try to copy the NRL, so in some ways it makes sense to go to source. The problem though, is that the market is too small for those teams. Essentially the NFL grants a monopoly over an area with no other team allowed to promote within 60 miles (There are historical exceptions), but the model is built around getting the most possible people to spend money on NFL products, tickets, merchandise, media. The problem with UK clubs is that everyone wants their team to be in the top league without seeing the business case. For the sport to be bigger, it needs to reach more people, not the same people more times. Because clubs are fighting for the same piece of pie, they miss so much opportunity by not working together. The NFL is a trade body, all of the clubs work together to grow the business. They only compete on the field. Fundamentally, I think this is the problem in the UK. If there were a heartlands league in the same way that the NFL uses college football, then you could sustain interest in the smaller clubs I imagine, but to do that, there needs to be common agreement amongst the clubs, and that doesn't exist.
  11. gnidir

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Jamaica Rugby League store Quite a few of these available now.
  12. Jamaican RL store Quite a few on here now.
  13. gnidir

    NZ Player Numbers Up

    This is a myth doing the rounds on the ARL circuit. There are less players because of Australia. Net population on Auckland is growing rapidly. The real issue is that the people migrating to NZ aren't aware of League, and so dont participate.
  14. Jamaica has named a strong squad for the 2018 Americas Championship, which will also act as a qualifier for the 2021 Rugby League World Cup in England. The University of North Florida, Jacksonville, will host two double-header rounds on 13th and 17th November 2018, and in the opening game the Reggae Warriors meet Canada, the winners facing either USA or Chile. Headliners in the 29-man selection are Super League’s Ben Jones-Bishop – who is chosen alongside his brother Aaron - and Ashton Golding, who are both in line for their debuts, and paying to be part of a push for first Caribbean representation in the World Cup. Halifax three quarter James Woodburn-Hall is also in line for his bow. JRLA director of rugby, Romeo Monteith, believes the players will compete well. “It’s our third World Cup Qualifiers campaign and we are assembling a competitive squad,” he said from Kingstown. “We have a strong coaching staff behind them and I believe we can match our opponents in all aspects of the game. “Our aim is to bring increased attention to our abilities as a rising rugby league nation and, should we qualify, it will be a massive boost for the sport on the island. Monteith added: “Every player has gone into his pocket to contribute to costs, it’s the only way it has been possible.” His other expectation is that the players selected from five domestic sides, including student Owen Linton, will reap the benefit of playing and training alongside professionals. Double winners Duhaney Park provide five players, Red Shark Marvin Thompson commenting: “It is a privilege to be selected for the train-on squad. “To be given another chance to represent my country is a feeling next to none. Hopefully, we will be giving a better account of ourselves, which speaks volumes about our growth.” Veteran London Skolars duo Jy-Mel Coleman, who made his debut in 2011, and utility forward Lamont Bryan are equally excited at the prospect. “It’s a massive honour to be selected especially alongside my brothers,” said Coleman. “I can’t wait to represent and do us proud. It’s been a while building what we have and I feel now is our time.” Bryan added: “This will be my third campaign and it’s an honour and privilege. My family and friends are proud to see me pull on these famous colours once more. It would mean a great deal to be part of a history making qualifying team.” Former Dewsbury head coach Glenn Morrison, who oversaw Jamaica’s 16-all draw with Wales in 2016, will also still be involved in the preparations. JAMAICA 29-MAN TRAIN-ON SQUAD Joel Farrell, Wayne Reittie, Keenen Tomlinson (Batley Bulldogs), Jonathan Magrin, Ross Peltier (Bradford Bulls), Daniel Thomas (Dewsbury Celtic) Jode Sheriffe (Dewsbury Rams), Aaron Jones-Bishop (Doncaster), Nathan Campbell, Andrae McFarlane, Khamisi McMain, Marvin Thompson, Renaldo Wade (Duhaney Park), Owen Linton (Excelsior Community College) Antonio Baker, Chevaughn Bailey, Kareem Harris (GC Foster), James Woodburn-Hall (Halifax), Ethon Dwyer (Jamaica Defence Force), Ashton Golding (Leeds Rhinos), Jacob Ogden (London Broncos), Lamont Bryan, Omari Caro, Jy-Mel Coleman (London Skolars), Adrian Hall (Liguanea Dragons), Joseph Brown, Mo Agoro (Newcastle), Ben Jones-Bishop (Wakefield), Alex Brown (Unattached)