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  1. Anywhere south of Warrington is London
  2. I can't blame the NZRL for protecting their own back yard here. After all, they want local people to aspire to play for the Kiwis. Why not play the game in Tonga? Looks like the Ozzies have tried to steal some of the USA light, thats fallen through, so they decide to play in someone else back yard. I feel for the Tonga fans here in Auckland, but im sure that the could jump a flight to the homeland, if they were passionate enough. Just think of what that could to for rugby league development there. The economic boom over a weekend, a showcase of rugby league, the Kangaroos actually willing to do something selfless.
  3. gnidir

    Are the Robots dead?

    Is it just me who noticed the number 10 kicks the ball? Surely the prop forwards union should have been consulted on this!
  4. gnidir

    Barba going back to NRL

    id be more worried about super league players going that way than a bloke kicked out going back.
  5. All good mate, I wasn't being a smart ######. Im just finding this seasons middle 8s quite exciting if im honest, so wondering about the mindset of club owners who may have their business at risk of survival.
  6. Which got kicked out, genuine question? Leigh - Relegated Bradford - points deducted, then relegated London - Relegated Oldham - relegated or went bust? Workington - relegated PSG - Went bust Crusaders - Went bust Sheffield - merged - started a new club after that (This is Huddersfield Giants) Gateshead - merged - started a new club after that (This is Hull FC) Hull KR - relegated Cas - relegated Halifax - relegated As far as I can tell (I might be wrong), no team has been kicked out of the Superleague for breaking the salary cap. The closest was points deductions which resulted in relegation, but if superleague is moving away from that from 2019, it supports my point, that the more sensible business option would be to spend now to secure your investment.
  7. My original post mentions the uncertainty around the situation, with a high likelihood of no way back to the top flight for some time. Regardless of a cap being 'live' My worry is that the more sensible piece of business would be to buy your place in super league for this season, and worry about any consequences of the salary cap later. The reasoning is that there is no history of teams getting booted from the competition, so if they close the shop, you still have a seat at the table. If they do close shop, then the RFL would not be the people to monitor the cap, and so, if the middle 8s are a RFL competition, again, it favours me spending now to get in the top flight. Again, its just a hypothetical, but if I owned a business and my options were to take a loan now to guarantee resale value of my business, or to scrape by, and possibly lose 50-80% of my business value, which is the sensible option to take?
  8. well thats my point, if its a game of poker.... I would spend the Money now, regardless of rules and put the pressure on others to kick my club out. Do you think the clubs have the guile for that, and the law suit I would threaten if they did? Again, its just a hypothetical, im trying to understand the mindset of the club owners in the same way Derek Beaumont is being sensible about his investment in Leigh being a bad bet,
  9. Hypothetical, but with the rush of signings coming from lower Superleague teams before the 8s, it poses a question: With the knowledge that the Superleague door is likely to close at seasons end, if you were a club Chair, is the sensible things to break the salary cap in order to get your place at the table? The question beyond this, is if you did that, would the other Superleague clubs kick you out when it came out? With a business head on, I think if it were my club, I would be willing to roll the dice, spend most of next seasons cash and guarantee (As much as is possible) my place in the top flight. After all, the value of my club as a whole would be increased into the future should someone buy it. Its the most sensible way to protect my investment, there is no history of clubs being kicked out for cap breaches. So I would trade one season of a -10 point start, spend less on next years players knowing thats coming, take my top table payout and build for 2021 in the top flight. Thoughts?......
  10. gnidir


    They do it to tie in a marker. If you are playing close, for instance, a 1 out drive, your runner wants to hit the back of the play the ball. If you play good markers, they fill that space, but get tired later in games. If you play park league, they are usually there for a rest. The aim is to make the markers think all the time, and make a defensive decision. If they ignore you, run and you make 10 metres, if you 'stand them up' then make the pass and they can't get at your runner. Usually markers have a chasing and a passive guy. Your aim is to tie in the chasing guy. If you watch Smith (Cunningham is a terrible example of a skilful hooker), when the Storm are ready to throw shape, he will pass from the floor because they are targeting a different group of defenders. Isaac Luke is a good example of a running hooker, because he forces the marker to make decisions deep into the game. When they get tired, he exploits it for his team. Also worth noting, if you are going to be jumping, your winger or fullback should be supporting your run form the blind side, so if you bend the line, they are on hand to finish it. Usually they are quicker over the distance.
  11. gnidir

    Jamacian GoFund me

    You can also support them through the online shop they have: All that money goes to them also, and you might get yourself something that you like. The work Romeo, Roy and the RLJ guys do is actually phenomenal on a shoe string budget. They have over 1000 registered players, college, junior and 2 divisions of club competitions, compared to some 'developed' nations, they are probably playing more league in Jamaica than most of the rest.
  12. gnidir

    Saints - Play the ball

    Just for the record, I wasn't accusing Saints of cheating, it was just very noticeable that they were playing the ball poorly. I understand that its because they want a fast game, and might also be why they are scoring so many tries. I have no issue with it if that is the way everyone plays, it would just be more suited to Saints style of play, and maybe not other teams. What stood out, was that it looked like a 'roll back', there was no attempt, on a lot of occasions, to even mimic a play of the ball with the foot.
  13. Just watching the game down here in NZ and im wondering if Saints have been getting away with playing the ball like this all season? Wigan aren't much better, but it looks like touch, with them making no attempt with the foot. Is this common in the Superleague these days?
  14. gnidir

    New online England store

    Get yourselves some free delivery on developing nations merchandise and directly fund the growth of the game, The answer to all of life's problems
  15. gnidir

    NZ Warriors Hypocrisy

    I agree with you mate, I was curious as to which section of the Warriors it came from. I think the ARL side are overstepping the mark if they are trying to undermine their national governing body. There are some really blurred lines about the control and ethics of the Warriors in my opinion.