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  1. The lad is from halifax apparently
  2. I think graham the list of players retained would be far shorter than those we let go 😂😂
  3. If that's the reason why fair enough, but it's irrating for us as we've hardly any fit players.
  4. We are second bottom in the league with hardly any fit players and plenty of players who aren't good enough add to that a single league win under our belt, I would suggest we are desperate 😂
  5. Excellent signing exactly what we need. Hope he gels with the squad quickly and we can start getting better
  6. The truth of the matter is the sport needs well supported and successful clubs in the major cities i.e. Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool etc if it is to grow out of the m62 corridor I can see in the future there may be less better supported clubs in the rfl, as the smaller teams die out and the fans move to the large SL clubs increasing their strength. Perhaps in the same model as the NRL the smaller teams going to a Queensland cup style competition
  7. Ps on the second fax try lino says forward red overrules him, think that was a dodgy decision that went against us at least we'd have been winning the first half 😂
  8. Groundhog Day, decent first half capitulation in the second. No leadership halfs struggled pack did nothing, and stupid errors at key times add into that the usual ill discipline and we were soundly beaten. Felt sam day played well should have been on more, sadly we are going down save a miracle so hope beds scounting for next year when we can clear out one of the worst sides in recent years
  9. Watch it carefully the player trying to clear the ruck catches the ball whilst scrambling to get up, bit harsh imho
  10. Hope so! Hopefully we'll put a decent fight up and make it a close game, maybe even nick it 😂 We can but dream
  11. The ball completely changed direction on guzdek, it bounced backwards rather than forward. Very unlucky for our point of view the highlights are on YouTube now so have a second look.
  12. I'd be happy with any of the well supported SL teams rhinos hull fc etc hoping the club get a decent payday which can be reinvested in the squad wether that's this season nor next
  13. First of all gutted for Scott he's been a great servant to the club and it's a shame injury has forced him to retire obviously he needs to look after himself long term. sadly I missed the match due to working till 5.30 😩But so pleased to finally get a win and amazing Hemingway having a good game maybe Kelly can get the best out of him I don't think we've ever seen it at the rams. If we have a huge turnaround with Kelly price and scoey that will prove morro was the issue imho
  14. So at first I was a little underwhelmed with this appointment sure he was a great coach for us then Widnes but his time out of the game concerned me. Having let the dust settle I am happier, we have a proven coach at this level hopefully neil will reopen ties with local RL and push the club forward, if he keeps us up this season i would nominate him for coach of the year 😂 Can't see much change to the current squad this year as most players are contracted and are the players that are available really an improvement? So next season will be the start of the rebuild I'd just love it if that was in this division
  15. I predict we'll compete for around 50 mins then capitulate rams 10 - dogs 32 mom kain despite not playing