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  1. Daniel I to Fev

    Yeah I've just read statement he should have stayed with us! I'd take him turner and Briggs from Fev
  2. 2018 Squad confirmed

    Pleased we've signed Everett didn't think we'd keep hold of him. Glad we've signed a centre I think we are weak in that position at the moment.
  3. Dewsbury Faithful Sponsorship Latest

    I'll be leaving my 20 in an envelope with reception tommorow before the bulls game. Shall I put for the dewsbury faithful?
  4. Dewsbury Faithful Sponsorship Latest

    I'll pledge when I get back from hols on sept 12th can I send my money via PayPal ? Or will I have to dig out a chequebook? james
  5. Sheffield Eagles Game

    Another tough test, I believe walshaw is back which should strengthen our defence at centre hope moores playing as we are a much better side with him, takes so much weight off the shoulders of Sykes. Rams win by ten and hopefully enough rams there to make it like a home game ?
  6. Toulouse

    We where simply outstanding sensational performance against a tough opposition. The lads really did dig deep when we conceded back to back try's I thought we'd thrown it away to come back was brilliant. What a kick to win the game from glover that Sykes conversion looked like it went over though.
  7. Toulouse

    Is minger back? ?
  8. Championship Shield Fixtures

    If we can avoid Toulouse away I'd be happy. However even getting to these semis would be a tremendous achievement bearing in mind where we were before Kelly
  9. Friends and neighbours

    Never understood why he let Lillycrop go the lad would run full pelt into a wall
  10. 2018 Shirts

    That's what I'm asking for ? Preferably
  11. 2018 Shirts

    I've got a short back and sides so I'm in ?
  12. 2018 Shirts

    Heritage shirts please preferably cotton but if not possible modern materials. Every club usually sell heritage shirts but ours and of course they don't g out of date so the club won't lose out
  13. Dewsbury vs Rochdale predictions

    Is brown still playing injured? If so move hooley to the wing ?
  14. Dewsbury vs Rochdale predictions

    It's really important we win this game and get 3 wins n the bounce for the first time in probably a long time. i think we'll do it but it will be tough it's a crucial clash for both of us rams by 10 att 769
  15. Daniel I to Fev

    Gutted he's gone, and even more so he's gone to Fev. Always played well for us if a bit of a penalty machine at times