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  1. jamesb0551

    Players For 2019

    I suspect that most of our wingers can play full back although I wouldn’t put worrincy or brown there. A larger squad will do us good we where really struggling at times last season to get a team on the pitch with many injured players having to play. Id still like to see a really good half join us and maybe put Sykes into fullback but I doubt we have the funds to attract that kind of quality ontop of our current squad.
  2. jamesb0551

    Sheffield away.

    I think he would be worth a place in the squad and then you never know
  3. jamesb0551

    New Structure

    It does kind of suggest the RFL is desperate to get Bradford back into the championship. Although I think expanding the championship is the right thing to do
  4. jamesb0551

    Batley A

    In my eyes both players should have been sent off for that. Faz for assaulting iggy with the forearm/elbow and iggy for the stupid reaction, even though he didn’t cause any real damage you can’t condone that reaction. faz was constantly at iggy at the summer bash those two clearly don’t get on. and come off it PM when he was with us everyone knew he was a liability penalty wise.
  5. jamesb0551

    Batley A

    Think you’ve hit the nail on the head BSJ, although I thought Walshaw Ryder and Glover never stopped trying. We best turn up against Sheffield after that dross
  6. jamesb0551

    Batley A

    Did we even play the second half? It was almost as if they didn’t want to win, loads of stupid knock ons and penalties killed us. Did anyone see the Igcident? I completely missed it
  7. jamesb0551


    Thought both Everett and Walshaw had great game. Shame we runined the second half with some brainless rugby towards the end. Really important two points
  8. jamesb0551


    Tough game this one, heart says rams by less than 6 fingers crossed for a decent game.
  9. jamesb0551

    What will it take?

    It doesn’t help the club doesn’t release injury news on players leads to this speculation. I know one thing we are a far better side with a fully firing GM in the team
  10. jamesb0551

    Swinton sell Hankinson to Wigan

    Props and half backs are a must at the moment
  11. jamesb0551


    Very much the boy who cried wolf, the crowd got fed up with the constant stoppages in play, which meant even true injury’s where been heckled
  12. jamesb0551


    Morton for MOM for me aswell. Whilst I understand the point you make BSJ for me it all happens way too often, yesterday was extreme but pretty much every drop out a player goes down “injured”
  13. jamesb0551


    There is such a simple fix to this any player who goes down needing “treatment” should have to leave the field of play for the next set of 6. This would stop all the nonsense of players pretending to get injured especially when the defending team is dipping the ball out.
  14. jamesb0551


    Yeah just seen it now, hopefully a good signing for us
  15. jamesb0551


    According to Rams Facebook we’ve a new player on the way so it will be interesting to see who that is and if they play on Sunday. Think we’ll just beat them by 6 points