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  1. The game I love is dying before my eyes.............

    I'd like to see more common sense applied to the ruck. The defenders should be able to tackle the player to the ground or a standstill, the ref calls held, at that point the players should be moving off the tackled player, if still there the ref shouts held again after maybe 2 seconds at that point if no movement penalty. I'd also like to see players who are genuinely trying to clear the ruck not penalised sometimes players do get tangled and penaltys are given harshly. If the hooker throws the pass deliberately into a retreating defender ( as we've seen) I'd make them replay the play of the ball on offence one and just play on on offence two. For play acting from the player been tackled ie flopping back down when no pressure is being applied which happens all too often. I'd like to see the ref stop the game have a word with the player and tell them to get on with the game In a dignified and professional manner. And restart I think bearing in mind the loss of attacking impetus it would call would soon clean that up. Finally I would give players who have won penalties (been reviewed after on the video) by play acting a one match ban. Let's try and make the refs job easier if the players cut play acting and better rules around the ruck I think it would help the game enormously. If we can't sort it out we might aswell merge back with union cos our rucks are starting to look like there's πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. Halifax predictions :

    We where terrible, defence sloppy, attack poor again. We are 3 props short of a good pack (I'd only keep teanby) Sherife works hard but doesn't break tackles, Everett never breaks the line and looks increasingly unfit now, don't think brown or walshaw have done much for a while but lack of good props probably doesn't help them, Moore and Sykes are struggling but again it's tougher when playing in a beaten pack. Worrincy has gone backwards after a good start, guzdek has stopped scoring try's although admitadly the rest of the team have aswell. All in all we are just poor at the moment. I don't understand when we don't have a pack capable of running over sides why we aren't offloading and chucking the ball around whenever possible, this pack will not beat many teams at all this year so let's tho we the ball around. My only hope is that with giants getting stuffed they'll bring some players in meaning we'll get English and wakeman back. We need some help from somewhere ps agree the ref was useless but was Sykes really doing any good for the team by constantly arguing with him?
  3. The game I love is dying before my eyes.............

    Sadly I agree with too much of this biggest issue our game has is this obsession with slowing the ruck down, killing attacking play
  4. Cameron Scott

    I must admit I did wonder that when we signed him. Maybe brought in as competition? Or maybe one of the two is playing with a knock That could do with resting? hope he's good anyway πŸ˜‚
  5. This League Structure aint Working

    The real controversial point is would the sport be better with fewer teams. ie only Leigh, Toronto, London, Toulouse and Bradford put into SL and the rest of the sides shut/ become amateur. every SL side to run a reserve grade side. Then hopefully increasing the SL teams attendance ie fans going to a local SL team. More money to be put into grass roots better facilities and coaching (the money previously gone to championship and C1) Championship attendances are poor at best and declining sadly it can't go on forever. Then slowly expanding into maybe New York, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dublin, Birmingham Etc etc the sad reality is we need more teams in big cities if the sport is truly to grow
  6. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    I don't think the whole team isnt Canadian argument can be thrown at them they've existed 2 years without any history of RL in there home nation. Ten years time I expect to see cannucks in their team but now it's just too early. Can't imagine a lot of the initial Catalan team were French, and they of course do have a RL history
  7. This League Structure aint Working

    I personally think an expanded super league to included Toronto, Toulouse, fev, Leigh, London. Or whoever finishes top 5 on merit this season. Merge our division with the one below. To have two divisions total super league and championship. Go back to a simple 2 up 2 down system. Top team automatically, then a play off for the second spot (between the teams in the championship maybe 2nd to 7th higher placed team plays at home). Stop the enourmous parachute payments give them something but not enough to skew the entire division. Then the RFL to seriously put some money and thought into the game to get more people through the doors. Oh and go back to the older play off formula in the superleague I enjoyed that more 1st to 8th or whatever it was.
  8. Just what is going on ?????

    I just don't understand why we are left in the dark of injuries etc. Surely a simple Moore (head) spicer (shoulder) warrincy (work) wouldn't hurt so fans know who hasn't been available for selection. It could even be given on the day so can't be any use to the opposition.
  9. Dewsbury Rams v Halifax RLFC

    We've still got to play barrow yet, could do without another rearrangement
  10. Doggies away..

    If wakeman and crowther are on loan and not DR why are they unavailable? Especially when wakemans meant to be here with a view to a permanent move?!?!
  11. Another 7

    I think it's more of a case it gives us cover IE Sykes carrying a knock and Gaz still suffering with concussion. Sykes can also move to centre if Danny plays really well
  12. Toulouse predictions and team

    My view on this is more a case of us deciding if we want to keep them for the season or not.
  13. Toulouse predictions and team

    If both half’s are out knowles and Speakman start for me, ward and day rotate at hooker. Will be a really tough game without Sykes and Moore. Our forwards will have to be absolutely dominant for us to have any chance and the defence will have to be immaculate as I can’t see us scoring many points. Rams 12 - 8 Toulouse always the optimist πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  14. Challenge Cup 4th Round

    Anyone at home
  15. Rochdale Hornets Away

    Is the full match on now? I'm waiting for that πŸ˜„