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  1. I've always defended him, due to our poor budget. However, never replacing thackeray? Keeping Hemmingway letting conroy go. We are looking a very poor side Sykes and kain are not a good enough halfback pair for this division and it will cost us dearly. Last season he brought Reynolds in and was unlucky to loose him. What's happened this season? The one position we so badly needed nothing! Never getting off our line and defending aggressively giving the other side an easy ten yards every set. When was the last time we held a side in their 20. Some of our attacking play is woeful with a lack of dummy runners we must be one of the easiest sides to defend against and of course the forwards not offloading making it far easier to defend against our pack making them look poor.
  2. Well 46-0 could see that coming from our display against the yowies going to be a long hard season.
  3. What the hell happened??
  4. Interesting, if the lad does really well the natural path would be a trial with the rams I hope. Shame he isn't a half haha
  5. Attendance seemed about right, south stand was fairly busy but the north was sparse. We played ok, but the usual silly errors and lack of direction killed us. Very poor kicking game didn't help either. Still can't fathom why we kept Hemmingway and let conroy go. Ward looks really useful maybe just play him for 80 mins. Morton came off injured hope nothing too serious. Scored some decent trys though. Walshaw again looked head and shoulders above the rest of them and not just because of his height.
  6. Thanks for that mate. The website the club link sent me to had none of those on it.... Those were the ones I was after
  7. Preorderd mine as I do every year. Disappointed with the leisurewear which just looks like any old hoodie etc with the logo badly rammed on. Rather than last year which were much better. Strange how the initial leisurewear designs haven't been followed
  8. Part of me is kind of smug, certainly towards an idiot Bradford fan who was telling me it's a tin pot league and they'll be back in the super etc. Tragic for the real fans though can sympathise been a Leeds utd fan
  9. To be fair they have a big stadium to full. Fully support it. RL across the board needs more through the gates
  10. Definetly Guzdek and Teanby young player
  11. Personally I'd like to see the retro shorts back the 72 winners shirt for home and the 40s white one for away. Oh and keep them for at least two seasons at a time
  12. Heaven knows by the smiths seems apt
  13. Play it at half time or well before the match starts. Go for something more combative for the walkout
  14. Cheers derwent. They seem to lose there heads at times we played a few games and given a hideous amount of penaltys away
  15. Sounds like discipline cost us. Looking forward to watching the highlights and seeing why we lost so many players.