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  1. jamesb0551


    Very much the boy who cried wolf, the crowd got fed up with the constant stoppages in play, which meant even true injury’s where been heckled
  2. jamesb0551


    Morton for MOM for me aswell. Whilst I understand the point you make BSJ for me it all happens way too often, yesterday was extreme but pretty much every drop out a player goes down “injured”
  3. jamesb0551


    There is such a simple fix to this any player who goes down needing “treatment” should have to leave the field of play for the next set of 6. This would stop all the nonsense of players pretending to get injured especially when the defending team is dipping the ball out.
  4. jamesb0551


    Yeah just seen it now, hopefully a good signing for us
  5. jamesb0551


    According to Rams Facebook we’ve a new player on the way so it will be interesting to see who that is and if they play on Sunday. Think we’ll just beat them by 6 points
  6. jamesb0551

    Dewsbury v Featherstone

    I saw the hallett tackle didn't think it looked great, seemed to be pressure applied to the back of the neck. Only saw it live though
  7. jamesb0551


    I wouldn't be opposed to that coolie, can't see them voting for it though
  8. jamesb0551

    Daniel I to Fev

    Do we even want him when he left us for fev last time? Plus we give away enough penalties as it is 😂😂
  9. jamesb0551

    Badly let down.....

    It's easier to criticise
  10. jamesb0551

    Rochdale team and predictions :

    We really where terrible on Sunday, fair play to Rochdale who faced us with plenty of injuries and can hold their heads high. us however... we seem incapable of making smart decisions at key times. The most obvisous one to me is the worrincy drop when all we needed to do was to drive down the field and smash the ball into the corner for a scrum. Teanby (who played well as usual) double movement over the line on the second tackle for example. We should have had a decent cushion by the end of the game but bad decisions as usual cost us that and in the end Rochdale wanted it more. I don't understand the brand of rugby we play at the moment our pack is not big enough to break the line (in contrast to say Halifax who ran over the top of us) so why do we offload the ball so rarely which makes the props work even harder as teams can throw as many defenders into the tackle as they like. why was Dom Speckman brought off when he was by far our best creative player? I understand the idea of rotating the hookers but when one is playing so well why bring him off? Worrincy I don't get he was visibly holding his shoulder and arm most of the second half so why was he asking for the ball? He dropped two key passes one for a try and one late on as mentioned above he needs to sort his game out and start being more consistent, when he's on form he's great. when we looked at the squad at the beginning of the year we said we look light at prop and halfs and low and behold that's exactly where we are struggling. English and to a lesser extent wakeman helped but you cannot rely on loan players as it has so often burned us. Frustated, but I do believe NK can drag us around. A couple more faces in the pack would help though and proper signings at least until the end of the year.
  11. jamesb0551

    London Game

    NKs decision simple as that
  12. jamesb0551

    London Game

    Thanks for the info Tom always great to read things are going on the right direction my only gripe is the lack of info that comes out about the playing staff in terms of injury and who's avaible I understand it's out of your control but I think it might be worth mentioning it's a point of contention for most fans. I don't honestly believe that it helps the opposition otherwise I can't imagine the highest comepetions would allow it Super league, NRL, NFL , PL etc etc
  13. jamesb0551

    Rochdale team and predictions :

    Absolute must win this one! Im going rams by 8 but if we don't turn up and defend properly we will get beat, Rochdale need to win this one as badly as we do
  14. jamesb0551

    London Game

    Also just read both heckforth and Scott will play Sykes is injured not sure which centre will miss out
  15. jamesb0551

    London Game

    Depends on which rams team turns up torronto performance loss by 20 halifax preformance loss by 60 😕