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  1. George Tyson....

    The incident happened right in front of me and George should have just walked away, hairnet players know to target him and he falls for it every time. We have such a small squad he cannot afford to lose our key players and Tyson falls into that smart!!
  2. Swinton

    Simply an awful performance
  3. Vestacare stadium

    Well the council would have received quite a lot of money for selling the land where Avros FC are currently playing. Enough to rehouse Avros and build a decent stadium to accommodate us. I like Bower Fold and it's just a shame it is not in Oldham
  4. Huddersfield Recruitment

    And some people wonder why Gary Scholefield says we will get relegated
  5. Whitebank in 2017

  6. The Club Name

    Latics fan??!! we existed before the football club. We should use Oldham FC again
  7. The Club Name

    It's Oldham FC for me
  8. Statement From The Club

    According to Avro's twitter feed there will be a grass pitch as well
  9. Tax debt

    Well one fact we can't ignore is the latest accounts are available and show yet another loss, how long can we survive with just one man at the helm??
  10. where to play?

    Completely agree with you little no it all,, the Roughyeds do deserve a place we can call home but you we won't get it while CH is in charge. Hopefully one day the fans will form a trust to buy him out and finally we can control over our own destiny and not accept the scraps this guy tries to feed us
  11. where to play?

    According to the football ground guide website Broadhurst park pitch size is 102 x 67m . We can tick this ground off the list
  12. Yeds vs Hairnets.

    It was superb result but even better to see is the player's clear commitment to the cause....keep it going lads
  13. Forty-20 Magazine - League 1 Scene - What's going on at Oldham?

    I really can't argue with what Antisuperleague has stated Gavin. It's a very fair reflection of our current situation. After 18 years in charge it's time for CH to sell up and move on.
  14. This weekend's Game

    I certainly hope you are wrong. Boycotting the games will achieve only thing, the demise of our club...again
  15. Whitebank Stadium

    Even the new boys are giving us stick...ouch!