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  1. Timing of the anouncement was not perfect but Chris is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. I'm sure the players were all made aware so no real issue. As many have already said, Scott has worked wonders on a tight budget and had some serious bad luck throughout with player injuries and leavers at crucial times. One thing we can all agree on is that throughout his tenure he has given 100% to the job and the club and so, as many have, I thank Nobby for his 7 years at the club and wish him well for the future, whatever he chooses to do.
  2. Good luck R34 and I hope that good times are ahead for you.
  3. Tony Mac


    Unless the merged team was called Oldham, played in a Red, White and Blue kit and was based in the OL area then I, like most us, would rather cut off parts of my anatomy with a rusty blade. I can't understand why the powers that be continually try to expand the game when they never get it right in the heartlands. Since Sky, SL have never really had any interest in the CH1 and League 1 clubs and will happily set us adrift and,when that happens I think a lot of clubs will fold. If that happens I will probably concentrate on watching my grandsons play at Mayfield and get a few Saddy Rangers games in. We have the best spectator sport in the World but the media are not interested, probably due to the fact that most outlets are run by Graduates who have been reared on Union. What the RL don't understand is that without the lower league teams fewer and fewer players will start playing the game and therefore less players will come through. This is what happened years ago in America with their Football and they had to completely re-think what they were doing. I can't change what plans the RL have and I'm sure they will differ tremendously from mine so I have to fall back on the old saying of ...."the one thing you can guarantee is that it will either rain or go dark before morning". That's my meandering thoughts and comments over!! Enjoy Sunday everyone
  4. Tony Mac

    Danny Langtree

    Terrific news!! The grandsons will be so happy Welcome back Langers
  5. That's deffo a 50-50 call that went against us. In the build up you can see Anthony looking to time his run all along. The ref does not warn any of the runners going through and seems to have a second thought before awarding. Very tight call that would have been allowed any other time I feel. Thanks for the upload Dave. Be interesting what other feel now they've had the chance to view.
  6. It was a game between two really good teams and could have gone either way. Thought that Worky got the rub of the green and the ref's decisions more than us, especially at crucial times in the game. The offside decsion against Bowman at the end being one of them. Don't think the ref had given one offside from kicks all through the match up to that one. My Grandson and me went from feeling on top of the world to absolute devastation in a couple of seconds at the end. Would very much like another look at where Bowman was in relation to Adam Brook when he kicked - any chance of posting a clip off the video recording Dave? I know it doesn't make any difference to the result but I would like to know for sure. Back to the game in general which was a great specatacle for League 1 and I believe that we watched two of the top three teams yesterday, possibly the top two. Both these teams looked strong and well organised and not many teams will get a result against either of them this season. Lots of positives from yesterday with our lads and a lot to look forward to this season me thinks.
  7. Hi Dave Your work on these sort of things behind the scenes is very much appreciated.
  8. I certainly like the look of him on the youtube clips. Looks an attacking nippy half back in the Danny Yates/ Chris Atkin mold And a good kicker to boot!
  9. Tony Mac

    Barrow v Oldham

    Hi TMF, thanks for that, had a quick look but nothing on yet. Will keep looking though!!
  10. Mummy, tell my brother to stop calling me a Rochdale fan!!
  11. Tony Mac

    Barrow v Oldham

    Thanks Dave I'll keep a look out for it.
  12. Tony Mac

    Barrow v Oldham

    Is there any highlights on video at all?
  13. Another good signing this. Glad he remained loyal after we stuck with him.
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