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  1. Hi M Brooksy Your team looks really good and hard to think of changing but I would like to see Benty at Loose for the first games, probably at the expense of Dupree. Think Disco will try out all the players aganst Fev to see how they all go before picking for Barrow. Rotation will paly a big part in te picking of the pack this season. This will give the players a little well earned rest along with help to recover form knocks and injury niggles - there will be no need to play players wh are not fully fit.
  2. Is it still the plan to live stream the games until such time as supporters are allowed in the grounds? If it is, then will the CC Round 1 match against Barrow be shown?
  3. Didn't Simon Haughton (ex Wigan RL) sign for us from Orrell too?
  4. Well, apart from the signings we've made for next season!!
  5. Just want it to be good news as I'm absolutely fed up with what 2020 has brought up to now.
  6. Just watched some YouTube videos of him and he looks like a terrific addition. Strong runner, especially returning kicks, really good defence and fast too. Well done to the Club and Disco!!
  7. There are so many of course but one for me has got to be our comeback win at Spotland in the semi final play off game against the old rivals Rochdale, which sent us on our way to the Grand Final against Widnes. I couldn't grin wide enough and be happier if there were two of me at the end of that match!! Oh the memories
  8. I'd be happy with Luke coming back, the right kind of front rower for the Championship. I was sorry he left before.
  9. I too am looking forward to the season, though I know it won't be easy and we'll probably lose more than we win, but who knows. I'm also looking forward to going to the Fold again as it's a great stadium for RL. As Brooksy says, we did need to change our style of play to stand any chance in this league and hopefully the players will get used to the open play that Diskin is trying to promote. Come on Oldham!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Remember that the CC final is in July this year and not August Bank Holiday weekend.
  11. Timing of the anouncement was not perfect but Chris is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. I'm sure the players were all made aware so no real issue. As many have already said, Scott has worked wonders on a tight budget and had some serious bad luck throughout with player injuries and leavers at crucial times. One thing we can all agree on is that throughout his tenure he has given 100% to the job and the club and so, as many have, I thank Nobby for his 7 years at the club and wish him well for the future, whatever he chooses to do.
  12. Good luck R34 and I hope that good times are ahead for you.
  13. Unless the merged team was called Oldham, played in a Red, White and Blue kit and was based in the OL area then I, like most us, would rather cut off parts of my anatomy with a rusty blade. I can't understand why the powers that be continually try to expand the game when they never get it right in the heartlands. Since Sky, SL have never really had any interest in the CH1 and League 1 clubs and will happily set us adrift and,when that happens I think a lot of clubs will fold. If that happens I will probably concentrate on watching my grandsons play at Mayfield and get a few Saddy Ranger
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