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  1. My mistake Charlie, you are indeed correct, he was a contracted player.
  2. Pleased for this lad as he was terrific for us when he was on loan Tyler Dupree: Salford Red Devils sign Widnes prop as Josh Johnson moves in opposite direction - BBC Sport
  3. Oh the memories.....
  4. Hi Dave Would happily go with resurrecting the Bears name. I did plug the Phoenix when they first reformed, thinking about growing again out of the ashes along with the Bear, but the reply back was that they were a new club and wanted to promote that. I am with you that we do need something that can be promoted and have since thought, if not the Bear, what about going along the lines of "Oldham Orcas" or, to attract the younger audience, the "Oldham Raptors" as in Volociraptors out of Jurrasic Park franchise. Here's hoping!
  5. Absolutely right Mr Naylor, I always look for M Brooksy's stats after the games. I think you should also take a bow yourself for all the work you put in. Thanks to both of you
  6. A big well done and thank you to CH on this. It sends out a real message to the supporters, the players and the rest of the Championship. This was right out of the top drawer and if McDermott can't keep us up I don't think anyone can, it's just a pity he wasn't here 3 or 4 games earlier, but still a real lift for us.
  7. Hi Dave Can't disagree with anything you say and I do believe it is an almost impossible task for us to stay up. Having said that, I do feel if we can entice a good half-back we have the pack to allow them the time and room to put on some real attacking plays. Get two established half backs in and we could really move up the league. Keeping everything crossed now that we get a good coach who can hopefully bring one or two players with them to take us Onwards & Upwards. Stay up or not, we need to invest in the new coach which is why appointing the right one is paramount.
  8. Someone losing their job is always sad so I wish Disco all the best. Going forward I would like to see a "recognised" coach in place if available and I would not be against a good player coach, especially one who would fit nicely into a halfback role. Whoever comes in needs to be able to lift the players straight away, build their confidence and get their mindset right. I still believe that most of the players we have are good enough apart from 2 or 3 of the key positions. We also need the coach in place as quickly as possible to give them time to put their stamp on it. I think we all know how important this next appoinment is so I hope CH can find the money for the right one.
  9. Real gutsy performance and I was genuinely heartened after the game. Thought Chewy had his best game for a while and Spencer never stopped running. Take away the silly tries by London and we could well have won
  10. Think a win is a step too far for me at the moment - although truly hope I'm wrong. As Brooksy says, our impressive second half showing against Swinton should give the boys a lot of confidence so it's fingers crossed. I would be over the moon with a win but would settle for a close game with a narrow loss. Come on you Yeds!!!!!!!!!
  11. Hi M Brooksy Your team looks really good and hard to think of changing but I would like to see Benty at Loose for the first games, probably at the expense of Dupree. Think Disco will try out all the players aganst Fev to see how they all go before picking for Barrow. Rotation will paly a big part in te picking of the pack this season. This will give the players a little well earned rest along with help to recover form knocks and injury niggles - there will be no need to play players wh are not fully fit.
  12. Is it still the plan to live stream the games until such time as supporters are allowed in the grounds? If it is, then will the CC Round 1 match against Barrow be shown?
  13. Didn't Simon Haughton (ex Wigan RL) sign for us from Orrell too?
  14. Well, apart from the signings we've made for next season!!
  15. Just want it to be good news as I'm absolutely fed up with what 2020 has brought up to now.
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