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  1. Pretty simple sack coach or play championship footy next season Lets hope toulouse can go up, catalans are a train wreck
  2. has anyone got a job for steve mcnamara?

    Water boy backslapper
  3. The lack of noise from rfl suggests to me the north america thing gone cold. I have no evidence to suggest proof but given new york first mooted in october last year its no announcements at all. New york major rugby has been so not sure really. Yes we have wolfpack, denver test announced for 3 years. And also possible nrl match next season. Tonga also indicated they want to play kangaroos in usa end of year
  4. Second Canadian Team

    I jumped back on and not to read park whatever ######. So whats the story with new york when an announcement and same with other bids ?
  5. Second Canadian Team

    Still dribbling
  6. Hello darkness my old friend I have come to meet with you again steve
  7. Quality of Rugby League

    I believe the north american scene can bring money into red hall and tv deals. That said new york rugby just been announced for major league rugby with wrestling personality jbl as owner, there no doubt there trying to take a bit of thunder from new york city rugby league bid. However new york rl putting a bid into join rfl system is like an aussie team bidding for nfl franchise. Not sure on france with toulouse and catalans code need to continue to support them across channel. In uk code needs to get full time team london and other non league uk areas.
  8. Quality of Rugby League

    The perspective as well the greatess hooker of all time and best coach of last 20 years.
  9. Quality of Rugby League

    Agree there. 10m rule turned code into teams of robots and athletes not league players
  10. Quality of Rugby League

    The problem in comparison from nrl to sl now is money which means more professional services centre of excellence and so on. as it stands at present the nrl cap now 9.4 million pretty sure correct me if I am wrong around in dollar term bit of 3 million. That’s shows now In quality of competition. Being a Aussie I can remember in late 90s and up to mid 2000s good quality imports came to superleague and footy really good, the money on offer was as good as nrl if not better. Trouble is for instance if a Joel moon or bill toupou or Ryan Morgan considered a top import considering there fringe nrl players that’s a problem in 2018. superleague basically stood still since early 2000s while nrl moved forward a lot not just the cap but new stadiums being built. How to fix it and professionalism find a tv provider that will pay more who will I simply don’t know. The upshot is superleague still produces some world class players in graham, burgess and so on. The north of England is still fanatical for code. The angle of North America I can kind of see as long it brings income to rfl, France I don’t know there uk helping them along but development is very very slow on the field.
  11. So as of know it’s superleague 13 and nrl 12. Aussies won all but one at home being 94 and superleague the ratio of English wins of home soil is 70 to 30 but it’s inaccurate in the last 5 years yes but not in history of event ...
  12. Thoughts on game * Leeds where in it, but the ad Lib not going to work forever. The lack of kicking game is a concern. * storm simply class all over, but Leeds In patches looks good. * long term a 2 leg series seems fairer for both sides * to me the format English play at home win nrl play at home win