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  1. God helps the kiwis without him. Foran simply not the player he once was. Martin will play 6 beside him but without johnson there screwed
  2. Is there still 2 rival groups in Italy ?
  3. Yeah because the event a farce that's why, heritage is a disgrace imo. This has been issue since 2000 wc here we are 17 years on, still until the rules are tightened these nations I stated won't try and get local players into there sides. Who loses out your teams developing players wales, France, png and now Fiji.
  4. With all due respect this is a big issue but * Lebanon putting a team full of Aussies * Scotland with Aussies and English team no real scots as are Irish * italy same as Lebanon * tonga and Samoa full of kiwis or Aussies * the only genuine teams outside the big three - are France, wales, png and Fiji who are produced local players into professional system. Can we start a thread on a farcical Lebanese side for the World Cup, the event a farce. Time to get tough imo it should be only Australia, England, wales, France, png and Fiji the rest are make believe teams.
  5. Well i agree you did fire up there but i can see your point. The french have history develop players to me toronto much like the crusaders seem intent on filling a whole team of imports. imo lets put toulouse in, toronto will fall over like crusaders, gateshead, london have before. Toulouse have decent support, juniors, stadium and alot of history.
  6. It's a worst case scanario at present. Parky however can't wait to see Catalans relegated. All the hard working throw out the window.
  7. Catalans how the hell they thought sacking carney, taylor and glenn stewart was a great idea is mind boggling. Add this to elima and mounis going its a huge turnover of quality. Luke walsh, justin horo, willaime are utter ###### all just former nrl first graders, whilr trying to rebuild new french talent. I would suggest IF they survive cut look at someone like jackson hastings in halves being young and looking for chance.
  8. Recruitment has benn dire this season. Its reason there in such a predictament
  9. Dribbling like a baby
  10. Keep your head in the sand
  11. The issues in super league seem similar to nrl. Stick to our heartland or bite the bullet. Nrl has too many Sydney teams. * Catalans - has brought a lot to sl last 10 seasons, have good crowds biggest problem is slow development of French players . Would set code back 30 years in France of they go down. * Toronto - is massive opp for code imo, crowds, support and backer. Given wc being held over there need to try and maximise. But little local player development. * Toulouse - decent crowds, seem more intent developing French players. Stadium upgrade. Genuine big city appeal in France. * London - Europe major city, producing some good players from junior system, no crowd support, decent funding. * welsh clubs - producing good talent, small crowd support, Lack of funding.
  12. I want to see the dragons survive but the current state is because of there management. Why did they not go after fages when h wanted out if Salford - well because he was a pia junior thats why. Springer left because he was on peanuts to Castleford, maria the same. Escare imo france best talent left because gigot was better ....pelissier ? Why again. Carney released and signed luke walsh. We can even go far back as gresque in his prime not signed by catalans because of family feud. To me the management seem caught in the dark ages. Do the try and sign the best in country ? In traditional strong holds of avignon, toulouse and the aude area
  13. The dragons are in a nervous position. Trying to rebuild there french talent after losses of elima, mounis, maria, escare, pelissier. While having either alot of kids not ready or past there best in duport, baiteri and co. There import recruiting has been terrible.
  14. Bit them on the ###### getting rid of carney, pelisser in particluar
  15. Geez what a train wreck. I always had concerns about those halfs get ready for the championship dragons