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  1. winnyason

    Toulouse robbed of promotion?

    Just saying the guys brillant but simply not reliable to perform at same level. How about the cross field kick in world cup v Lebanon in there own 20. Yes he flamboyant player in that french style. But he missed a sitter of kick and threw ball into touch when they had 3 tackles on wolfpak line. I have no doubt they keep this squad plus recruit some decent forwards there favourites to go up next season.
  2. winnyason

    Toulouse robbed of promotion?

    William barthau can be blamed like ben hunt.
  3. winnyason

    Toulouse robbed of promotion?

    Yeah even a point out of last week would have put them in position. They need to recruit some forwards in off season and there a big chance to go up. Working the numbers they need miracle results to go there way to get there including widnes beating hull kr and halifax beating london
  4. Barthau the gift that keep giving misses kickable goal and throws ball out
  5. Interesting not noticed wakefield winning any trophies in last 10 years. Pretty sure i won't for next 10 either
  6. Seems the dragons have put cue in rack. Until next season, got to say the format for super 8s for sides that can'y make top 4 your really just going through motions.
  7. winnyason

    Yaha turns his back on RL

    What the percentage he make it ? Very low, he got no kicking game and terrible defender. Anyhow i put my dollars on him being back in a season. Gussiet and miloudi both tried and failed. Fakir pulled out of deal. Estabanez was quite sucessful. Not sure of gigot situation gone quite so he staying or toulon gone cold.
  8. winnyason

    Toulouse stadium situation

    so what happens with what been demolished ? So there considering not even rebuilding
  9. Not sure leeds, hull kr and salford look shoe in. But your right bit to be played out yet. If games go way they should i reckon its toronto v toulouse mpg.
  10. So next week toulouse v london a mpg qualifier to face toronto
  11. winnyason

    France v NZ in November

    Heard its in toulon
  12. Yeah depends on availability. You think the best will play v England and nz. Fringe players will play wc qualifiers. There need miloudi, kherillah, escare, gigot all fit for thise matches.
  13. Small steps few points national sports minister congratulate dragons as did a few high profile sportsman to even get acknowledgment for president is huge. Will it change things prob a little. If it can get more kids keen in pernignan plus likes of avignon and toulouse than it helps. Next big goal should be national team win over tier 1 nation
  14. Hi questions on squad. Bentley and maugerite just being overlooked ?
  15. Have few questions What status of Curran - suspension left Stan robin - injury return Andrew bentley and margurite - injuried or not being picked