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  1. Toronto

    It is reasonable not sure if you watched the World Cup tonga, fiji, png. You can put your head where ever it goes, the game is changing yes sides brought over fiji and png pre pro era. Not sure if that’s reasonable vunivalu, uate, Kikau, koriseau or the hunters are seeming genuine top level players emerge is totally different to 1960s to 1980s . The USA expansion yes will no doubt have ex nrl stars and superleague / championship players, but the pacific as World Cup showed is where on pure strength / speed is there will supply pro players to clubs are its starting to happen with widnes and castleford taking on png players. The storm have a full time development officer in Fiji, Fittler and Johns do clinics there brought a heap back. Png won the qld cup and are getting stronger every season, and kumul players are starting to get pro superleague deals. Agree to disagree
  2. Toronto

    Sorry not sure you can hear me your head stuck in the sand
  3. Toronto

    Your full of ######. There a untapped market in png and fiji. There not enough scouting of new Zealand in rugby league local clubs and rugby players who slipped through cracks.
  4. Mark Evans involved in Boston bid

    I little concerned what pull a aussie journo has for boston market. I be imaging its local business identities is there target. Yes evans will help, but have reservations.
  5. Success in North America

    Not sure the underlining hostility and vibe i am getting is its possible rfl clibs wont vote in favour of new york, boston and Hamilton. The carry on from the doctor towards rowley and then beaumont about premier sports. I really feel uk clubs at lower tier ( championship and league 1) dont want them here.
  6. Success in North America

    So I believe wood back from New York, this on top of Hamilton, Boston. Also we have red star belgrade and even Avignon wanting to join rfl. john Paul basile ex nba exec involved in Moore sport has said he wants USA pro league by 2020. Now we have already Toronto, New York, Hamilton, Boston now in reality it’s only 2 franchise off there own pro league. I say Jacksonville and philly is very possible. I really believe long term North America needs there own semi pro or lower tier pro league.
  7. I am lukewarm to avignon in rfl system.french comp needs strengthening. At least til toulouse reaches superleagur
  8. Success in North America

    Yeah from an nfl perspective i be a little concerned about the raiders players ongoings there.
  9. Success in North America

    There some niggle there. 1970s grand finals and as rabbit rhino noted we pinched alot of there best. Thats a good spot for state of origin or test match Las vegas
  10. Success in North America

    Walker, uate and tommy turbo superb players
  11. Success in North America

    Those clubs dont have a rebuild as there legally rorting cap unlimited 3rd party deals.
  12. Success in North America

    Terry hill a good one too lol. Dylan incident with aaron grey hurt souths alot. We getting are own back a little foran never wanted to see go.
  13. Success in North America

    Yes i have no doubt mate. Us manly fans feel the same about gutherson We released hiku and king gutho for dylan. The salary cap breeds a yo yo system where one club players are very hard to find. Since 2013 gf we got one player left in dce crazy. I miss days of canberra and brisbane of 90s magic sides.