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  1. Close up top, any side that drops couple on hop could be in danger.
  2. At what point are these drubbing good. Toronto clearly well above anyone in L1 who will turn up in canada for cakewalks
  3. The dragons woes to me are self inflicted. The spine of 6,7, 9, 1 is rubbish. The losses of carney, pelissier, gigot are being felt. Luke walsh is average at best myler the same and aiton the same.Recruitment while moa and bird are quality the rest are ###### williame is a nrl reserve grader same with horo. While there seen escare, springer, pelissier, Maria go.french talent such as fages and julian are playing elsewhere. While aging talent such as duport and bosc play on. They will be in relegation zone, lucas albert what doing here also
  4. Yes opens up to plenty for heritage sides
  5. I think they want to get in line for African refugees basketball and soccer takes most Love to see them go to Africa fitter that is
  6. Thanks for Info. I province comp is the key it would draw some good crowds. When would it be held ?
  7. Yes I glad this has come up some much of a hotbed 18 months ago likes of Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana it's gone quite.
  8. Interesting Brad fitter keen on Africa. I tend to agree Kenya has some great athletes
  9. It would be in wider be great if they could have a mini province comp with cather and avignon region before sl kick off. I note there been a feature piece on rugby magazine with the french president on national TV. I hear this marine Le pen is a big league fan with this hinder or help code in future
  10. Some observations * the Catalan president just been showed there is some french talent coming through its at toulouse * major concerns at the dragons for the season ahead. The loss of Carney And pelissier Will be hard To replace. * Toulouse may be better than mid table like most people are predicting
  11. is it right there over 20 first grade teams in serbia ?
  12. i hardly call myler, boughton, willame, walsh, horo nrl talent. reserve graders there yes Louis anderson, bird, moa, inu are qualtiy but some ###### as well
  13. If you look at the last 20 years for international what ifs Russia would be at top of the list. I not sure if rlif ever really got involved when the sugar daddy left, the dyanamo chairman left because of locomotiv yet when he left Vera held sport together for last 10 years. its a shadow of itself all clubs are now rugby union i doubt the best rugby players at these clubs are playing rugby league. The only way to fix have it government recognized and be able to have some form of professionalism this won't happen i can see.
  14. Totally agree Celt. It essentially a feeder comp how this is good I never know. The game a bit over 10 years ago had places like kazan and Moscow with crowds of 10 thousand plus even a Russian played nswrl cup for a season Then the victory cup was huge event for few seasons with Russia beating barla before 25 thousand. The game had huge potential with lots of junior activity but rugby union it's seems has got its way over there
  15. Does it not have our code as a feeder for union ?