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  1. gittinsfan

    1895 Cup

    It could depend on who are the judges,and what are the criteria on which those judgements are made.
  2. gittinsfan

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    When is this comp supposed to start? I see Bradford are playing the Giants 13th January. If this is arranged properly,it could be a success.Let's hope so.
  3. gittinsfan

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    And we'll still say hello again the season after.
  4. gittinsfan

    Gudzek and Brown

    Whether we agree or not about how Sheffield go about their business. Surely we should not be celebrating if they come to grief,
  5. gittinsfan

    Reserve grade for next season

    Great credit to Fev for this decision.Let's hope more teams do the same to ensure a meaningful fixture list.
  6. gittinsfan

    In perspective

    That's two lovely fish.I would have loved to have caught them,but there's no bloody way I would have picked them up.LOL
  7. gittinsfan

    AGM tonight.

    Serious question.Not having a go. If your shareholders had to vote on various options regarding your land.Should they not have had some input into the acceptance of various loans?
  8. gittinsfan

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    I have no issue with anyone you want to sign.If you can afford Internationals,all the very best of luck.I truly hope they are a success for you. My point was that if you have full time players,you cant be wholely part time.
  9. gittinsfan

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    In your hypothetical situation I'd take York before Fev or Fax. By the way I don't follow Dewsbury.
  10. gittinsfan

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    All very valid points.But as we know things can go in cycles.It's not too long ago you were on your ***** thanks to some foreign sounding gentleman. And although you deserve credit for recovering from that fiasco,nobody knows what's round the corner. Despite all your claims to greatness,you'd be happy to other stars into the team(ET and his mates mebbe)in order to win a play off game.But that wouldn't be a Fev team would it?
  11. gittinsfan

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    I take it that you don't want to share the £50 bet then. LOL.
  12. gittinsfan

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    Two or three years ago we finished above you in the 8's. that didn't mean we were bigger or a better club than you. Let's face it,the way SL are going we are both destined for the championship for the rest of my lifetime If you honestly think Fev can challenge for SL next season I'll go £50 with you at the bookies.What will the odds be? No animosity meant here by the way.
  13. gittinsfan

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    And other posters would be happy with a nearly full Leeds three quarter line in preference to your own players. Three PNG players. Don't get me wrong if you can afford all this,(especially ET)all the very best of luck to you. But plese stop the Bull&&&t about being the best PT club in the Championship You all keep saying how much better you are than Batley and Dewsbury. A bit more money,Slightly better gates,but how much better in real terms?.
  14. gittinsfan

    Try of the Season

    I am probably leaving myself open to all sorts of criticism here. Somehow it doesn't seem right to give an award to someone who no longer wants to play for the club. As I say I am probably totally wrong here.
  15. Next year promotion from the championship will be via a top 5 play off. Therefore presumably Widnes,Toronto,Toulouse,Halifax,Fev and 2 or 3 more will be starting to build their squads to achieve this. However for the clubs who don't get promoted,what will their funding be for the next season. Will it be a level playing field(apart from the parachute payment)yhat so many people want,or will it be heavily weighted to the higher finishing clubs? Are we going to wait till the end of next season for someone to tell us.