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  1. I agree with your first point. Certain SL chairmen seem to hold the power.I f they are open about promotion,WHY do they not announce the criteria conditions now. Then everyone will know where they stand and everything will be transparent.
  2. I agree but it doesn't mean it won't happen. I 'm still not 100% they will let Toronto in.
  3. You never know.Fev could get promoted and the DR arrangement goes the other way.LOL. I do realise this is fantasy land.
  4. I asked this question on another forum,and was told a 5.30 kick off time.
  5. So this could turn into a bigger problem than some on here seem to think. Let's hope not.
  6. Oh come on! Surely the RFL have pre planned for all this. Or maybe not.
  7. I will go if Batley get there,even if it is just to be bloody awkward.But I still don't want to watch Saints.
  8. Serious question. You have been given one fine with a further investigation pending. If the RFL consider that fines are not solving the problem, could they then consider point deductions. If this is the case,maybe your paid stewards should do their job.
  9. I am not interested in watching Saints v whoever in the Wembley final. Being a little pedantic here,could I buy a ticket just to watch the 1895 final. As the RFL and the Wembley authorities don't seem to attach too much importance to this game,maybe cheap tickets should be available.LOL.
  10. I know the 1895 game is after the main event.But how much time will elapse between the two games? This could determine how many stay on for the second game.
  11. How long ago were a lot of Batley fans screaming for Diskins head.It seems (hopefully) that he or the players have managed to change things around. Give your new coach a chance.Half a season is not enough.
  12. Let's agree to disagree. night night.
  13. When did League start doing it,do you have any idea.Is it just a SL ,SKY thing? And what do refs do when they don't know the name,because I'm sure they can't know everyone?
  14. I think they use the numbers in Union.Whatever you may think of that code there is not the lack of respect that is happening in League.
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