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  1. gittinsfan

    Ase Boas Mutually Released

    I know. You had a little dig so I had a little dig back.It was meant as a bit of banter and there was certainly no malice intended. To be fair,I think most of the Batley posters on here do it for those reasons.You must admit they do get a few bites. Anyway,best wishes in your push for SL.
  2. gittinsfan

    Ase Boas Mutually Released

    The permutations are endless.
  3. gittinsfan

    Ase Boas Mutually Released

    Very true. But Brambani can be picked this week. Are you going to bring yours back from the South Pacific.
  4. gittinsfan

    Odds for relegation

    Being pedantic. Are the odds to be relegated or to finish bottom. If Leeds or Wigan finish bottom and SL fiddle the rules to save them,the bookies may not have to pay any thing.
  5. gittinsfan

    Odds for relegation

  6. gittinsfan


    You really seem to be going for it big time this season. For me,this is a better announcement than any loan or DR. I sincerely hope your SL ambitions are rewarded.
  7. gittinsfan

    halifax away

    Yes but he got nearer than most.
  8. gittinsfan

    Toronto Prediction

    Can't remember the exact year,probably late 60's or early 70's. We won the first 2 games,there was such euphoria. Then lost the next 14.
  9. gittinsfan

    Diskin out!

    Amid all the Diskin out posts,this I think is the first suggestion of a suitable replacement. Whether they are realistic options I do not know. Why are all the other anti Diskin posters not showing their superior knowledge by suggesting alternatives.Within budget restraints obviously.
  10. We shall have to disagree.
  11. You don't agree with him saying what Swinton have gone through.That is your right. Other posters on here think his questions fair. But again why is he embarrassing?
  12. Come on, don't be shy.Answer my question. Why is it embarrassing?
  13. gittinsfan


    Well I think it's very fair to say that they weren't in the best of health during the close season. Not quite dead, but not too far off. Quite a few Leigh fans on RL Fans were very worried.
  14. Could you please explain why that statement is embarrassing.