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  1. lifer


    Gone quiet on here folks, big game this week, need all the support we can muster to help the lads get the win. COYR.
  2. lifer


    not good news for us. Following last weekend's Betfred Championship fixtures, the Match Review Panel have issued the following sanctions: Perry Whiteley (York) - Grade C Dangerous Contact - 2 Match Penalty Notice Jamie Dallimore (Barrow) - Grade B Dangerous Contact - 2 Match Penalty Notice Louis Jouffret (Batley) - Grade B Other Contrary Behaviour - 1 Match Penalty Notice
  3. lifer

    You do realise..

    Thanks Bob, last year in the championship away junior season ticket holders got in free at away matches, just have not seen anything about it for this season.
  4. lifer

    You do realise..

    Bob do away junior season ticket holders get in free mate.
  5. lifer

    You do realise..

    £17 at Barrow this year with unlimited free kids with a paying adult.
  6. Barrow 28 12 Oldham Att 900 ( hopefully more) Mom Jamie Dallimore.
  7. i like the idea of one adult bringing as many kids as they want for free, will be looking at bringing our u14s (Askam) down for games.
  8. lifer

    Season Ticket.... underwhelming

    Mind you, the amount I've spent this month there is plenty of room in my wallet for it....
  9. lifer

    Season Ticket.... underwhelming

    It's a laminated card, just trim the edges a bit until it fits.
  10. lifer

    Steve Neale NWEM

    He is quoting what Steve said in the evening mail.
  11. lifer

    2019 Away Shirt

    Both shirts are money spinners, as is all the merchandise, without this stream of income there would be no club to support, don't see a problem really, you pick which one you like the best and buy it, it's all about personnel choice.
  12. lifer

    2019 Away Shirt

    Same here, that's the one I'll be getting.
  13. lifer

    Pre Season Matches

    Do what i do, look on here, look on facebook, look on twitter, look on the club website and look in the local press, that way you don't miss anything, plenty of info on all the above platforms, it's your choice if you want to ignore them or not. like it or not times have changed and social media is the way the world is going.
  14. lifer

    2019 Fixtures

    25th November apparently
  15. lifer

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    Thanks for the info Steve