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  1. lifer

    Joe Bullock

    Clean fracture so no op needed, out for 8 weeks though.
  2. lifer

    Joe Bullock

    Who said anything about dropping locals, we have loan players this year with no one being forced out.
  3. lifer

    Joe Bullock

    only saying what the article said mate. Your choice if you go or not, and by the way Joe owes us nothing, he has been the stand out player for 3 years, good luck to the lad, and i think you will find its common practice for most if not all players at all clubs to have a super league get out clause.
  4. lifer

    Joe Bullock

    As it said in the article published by the club, Joe (like most other players) had a clause in his contract that states he can go to a super league club for free, also as the article said in return we will get advice on club admin matters, loan players and a potential money spinner friendly against Wigan, so I think you can take that as a no TMF in terms of a transfer fee, but payment in kind.
  5. lifer

    As Elvis once said....It's now or never....

    Well said bearman, the team has been put together on a small budget and with a small squad and a lot of injuries, We are where we are, we can't expect to be blowing teams away, at the start of the season 10th place was the target and we are still on course for that, sick of all the negativity by so called fans, this will not do the lads confidence any good at all, get behind the lads not slate them.COYR.
  6. lifer

    Raiders v Broncos

    Well said, not only is he the 1st team coach, he also has a big input into the u16s, u19s and does sessions for kids aged 11 - 15, all after a days graft, he also advises any local coach that asks him for his opinion/help, all this extra work for no extra payment and just for the future of Barrow raiders and the local game in general.
  7. lifer

    Raiders developement

    The other week pete it was 6pm for 11 to 13 years and 7pm for 14 to 15 year olds, to avoid confusion which are the correct times There was only 12 14 to 15 year olds there last time so i'm guessing if its just 15s at 7pm there will only be a handful.
  8. When he was at Barrow he played centre and stand off, also a great goal kicker and also a great bloke.
  9. lifer

    Liam Harrison

    The Bull is back for Barrow to help ease the injury crisis, Matty Holmes also back.
  10. lifer

    More injuries

    Great, really rate Matty.
  11. lifer

    Raiders v Toulouse and FIFA World Cup

    Its true Liam Harrison is back, its on the Barrow official facebook page
  12. lifer

    Karl Ashall

    Left Barrow and Signs for North Wales crusaders until the end of the season.
  13. lifer

    Raiders v Toulouse and FIFA World Cup

    Liam Harrison back for this game!
  14. lifer

    More injuries

    Liam Harrison is back to ease the injury crisis.
  15. lifer


    out of the ones that "WENT DOWN" one concussion test, one torn calf muscle and one broken arm.