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  1. lifer


    Ban starts next week so should be available for the 1st Sheffield game.
  2. lifer


    2 match ban for Jarrad.
  3. lifer


    He contested the decision and lost so was increased to 4 match ban.
  4. lifer


    Games are on today, remember your thermals.
  5. lifer

    Challenge Cup Draw

    Sheffield at home 2 weeks on the trot then.
  6. lifer


    Yeah and a scarf and glove
  7. lifer


    Spot on mate just asking for the missus.
  8. lifer


    Is there food and hot drinks available for spectators Gaz.
  9. lifer

    This is what happened Sunday.

    Agree about the beer in a way as it will keep problem is lack of storage for Barrels, if you order more pies and they don't sell = money lost, its a fine line running a club on a budget.
  10. lifer

    Boozer to drink in?

    Also the raiders bar and snack bar (inside the ground) will be open from around 1.00pm.
  11. lifer

    dean parata

    Think murph is still doing his bit.
  12. lifer

    Jono Smith

    Video interview of both players on clubs Facebook page, if I was more tech savvy I'd post the
  13. lifer

    Help in the morning

    I'm on nights mate so can pop down on the way home.
  14. lifer

    Raiders Website

    The green away shirts are what is left of last years stock being sold off at a reduced price, this years merchandise is also on there, the super lotto is always a few weeks behind which is something that needs addressing, the lad that updates the website works full time so does it in his spare time for free so maybe a bit of slack should be given.
  15. lifer

    Raiders Website

    It seems to be working fine now when I checked, online shop and news from December all on there.