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  1. dean parata

    Think murph is still doing his bit.
  2. Jono Smith

    Video interview of both players on clubs Facebook page, if I was more tech savvy I'd post the
  3. Help in the morning

    I'm on nights mate so can pop down on the way home.
  4. Raiders Website

    The green away shirts are what is left of last years stock being sold off at a reduced price, this years merchandise is also on there, the super lotto is always a few weeks behind which is something that needs addressing, the lad that updates the website works full time so does it in his spare time for free so maybe a bit of slack should be given.
  5. Raiders Website

    It seems to be working fine now when I checked, online shop and news from December all on there.

    Sold out for the Xmas delivery but can order for January.
  7. 2018 shirts

    Same supplier this year (steeden) so hopefully the same fit as last year.
  8. 2018 shirts

    got to move with the times, a different away kit each year will bring in more money, no point in churning out red every year as no one will buy them, most other clubs do it so why not Barrow.
  9. 2018 Squad

    Dan been confirmed as a Haven player.
  10. Dan Abram

    I liked him when he played, great Impact for us off the bench, adds a bit of zip to the side.
  11. 2018 Squad

    Dan Abrams Twitter account says official haven player.
  12. 2018 shirts

    Both great this year. Well done.
  13. Kit

    Home and away kits revealed on the raiders site (facebook) today at midday.
  14. Help wanted

    Thats why it was put on both I'm guessing, Dont see what the problem is really, as it says if your interested in the position phone and find out all the details to see if it suits. Can't believe what gets argued about on here, like a pack of schoolkids sometimes.
  15. 2018 Squad

    Wilkes is a good signing but can't see what Harrison will bring to you, great player for Barrow but performance level was not that great in his last season there, then he broke his leg/ankle playing his 1st game for Barrow island, hope im proved wrong and he can roll back the years as he is a great bloke.