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  1. Reduced to 5 games due to successful appeal today, now available for the Toronto game.COYR.
  2. A win is a win, we were not at our best but give credit to town for that, by far the best team we have seen at craven park this season, but 26-10 and the points are in the bag, great crowd and a good craic with the town players/ supporters after the game. You will hammer haven next week.
  3. Yes its on Barrow Raiders Facebook, Twitter pages.
  4. Always a great fixture between the two teams, I've got to go for a Barrow win. The thing with barrow this season is the defence, it is the reason we are winning games at the moment. Hoping for a good gate and a good crack with our Workington friends. Barrow 38 Town 10.
  5. Barrow v Oxford; Sunday 30th April . 2.00 kick off.
  6. Hulme is on fire at the moment for Barrow.
  7. Its game day down at craven park and another tough encounter against our friends from Keighley this time in the i pro cup. Sun is out, its a 2;00pm kick, off so no excuses to miss this one, the lads are playing the best rugby seen at craven park for a long time and deserve our support, so get yourselves down, drag a few friends with you, have a few beers and cheers the lads on to victory. COYR.
  8. We Need every home supporter we can get to come to the "less attractive" games to add much needed funds to the clubs coffers as the away support is minimal, we can't have a sustained push for promotion without decent gate receipts, so I suggest we all think about that or we could end up playing the "less attractive " teams for the foreseeable future .
  9. Good signing when fit again.
  10. Think they(all golds) have done the same in the next round of the ipro cup v Workington
  11. That makes 2 of us mate or was it 4.
  12. Saturday night is great for me, won't suit everyone but the bar was rammed before and after the game.
  13. Saturday 18th March 6.30 kick off.
  14. Highlights of the game on the northwest evening mail website.
  15. Andy Litherland and Chris fleming confirmed as signed (both one year deals)