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  1. Toal brothers

    Ha edited
  2. Toal brothers

    Dan and Shane both sign 1 year deals for the raiders.
  3. 2018 Squad - Ins & Outs

    Highlights of Alec and full story on the evening mail website.
  4. 2018 Squad - Ins & Outs

    Alec susino signs for Barrow.
  5. Moving the Club forward with your help

    I can distribute posters around Askam, kirkby, Broughton area Pete if you think it will help mate.
  6. Barrow vs Whitehaven predictions

    Barrow 34 Haven 12 MOM Dalli 1st try Bullock Att 1982 people in fancy dress 28
  7. Pop Concert

    food and drink outlets were open mate.
  8. Barrow Raiders are pleased to announce that former Chairman David Sharpe has rejoined the board as Chairman. David is joined on the board by John Coward, Dave Robinson and Hazel Robinson. This sure strengthening of the board has come at a vital time as Barrow Raiders push for promotion in the 2017 season.
  9. Toronto Trip Funding

    the Target was originally £2000, but when that was reached it was upped to a new target of £3000.
  10. Toronto Trip Funding

    And that is the crux of the problem mate, lack of decent home games in champ 1, every team should play each other home and away and end the structure as it is now.
  11. Barrow raising money for Toronto trip

    in an ideal world league 1 teams would play each each other home and away and give each team a level playing field, in an ideal world the clubs fans would not have to try and raise money for their clubs as the RFL would give more to the lower leagues so that they can at least try and prosper, but it is not an ideal world and we have what we have, which is a set of supporters who are at the end of the day are only trying to help their club out.
  12. Coldest ground

    Ahh, the joys of summer rugby.
  13. Barrow raising money for Toronto trip

    This has nothing to do with the club, it's the independent supporters trust that has come up with this idea to try and help the club, with the club trying to survive on crowds of less than 1000 local fans with very little/no away support every little bit of cash raised helps the stability of the club.
  14. Toronto Trip Funding

    £1600 RAISED SO FAR.
  15. Haven Away

    About 500 supporters made the trip to whitehaven a fortnight ago, how many are going this week, fantastic support last time out, lets hope its the same numbers this time, not a lot being said about the game at this moment in time.COYR.