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  1. About 500 supporters made the trip to whitehaven a fortnight ago, how many are going this week, fantastic support last time out, lets hope its the same numbers this time, not a lot being said about the game at this moment in time.COYR.
  2. Don't think we even got on the bus never mind off it, Haven were decent though to be fair.
  3. Just seen a tweet off Chris Hankinson saying he is back at Barrow....I hope it's true.
  4. Good effort mate, better teams = better gates no matter what day it's played on.
  5. obviously as we had good gates on a saturday when we were in the championship a few years ago, so it is all about who you are playing and also if they bring any supporters, which this year has been minimal to say the least. we have been screwed this season by playing most of the better teams away and the less so at home, the only way to bring crowds back through the gate is to play every team home and away, weather that be a sunday or a saturday.
  6. Good effort everyone, should be over 200 noisy raiders fans at the game, see you all there.COYR.
  7. 2 busses full, option for a 3rd but need to let the shop know by Tuesday afternoon, get booked on it and show your support to the team...COYR.
  8. Libelous comments have or may have been said, people need to be careful what they say on an open forum, if you have a problem with people sort it out face to face and in private.
  9. Saturday as it also gives the players some time off with their families etc on the Sunday.
  10. Yeah meant down to 5th, sorry. 2nd play 5th, 3rd play 4th.
  11. This is the format this year, whoever finishes top after the middle 8s goes up automatically and the next 5 play off for second promotion spot.