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  1. Halifax at home in the cup
  2. Signed for dewsbury you'd have thought with injurys and suspensions we need all the bodys we can get at the moment it's a long season with plenty of games ahead
  3. Dane was signing back with bradford this week says on there website big fall out with aston at sheffield and told he could leave
  4. Well if he wants to go let him and get him off our wage bill cos he must be on a fair wack
  5. Just done our weekly supermarket shop and was driveing down lane and to my surprise there was folk in cas shirts walking up station lane makeing there way to tonights match how times change back in the 70's and 80's who would have dared wear a cas shirt in fev without some stick
  6. With all the DR movement between SL teams and championship teams what about a DR SL coach maybe chester at wakey then next season you'll prob be all under one roof if wakey move in ?? Or what about john bastian did a brill job for us at fev or NOT
  7. Was told other day that the supporters that bought bricks in the buy a brick option have just had there money returned to them ?? Maybe its still not done and dusted on there new stadium after all and dont shoot the messenger only what i was told from a cas supporter
  8. Maybe if they sign for Leeds rfl they might get more game time with us
  9. The tidy little ground as he calls it has the best training setup in the area that he takes advantage of week in week out mybe he should look elsewhere if the stadium is not to his likeing for his training programe too
  10. Robin your dieing for a trip to canada arn't ya
  11. Just had a look at the new fev rovers website and looks very professional indeed
  12. Tuuta
  13. Looks like its bradford away in the cup according to rfl forum better if it was at home but winable
  14. How do we know he's missed pre season training ?? Just because he's had a playing ban does that mean he has a training ban too
  15. Lets hope jamie cording gets over his injury problems