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  1. Theres a rumour that Leeds are keen on signing Cam king and have made it known to us that there intrested in his sevices
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    2019 Squad

    Just been reading on the main total rl forum that we are in talks with toronto about bringing ryan brierly to fev also in talks with a SL team about a forward too
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    Rovers tv

    Ok cheers must have done something wrong with my phone will give it too my 3 year old grandson to sort out what he cant do with a phone i'nt worth knowing
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    Rovers tv

    Not yet Maureen because knowing my luck it will be something i'm doing wrong with my phone because i am rubbish when it comes to tech
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    Rovers tv

    Anybody else haveing problems with the rovers tv keeps saying unable to contact the server for the last couple of days hope its sorted for commentry of todays match
  6. Is it me or does brett delaney not look interested when he's on the pitch
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    2019 Squad

    Just out of intrest when does sam barlows ban end i know he's not everyones cup of tea but a good ball handleing forward would help us out no end
  8. Is'nt Davies still suspended from last season
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    Ryan Bailey

    See we have taken Ryan on a six week trial according to the web site reading his views he talks a good game and want to finish playing along with jordan tansey and brett delaney as there good freinds off the field
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    Yorkshire cup

    What i am hearing Bradford have it as i think they were the last team to win it
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    Yorkshire cup

    Anybody else seen the plans to settup the yorkshire cup to run before the season start like a pre season comp doing the rounds on the other forums with double headers on set weekends and a final for the old yorkshire cup then a plate final for the teams who get knocked out in the first round of matches
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    2019 Squad

    Just reading that salford have released kriss Brinning did't we try signing him a couple of seasons ago when he was at york a decent hooker by all accounts
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    Summer Bash New Venue?

    What about useing Doncasters stadium there not in our leauge so there would be no advantage to any team playing
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    2019 squad

    News on the fev forum you'v signed keal Carlile from us for next season too