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  1. Just spent about an hour talking to someone in India from talk talk !! In the end i just said cancel my contract with yourselfs it was like talking to an alian had to spell a lot of the words i wanted to say because they could'nt understand what i was saying i know i'm from yorkshire but surely we dont talk that bad why do these big company's base there call centers at the other side of the world ?? mybe its because they know you'll end up not ringing back at a later date to talk to someone rant over
  2. Sounded like briggs had a good game today makes you wonder where we would have finished in the leauge with an out and out standoff not makeshift players playing out of position no disrispect to the guys who filled in while he was not getting picked
  3. Wonder if there will be any new faces come in before tomorrow ??
  4. But please john don't bring barlow with you
  5. So thats you robin in the pirates outfit ??
  6. Just signed for HKR on a 2year deal rules him out then
  7. Paul Anderson is still out of a job seen him at our ground a few times this season watching games
  8. Sad to see john go known john since we started school together aged 5 went all way through shool together played rugby for the same team at school and out of school trust me he will have something in the pipeline mybe it was john who decided to leave and move on he is a very ambitious lad all the best mate whatever your next job is
  9. I can't beleave some fans posting on here wanting heads to roll for one bad result againt a team that are chaseing a top 4 place just like we were last season ?? After that end of season run in last season JS could do no wrong its a game of rugby yes it was a bad day at the office but we are where we wanted to be at the start of the season in the top 4 just like last season the case for heads to roll is way off the mark
  10. I'd like a rematch in the middle 8's but cant see it fev wont get owt in france and think fax will loose to kr shame really because fax would be a bigger money spinner for both teams in the 8's
  11. And who said SL was the best comp in rl give us a break nowhere near as good
  12. Hope everything works out for you guys we need to keep clubs like swinton alive and prosper lets hope the RFL look at it like they did with the bulls but i think not ??? All the best fev fan
  13. Is it worth trying for burrows from leeds seeing as they'v just signed myler for next season he has always said he's got a soft spot for fev haveing played his junior rugby in fev and gametime is better than no gametime at leeds
  14. Anyone know what the offical att was last night hope we made a few £££££ out of it
  15. I was talking to a huddersfield town season ticket holder today at work and apparentley now that they are in the prem division they dont want rugby played on the pitch and he was saying ( i dont know if true) that ken davey owns 10% of the stadium that the town footdall club want to buy off him if this is true where would the giants play there rugby