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  1. How do we know he's missed pre season training ?? Just because he's had a playing ban does that mean he has a training ban too
  2. Lets hope jamie cording gets over his injury problems
  3. I must admit haveing mark our chaiman haveing intrests in york does not sit well with me there has got to be conflict of interests somewhere down the line and just hope he does'nt loose interest in fev and wants a new challange with york
  4. Taxi for wayne bennett ?? Its no good haveing a half hearted aus coach i'v always said give the job to a british coach
  5. If you talk about attendances take my club fev the town with its population of around 15000 take our att on population we get get bigger attendances than most SL clubs pro rata
  6. Just reading that sheffield will play all there home games at wakeys ground next season
  7. Shaun pick signed for Toronto on a 2year deal yesterday
  8. After the jo cox verdict can ya blame anyone for wanting a return of capital punishment ?
  9. Surprized no one has been in for tim spears as we have let him go solid in defence and always gives 100%
  10. Just seen the new kits for next season there on the fev website now i like the them both bit of a change from what were used to the red one is nice
  11. Thought this thread was about fev's future signings and team ?? Not about we'v got more fans than your team or our chaimans got more money than yours ? I'm not the slightest intrested about london or any other teams attendances so back on topic anybody got any names of future signings
  12. JS must rate him was a stand out player at the back end of the season according to him a he thinks he has a big future in the game so he must see something in him
  13. Are we getting a new kit for next season or staying with the butchers stripes from this season with christmas comeing is'nt it about time there should be an bit of info for the fans
  14. The diff between fev batley and the bulls is that we own our stadium and a lot of land that goes with it so we fev will always have a back up plan if needed what's the bulls back up plan ???
  15. Why do you think they will meet next year ?? Do you think bradford will be in the top 4 and leeds in the bottom 4 ?? Thats the only way it will happen and going on whats being said bradford will be lucky to be anywhere near the top 4 next season