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  1. 2018 Squad.

    No not McNally anyone but him a so called prima donna you'd never get tired of slapping
  2. Jon Sharp to London Broncos

    As a fev fan john is a good coach BUT coach's a boreing style of rugby plays a lot of forward style rugby where as london have always been good to watch with ball in hand the rugby we played under him was hard to watch sometimes no flair just up your shirt a down the middle even our chaiman had the same thoughts about his style of play but if he gets the job he won't let you down
  3. Larne Patrick

    Says on rhe main forum that he has left cas to take up a position with a championship club any idea's which club could it be us ?? They have not named the club he's moveing to
  4. Just been watching RL backchat on free view tv channel 95 covers all rugby not just SL with dave woods really good debate on P and R
  5. Saturdays Grand Final

    Another rangi chase if he is not pulled into line and guick

    Watch this space once sky get a 14 team SL with toronto and may be london or toulouse the door will close just like the NRL

    What ever us fan think about P and R we won't get heard sky pull the punches in RL not the rfl if sky want a closed shop that's what they'll get once toronto and and french team get in that will be it game over mybe a bit radical but breaking away with sky might be the best option getting our own tv deal own sponsers ex't and we keep the challenge cup that belongs to RL not sky
  8. Toronto

    I see the intent for SL is growing they have just payed warington a 6 figure fee for Joe Westerman look's like a SL team already they have so how's going to get anywhere near them next season even leigh are going to find it hard for a SL return next season
  9. Briggs

    I think the way briggs handled himself under JS when not getting picked week in week out says a lot about the lad aways came in when needed and did a job for us with a good run of games under his belt he can still do a job for us always gives his all when asked
  10. I bet the RFL are kicking there selfs the championship will now be the blue print for RL in England poss 2 french teams 1 canadian team and a London team all in one leauge thought that was surposed to be the RFL's dream for a SL comp
  11. Funny how when powel was our coach at fev he was wanting promotion from the championshipto SL straight one up one down now he is at cas a SL club he wants the door closed to SL from the championship funny how once your there nothing else matters
  12. Scott Murrell

    Is murrel going to take us to the next level personally i dont think so
  13. Any names of the two player we have signed for next season there is a few rumours doing the rounds but nothing confirmed as yet
  14. This is how it is

    Robin we are a good championship team and thats all we'll ever be but i'd sooner be that than getting a tonking week in week out in SL
  15. The RFL cant just put game out to tender on a saturday afternoon sky own the rights to all RL games just look at championship rugby sky don't show any games apart from the summer bash and they still won't allow prem sport to show games like they used to we have sold our souls to sky and sky call the shots end of