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  1. plug


    Duffy signed a 3yr contract in april or may as stated at the last fans forum
  2. With a few clubs haveing problems getting visas for a few of there players going to toronto how are we fixed regarding our squad will we have a few missing namely hock and locky with haveing drugs bans in the past
  3. plug

    Luke Briscoe to Leeds

    So if luke plays for leeds on DR untill his contract expires next year does that mean we will lose a transfer fee for luke and sign for leeds on a free
  4. plug


    Hock 1 match ban for punching griffin but griffin got away with it and missi 2 match ban for the high and late tackle
  5. Toronto have a good side on paper plenty of top class players but they will not progress under Rowley toronto will get a bad name under Rowley just like leigh did since Rowley left leigh they have become a lot better a more disaplined team
  6. plug

    Luke Briscoe

    That's all well and good wanting SL but Luke has a good job pays well and toped up with his rugby wages a rugby player has a shelf life of about 20years at most then what no rugby wages and packed a good job in for full time money for how long ????? In SL i know what i would want
  7. plug


    See toronto have released QLT today and signed for Halifax not long after did we not try to sign him from Sheff other year good signing for Fax
  8. plug

    Major announcement

    I was there at that one was it the one that an old fella took poorly think it was something about a lottery if i can remember rightly
  9. Thats a bit unfair when a SL team has to rely on fev for the use of our facilitys midweek because the mighty trin have not got any of there own
  10. plug

    10 mins before kick off

    Can you imagine what it would it would have been like years ago trying to change ends in a rush round back of the bullock shed before kick off half the folk would have ended down at the bottom of the ditch
  11. Why can't the announcer 10 mins before kick off tell the fans which way we are playing up hill or down hill instead off waiting for the players moveing to there positions then makeing a mad dash to the other end
  12. Where was hock is he injured or just rested
  13. Fev fans have'nt canceled there coaches the bus operater has called all his buses in due to bad weather on the m62
  14. Why not split the challange cup into two comps championship and SL have the championship final as a curtain raiser to the SL final that would give championship clubs more of a level playing field and fans something to look forward to as they would have more chance of getting to wembley watching there team haveing a chance of silverware and a big day out
  15. Name and shame him then so everyone knows who put shame on the real fans