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  1. Haven and Keighley away

    Yeah I have pal, if you could pm all 7 names so I can add to the list please marra, thank you
  2. Match off

    There’s a statement on the website and also being shared over Facebook and Twitter. Cumbria unable to raise a team, could only play Asian team Saturday, at no fault of club unfortunately.
  3. Match off

    We now play against British Asian Rugby Association on Saturday 1pm kick off.
  4. Haven and Keighley away

    Still seats available!!
  5. Haven and Keighley away

    The Derwent Park SC will be taking buses to the following two games. Whitehaven away Sunday 4th February. Keighley away Sunday 18th February. If you’d like to come let me know.
  6. Happy new year.

    Happy new year everyone.. hopefully a top year for our club, really looking forward to it.
  7. 2018 Kits

    Workington town away shirt
  8. Town centre Pop up shop.

    My understanding is the club haven’t ordered to much stock unless it’s been pre-ordered due to being left with quite a bit when seasons have finished. There’s still plenty of polos and replica shirts from previous seasons that have been pre ordered and weren’t in the end picked up or paid for. This year if you want to pre order you must pay upfront.
  9. Town centre Pop up shop.

    I don’t think there will be. Town will be selling some gear from our own website which the club are currently trying to get set up
  10. Town centre Pop up shop.

    Yes I think that’s possible, not sure whether those sizes are in now tho. You might have to order them in by popping to the shop and filling out an order form
  11. Town centre Pop up shop.

    You can pay for the season tickets down in the shop and they’ll be sent out first class in the post
  12. Town centre Pop up shop.

    Also a lot of stock from previous years going very cheap, £5 some tops are! Get yourselves down lads and lasses
  13. Town website

    Both Mossop and Stack were/are loyal players to town, how anyone can question it is beyond me.
  14. How many more?