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  1. Workington Town 2018 200 Club!

    I’ll message you now mate, good idea about posting it in the group, I’ll do so in the morning cheers pal
  2. Workington Town 2018 200 Club!

    Spot on pal. Thank you to everyone who bought numbers on Friday and Saturday, I’ll update the first post with numbers soon.
  3. Workington Town 2018 200 Club!

    I’ll be in the bar before and after the game today selling 200 club numbers
  4. Workington Town 2018 200 Club!

    Course mate, I’ll send over the details
  5. Workington Town 2018 200 Club!

    I’ll be at the launch tonight and the game tomorrow for anyone wanting to purchase 200 club numbers!
  6. Workington Town 2018 200 Club!

    Cheers Gaz, hopefully get more numbers this year.
  7. Once again the 200 Club will be running for the 2018 season. It’s £20 a number and a draw is made every Monday before a home game. Once you’ve paid you will be allocated a number, you can pay for your number by seeing me, I’ll be at the launch night tomorrow also a bank transfer is available! Numbers 1 Dave McDonald 2 Matt Morgan 3 Bryan Porter 4 Jamie and Christine Tyson 5 Lynda Frazer 6 Allan Lamb 7 Kayleigh McCrickerd 8 Mark Green 9 Dave Hill 10 Stacey Frazer 11 Helen McDowell 12 Marie Callion 13 Julie McFarland 14 Pat Dixon 15 Helen McDowell 16 Paul Johnny Johnson 17 Ron Foster 18 Mark Shaw 19 Phil Minto 20 Carole Shaw 21 Joanne Tyson 22 Peter Minshaw 23 Abigail Graham 24 Robert Kirkbride 25 Kylan Walker 26 Casson Kirkbride 27 Daniel Hopper 28 Scott Graham 29 Muriel Gilpin 30 Jonty Moore 31 Ian Williams 32 Tom McKeating 33 Lee Williams 34 Ronald Williams 35 Matthew Johnson 36 Katie Roper 37 Karen Gibson 38 Terry Dervey 39 Tom McKeating 40 Mark Goldie 41 Karen Gibson 42 Peter Winthorpe 43 Neil Burns 44 Paul Heskett 45 Neil Burns 46 Tommy Denvir 47 Neil Burns 50 Adam Cox 51 Neil Milligan 55 Richard Ousby 64 Phil Minto 69 Abigail Graham 70 Anne Wilson 71 Howard Walker 74 Gail Mounsey 78 Bobby Shimmin 79 John Donovan 84 Neil Stephenson 86 Michael Davidson 90 Peter Winthorpe 92 Shane Armstrong 99 Les Smallwood 108 Susan Davis 109 Andrew Gorley 123 Megan Kirkbride 124 Nicola Barnes 146 Cole McCrickerd 169 Emma Mounsey 180 Abigail Graham 200 Gary McFarland
  8. Haven and Keighley away

    Yeah I have pal, if you could pm all 7 names so I can add to the list please marra, thank you
  9. Match off

    There’s a statement on the website and also being shared over Facebook and Twitter. Cumbria unable to raise a team, could only play Asian team Saturday, at no fault of club unfortunately.
  10. Match off

    We now play against British Asian Rugby Association on Saturday 1pm kick off.
  11. Haven and Keighley away

    Still seats available!!
  12. Haven and Keighley away

    The Derwent Park SC will be taking buses to the following two games. Whitehaven away Sunday 4th February. Keighley away Sunday 18th February. If you’d like to come let me know.
  13. Happy new year.

    Happy new year everyone.. hopefully a top year for our club, really looking forward to it.