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  1. Howarth added
  2. When do town enter? And what date is that round?
  3. Plenty of super league experience, had played for Wakefield, St Helens, Salford, Hull FC, also had a loan spell at Bradford
  4. Now 26-0
  5. 20-0 to keighley so far, haven had a try disallowed
  6. Anyone wanting a seat must pay a £5 deposit before 22nd Jan to secure your seat!
  7. The Red House SC will be running a bus to the Huddersfield Giants friendly on Saturday 28th January, if you would like a seat please let me know via here or message my number 07706616840
  8. Have a good one everyone, see you all in the new year! UpTheTown!
  9. There it is
  10. Workington town home shirt
  11. Joe hambley added
  12. Well done to everyone involved in making it another successful international game at Derwent Park! Great game, was nice to see everyone getting behind the Scots!
  13. Welcome back Gus, was a great player for us, glad to have him back in board in a coaching set up!
  14. Doesn't matter who we sign, certain individuals will find something negative to post!
  15. Sammut confirmed as a London player