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  1. After the home game we played against them i think the players should
  2. The Derwent Park SC club will be taking a bus to each Super 8s away game. Newcastle Thunder 30th July 3pm KO York City Knights 13th August 3pm KO Barrow Raiders 3rd September 3pm KO Keighley Cougars 10th September 3pm KO (remember the last away game is always fancy dress!!) If you would like to come on any of these trips please get in touch with either Scott Graham Or Paul Heskett Scott 07706616840 Paul 07835426900
  3. Still taking names for this trip, if anyone wants to come to get a discounted ticket at £25 I need money in by Wednesday or they go back to normal price. The bus is £20 adults and £10 u16. Let me know asap 07706616840
  4. I hope not, I'm at Kendal Calling that weekend. I am debating whether to leave for a couple of hours and drive to the game dependent on where it is.
  5. This was posted on twitter this evening
  6. I seen in twitter it was Wednesday around 9am
  7. Being called a liar, I've said what I said to him, and all that was is that he can't call my supporters club when there was 2 supporters off his coach sat at the back constantly swearing etc and do every game. No elderly man/men were abused by myself. I don't have any reason to lie. My last commnet in this topic, I'll go back to help raise as much money as I can for the club, like I have done for years and always will!
  8. .
  9. If you take a look at my message, I did not abuse any elderly person so people wanna get their facts right. I could name a couple of supporters who constantly shout abuse who don't come in my bus, like I've said i wasn't the only one and I have also stated I swore a couple of times in the first half and after that I just sat and watched the game and only shouted when getting behind my team.
  10. I didn't say that at all, I didn't even speak to the one with glasses on, I don't know him. And for only me swearing I don't think so, my problem with him was he was calling my supporters club, when 2 fans who travelled on the same coach he came on was sat behind me shouting and swearing, even abusing our own players and have done serveral times this season, like I've said, I'm the first to admit if I've done wrong and yes I am by swearing a few times in the first half and Ive apologised for that, when I see the guy I had an tiff or whatever you wanna call it with I'll apologise, but in the heat of the moment I reacted to someone slagging my supporters club off when there's supporters on their coach who shout abuse at every away game they go. I won't comment no more on here, I'm not gonna argue about it over a site.
  11. I think this is clearly aimed at me. I'm always the first to admit that I did swear a couple of times in the first half, which I shouldn't of but I can apologise for that. I wasn't the only one most of the supporters around me were shouting and swearing too. I for one did not abuse any elderly men, me and 1 man did have a little tiff nothing more. The second half I only ever shouted to get behind by team nothing more.
  12. We are up to 161 numbers now, the offer of £10 numbers if you already have one still stands, let's try and reach 200 before our next draw! Thanks for supporting this already for those who have!
  13. The first game of the 8s will be the weekend of 30th July
  14. Wonder if prior will be given a shot on Sunday? I'd like to see him given a go
  15. It did at the start of the week, but not after today's tweet saying his injury isn't still right