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  1. greydog

    Reiss butterworth and BISSA

    Good luck to the lad bags of potential IMHO
  2. greydog

    Fax v Bulldogs MOM thread

    Brown Day Scot
  3. greydog

    Bulldogs V Eagles MOM thread

    Day Farrell Rowe
  4. greydog

    Batley V Fax MOM thread

    Not dissatisfaction with the performance Harrison Walker Sowrby
  5. greydog

    Batley Bulldogs V Rochdale Hornets MOM

    Ainscouh Rowe Brambani
  6. greydog

    Rochdale v Batley MOM thread

    Leak always probing and making yards Day always doing the unnoticed stuff Little Farrel constant thorn in the side of the opposition There are many other candidates and it was difficult to pick just three
  7. greydog

    Rearranged match

    Work Saturday would much prefer to stick to Sunday matches
  8. greydog

    Bulldogs v Toulouse MOM thread

    Had to work wife’s vote Izac Farrel Brambani Brown
  9. greydog

    Batley v Toronto

    W What we all saw
  10. greydog

    Batley Bulldogs v Toronto Wolfpack MOM

    Could be any of the 17 but if I have to choose Day walker ward
  11. greydog

    Bulldogs V Rams MOM thread

    Had to work better half’s vote Scott Day Rowe
  12. greydog


    Double whammy working Friday & Monday ###### up the Dogs
  13. greydog

    Batley Bulldogs V Featherstone Rovers MOM

    Harrison Leak Scott
  14. greydog

    Snow games

    Seem to remember a match away at either Mansfield or maybe Nottingham-Henry Oulton played the snow was about 4 inches deep
  15. greydog

    Bulldogs V Barrow MOM

    Walker Manning Day