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  1. greydog

    Bulldogs V Lions shield game MOM thread

    Scott Jouffret Bretherton
  2. greydog

    Leigh v Batley

    They will go down in history for inventing the note of P
  3. greydog

    Leigh V Bulldogs MOM shield thread

    Hard to choose just 3 joffret Campbell Brambani forwards never took a backward step
  4. greydog

    Bulldogs v Eagles MOM thread shield game

    Any one of the 17 could be in the frame after some thought Manning Davey Smeeton
  5. greydog

    Alex Rowe leaving

    Have enjoyed watching you as a bulldog good luck for the future
  6. greydog

    Barrow V Bulldogs MOM thread shield

    Joufrett Day Campbell
  7. greydog

    championship 2019

    Had to get the slope into the debate 😆
  8. greydog

    Tom Holmes

    Saw dust sheer luxury
  9. greydog

    Fev v Batley MOM thread shield

    Harrison Leak Manning
  10. greydog

    Batley V Swinton MOM thread

    Jouffret Day Crookes
  11. greydog

    Enough is enough

    Passes sticking after decent breaks would have made all the difference
  12. greydog

    Batley Bulldogs v Dewsbury Rams MOM thread 22/07/18

    Harrison Manning Walker
  13. greydog

    Reiss butterworth and BISSA

    Good luck to the lad bags of potential IMHO
  14. greydog

    Fax v Bulldogs MOM thread

    Brown Day Scot