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  1. Bulldogs v Toulouse MOM thread

    Had to work wife’s vote Izac Farrel Brambani Brown
  2. Batley v Toronto

    W What we all saw
  3. Batley Bulldogs v Toronto Wolfpack MOM

    Could be any of the 17 but if I have to choose Day walker ward
  4. Bulldogs V Rams MOM thread

    Had to work better half’s vote Scott Day Rowe
  5. Friday

    Double whammy working Friday & Monday ###### up the Dogs
  6. Batley Bulldogs V Featherstone Rovers MOM

    Harrison Leak Scott
  7. Snow games

    Seem to remember a match away at either Mansfield or maybe Nottingham-Henry Oulton played the snow was about 4 inches deep
  8. Bulldogs V Barrow MOM

    Walker Manning Day
  9. Swinton V Bulldogs MOM thread

    Ward Galbraith Day
  10. Bulldogs V Seagulls semi final

    Harrison Leak Manning
  11. Bulldogs V Beagles MOM

    Leak Scott Ainscough
  12. Dogs v Rams part 4 MOM

    Good Team effort Manning non stop in attack and defence Walker involved all match Rettie spirited performance
  13. Bulls v Bulldogs MOM

    Harrison best game yet Leak non stop attack and defence Day work horse
  14. Rochdave V Batley MOM

    Scott Lillycrop Manning
  15. MOM Batley v Swinton

    Crookes some classic centre play Bretherton still life in the old dog Manning non stop in attack and defence many other candidates too