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  1. I too hope all turns out well the game can not afford to lose such a famous club
  2. Tomo
  3. Callum Casey and Dave Peterson according to the website
  4. Returned to Australia
  5. Campbell Tommo Gibson Gittins
  6. Paul Sykes to be a ram?
  7. WTF

  8. Signed hope it all works out well
  9. Shefield dominated the play the ball slowing down ours and for most of the game getting a much quicker play the ball then we were able to achieve this was probably a major contributory reason for us to lose today.
  10. Barry Heaton and Richard Price are two other place kickers of note
  11. Grow your own /no
  12. Two should be the limit DR or loan.
  13. Gledhill Day Thackery Campbell Squires Rettie For me
  14. S Gittens J Hemmings K Thooey C Gibson J Jones Trevor Oldroyd G Thomlinson A Walmsley M Scott J Naylor J Bell T Martyn P Doyle P Greary B Taylor U Piwinski G Standage