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  1. When you look back at the record of the French national team from 1950-1980 it is quite impressive, they were clearly a world power. What exactly happened in the 1980s to cause the game to fall off a cliff? We hear a lot about the Vichy government, but that was before the 1980s and must surely have played a peripheral role by the time the tough times really hit.
  2. eal

    2025 World Cup

    If the international game needs to abandon Australia to hold a successful tournament we really are doomed.
  3. Vichy is always credited with killing of RL in France, but French RL was at its strongest in the 30 years after WWII. It seems they really lost the plot in the 1980s.
  4. We should play it in Denver.
  5. eal

    New league structure revealed

    A closed SL with franchises is the way forward. New teams can apply to join if they have the funding and SL feels the player-base makes expansion viable. The football multi-division model doesn't work and isn't working in a sport with a footprint the size of RL.
  6. A SL with Toronto, London, and Toulouse would be fantastic. Instead we will be stuck with teams that bring nothing to the game like Leeds.
  7. eal

    Denver test is dead

    Getting Australians to turn out for international RL is like getting Americans to support international basketball. It just isn't a high priority as the NRL is the pinnacle of RL in the world. RL needs to work hard to build more competitive international sides, and not by the method of putting Australians in them.
  8. I was of course joking. Just surprised Leigh didn't get a game as it usually seems to.
  9. I like the Middle 8s. The Top 8s not so much.
  10. eal

    Denver test is dead

    Australians are running a far more profitable game than the UK, the profits are just in different areas.
  11. eal

    Denver test is dead

    We would certainly know by now if it lost millions. The 2000 RLWC was a failure, but since then each tournament has helped improve the standing of the international game. I care too much about the international game to see it get set back a generation by some pie-in-the-sky idea of a USA RLWC. When you have one major international tournament every four years you can't take reckless gambles.
  12. eal

    Denver test is dead

    The 2017 RLWC didn't lose millions of dollars and could not be classified as a failure in any way. Sure it could have been more successful but it wasn't a failed tournament, at least by RL standards. The huckster in the USA couldn't even pull off one successful match between two of the big three, how is he going to make a profit from a 16-team tournament held in a country that doesn't even know there are two codes of Rugby?
  13. eal

    Denver test is dead

    That was never going to happen. Even a competent organiser would struggle to pull off a successful RLWC in the USA, let alone a huckster.
  14. Castleford certainly have the makings of a success story, but they still haven't won anything significant in over 30 years.
  15. I wish SL could at least get all games boradcast, it so archaic to have top tier games not televised or at least streamed online.
  16. eal

    Denver test is dead

    Hopefully this has killed off the ludicrous USA RLWC idea. A failed tournament there would have set the international game back a generation.
  17. RL in the UK has always suffered from too many clubs making up the numbers with no chance of winning anything. Yes the NRL has plenty of blowout scores, but teams can transform themselves in relatively quick time and become winners. Parramatta have just won the wooden spoon this season but it isn't beyond the realm of the possibility that they could finish top of the table in two seasons. In SL however, Widnes nor Salford are going to be winning the Grand Final anytime soon, if ever. SL has a salary cap but still fails to produce a more level playing field. The only significant changes in the pecking order has seen previously big clubs falling on hard times, like Bradford.
  18. RL has a tiny presence in the USA even compared to RU, let alone of the major sports. The idea of holding a RLWC here was a poor idea to begin with. You don't take gambles with the biggest event in the game. A disastrous RLWC that loses millions would set the game back a decade. Just look how long it took to recover from the 2000 debacle.
  19. What gets more attention from their respective populaces, Rugby Union in Germany or Rugby League in France? For as much as people want to minimize Union's presence in Germany I am thinking League would kill for a similar presence in most countries.
  20. They did get a silver medal at the last Olympics. Yes there were no NHL players, but still a great achievement.
  21. Don't forget handball also. Very big there. I am looking forward to attending the Handball Euro Champions League Final Four in Cologne next year.
  22. Germany are close to qualifying for the 2019 RWC, probably more opportunities in that code.
  23. Three NZ NRL franchises would never happen, the support for RL just isn't there. The RL fanbase in NZ is basically Auckland and gradually diminishes the further south you go. Christchurch is a complete non-starter due to the immense popularity of Rugby Union down there which gets all the sponsorship and corporate money. Not to mention the city is still recovering from earthquakes. Wellington is probably the only other option.
  24. The Bears were one of my favourite clubs, was a sad day when they were shut down.