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    Lagos Rhinos

    Hmm, I have been to Lagos twice in the last 7 years and not had any safety issues at all. Perhaps you were travelling in a more high target group? I literally roamed the streets by myself and never had the slightest bother, the biggest danger seemed to be from the traffic. Speaking of fried chicken, do you mean Chicken Republic? Great place. Rugby League has potential in Nigeria but will have a tough job getting any interest over football. Nigerians seem obsessed with football over any other sport.
  2. When you look back at the record of the French national team from 1950-1980 it is quite impressive, they were clearly a world power. What exactly happened in the 1980s to cause the game to fall off a cliff? We hear a lot about the Vichy government, but that was before the 1980s and must surely have played a peripheral role by the time the tough times really hit.
  3. How did RU have so much more money than RL in France? Was it simply a much more popular sport? Again, Vichy was a good 30-40 years before RL tanked in France so blaming everything on Vichy doesn't really tell the whole story.
  4. I wonder if the away team is charged $500,000 due to the fact it doesn't bring enough away fans?
  5. Super League has to be more cot throat. Fewer teams meeting a higher criteria is what is needed. A TV deal that allows clubs to recruit big-name stars is also needed. SL has few big-name players these days. In years past Cooper Cronk would have moved to SL when he finished with Melbourne, nowadays all those guys stay in the NRL.
  6. This entire debacle just reinforces the notion that RL is small, regional sport. Catalans victory in the Challenge Cup was a huge shot in the arm for the game and yet here is the RFL scoring a huge on-goal. I guess the only saving grace at the moment is that little of RL makes the mainstream media so perhaps fans of other sports haven't heard about this?
  7. eal

    Challenge Cup Solution

    The solution is to perhaps play the final at the Leigh Sports Village. That is a venue befitting the RFLs vision for the game.
  8. This further confirms my premise that the biggest threat to RL is itself. Not Rugby Union, not the media, not societal changes, but the managers of the sport. It would be great if the other big clubs would boycott the Challenge Cup in solidarity with Catalans, Toulouse, and Toronto.
  9. If someone attacks Israel then of course the USA should help defend Israel, but the small chance that an Arab nation would be dumb enough to attack Israel shouldn't mean the USA needs to stay in the Middle East permanently. Regarding the wall, Democrats have long supported building a wall/fencing and only recently changed their minds once they realised they could rally their mindless base by crying racism at every turn. The huge influx of illegal labour has done more to suppress wage growth in the USA than anything else. The new trade deal which has replaced NAFTA will greatly reduce the trade deficit with Mexico and thus recoup the money needed to build the wall. The USA has a right to enforce its borders and I fail to understand why so many don't agree with this. The country has enough no-hopers of its own without bringing in more from Honduras and Guatemala. Perhaps those people should head south to the socialist paradise of Venezuela instead?
  10. Rugby Union has certainly won the Rugby War in Russia, Krasnoyarsk being a particular hub. RL in Russia pretty much seemed to sink itself with little help from Rugby Union. As much as people on here moan about the evils of Rugby Union, Rugby League does just as much harm to itself.
  11. I would encourage you to read this article which sums up my thoughts quite well. http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2018/12/andrew-sullivan-establishment-will-never-say-no-to-a-war.html
  12. Costly overseas wars and interventionism are the best way to sink super powers. Just look at how the Soviet Union was decimated by the Afghanistan occupation. Is the US stronger now in the world than it was in the 1980s? Has two decades of fighting in the Middle East made the west stronger and the Chinese and Russians weaker?
  13. We should never have entered Iraq, Libya, Syria to begin with. Afghanistan should have been a smaller scale mission with the sole goal of eliminating bin Laden and those who harboured him. Trying to build western democracies in the Middle East is a losing cause. I personally would support the end to drone warfare unless it falls under self-defence and we should also close many of the foreign US military bases.
  14. The USA should withdraw all its troops from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. The Kurds gaining a homeland is neither here nor there in terms of relevance to the USA. The USA military should serve to defend its own borders, not someone else's. Being policemen of the world is costing the USA trillions of dollars and not really achieving anything. We have been in Afghanistan since 2002 and the country would still supposedly collapse if US forces left. How long do we need to stay for, another 16 years?! 100 years?!
  15. So how long should the USA stay in Syria then? Until the Yazidis and Kurds are guaranteed eternal safety? We will be mired in the Middle East for an eternity if we wait for peace time.
  16. Is the western presence in Syria preventing more deaths? I don't think it is. Western intervention in Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc has hardly been a success.
  17. I must also commend President Trump on his decision to withdraw troops from Syria and hopefully Afghanistan. War is one of the few things that has bi-partisan support in Washington and Trump is bucking the neo-con hawks in his own party by withdrawing the troops. If Russia and other countries want to spend billions of dollars and lose countless young lives let them. It is time for the USA to focus on itself.
  18. The Democrats have evolved a lot on border issues and immigration since Obama was first elected in 2008. Some of Obama's comments on immigration from 10 years ago would be deemed xenophobic by the left these days.
  19. Budgets need 60 votes in the Senate and thus bipartisan support to get passed. I agree that Trump has been let down by his own party, the GOP leadership is yet to realize that the party is now Trump's party.
  20. Trump is right to play tough on the border wall. Democrats have no interest in border security and are just looking to increase their future voter base.
  21. What more does Tonga want? NZ offered to host the match, the Australians took a pay cut to play, and international RL wouldn't exist in the southern hemisphere if it weren't for the NRL. I bet the Tongans wouldn't have been lining up to cover costs if the game lost money. I wouldn't pass any profits on to the Tongans anyway, it would only line the pockets of royal family cronies or be spent at the Otahuhu KFC.
  22. Salford, Swinton, Oldham, and Rochdale will never attract more than a few thousand fans between them. A newly-created Manchester club is not guaranteed to be successful but it has a chance if done right. When the ARL sought to expand to Auckland it didn't just promote the Glenora Bears or the Te Atatu Roosters, it created a new Auckland club which the whole region could get behind.
  23. Some of the original SL mergers should have gone ahead, one of which was creating a Manchester club. Instead we are still stuck with Salford and Oldham playing in front of dozens of fans.
  24. Rugby League in the UK seems to be constantly held hostage by small failing clubs with a few hundred fans from the local housing estate. Most of these smaller clubs have nothing to offer beyond the amateur level of the game yet are somehow thinking they should have a say in how the professional game is run.
  25. I think a World Cup hosted solely in NZ would be more of a success than the previous joint effort with Australia. Rugby Union and Rugby League mostly coexist happily in NZ, certainly among the sporting public. I am a NZer myself and most Rugby fans I know follow both codes and many people play both interchangeably. I could see many Union fans getting behind the RLWC.