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  1. DavidM

    Hastings and Morris

    Tonie Carroll was virtually unique , and that probably played a part in the rules being tightened . Now it’s pretty clear cut
  2. DavidM


    The biggest statement is to say we didn’t play that well ... and won away at the promotion favourites . Add our usual slow start and inconsistent record away and it’s a hugely encouraging platform to build from
  3. DavidM

    British/Irish Dialects

    Sounds like a mix of Cumbrian and Scottish , with a bit of helium thrown in
  4. DavidM


    Could they do a deal with showtime ? On both networks or two fights . For the money and demand involved you must feel all this has been discussed before this deal
  5. DavidM

    19 man Squad

    This exactly . I never get fussed as to what folk say . Debate it , argue it , agree , disagree , ignore it .
  6. DavidM


    I’d say RL , boxing and horse racing so don’t know what that’d say
  7. DavidM


    The mind boggles as to what that job was!!
  8. DavidM


    Not just pro boxing .... mayweather reckons he can 80 mil doing exhibitions ! Money is the daddy , not knocking that for what they do and the risk , although I must say I’m a naive traditionalist and value belts ( proper ones ) and unification fights . I think folk still remember those achievements most
  9. DavidM

    SBW to Toronto??

    What about the Rugby World Cup coming up
  10. DavidM

    Obituary Thread - 2019

    Roger Hunt , Martin Peters , George Cohen , Jackie Charlton , Nobby Stiles are still alive even though in various states of health . At the very least that must be remedied ASAP .
  11. DavidM


    Skybet has slashed us in to 6/4 !!
  12. Just a word on Honda . The news saying it’s leaked out before an official announcement . Don’t the workers deserve to know first ? Guy on the report driving home says someone told him on social media. That’s not great . Same in politics , the number of things leaked out intentionally ( usually ) or otherwise
  13. DavidM

    Obituary Thread - 2019

    By the way , on Gordon Banks , it’s an absolute disgrace every member of the 66 winning side didn’t get a knighthood . You look at some around nowadays and what you get them for . Plenty of time over the years to remedy it to
  14. DavidM


    Another factor with these huge money making machines is how many promoters/ advisors/ managers have a finger in the pie taking their cut . That makes it even more complex
  15. DavidM


    Haymon and Arum can’t stand each other so god knows what happens now . The tv/ promotional shenanigans often mean the fights the people want to see don’t happen which is a crying shame . Throw Eddie into the mix ... and warren . The three best heavyweights in the world should be fighting each other , not skirting around with fringe contenders . This is the kind of politics in boxing that gives it a bad name and turn folk off . The fans don’t care they just wanna see the best fights