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  1. Fev 83 was a big shock and seeing Wigan finally beaten by Salford when it looked like they'd win it forever
  2. Indeed . Where is the burden of proof here in these instances ? Ref mic I assume for communication in all games ?
  3. Maybe it was the Queen in his name that swung it . Patriotic bloke
  4. To tell you the truth I'm more interested in how we play rather than who we play.
  5. Totally agree , and for what it's worth in pure rugby terms given fitness and open selection again these two will in my opinion not make the final WC cut anyway with the likes of big George , Currie etc but this game gives him some latitude
  6. Decent looking squad . Only 20 so a few you'd like to have seen miss out , but I've no complaints with him having a look a players , that's what it's for , and I don't think we should beat ourselves up for doing what every other side is doing . If eligible committed and the coach thinks will add something then fine . I'm surprised anyone is surprised Bennett did this .
  7. Agreed . Definitely a line not to cross but body shape ? Come on now . A good sledge aimed well is part of the game , whether it's irrelevant or pointless , it happens . The unacceptable stuff is rightly treated harshly and like it or not we have to be careful how much we sanitise things
  8. Talking of same old same old ... oh the one about Doran and size . Original ... and pathetically irrelevant . He's got more skill creativity and nous than anything they've got there
  9. Indeed . Maybe a bit earlier though to give a bigger gap to the GF ? Tough one as you say
  10. I've no problems with the cup on the field , although the scheduling and timescales leaves a bit to be desired as the rounds progress and maybe it's a memory of great finals of the past but it would be great if possible to get back to a spring final . It's a bit sidetracked by SL now
  11. Wowwy Swinton . Well done them but no way should that be happening away at a SL ground . What now for Stone ?
  12. Wow that's some achievement nowadays . Whoever said all publicity is good publicity !
  13. Another competitive and entertaining game holding attention right to the end . Must say I thought wakey were largely the better side but seemed to run out of gas a bit and couldn't close the game out . Warrington pretty unimpressive in the main but it's all about the points , especially in their position , and getting into a winning habit again . Wakey sometimes seem to lack that instinct when I see them despite a great effort . I agree this commentary team isn't really working . Cummings says the ref is right , Eddie recycles more than the council , Barry seems to struggle with coherent speech , and Terry tags on to every player comment that they are great , gonna be great , in top form or are really strong . Needs a shake up
  14. Well done mate . You've took plenty of downs , so enjoy