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  1. New Leeds Captain

    Speaking of which , getting in the refs ear and being a barrack room lawyer on the pitch is a big plus !
  2. New Leeds Captain

    There’s a lot of talk about captains at this time of year ... is it overstated and of any real tangible significance ?
  3. Complete and total no brainer
  4. Ex player set for boxing debut

    Indeed , and this kind of thing is pretty pointless low end irrelevant boxing to .
  5. I think the Prem games will take a big knock on hit from losing the NRL
  6. Maybe they’d have stumped more for some tv exposure . Having them in the shadows tv wise must lower the going rate you’d reckon . Just seems such a shame to have everything squewed toward the top of the pyramid with so much going on to sell and promote beneath .
  7. Match off

    We’re not gonna have a lot of proper game time to get up to speed compared with some other teams , so being a bit undercooked with a fair few new combinations may be a concern , and we all know how paramount a good start is from which to build
  8. Hock

    Done great at haven no doubt
  9. Challenge Cup Invitation to NRL Clubs

    Getting everyone in our own comps to compete would be a start !
  10. Catalans announce squad

    Never rated Thorniley at this level from what I’ve seen , and I agree Langi is a far from conventional 6 but Bird in the middle will bear a lot of the load you’d guess
  11. Hock

    It’s all relative to the level you’re at . Remember this world beater was shipped out from Saints and Salford having barely made an impact to the bottom end of the championship and league one
  12. Hock

    Tough to make a like for like comparison because Hock has never played in this league . He may have caused the same or more problems for teams at this level , having plied his whole career way above this standard . I guess we won't know now , but he's achieved more than Forster so it's tough to say he wouldn't have been as much a talisman
  13. Hock

    And it’s a lot nearer , and they’re really pushing the boat out , and are assembling a top squad to challenge the top of the championship ... and we never knew if there was much in it anyway !
  14. Hock

    Wilkes is the kind of player who’s been there and done it that every side looking to progress needs . Wise head , leads by example and knows what it takes at this level . Age means a lot less nowadays in rugby , stay fit and he’ll be a pack leader for us . We’ve certainly got more options than last year in the middle , where we were lacking depth and impact , so should have better rotation meaning guys should be spelled better anyway
  15. Hock

    Agree. All the heart and drive is great but the size to bend and bust the line is key to getting on top up front and we've sorely lacked it and been bullied while struggling ourselves to get a foothold , and someone who can offload there to . All the leading sides will have that