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  1. DavidM

    Jonty Gorley leaves

    Why’s that ? He’s strong minded , obviously knows what he wants , has high standards and expectations to no doubt , for himself so by definition for us . Instills discipline to . Couldn’t really fault him so far in a first year , he’s had a go , some work some don’t but that’s the game . He’s putting everything in that’s for sure
  2. Anyone know if we can see Tonga and Samoa anywhere
  3. DavidM

    Briscoe off to Leeds...why?

    Has Cory Aston ever played for the SL teams he signed for ? Seems weird that clubs buy players to ship them somewhere else . The whole thing about shifting players around and playing for one , two , three , four clubs looks more than a tad bizarre at times ! Wonder who holds the record in a season for clubs played for . There’s at least a couple this year who’ve had a nice mystery tour around rugby grounds !
  4. DavidM

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    We’ve gone from being totally rubbish , slow toothless predictable to exceptional in one minute on bbc
  5. DavidM

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Said it before the comp I’m a big fan of his. I’d have him in , Henderson tripe gives zero , lingard , Alli both showponies . Loftus Cheek and Rashford IN
  6. DavidM

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Refs got the cheek to tell lingard to run off when he’s let them waste time and laughed with them
  7. DavidM

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    My god they’ve dived and wasted time endlessly
  8. DavidM

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Yes , and Henderson passing backwards
  9. DavidM

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    To slow ... to sideways to backwards
  10. DavidM

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    He’s got five guys with him watching eight tellies
  11. DavidM

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    There is a video ref watching right ?
  12. DavidM

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Maguire looks a bit dodgy . Need to be going forward and not messing around at the back
  13. DavidM

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Should spend less time doing stupid juvenile embarrassing dancing and more time practicing shooting
  14. DavidM

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Lingard should’ve won the golden boot already
  15. DavidM

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    How’s that not a penalty !! Then again someone misses an open goal . They play every blooming day