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  1. I never know about lomax , there’s some good bits and a lot of indifferent stuff as well
  2. Vital , potential matchwinning , try for Leeds ...but that was interesting because that attacking set came from thompson spilling it when he slipped into abletts high shot , but it was exactly the same as taia’s which was penalised ?
  3. Leeds are just hanging in on grit and willpower and could end up taking this
  4. Agreed , they’d soon get the message as Brian said and it may help clean things up in that area
  5. Every single game he does is the same .
  6. Ah right , yes that’s a penalty every time . Good work by child
  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that . Blatant shoulder charge by the post
  8. What ? What is that for ? How can you ignore every ptb then ping that
  9. What do you see him as primarily as he seems to get shifted around a fair bit
  10. Watkins and Percival having a really good do on that side
  11. I wonder if all coaches really say stick to the game plan etc etc or reporters just make it up . All those reports seem the same !!
  12. Ref was well within his rights , to many stoppages for injuries in back play . Only if the doctor needs to come on do they stop but at times it gets ridiculous what they wait for . I think the physio needs to signal it