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  1. I think the words embarrassing shambles applies to the Windies here
  2. Hunt didn’t say his biggest weakness was trying to knacker up the NHS
  3. That will probably be all of them piling into him for the duration as he’s their biggest threat . It will be interesting how he handles it and if he comes out unscathed
  4. He’s tried way to hard and just sounded puffed up and arrogant
  5. This is the most sense Boris has ever made .... not opening his mouth at all by being somewhere else
  6. How can a guy be PM if he is bamboozled by putting the bins out ?
  7. I guess this is what cabinets been like for three years .....
  8. I never knew these were so marvellous ... Ive done this , I’ve done that , I can do , I’m great etc etc . Wow they’ve all been hiding their light under a collective bushel . None answered Krishnans key point , ‘ how you gonna do it , and where were you before ‘
  9. I know Kohli , sorry ' Virat ' , is a great player buy boy all the commentators do fawn over everything he does , however basic , and up it to superhuman levels .
  10. Does any of them have a plan . Other than ‘ I can do it ‘ I’ve heard little illuminating detail . They’re all gonna face the same arithmetic in the House and the same EU on the other side . They’re all being disingenuous in selling anything different
  11. Masterly inactivity isn’t a new political game plan in office , but usually not before you get elected
  12. This is Catalans . Very strange inconsistent outfit . Like a lot in SL really this year
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