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  1. I agree totally . Giving the ruck more structure and policing with more control is no bad thing . We have an obsession with being ultra fast which often means shambles and arbitrary penalties
  2. After Papali and Soliola I guess how you get sent off in the NRL is another thread !!
  3. Isn't exactly screaming that we have a master plan ! Gonna be a big job gelling in any combo in not much time with the first game in at the deep end
  4. Yes very lucky . We are fed on scraps here really by comparison , and with the amount of union they show. The resources and channels are there to show more of a great product to watch and showcase
  5. This putting a hand on a player thing is an anachronism , and even penalties are given when a player throws himself to the ground if defenders grapple him back ... he should be totally fair game if he flings himself down or we're encouraging that in a tough physical sport . As I say I think coaches should say leave him alone and make him do something , then see what the ref does if he doesn't move
  6. This exactly . I was interested listening to Gus saying the same thing . We get 15-20 technical penalties in the ruck that often arguably don't need blowing or are errors rewarded , but playing the ball correctly , moving off the mark ( NRL ) , putting it on the floor before getting to your feet etc are let go , you get another go , or bizarrely the ref says ' do it right next time ' over n over . I'm a firm believer in much less ref in matches nowadays ,but the tolerance of something's and zero tolerance elsewhere ( the ruck mainly ) of things still in the laws is somewhat strange in several areas . And there's much more latitude when you have the ball .The voluntary tackle has vanished among them . I'd be very interested in what refs bosses look for and judge their refs on . Should hear from them now n again
  7. I just wondered if this is still in the laws of the game ? I see so many players diving to the ground , and at Penrith over the weekend the most totally blatant one you'll see . It rarely even gets mentioned as an option . I also wonder what would happen if defenders just left them there ?
  8. I'd take steadman over hardaker , and will be less hassle . How quick was ET but steadman ran right round him
  9. He was just freakish . Put the glasses down when he got the ball
  10. Even sky opened up the show by saying hello , there's nothing on this game ...
  11. Disgrace , and they lock the rights in . Rugby league does not equal super league , then in the middle 8s , like the bash , they'll have the temerity to up the championship and tell you how great it is . But they pad their channels with rubbish
  12. The disciplinary committee will get another good laugh right after the Acton one
  13. Nope , that was one that worked both ways . Manfredi the other , could see the bloke was just top notch right away