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  1. DavidM


    Never takes them long to bounce back does it and start all over . Quite bizarre . Round n round and repeat
  2. DavidM


    Getting involved in a rugby club is a great way to get rid of it !
  3. DavidM

    Wigan Stand by Zak

    Indeed , I’m no expert but as you say recognition at least must be a positive first step . For everything , just as a person outside the sporting sphere , I genuinely wish him well
  4. DavidM

    Wigan Stand by Zak

    I’d say It’s difficult to ‘ fix ‘ anyone’s drinking problem . When I’ve been in hospital I’ve been near people in other beds who are so bad with their addiction they are in there , and the doctors seem to be saying ultimately it’s up to you , they can only do so much . You can get support , guidance and help but whether you take it up is something else . Very tough
  5. DavidM

    The TV Thread

    Wow sounds like summat weird you’d dream after eating cheese before bed !
  6. DavidM

    Wigan Stand by Zak

    Maybe wrong but I’d say that was just for perception . You often seem to get this when people say they’ve resigned rather than being sacked . It looks better
  7. DavidM

    Leeds New Signing

    Would have to be mega money . Would be unbelievable ! There’s been rumours for a while he wants out of Manly but for another NRL club
  8. DavidM

    Wigan Stand by Zak

    Could a lot of this could have been put into motion in the last year . What was happening then ? He had these obvious issues .
  9. DavidM

    Wigan Stand by Zak

    Commendable but ultimately he’s got to help himself . He had a year to ponder everything , how lucky he was to be picked up by Wigan , and virtually immediately he let himself and his employers down again . It’s pretty sad , many people don’t get that chance
  10. Sure it’s not a direct correlation of course . I just don’t accept the premise specialist centres means more deficiency defensively . The position is double edged , we are concentrating on one side of it with Bateman but not questioning if it’s really necessary . I’ve seen no evidence to tell me guys like Gildart n Percival can’t do the job of attack and defence . That’s what they do
  11. Should be good . Worth watching just for the atmosphere !
  12. DavidM

    Toronto six it up....

    You should’ve started off with something easier like brexit and worked up into this
  13. DavidM

    James Hewitt's lad

    My brother does carry a little red book around . I always thought it was a Ladbrokes diary but I’m starting to think now ...
  14. To me , you choose centres so you pick centres or what’s the point ? What message does that send , remember Percival ? These guys do the job week in week out , they defend there centre on centre and they attack there . I find it ridiculous to move them as their defence against someone else is a worry - they handle themselves against top centres , and what about backing them to cause their opposition some bother to ? It has a knock on effect with your winger to . Back what you have and what you pick , don’t go out just to contain . Looking back at the WC final that game was there for the winning .
  15. Probably touting himself as a leader . He’s good at PR is old suave Johnny and making himself out as different to his colleagues and a compassionate conservative , but I’m pretty sure this is the same Johnny who spoke endlessly against the public sector pay freeze then when push came to shove voted along party lines and blocked it being ended .