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  1. DavidM


    I love listening to bumble when he’s on his ‘ get on with the game ‘ rant ! It’s without doubt the biggest issue in tests . We want people to be interested in it and talk about the threat from 20/20s , yet everything is at funereal pace ,endless stoppages, and even with extra time we can’t get 90 overs ! Umpires need to be doing a bumble rather than just standing about
  2. DavidM


    Indeed , he’ll need max concentration and control without all the antics and mentally drifting away . He did it against Wladimir . One thing you can’t knock is his immense self belief and confidence !
  3. DavidM


    Well , does he want a shoot out ?
  4. DavidM


    The guy is crude , devoid of any technique or basic boxing foundation , but he throws bombs with unbelievable intent from all over the shop . If Tyson skips around like that hands down it’s just a split second to oblivion . One slight misstep , or wrong jerk ... wilder may have knocked half the crowd out first but he’ll get to him. Tyson talks about a KO but he’s not really a banger . It’s a 12 round long range job if he wins for him , with wilder swinging at him from the start .
  5. DavidM

    The TV Thread

    I’m talking through it with my analyst
  6. Watching him for the dragons he was one of the worst half backs you’ve ever seen getting to that level
  7. DavidM


    Watching that , if I were wilder I’d just ask ‘ where do I sign ‘
  8. Child is Child . Wherever he is which ever country he’ll blow the pea out the whistle
  9. DavidM

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    My neighbour took his dog for a walk , and it was killed by an adder
  10. DavidM

    RL Backchat - sublime to ridiculous?

    I watch it . It’s rugby crack . Like anything there are folk and issues who interest and engage you more than others , that’s as with anything it’s subjective . I like Schoey , agree or disagree he’s a increasingly rare breed of saying exactly what he thinks without frills and I find that refreshing among the fluff nowadays
  11. And you wonder where widnes are going even if they squeeze out . Repeat this again ? You wonder if the fans would rather watch them hopefully win some games challenging in the champ rather than keep going through this
  12. DavidM


    Wonder what Curran thinks watching stokes throw down this rubbish