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  1. DavidM

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    Sondra Locke very sad . I’m a massive Clint fan and they had a long working relationship . Outlaw Josey Wales is just one of the all time classics , with some of the all time best movie quotes to
  2. DavidM


  3. DavidM

    Dear Diary

    Pup ... 122 day streak in Italian . I can say ‘where is my penguin ‘ fluently when I go to Rome in July
  4. That Steven Barclay is rubbish . God knows what his role is . You can see why the Maybot likes him though . In his interview he just repeated it’s a good deal it’s the only deal about 56 times but had hardly any grasp of detail or indeed reality
  5. I find it rather bizarre why reporters have to stake out the houses of politicians first thing in the morning . To what end ? Great when you get up and open the curtains to see them all standing there .
  6. DavidM


    No doubt Big Brett was a star player . I remember him smashing James Fisher Harris when Scotland played New Zealand. He had a few really good years but no doubt he tailed off a bit that last year whether it be motivation or wear n tear , although we were struggling as a team more . Can’t knock the guy for what he did for us , but it’s never easy to leave and step back in and find the same levels you once had . If he returns good luck to him , but I’d prefer to concentrate on us and what we have . It’s pretty irrelevant from our perspective and I’m happy with what we have . All you can go on is right now , and the guys we have like Gordon and hopefully if it’s Barnes add , will do us fine , I’ll take them
  7. I don’t mind him , I always think he’s the most sympathetic to us . But as you say I think the main forces are elsewhere and pretty trenchant
  8. I hope she’s a fast eater then . In fact I don’t think all these leaders eat very much as every meal they’re having a meeting
  9. Vote for me and I promise I’ll go soon . The mind boggles with that one . She knows they don’t have confidence in her then ... but wants them to vote for her in a confidence vote . Pretty insipid argument
  10. I take it all these toadies all over the telly wont stand if she loses ? No ?
  11. Dear me . Politics really is a murky business . National interest my arris ... self interest rules in this business END OF
  12. DavidM

    Tony Adams to become RFL President

    I agree . He’s done outstandingly well from dark times
  13. DavidM

    Tony Adams to become RFL President

    I don’t know what the president does but Tony Adams has done a lot , come through a lot and is very well respected now and interviews really well
  14. DavidM


    Think there’s 18 on that squad list now . If he wants about 22 then we need a third half option , a hooker and another back preferably centre in there . Maybe another forward