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  1. Those penalties in the ruck are rubbish . In the NRL they aren’t penalised , common sense and we play on .
  2. Bronson Xerri , how exciting is he ? He could put out the light and be in bed before it got dark . Just give him more ball
  3. Great and salient point . You can’t really complain about representation or the state of politics and the democratic process if you don’t or can’t be bothered to play any part or even be franchised . I always vote , many people over many struggles generations back fought for the right
  4. I like Adidas gear ( they are perfectly at liberty to send me lots of free merchandise for that shameless image recognition and advertising )
  5. Funnily enough I thought exactly the same at the time . They were in the ascendancy and on a roll . Why upset that and give a sign of holding on to what you have rather than carrying on the momentum . In both games there were some rather conservative decisions
  6. Like City in London . That was very strange from such an attacking vibrant side who dominate this league , including Spurs , week in week out . The media have a Pep love in but he got that wrong , not for the first time in the champions league
  7. Well , that went well ...
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