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  1. What happened to Carlisle RL club?

    CARLISLE: Willie Richardson; Gary Ruddy, Jason Thurlow, Matt Lynch, Phil Manning; Glenn Day, Mike Kavanagh; Steve Brierley, Danny Russell, Warren Rudd, Stewart Rhodes, George Graham, Tane Manihera. Subs: Derek Armstrong & Barry Williams CASTLEFORD:Graham Steadman; Chris Smith, Jason Flowers, Adrian Flynn, Simon Middleton; Jamie Coventry, Gareth Stephens; Dean Sampson, Colin Maskill, Nathan Sykes, Lee Harland, Brendon Tuuta, Tawera Nikau. Subs: Andrew Schick & Stuart Flowers short report: looks like Bluey Kavanagh kicked the drop goal, not Manihera.
  2. What happened to Carlisle RL club?

    Yes, full strength. 1995-96. I'll see if I can dig out the teams.
  3. What happened to Carlisle RL club?

    It was the Regal Trophy in its final season. Tane Manihera kicked the winning point.
  4. And, looking at the bigger picture, no one else has successfully got people talking about this year's Championship!
  5. He wasn't being parochial when he (correctly) tipped them to finish second last year. He often dished out praise and regularly talked up Andrew Henderson. Maybe there's no agenda and he just thinks they'll struggle this season.
  6. New Facebook group

    Thanks! I've really enjoyed doing it and certainly didn't expect 400 odd people to join in just a few days. They were indeed great days. Plenty more material to come!
  7. New Facebook group

    I've set up a Facebook group called 'Workington Town - The Peter Walsh years", for fans to exchange stories, pics and videos of the club in the early to mid-1990s. Feel free to search for the group and join in. You can add others as well.
  8. 100 Days That Shook Rugby League

    Thanks mate, glad you're enjoying it!
  9. 100 Days That Shook Rugby League

    Thanks guys. Hope you enjoy it!
  10. 100 Days That Shook Rugby League

    Oh and I've a 2-page article in the new Rugby League World about the book and a chance for a couple of signed copies to be won.
  11. 100 Days That Shook Rugby League

    Thanks for the positive feedback. Hope you continue to enjoy it! Thanks also to Man of Kent & Jon for buying and for the kind words. Re the text. Every story is between 900 & 1,300 words long. All stories are spread over 2, 3 or 4 pages.
  12. Clive Sullivan - The man who broke rugby's racial barrier.

    One of the stories in my book is Billy Boston moving to Wigan, knowing that he was never going to play for Wales and how several other black players had also given up on becoming Wales's first black international in rugby union, going back to George Bennett in the 1930s. It took until 1986 for them to cap a black player. There are some powerful quotes from Tony Collins on the Welsh rugby union's links with British imperial identity and white skin being a prerequisite for success.
  13. 100 Days That Shook Rugby League

    Here’s an interview I’ve done about the book with League Express’s Matthew Shaw:
  14. 100 Days That Shook Rugby League

    thanks mate! hope you enjoy it.
  15. Get em Onside - my new RL blog

    Thank you! You will get criticised by the way, even if you're just doing your blog as a hobby. Don't let it get you down though!