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  1. Gloucester hosted the deciding Test match between the Northern Union and New Zealand in 1907/8, the tour which brought about RL in the Southern Hemisphere. NZ were nicknamed the All Golds, as opposed to the All Blacks, because they would be receiving money, unlike the rugby union amateurs.
  2. I seem to remember the last time it was played, the game was advertised locally as Norweb v Tetley
  3. Surely its Wigan? They beat Leeds in the last one, just before the 95/6 season kicked off.
  4. Definitely! We need more showpiece games and more trophies for the teams to play for. Play it at the home ground of the champions, get it on the telly and find a sponsor.
  5. And Frank Whitcombe, whose new biography is reviewed in today's League Express
  6. I wasn't there yesterday but I heard it was done with 5 minutes to go. That sounds reasonable, but it would have meant it was before Houghton's tackle on Currie. In 2005 I remember it was done after 60 minutes which was a joke. Sinfield won it, but I doubt he'd have got a single vote had it been carried out just after the hooter.
  7. What a season this could end up being. Given where we were two months ago, surviving relegation will be a hell of an achievement!
  8. Weird how the fixtures have fallen. The four most winnable come first then the remaining three. Probably suits us as we're in good form but shame Olstrum misses two such big games.
  9. Strange decision not to enforce the follow on today. Hope the weather forecast is good for Monday and Tuesday!
  10. Not a big film watcher but love The Wicker Man
  11. Every half of football involving Town seems to go on for 50 minutes now! Those last 5 minutes were agony but Oldham didn't come close to scoring. On form we appear to be ahead of Haven, Oldham and Swinton, but we'll have to beat the latter two away. What a mad season!
  12. Watson says he won't stand. Eagle clear favourite at less than 2/1. Everyone else in double figures, but Benn, McDonnell, Nandy, Jarvis and David Miliband next on the list. Could D Miliband stand if not an MP?
  13. Dan Hodges is reporting that Corbyn's team is now split. Is he just clinging on to give Blair a kicking when Chilcott is published? The other thing with this is that the two most likely leadership candidates - Watson and Eagle - hardly look like election winners either.
  14. Theresa May is now favourite to succeed Cameron. But even if Johnson wins, he doesn't seem particularly keen to set the wheels in motion.
  15. How many times in the last year have we been something like 50/3 or 80/4? Must be at least a dozen. How do we keep winning test series??