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  1. Remember there are no bad beers, some are just better than others.
  2. Old Frightful, you say there is no mention on BBC about the up and coming matches. The Beeb don't give a monkeys about Rugby League Watching Breakfast Television just now and on the sports part it mentions football, rugby union, tennis, horse racing etc and then at the end of it the presenter says 'oh yay and St Helens beat Wakefield in the cup'. Really pisses me off
  3. Must say I didn't think your team played as bad as the score line suggests. Put in a decent performance against a very good Sheffield team. However what you didn't need was the totally pathetic performance by the idiot in the middle. I have watched a lot of Rugby League and amateur rugby at Mayfield and must say I have never seen a worse performance in all my years of watching Rugby.
  4. You have to give Matt time and I'm sure he will do it. I remember years ago there was a certain Scotts man at Manure Shited who was on his last game to turn things around. He certainly did that and and in over 20 years. turned out to be probably one of the best in the game managing one of the best teams in the league
  5. 'If this game had been played when it should have you would have put them to the sword' Yea and if my auntie had balls she would have been my uncle
  6. I would presume the only reason you are not running a coach is there are not enough people to fill it. But any excuse will do.
  7. Yea the players will certainly get on with it, IF the officials allow it. Don't forget it is them who have the say if the match goes ahead or not.
  8. I get sick of people spelling my name wrong as well. its D A V E not I D I O T .
  9. Just like to wish our great friend Spelly a Very Happy Birthday Have a great day pal Best wishes Dave n Sue
  10. How are you so sure gandaff, you never know what will happen, By the way who do you support? Not the club that's been relegated by any chance.
  11. I said it weeks ago that Hornets could do it Rochdale AFC escaped relegation last game of the season Rochdale Mayfield escaped relegation last game of the season Now best of all ROCHDALE HORNETS ESCAPE RELEGATION last game of the season Fantastic result lads, just wish we could have been there. Have a scoop or few for us Wendy & co.
  12. Think it's 10.00 next Wednesday at Radcliffe Crematorium, not quite sure. Ask Ena she will tell you.
  13. I'll second that. He was a true Hornet through and through. Had many a great time with him not just at home but at away matches as well. And who can forget his Father Christmas stints at the kids Xmas parties. R.I.P. pal. Our deepest sympathy goes to Pat and the rest of the family.Will have to find out the funeral arrangements so that me and Sue can travel up from Cornwall.
  14. I wouldn't bother Doug, knowing you you would back University of Hull haha
  15. Sorry but the soaps nowadays are a load of ######. I don't know which is worst, Emmeroid or Constipation Street
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