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  1. DaveButt

    Gerbil RIP

    Think it's 10.00 next Wednesday at Radcliffe Crematorium, not quite sure. Ask Ena she will tell you.
  2. DaveButt

    Gerbil RIP

    I'll second that. He was a true Hornet through and through. Had many a great time with him not just at home but at away matches as well. And who can forget his Father Christmas stints at the kids Xmas parties. R.I.P. pal. Our deepest sympathy goes to Pat and the rest of the family.Will have to find out the funeral arrangements so that me and Sue can travel up from Cornwall.
  3. DaveButt

    Round Of The Challenge Cup 2018

    I wouldn't bother Doug, knowing you you would back University of Hull haha
  4. DaveButt

    Coronation street

    Sorry but the soaps nowadays are a load of ######. I don't know which is worst, Emmeroid or Constipation Street
  5. DaveButt

    Pests - Bank Holiday Monday

    Sorry for my ignorance, but could you tell me why you call it 'the chip fat arena' please.
  6. A decent game of Rugby League deservedly won by Hull but I am bloody sure Stevie Wonder could have refed it better. I ever I see that idiot in charge of a match again I'm afraid I wil have to turn the tv off
  7. DaveButt

    Rochdale predictions

    14-26 to Hornets, I hope.
  8. DaveButt


    Maybe you lose so many because your defence is so loose. There used them both.
  9. DaveButt

    Grounds where you have seen Barrow RL play

    Sorry but Rochdale Hornets never played at Boundary Park, that is in Howdumb. We used to play at The Athletics Ground until it was sold to Morrison's.
  10. DaveButt

    Swinton supporters

    Like I have said maybe you should change your name to Swinton Bulls then the RFL will pump thousands into you like they did for the other Bulls. Good luck in your fight for survival
  11. Maybe they should think of changing their name to Swinton Bulls. Then the RFL may pump thousands into them, after all they did for the other Bulls and it has worked.
  12. DaveButt

    Injury crisis!!

    Why the bloody hell can't they keep it simple. Top team gets promoted, bottom team gets relegated, easy. Oh I forgot this is Rugby League.
  13. DaveButt

    Mayfield v Minerrs

    Mayfield beat them again today 26-12
  14. DaveButt

    The last Straw.

    Best you have seen!. Hope you enjoyed your first game of the season then.