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  1. Sorry but Rochdale Hornets never played at Boundary Park, that is in Howdumb. We used to play at The Athletics Ground until it was sold to Morrison's.
  2. Like I have said maybe you should change your name to Swinton Bulls then the RFL will pump thousands into you like they did for the other Bulls. Good luck in your fight for survival
  3. Maybe they should think of changing their name to Swinton Bulls. Then the RFL may pump thousands into them, after all they did for the other Bulls and it has worked.
  4. Why the bloody hell can't they keep it simple. Top team gets promoted, bottom team gets relegated, easy. Oh I forgot this is Rugby League.
  5. Mayfield beat them again today 26-12
  6. Best you have seen!. Hope you enjoyed your first game of the season then.
  7. Yea, just like you Davo5, unbiased.
  8. The question is, What did the Wath player do to receive this retribution? And please don't say nothing
  9. Feeling is mutual cretin, we despise the Howdumbers as well.
  10. Yea, we are concentrating on finishing above you in the league, which I'm sure we will. Oh, by the way, who did you play in the cup and what league are they in?
  11. Couldn't be there today as I now live in Cornwall, but what where your thoughts on the game?
  12. Merry Christmas to you Baron and all Rugby League fans throughout the World. And yes that even includes our dear Howdumb? fans.
  13. MERRY CHRISTMAS, not just to Dewesbury supporters, but supporters all over the world of the GEAT GAME. From a Hornets fan.
  14. What a sad day not just for Hornets but for Rugby League in general. Wayne has announced his playing days retirement. A massive thank you Wayne for everything you did for us. It was a privelage knowing you not just as a player, but as a true friend.