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  1. Feeling is mutual cretin, we despise the Howdumbers as well.
  2. Yea, we are concentrating on finishing above you in the league, which I'm sure we will. Oh, by the way, who did you play in the cup and what league are they in?
  3. Couldn't be there today as I now live in Cornwall, but what where your thoughts on the game?
  4. Merry Christmas to you Baron and all Rugby League fans throughout the World. And yes that even includes our dear Howdumb? fans.
  5. MERRY CHRISTMAS, not just to Dewesbury supporters, but supporters all over the world of the GEAT GAME. From a Hornets fan.
  6. What a sad day not just for Hornets but for Rugby League in general. Wayne has announced his playing days retirement. A massive thank you Wayne for everything you did for us. It was a privelage knowing you not just as a player, but as a true friend.
  7. Yea I have noticed you see players arguing and talking back to referees a lot more nowadays. There was a time you only had to look at an official the wrong way and you was penalised. Its about time we clamped down on this behaviour, we don't want to end up like football.
  8. Great to see you have confidence in the team Mick. I am sure it will give them a fantastic boost to read this .​
  9. Toulouse + 485... HORNETS + 282... York +232
  10. Swinton LIONS maybe????
  11. Just wondering why there have been no new topics on this site since 7th May.
  12. Used to have a great deal of respect for Betts as a player, but as a coach, well enough said
  13. Yea and a very dirty team without it.
  14. Could Hornets not have temporarily transferred Jo to Warrington, or any other Super League Club, straight after the match then he would not have recieved a ban.
  15. What an absolutely barmy idea. If the Rugby League have money to splash around how about spending it on former clubs like Blackpool, Nottingham etc. Another thing with this Canada larky is you cannot be guaranteed the weather. The team, and maybe a couple of rich supporters could travel all the way over there and find the game postponed because of the snow. No, if the Rugby League want to expand the game them may I suggest they admit Trinidad Trotters to the league.